Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Favorite Auntie

by unknown

Jim, a 17-year-old high school student, was sitting at home one evening, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his aunt Cynthia, whom he had never before met. She lived in California, while he lived in Philly, so he never got the chance to meet her. His mother recently informed him that she was moving out here. He couldn't wait. Finally, his aunt made it. When she walked in Jim was captivated by her beauty. She was about 34 and her body was still very tight.

"Cynthia!! How are you sis?" his mother yelled, as they hugged. Jim watched his mom lift Cynthia in the air (for she was older and bigger), causing her short, skimpy skirt to lift in the air, revealing the lower half of her left cheek. That wasn't the only thing getting a lift. Jim was getting an uncomfortable erection out of this.

"Put me down sis." said Cynthia to her older sister. "My, how have you been?" She looked at Jim, "and this must be Jimmy!!" She walked over towards him. He couldn't get himself out of the trance he was in. She was about 5'6” and lean. She had on a tight blouse, the skirt, black stockings, and 4” high heels. She gave him a big-ass hug, but he had yet to realize what was happening. His arms were down by his sides when he "came to" and they were rubbing her thighs. He quickly picked them up and embraced her.

"I am so happy to finally meet you!" she said as she momentarily released her hug. By now Jim had reached almost full erection. She hugged him again, but this time her hip pressed into his groin (unintentionally) and he was sure she felt his hard on. "You are so grown up! I can’t believe it!!" she said, apparently not realizing his wood.

Later his mom and aunt sat in the living room and talked about all the stuff that had happened in the past years. Jim sat there too, but he wasn't on the couch with the two, he was on the chair facing them. He couldn't take his eyes off his aunt's legs. She had them crossed in such a way, that his hard cock prevented him from standing. His aunt looked over at him at one point while the two were laughing and he immediately looked up. It appeared as though he hadn't been busted for she had no reaction. She kept flicking her shoes on and off.

"Why don't you take your shoes off Cynthia?" her mom suggested. Oh god, Jim thought, for he had this huge foot fetish. She removed them and he immediately noticed her perfect feet. Her toes were beautiful. Perfectly rounded and just the right length. His erection got bigger.

"Hey Jim, wanna get us a couple iced teas?" He got up, and tried his best to hide it, but he noticed his aunt stare at him. He wasn't sure what to think. When he brought them, his mom took one and when his sister went to take hers, she accidentally tipped it over, spilling it all over the front of Jim's pants.

"I'm so sorry," she kept saying. He left to change, and relieve his erection. It was gonna be weird having his aunt live close by he thought.

"Hey Jimmy, come down here" his mom called. It was now a few days since the prior events.

"Yeah mom" "Your aunt wants you to go over, she is having trouble with her computer" Jim knew a lot about computers and he often fixed his friends'.

"Ok mom." He was a bit concerned about going over, even though he wanted to see her again.

Upon arrival, he walked in. His aunt walked in wearing a tight shirt with an open top that barely held in her large, 38D breasts. She had on a similar skirt as the other day, but this was shorter, and another pair of 4" heels, this time, the kind with the circular opening in the front at the toes. Her big toe and second toe could be seen.

"Hi Jim, thanks for coming over. It’s in here" She led the way into the other room. Jim found himself staring at her perfect ass. "Right here. I don't know what's wrong with it."

"Lemme take a look" He went to sit down, but she took the seat.

"I'll show you what is wrong" She started typing, but all he could do was stare at her massive breasts. His cock started to grow, producing a bulge in his pants. Oh shit, he thought. He knew he was busted. She saw the bulge out of the corner of her eye. She turned to give him a disc, but purposely did it without looking and hit him in between his legs. He flinched back fast, for she didn't hit his balls, only his cock.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "I didn't see you." He had his hands on his crotch, but wasn't in serious pain. He had always fantasized about being hit in the groin. This caused his dick to get even harder.

"I'm so sorry, did I hurt you? Let me see" she said. She pulled his hands away and put her hands on his crotch.

"No, really, I'm fine" he said, but he knew he was busted.

"Well somebody here is excited. Didn't know it turned you on Jimmy."

"No, that's not it…" He was done.

