Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My First Ballbusting Experience

By andrewasl

My first ballbusting experience happened when I was about 16 yrs old. I had been fantasizing about being hit in the balls for some time and wondered why it turned me on. I wasn't sure why then, but I was driven to experiment. I would often try hitting myself a little when I was in the shower at home...trying to experience the feeling of being hit in the balls. It turned me on terribly

but I was so inexperienced ...I think that I had barely begun to masturbate and still felt guilty about it all !!!

Anyway, I had been enrolled in a karate class since I was 13 yrs old and was experienced at sparring. There was one new girl in my class; she was about 5'2" tall, brown hair, petite, 17 years old, and very experienced at karate… her name was Lisa. We would spar together frequently as we were at the same skill level and of roughly similar height and weight (I was a bit small then). She was a little cutie and I remember peeking at her chest and glimpsing her bra when her gi opened after we had been sparring a bit. When she wasn't aware I would look at her sexy crotch that was sooooo apparent in those thin gi pants of hers. So different than a guys groin ...flat, no bulge, trim....

Anyone who has done any karate knows that the guys have to wear a hard cup and supporter to protect their balls. It makes it "safe" to spar and to land kicks and punches without worry there. In fact, karate class is one place where the women are encouraged to hit a guy in the balls and the chances of hurting someone really is at a minimum...hmmm now that I think about it I may sign up again....

My cup was the large "boys" size that I got when I first started the class at 13- appropriately sized when my balls were prepubescent and small. After puberty my balls got a lot bigger (as they always do) and it was a much snugger fit. In fact, it protected them a whole lot less!!!

I would sit at home and fantasize about sparring that cute Lisa with her tight, smooth, little crotch and picture her landing a kick to my balls. Oh, just imagining what would happen and thinking of the obvious differences between what she had between her legs and my bulging, fragile, exposed balls made me so horny !!! I thought about it so constantly and wanted it so badly that I began to think of ways to make it happen....

I couldn't just come out and ask her - I was far too repressed for that. I was scared as hell that she might think I liked it, or was turned on by it. I didn't want way. It needed to happen as if it were an accident...which would be easy to do since we sparred together 2-3 times weekly. However, there was then the "problem" of my cup...a bit small sure, but still provided more than enough protection! I couldn't just "forget" to wear it during sparring because I frequently sparred some other guys and my male sensei (instructor). They aimed for and hit the groin frequently- particularly sensei. If I wasn't wearing it I would definitely be hurt, and what was worse, they would all know that I didn’t have my cup on while sparring. A definite no-no. A blow to a groin with a cup gives a loud "thud" sound that everyone recognizes. It then allows you to break the fighting for a second and give the advantage to the other person before continuing. Even if I wasn't hurt, the lack of sound would be a dead giveaway. I couldn't have that. Not being able to come up with a solution, I just continued onward with my fantasies...thinking about it would simply have to be enough. A real kick or punch from Lisa would fall on my protected groin and I would not feel the pain. It would have to be enough, and I still had my fantasies, right?

So, I started leaving my groin unprotected when I was sparring her...trying to entice her to hit me there. Unfortunately, she was a "good" girl and wouldn't capitalize on my obvious lapse in defense. God, I was so frustrated about it. I mean, I would spar with my groin super-exposed and my legs widely apart facing was basically an invitation to kick me in the nuts. I know that she noticed that my groin was open because I could see her eyes dart down to my crotch and make a mental note that I was "open" there, but she never even made an attempt. We were evenly matched skill-wise, but I was a lot stronger and faster. I would easily overpower her when we sparred and take a leading, attacking groin would have been an easy way for her to say "back off" or to make me more cautious when I launched an attack. Still nothing. There was even one day when one of the female instructors (a little hottie about 23) pulled her aside when we were sparring (and she was losing) and whispered something to her as they both looked at me and then giggled a little. I'm sure that she told her that my balls were exposed and to give me a good, hard shot there to show me what was what!!! Unfortunately, she didn't take the advice and continued to receive the brunt on my onslaughts.

Then, I "fixed" my cup problem. I realized that the cup protected my balls because it transferred the force of a kick or punch directly to my pelvis, while its "cup" shape covered my balls in hard protective plastic. This allowed my balls to avoid getting the brunt of the blow and to avoid being the actual object that stopped the foot or hand. I reasoned that if the cup did not have its "cup" shape and was simply flat it would not protect me much at all !!! Soooo, I "fixed" it by cutting out a hard piece of plastic that was its same size and shape (I basically traced the outline of my cup on a piece of plastic and cut it to size). I could slip this flat little piece of plastic into the back of the cup supporter so that my cup didn't cup anything at all!!! It would then be simply flat-backed and not concave. I reasoned that any blow to the cup would be an indirect blow to the balls if that little piece of plastic was "cup" would protect me very little if at all. Also, I could hide this piece of plastic in my street clothes and I could run to the bathroom and slip it into my cup when it was my turn to spar Lisa. This way I could still have my protection when I needed it and still be "exposed" when necessary. Best of all, if I was hit there it still would SOUND like I had my cup on and no one would ever know the difference. It was so perfect and it made me so excited!!!!

