Friday, August 10, 2007

My Visit to Della

by Mr. K

(UK) No copyright…. copy and jerk off to you hearts content

Story details my favorite fantasy guys…being beaten up by prostitutes!!!! It’s a sick world…enjoy!!!

I was all geared up to see Della on that fateful today…Her web site had attracted me to her at first. She wasn’t a supermodel, but the clothes and poses that she did made her look like a complete slut! She shared the flat with three other girls, and you couldn’t always have your choice when you got there…but I wanted Della!

It’s not easy for a 14 year old to save up £100.

I remember the first time I went there. I was a nervous wreck. One of the ladies took me into the lounge, and I sat there on my own, trying to keep my hard-on in my pants. ”Don’t worry about that darling, we’ll take care of that soon,” she said smiling as she left the room. After 5 minutes, Della walked in loosely wearing a bathrobe; man, she was naked under that thing, and I bet she had just finished shagging! My eye flicked down to her legs as she crossed them, and the bathrobe fell away revealing her fishnet stocking legs right up to her backside.

She saw my eye’s flick down, and covered herself up some (guess its just a reflex woman’s action). She gave me a stern stare (you know that stare women give you, when they want to twist your balls off).

“OK honey what would you like…we have black girls, and white girls”

Ok, think of a color… I didn’t care! “Black,” I blurted, but I should have said, “Are you free Della?”

Della stood, and held out her hand, and I responded with the pre-agreed price. She then beckoned me to follow her, and we walked up a flight of stairs. She talked to me as we walked “Her name is Sonya, and she’s about 24, medium build. You’ve got about an hour maximum, but if you cant get it up then she might call time early.” She kept talking but everything was just going into one ear and out the other.

We stood at the door and Della listened intently. ”Ohh, shit she’s with someone at the moment.” I could hear the sound of serious humping taking place. “Look honey we’re pushed for time today” and with that she grabbed my hand and led me into the room opposite and shut the door.

“OK, here are the rules” as she walked towards the bedside drawer and began fiddling with wrappers and tissues. ”For the money you paid, you get a blowjob, followed by straight sex. Oh, and because your new honey, no funny business, or otherwise I’ll fucking kick your balls”

“OK honey strip down”, and she left the room. That did it for me; I was nearly about to come everywhere…Being only 14 at the time, I still hadn’t realized by true fetish for ballbusting. I stood there naked with my member sticking out a mile! I stood there shivering not knowing how long Della would be… Damn this was my hour, and it was getting used up!

I began walking round the dingy room, and looking in the drawers, when Della burst in “Get the fuck out of there!” I jumped back 6 feet as she approached me menacingly…I thought she was going to kill me! She grabbed the back of my hair and stood between my legs “What the fuck did you take!!!!”

“… Nothing,” I stammered. She just looked at me for a minute and I waited for her to start clouting me, then she looked over to the drawer and then back at me.

“OK, some rules, never go into any of my shit, in any of the room, if you still want to keep your nuts.” She smiled and went over and pulled out a strap-on. “We use this on bad boys….” she said as she held it up to my face

“We make them do what use girls have to do, and take it up their asses!!!” I really cringed when she said that, and she could see the fear on my face

“Look, your hour’s nearly up, lets get you finished,” and with that she spat into her hand and grabbed my now limp cock. It may have been limp, but I had just experienced so much sexual energy from this woman, I was about ready to come. She began pumping furiously…

I just stood there trying to keep my balance as this hooker assaulted my cock in the hardest wank I’ve ever had. Her arm got tired, and she changed hand without re-lubricating it. Damn this was a rough wank. She then went down on her knees and then positioned her head just in front of my cock (that was about ready to burst)!

“OK don’t come in my mouth,” she said to me sternly and her lips wrapped themselves around the head of my cock….

“Ohhhh, shit,” my balls tightened and I shouted as my first squirt fired directly into the back of her throat. She instantly pulled away, and started gagging semen spit from her mouth. As she looked away, she directed my cock directly into the back of her head, and I shot squirt after squirt into her blonde hair

I hadn’t noticed that while I was coming, and she was trying to remove the offending stuff from her mouth with one hand, and steadying herself with her other hand that was gripping my testicles, as they pumped merrily into this vixen’s hair. I kept coming for about 30 seconds, utterly uncontrollably! And it only after this time, did I realize that she had been clutching my balls… HARD!

I don’t know if she knew that she was squeezing so hard so I asked as politely, because her face was turned away, and she was wiping her mouth with the other hand…

“Errrrrrr… Arrrrghhh… Miss, I’m so sorry!!!! You’re holding my balls… please can you let go?”

She stood up straight and looked me in the eye with her furious stare, ”What did I tell you, little fucker?” I was speechless; all I could do was stand there and quiver as her vice grip squeezed the life out of my poor eggs. She wasn’t even straining, and I was about ready to collapse.

Tears began rolling down my face “Open your fucking mouth” she blasted. I did as I was told, and she gathered up all the remaining spit and semen in her mouth and spat it directly into mine.

