Friday, August 10, 2007

My Friend’s Mom

By RNGR546

I have a bunch of stories. Almost all of them were this year. Most of them over the summer. I'm not sure if it's me, the girls and women I know like hitting me in the nuts, or I'm just in the wrong place at the wrong time always. Some of them I definitely deserved. I don't want to send you all of them now so I just picked one of them at random, email me back and I'll send you the rest. This one happened over this summer.

I was friends with this kid for years since we were very little. He is German and his and his mom moved here after his dad died. His mom was very secure with her looks as she definitely should be. I'm surprised my friend never got paranoid about his mom being too hot. She had brownish-red hair that was short and she kind of curled it up at the back and above the ears. She had brilliant blue eyes, great chest and stomach. She worked out at gyms so her figure was incredible. She never had a problem wearing skimpy two-piece swimsuits around the house and in the backyard. She had the greatest legs I've ever seen - long, and thin. She had muscular thighs and calves. Not too muscular like that wrestler Chyna, but perfect. She always had a perfect tan too. She would lay on a lounge chair in the yard reading or listening to the radio.

As we got older, my "best friend" and I developed differences. He was never reasonable and one day he wanted to play, listen to this, one-on-one tackle football on his front yard. Right away I said no. He started pushing me on each shoulder. I ended up throwing three punches and landing them perfectly on his cheek, eye and mouth. I ran home and we didn't talk since.

Then one day I was walking to a high school where I was supposed to meet some skateboarding friends. His house was right on the way since it was a couple blocks from mine. I saw his mom look through a missing post in an old dirty fence. She put her book down and opened up the fence. She was wearing a shiny gold two-piece bikini. I instantly got a boner and adjusted my pants and pulled down my shirt. I looked away from her, trying to pretend I didn't see her because she knew what happened that day.

She yelled a quick "hey" when she was a few feet away from me and I looked to her at my right. She reached out and grabbed my right hand with her left. I made a fist with it; exactly what she wanted me to do. She squeezed my hand and pain ran threw all my knuckles. As she looked at my hand she saw my huge boner. She used this to her advantage. She used her free right hand to smack me in the nuts. I let out a short "ahh". Before I could block her, she came up with her hand; not using her backhand anymore, smacked me again and quickly wrapped her hand around my right testicle. She adjusted her grip and got the other and squeezed hard. I never imagined a woman with her looks could inflict so much pain.

I grabbed her wrist and she squeezed harder so I quickly let go. She held this position for a few seconds then let go and grabbed my other hand. She started talking but my nuts and stomach hurt so much I couldn’t get everything she said. All I heard was, "I know it was you. He told me."

I knew what this was about already, but this proved it. She had perfect aim at my balls due to my boner and with incredible power she drove her knee straight into my balls. I fell straight over backwards and, since she was still grasping my fists, she came down with me.

She pushed my wrists to the ground and put her knee on my groin. She was pushing one of my nuts to the ground with most of her weight. She stayed there for a little while. All the time I was hoping for a neighbor or a car to show up.

Then she said, "Now do what I say and you can have your nuts back. Don’t try telling anyone about this or I will have you arrested for sexual harassment.”

I said, "What?"

She leaned forward, putting more weight on my testicle and looked me right in the face and said, "Who are they gonna believe me... or you?" She was right; I was only thirteen. Then she added, "Who's the one with the boner and cum stain on his pants?" I looked down and she was exactly right. Then she said with a smile, "Okay." She gave my testicle one last push then got up.

As she started to walk away I rolled into a ball holding my nuts and my stomach and exhaled out a "fuck you." She wasn't supposed to hear this and she turned around and took a step towards me. I was completely intimidated by her now and quickly blurted out the first thing that came to mind - "Thank you".

She smiled and said, "You’re welcome."

I laid there for probably twenty minutes thinking, "Man I could have at least grabbed her breast or got something. That was my only chance," and about saying thanks. As I lay there in the worst pain in my life I finally got up and managed to run home to my empty house.

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