Friday, August 10, 2007

My Feelings

By Monique_vB

Hi guys,

Thanks for your kind reactions on my contribution "REAL LIFE FRIDAY NIGHT ADVENTURE". Well, I didn't exactly "do my best" to write it down in an erotic way. It's just how it happened. It was fascinating though!

About "simulating" being "playful": You have to do that, because the attack has to come totally unexpected. If you are too obvious about your intentions, the "victim" may anticipate on your attack, and may even be able to prevent a good hit!

That's why I usually stay "friendly" right until the moment of attacking. Of course, sometimes I act otherwise. It's also possible to attack another part of the body first, and while the "victim" is confused about this first attack, the BALLS are completely unprotected and well... you just have to lift up your knee or to kick them with one of your feet... hehehehe!

Men are AMAZINGLY easy to disable! But you have always to be careful and you have to act with great precision. Let's thank nature for having organized the male body as it is! :-)

Have you ever heard HOW a woman is feeling herself RIGHT before the attack? I can't speak for all women of course, but I'll tell you how I feel then.

The moment I decide to do a guy in the nuts, a lot of adrenaline is produced in my system. I get a bit nervous, and my attention grows to 200 % or more. My heart is beating faster, I'm breathing a bit quicker. The reason for all of this: There is always the risk of missing the target, and the owner of the threatened balls might get angry as soon as he notices what I was planning to do. So... the attack has to come unexpected and it has to be SUCCESFUL the first time!

So, right before an attack, I'm excited, stressed maybe, and this is a perfect condition for as much concentration as possible. Of course I have to HIDE my excitement.

There is another feeling right before the attack as well: Realizing that the still unaware victim will soon suffer this wonderful mysterious male agony, "thanks" to MY actions... THAT simple thought is a turn on for me already!

This "mixture" of excitement, stress and being "turned on" by the thought of what is going to happen... these are feelings you can't compare with any other feeling... It's SO great! I'm afraid one can get kind of addicted to it!

After the attack, the stress disappears at once. Then I'm just VERY turned on by watching the result of it. You rarely see women on this forum. That's strange, because I must say that I think it's a big giggle to do a man in the nuts! Watching a man in ball agony is always making my pussy tingle. It's very arousing.

To me it's still very amazing that some men really seem to LIKE to feel pain in their eggs... So far no man has been able to describe to me WHAT it's like, this male agony. I got a letter from a man once, who was able to describe the medical aspects of ball pain. This man was a medical doctor. But even he couldn't explain the exact nature of ball pain to me.

I'm still very curious about it. Since I have to live my life without having a pair of those tender big low hangers between my thighs... I can only kind of "GUESS" about ball pain...

Maybe one of you guys can describe to me how it's like? :-)

Smiles to you all!


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Anonymous said...

I would love you to nail me in the nuts.