"Then is it me? Do I turn you on Jimmy?" she asked, already knowing the answer.


"Do you find me attractive?" she cut him off and started to push up her tits.

"Uhhhhh, yea." He said it kinda quiet, almost suggestive.

"Here." She picked up his hand and placed it on the inside of her thigh. "Go ahead," she said. He started slowly going up her thigh. He was scared. She smiled, giving him confidence. He went up, now under her skirt. She took his other hand and put it on her breasts.

"How's that?" he asked. He reached up and grabbed her pussy, and squeezed her tit. Out of nowhere, her right knee came flying up full force into his crotch. WAM!! He pulled back in pain.

"How's that you pervert!!!" She pulled his arms off his crotch and kicked him again. She held him up and came in close enough to use her knee again. WAM!! Again her knee crushed his nuts. Again and again!!! She let him go as he fell. "Touching your own aunt!! I saw your hard-on back at your place. I saw you staring at my legs! I saw your cock today!! You pervert!!" She kicked him again.

"I'm sorry, you’re just so beautiful. I couldn't help it if you are the prettiest woman I've ever seen." This got to her.



"Well I'm sorry. I kicked your balls because I knew you like it. Your mom said she found a movie of yours showing women kicking men's nuts in your room."

"Shit," he thought. She was now on the ground next to him. She placed her hand on his crotch.

"I didn't mean to hurt you"

"No, I liked it actually" he replied, even though it hurt. She was now rubbing his groin.

"Let me see if they are alright." She unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He was wearing tight briefs and she could see his obvious erection. "You must be VERY excited," she teased. She ripped off his briefs, leaving him naked. She started to roll his balls in her hands as if to examine them. His cock was going nuts. She grabbed it and started to stroke it. He liked it. He knew it was wrong, but he liked it.

"Do you really like ball busting?" she asked.

"I cant lie to you, I do," he said.

"Ok" she said, and raised her hand and threw a fist to his nuts.

"UGGGHHHH!!!" he yelled. She kicked his hands away and grabbed his nuts and pulled them up, raising his whole midsection off the ground.

"How's that!!!" She took one of his nuts and pushed it into the hole at the front of her right shoe. She did the same with the other, except she put it into her left shoe. Obviously, her feet were close together. She pressed down on the nuts with her toes and kept them firmly in place. She stood up and started to take small steps back, pulling his whole body from his nuts. He screamed from the pain. She just laughed. Her steps got bigger and bigger each time, until he was crying from the pain. She had moved him like 4 feet. She tried pulling his nuts out, but they were so swollen, they wouldn't come out. Finally, she pulled with all her strength. They came out but he passed out from all the pain.

When he awoke, he saw her playing with his cock. He was tied up. She stood up and put her foot on it, pressing down with her heel. His nuts were getting crushed. He yelled loudly.

"Jimmy, I know you want me to make you cum all over the place, but if I do, you gotta help make me cum too. It might hurt for you though."

"I’d give my left nut for you to make me cum," he said, not really meaning it.

"Ok,” she said. She kicked him in the nuts again. He let out another scream. She lifted her skirt high above her waist, showing him everything, and jumped, falling on his crotch with her great ass. This caused much pain. Jim was so aroused, though; he didn't care.

She grabbed his cock and slapped it. She punched his nuts. She then started to stoke his cock, flicking his nuts. Pretty soon, he exploded everywhere. Cum was all over Cynthia.

"Oooo, she said, tastes good. Now it’s my turn." She stood up and placed a book under Jim’s balls. "Now which nut did you say? Left?"

"What are you doing?” he said. “Not my nuts!"

"Come on Jimmy, let me do this and I will be so grateful, I’ll hold 'sessions' like this for you whenever you want. It'll still work with one." He couldn't pass that up.

"Ok," he agreed. She stood over him and took off her shoe. She put her heel on his left nut and applied pressure on it and ground it back and forth. Then she lifted her leg a little, and threw her heel full force on his nut. It popped so hard that she felt it on the bottom of her heel. She had the best and most violent orgasm of her life.

"Thanks Jimmy." she said, but he had passed out. She left his right one for another day, and another orgasm.

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