My sparring with Lisa got bolder and bolder, and rougher and rougher in an attempt to make her resort to hitting me in the balls. Still no response. I was very frustrated and depressed about it at first, but I resigned myself to my fate and sort of lost interest. Winter turned to Spring and we still matched up 2-3 times a week, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. The other kids stopped coming and now Lisa was my basically my only sparring partner. She then stopped coming every week so we sparred more and more infrequently. I was getting better and better at sparring, and just started leaving the plastic in all the time; it was a pain to put in and take it out. Plus, I rarely got hit there anymore, and when I did it was never hard. Sensei and some small kids were my only sparring partners now and Sensei must have figured that I had learned to protect myself there. He would almost never aim for it then...when he did it was only a light tap to remind me that my groin was open. Those light taps hurt more than a little (which I really liked) and I figured that my little "fix" was functioning as it should - though I still wasn't completely sure since it had never been tested full force .

Spring came and the arrival of shorts and thin blouses at school piqued my interest, but I was shy and didn't date. I was still horny as hell and couldn't get chicks. I would rarely fantasize now and when I did it was not about Lisa or my balls.

Then one day, it was a Saturday I remember. It was mid-morning and the class was almost empty. Lisa came (I think that she drove herself...oooh she was an "older" chick, made me so hot!) and I remember thinking that I had not seen her in a while. She still looked good, short brown hair, nice brown "gi" top with those white pants of hers, and a pretty smile. Class was small and there were only three of us. We practiced for the first half-hour and then paired up for sparring. That day, the instructor had to spar with the older guy who was in class so that we could pair off evenly.

We started sparring as usual, but without supervision because the instructor was sparring himself. I don't know why, but I sort of silently resolved to be a little rough with Lisa. I had not seen her in a while and felt a bit arrogant. I started my usual open-leg stance and began to spar....but some reason that day was a bit different. Maybe it was because there were so few people there and we were alone, maybe because I was getting past the point of being bold and now was into ass-hole realm, maybe because Lisa as finally getting fed up with sparring me, or maybe it was because she finally noticed that I rarely looked her in the eyes and spent most my time looking at her chest and crotch...I don't know. All I know is that I was sparring rougher and rougher with her that day. I threw my kicks and punches harder at her and wouldn't "pull back" like we were supposed too. I was definitely not following the "light contact" rule at all. I even broke the unspoken rule of not trying to hit a girl in the chest and groin. I remember she came in once and punched--leaving her chest wide open. I took a quick ridge hand and hit the side of her left tit. Ouch!! That hurt!!! and I could tell it stunned her a bit and made me smile. It made her even MORE passive and defensive, but a bit mad as well. She came in with some punching combinations and I blocked them easily.

Then it happened.

She actually threw a kick at my groin...I blocked it cleanly; it was such a weak attempt. She continued sparring and then tried again little bit later, but this time a little harder. I blocked it again...I was definitely not "into it" that day and knew that my cup would not protect me at all so I had to protect myself.

We sparred some more and I landed a few good hard shots to her head and ribs...things were going so fluidly and so smoothly. Lisa came in again and tried a few punch combinations followed with a kick to the groin. Her attempts know were a lot harder - probably full force for her as she was comfortable knowing that I could handle her and that she was overmatched and probably wouldn't land anything. I blocked them all; smiling to myself at how well I was doing sparring with was so easy, so effortless for me. I could do what I wanted to her and block everything she threw at me...I was sort of lost in my little daydream and stopped focusing for a bit. It could not have been for more than a few seconds at the most....

Lisa came in again with her now predictable 3 punch combo to the head and kick to the groin. I mindlessly put myself into defense mode and made the necessary blocks. However, that particular instance Lisa had NOT chosen to throw just one kick to the groin, but rather a "double kick".

For those of you who don't know, a double kick is a maneuver that uses two kicks in rapid succession. The first kick is lighter and faster - intended to get your guard out of the way so that room is made for the second, much harder, and hopefully, more devastating follow-up kick to the now unprotected area. It is a common technique that we practiced often in class.

Anyway, there I was...lost in my little reverie about how great I was, how

strong I was, how pitiful and defenseless Lisa was, etc.

