Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Rude Awakening

A True Story by Wizard

The first time in my life that I received a blow to my testicles was when I was eight or nine at the hands of a schoolgirl in the schoolyard. Right out in front of the whole school!

At the time, I was going to a school in Bridgewater, England. The place was real old and we always made jokes about it. The playground was long and narrow, bounded on one side by the school buildings and on the other by a high wall, behind which was a huge drop to a canal.

This morning I was not playing with anyone, just kind of hanging out, seeing what might be going on, avoiding the older kids, seeing if there were any kids I might want to meet or who might want to play with me. As a young boy, I was full of imagination like all boys and so any break was an opportunity for all kinds of adventure on the high seas, in outer space, in deserts and jungles - Indiana Jones had nothing on us! But today was going to be a totally different kind of adventure.

Whilst I was a boy, with a boy’s interests, I also had three sisters, so playing with girls seemed natural to me. We were all equals I naively thought. Boy was I in for a rude awakening! I had no fighting experience - fighting was strictly disallowed in my own house (so I was never the object of my sisters’ education) and my friends were pretty civilized, not a rough and tumble crowd.

But if I didn’t know what I was doing, the girl in the schoolyard that morning really knew her stuff. I didn’t know who she was. She was standing in a group of four or five girls, just one of the crowd. I was hanging around near them. The details of this part are pretty vague in my mind, though I sure remember the next part real well! I was listening in, or wanted to play or something. I don’t remember being a pest or anything. I wasn’t trying to bother these girls or annoy them, just curious.

One of them asked me weakly to go away. Then the girl who was about to be my real teacher turned to her friends and said clearly so I could hear, “I know how to make him go away.” Now my curiosity was really peaked. I stood there stupidly, a real stooge, a real ‘straight man’ to her ‘funny man’. At least it must have been funny to her.

With all the girls standing around she said, “Watch me,” with a real big grin on her face. Now all the girls are watching, curious to see what she has in mind. She turns from them and steps towards me. Her eyes are down, avoiding contact, a non-threatening approach, or so I am supposed to think. So I just stand there while she is scoping out her target! She comes up to me and I’m watching her face, waiting for her to look up and say something to me. Instead, WHAM! She swings her arm forward and her hard clenched fist flies up between my legs, aiming high as if to strike my chest, but finding my balls in the way. Her fist impacts bang in the middle of my two testicles and keeps going, driving my gonads up into my body, crushing them into my pelvic bone.

Now she looks up, her eyes all a-twinkling, her mouth laughing at me as I stand there with a look of utter surprise and shock on my face. The girls watching are also standing there, mouths open, unable to believe what they just saw, blushing with the realization.

Now the pain hits me and I kind of wobble and stagger in front of them, groaning a little, bent over, trying to put a brave face on it in front my all-female audience. But she sees on my face that she scored. She has easily dispatched a bothersome boy and firmly established the natural superiority of girls over boys in front of her now smiling and appreciative friends. With a final look of triumph, she turns from me with an ear-to-ear grin on her face. God! I’ve never seen anyone so happy! I could have killed her! But now she was back with her friends and they were all over her, laughing and smiling and glancing up at me hunched there. I was so embarrassed, so humiliated, so much in pain that I really didn’t know what to do, so I loped away with my tail between my legs, or anyway my bruised up nuts between my legs! I must have been walking funny ‘cos they were all still laughing as I went.

The champion ball-buster among them said in a loud voice, “See! I told you I could make him go away!”

“Wow,” they replied, their heads full of the realization of what they could do to a boy. Never again would they feel helpless if a boy was foolish enough to taunt them. Just one easy little hit had sent me from them in pain and humiliation. What a girl! She knew she was superior and delighted in showing it and educating her friends! It was obvious I had not been her first. This girl was a sly and deadly groin hitter, a devastating ball buster, a testicle crusher, a ‘nad nasher’. No wonder she was laughing! Add another male to her list!

And there was my pathetic self wandering about, wondering why my stomach hurt when she had hit me much lower. Oh God! It still hurt! No longer could I believe that boys were better in every way. A girl, that supposedly inferior creature, had simply walked up to me, gone ‘thump!’ with her fist down so low that you can’t even see it coming or react, right into (what I now had discovered to my extreme discomfort) was a perfect target. Two tender young testicles exposed on the outside of my body and located in a position that was just perfect and natural for a girl to hit with hands, knees and feet. I felt so vulnerable, so inferior, so crushed!

Yes, that day was a real rude awakening for me and the effects have lasted to this day. Except that now when I realize just how easy it was for her - step up - WHAM! - smile - I get kind of excited by the idea, by my own vulnerability, by the easy, easy way any woman can take me down and cause pain that lasts and lasts, and you can do nothing of the sort to her! She hits you there, BAM! End of conversation.

Here endeth my first lesson.

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