I choked hard, and then next thing I knew was she’d head-butted me, and I staggered back… then I felt her foot connect hard with my testicles… the world started spinning and I just fell to the floor, and covered up as she stamped he foot down again and again onto my head.

I awoke a while later, in a back room, with my clothes dumped un-ceremoniously on the dirty tiled floor. I dressed quietly… man it was a struggle to get my trousers on… I couldn’t even touch my balls to see if they were OK.

I opened the door. A woman was sitting on a chair in front of a phone. She must have been the receptionist. She was in her forties, and a little on the fat side. “Are you OK darling? You broke one of Della’s rules, but never mind, come back and see one of the other girls next time,” she smiled at me hoping I’d say OK

…and I did; what a desperate fucker I am! As I headed for the door, I heard rapid footsteps coming down the stairs, and I looked behind me.

“Not so fast dear,” Della boomed. Oh no, what else was she going to do!

The mature lady interrupted, “Della, leave him alone, he’s just young!”

“Fuck off, Jenn, I’ll do what I like in this house!” and with that she pulled me with her free hand into a neighboring room. She was clutching something in her other hand. I looked down to see what it was, and she instantly held it up in front of my face.

“Told you I’d kick you in the fucking balls, didn’t I?” I nodded, not wanting to argue or piss her off any more.

“Do you know what this is?” I stared at the used condom, half filled with semen. “Well honey, today your gonna learn what us women have to go through with you men. Open wide.” I instantly clamped shut and shook my head.

“Look honey, you don’t have a choice. Either you swallow this, or I’m gonna kick your bollocks 5 more times! You can either swallow the stuff that makes babies…or I’ll fucking smash your baby-makers!” I didn’t know which was worse…I was already walking with a limp.

She tapped her stilettos waiting for me to make up my mind…

Just then I didn’t know what else to do. I turned and tried to release her grip from me, and ran for the door.

“Ohh no you don’t motherfucker,” she wailed. I could feel this banshee all over me! She jumped onto my back and dug and scrapped her nails right along my neck. God that hurt! Then she reached forward and scratched the front of my face, with her nail narrowly missing one eye. Shit, this bitch was fucking me up! I instantly covered my face, in the hope that she wouldn’t be able to scratch anywhere else. I felt her drop off me and then the next thing I experienced was her pointed foot. THWACK! Hard up between my legs from behind. I instantly lurched forward and covered up everything! Shit, she was an expert at finding a man’s balls with her feet. Some girls rushed in and I heard Della tell them, that I tried to leave without paying

“NOOOOOOO, WHAT A FUCKING LYING BITCH!!!!” Next thing I knew was two blonde girls stood me up, and began twisting my arms behind me. Through my tears I could see two other very young girls (must have been teenagers) ball their fists, draw them back and start punching me hard in the belly. I began sinking as the group of four struggled to keep me on my feet to continue the beating as long as possible. I was bordering on unconsciousness, as one of the young blondes began lifting my right leg

“Wait…wait…wait for it,” she said as the other one reared her high-heel booted leg back. I couldn’t stand another kick in the balls.

“I’ll get you the money, please stop.” I looked desperately into her face, as she bit into her lip.

“Lets fuck him up,” she said as her boot flew into my nutsack… WHAP… WHAP… WHAP! Three times in succession her foot slammed hard into my testicles and finally with the point of her boot, CRACK, right into my precious left nut.

“Shit, never made him puke!” she said as she grabbed my leg. “OK, you’re next Sasha,” and the two girls swapped. I tried to close my legs, but there was little strength left in me after the beating the girls had given me. Sasha wasn’t wearing any shoes, and just sank down onto her backside, and cocked her leg back revealing her pantyhosed legs in their full glory. She steadied her foot and took aim, and then shot it hard into my already smashed nuts.

”Yeah, sterilized the fucker!” Sasha wailed as all the girls laughed. My head just flopped forward as her hard heel began raining into my balls. She was like a spring-loaded weapon. She hammered away for minutes, each time releasing a strenuous “yyyaaaaahhhhhh!” I felt the sick well up into my throat, and start dribbling out in between kicks.

They let me drop and I lay there totally helpless. Through the haze I could see some pervert wanking away in the corner of the room. I felt a huge amount of pressure on my hands as two female feet stood on them. I could feel a hand on my face. No, not any more…

”Open wide fucker,” I heard as a strong pair of female hands pinched my jaw open. I looked up as Della forced the rubber into my mouth, and pinch my lips shut, then she held my nose tight.

Fuck! I couldn’t breathe or spit the shit out! Too damn weak to do anything. I swallowed hard, and the sickly salty condom entered my belly and then I passed out.

I woke up in an alley a couple of streets away, still fully clothed. I checked myself…damn my T-shirt was dampened from blood from the scratching. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t. I looked around and the alley was deserted.

I eased my hand down my trousers, and my boxers were soaking, and I pulled my hand back out and it was covered in blood. Shit! I ripped my trousers off in broad daylight and stared down at my balls. The bitches had shoved two safety pins through each testicle…

…the scream could be heard on the other side of town!

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Maximillion Chaoswolf said...

I hope the damage can be fixed and its revealed he was telling the truth. someone should be nice to him after that