Lisa, by now was more than a little pissed off at how things were going. She had been disregarding the light contact rule for some time...probably out of frustration. She wasn't landing ANY of her kicks and punches. I was basically blocking everything that she threw. Her kicks were coming in a lot harder, as were her punches...she was getting angry that they were no worry to me and seemed like I couldn't care less.

So, here comes Lisa...quick, hard flurry of punches to the head and the well-timed, kick to the groin...a lot harder and faster than she ordinarily would have thrown.

I blocked them all, and as I was standing there lost in thought, my peripheral vision caught the blurred movement of a quickly moving that instant I realized that it was the second half of a double kick that she had started.

Looking back at it now it seems as if it all happened in slow motion. I was frozen in place, glued to the ground. My head turned downward and I just watched that foot moving upward.... I felt out of my body and a bit perplexed by the feeling...viewing the scene before me of a guy and a girl sparring and of the girl launching a kick.... the foot moving upward with sickening speed, blurred movement in my eyes...I also recalled in that split second that with speed comes force.

The kick landed with a loud, muffled, “THWUCK !!!!” as the foot met abruptly with the plastic of my cup. Lisa had not pulled that kick - launching it with surprising quickness, force and an oh-so- appropriate follow through. Confident as she was that I would block it, that it would not meet its target, she didn't hold back at all.

My cup, so carefully designed to protect a man’s precious, fragile, balls was in place...but drastically altered by me months earlier when I was foolishly lost in the lust of my age and fantasies...much, much earlier when I was so foolish that I thought I wanted a kick to the balls. At that moment I was not totally sure that my alteration would work as I had designed it - hoping with silent urgency and fear that it would not.

The loud, muffled thud and the startled look of surprise in the eyes of Lisa will be forever etched in my memory. It was if I were in a dream...hearing the thud, seeing that startled look, watching myself gaze downward at my groin, at the kick that had already landed...too late to block it....knowing that what was to come was inevitable and would come...I could not avoid it...the

consequences of all my actions were on their way...

I did not have to wait long.

The force of the kick slammed the plastic-backed cup into my balls...working exactly as I had designed it. It provided no protection whatsoever, but giving the appearance to all involved that I was protected, that it was an accident, that all was right, that I was not a strange boy who had wanted to be hit in the balls, that it was simply part of sparring and that it was going to be OK....

It was not. The full force of the kick traveled to my balls, hanging loosely in their sack, and smashed them against my pelvis... hard cup on one side, my pelvic bone on the other, my balls in between. I wavered for a split-second before the force of the blow made me fall heavily to my knees... then putting my hands out on the ground for support. The sickening feeling of my balls hanging loosely there and then very forcefully slammed upward into my pelvis was in my mind. I mentally saw the image on my poor balls being the sole objects that stopped the upward movement of that heavy, heavy, strong leg. THEY blocked the blow, today THEY were the same as that heavy bag that we kicked daily, THEY were what took the force of the blow... and they were definitely not designed to do that.

I fell heavily to my knees from the force of the blow. The sickening, achy feeling moved from my balls into my belly - an extreme feeling of nausea overcame me and took my breath away. I panted with short, chopped, heavy breaths and my head fell down. I became dizzy and the pain intensified...I retched dryly and the spread my legs instinctively to lower my balls trying to ease the pain. Ohhhhhh my goddddd my baaallls... my balls... my balls... I whimpered. Oh my god... they hurt sooo bad...they hurt so bad!!! Thought racing through my head... what have I done? Oh my god have I damaged them permanently? am I going to be sorry forever for this one instant this one kick?

I was vaguely aware that Lisa stood there watching me, horrified at what she had done. All activity in the dojo stopped and everyone stared. Instant realization of what happened swept over them - the loud "thud", my position on the floor, and the girl standing upward above me were the obvious clues. Even as I felt the pain growing in intensity and traveling upward through my abdomen I could feel my dick swelling in hardness. I instinctively knew that my dick's reaction, the bulge it was causing in my pants, would be obvious to Lisa - who was at this point keenly and concernedly focusing her attention to my crotch. She would know that I had been turned on by it, that I was hard, that I was a pervert, that my dirty little secret was being exposed. My hands shot downward to cover myself from view, I had to protect myself, she just couldn't know....

I looked upward to see inches from my face that pretty, little cooch clearly outlined through the thin cotton gi - towering triumphantly above me...proud, protected, strong, smug in its natural superiority. Then I felt the strange beginnings of a growing wonder if it was all worth it....

the end

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Story, I bet it was worth it! It seemed your balls tried to control you, but you needed a girl to put them back in their place.