Friday, August 31, 2007

Neal and Company (sequel to "Neal's Attempt at Revenge")

By boozook

Neal was furious and embarrassed that he had been defeated at the hands of a little runt such as Sara. Meagan had already beaten him as well so he didn’t want to fight the girls alone this time. He convinced two of his friends, Ryan and Corey, to help him. Megan had already given Corey a brutal beating earlier in the year so he was frightened about the thoughts of facing her again. However, he wanted to retaliate badly, and having the help of Neal and Ryan made this the best opportunity for him to fight Meagan again.

It had been a while since the last battle with Neal so Meagan and Sara had had time to train with each other to improve their fighting skills. Sara, who was once out of shape, was now in the best shape of her life while Meagan retained her strength and stamina. They would practice on each other with various moves including, of course, ball crushes in which the “victim” would act out the part of a guy who had just been busted, and they would both laugh hysterically. Both girls hadn’t expected Neal to give up so quickly so they wanted to be ready when he returned. They figured that he would bring along a friend for the next battle, but they hadn’t counted on him brining along two friends.

Meagan was now 14 years old, which made Neal 15 and Sara 17 years old. Ryan was the oldest at 18 years old, and Corey was Neal’s age. To recap, Sara stood at 5’2’’ tall, Meagan at 5’5’’, and Neal at 6’1’’. Corey had a lean and lanky build, but he was in good shape and quick on his feet. He stood at 5’10’’ tall. Ryan was by far the most physically impressive of the group. He stood at 6’5’’ tall and had a well-defined body with strong muscles all over his body. He looked indestructible, and he was known to be one tough guy to handle. Neal and Corey truly had their minds set on revenge, but Ryan had decided to come along just for a bit of fun. Ryan had figured that he would have no problem thrashing the girls, and he also looked forward to seeing these pretty girls in action.

This time, Neal didn’t use a sneak attack. He simply confronted both girls and challenged them to a fight that was to be held in an obscure location. However, he didn’t reveal to them that he would be bringing along two of his friends. Upon arriving at the designated location, Meagan and Sara were shocked to see three guys. The girls weren’t really worried about Corey because Meagan had handled him well before, and Neal had been beaten by both girls. The girls were most concerned about Ryan. Neither of them had seen him before, and he was intimidating just by looking at him. So, the plan for the girls was to take out Neal and Corey as fast as possible so that they could double-team Ryan. The guys were all shirtless with blue jean shorts, and the girls were each wearing bikini tops, red for Meagan and blue for Sara, along with short cotton shorts. Meagan decided to fight Corey because she figured that she could demolish him quickly. That left Sara to fight either Neal or Ryan.

Sara immediately advanced towards Neal. The girls’ only worry was that Ryan would get involved and create a three on two advantage for the boys. The girls need not worry because Ryan was busy enjoying the bodies of the young females. He actually got sexually excited watching the girls fight the other two boys. So much so that he got a raging erection.

Meagan was taunting Corey. “Come on wimp! I don’t think you have the balls to fight me.”

Corey assumed a fighting stance, but he was internally scared. “She seems so intent on destroying me,” he thought.

The rage in her eyes was unmistakable. “I’m going to play around with this guy for a bit,” thought Meagan. She approached him and delivered a punch to his mid-section. He let out an “oomph” as he hunched over slightly. Her next punch connected with his jaw and caused him to stumble backwards. He recovered fairly quickly and came back with a kick that hit Meagan in the stomach. She wasn’t expecting this and it knocked her to the ground. This caused Meagan to realize that he actually could hurt her if she continued to toy with him.

“Time to end this,” she thought. She quickly rose to her feet as Corey advanced towards her. She struck out her right foot and smashed it into his balls. He immediately stopped his advance and grabbed his injured privates. He crashed to the ground and lay there moaning and thinking of nothing but the horrible pain in his nuts and stomach.

“I didn’t know she could kick that hard,” he thought. Ryan was enjoying this sight, but he snapped out of it because he didn’t want Meagan to mercilessly beat Corey while Corey was lying on the ground in great pain. So, Ryan rushed over and shoved Meagan hard enough to knock her backwards five feet and she fell hard to the ground.

Lying on the ground, Meagan pondered, “Is it even possible to beat this guy? He is so huge that both Sara and I together would have a tough time taking him. I had best stay away from him as much as possible until I can get Sara’s help.” Ryan was checking on Corey.

Ryan said to Corey, “Ouch, she got you real good. I bet that has to hurt. Don’t worry. I’ll beat her senseless.”

“Oh man, protect your nuts. Her vicious kicks hurt like hell,” replied Corey.

“She can’t hurt me, Corey. I’m twice her size and 3 times stronger.”

“It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are if she strikes you in the balls hard enough, Ryan. Please, be careful.” Ryan turned to face Meagan and discovered that she had fled the scene. She had scaled a nearby tree while Ryan was talking with Corey and she was hidden from view so that no one would know where she was hiding.

Throughout all of these events, Neal and Sara were having a knockdown drag out. “If I could just land a blow to his jewels, I could end this tussle.”

“There is no way this bitch is going to defeat me again.” Neal had Sara’s arms wrapped around behind her back so that she was facing away from him. He then pushed her towards the ground and he fell on top of her back.

“There is no escape, Sara. I’m in control and you will surrender to me. I’m a male, the stronger sex. You don’t stand a chance so you might as well give up.” For the first time in this battle, Sara began to feel fearful. She was hoping for Meagan to come and rescue her, but Meagan was still in the tree hiding from Ryan. Meagan could see what was happening to Sara and she was worried. She had to do something, but the only way to help Sara was to go through Ryan first.

“I’ve got to face my fears and come out fighting like I’ve never fought before. After all, he is only a boy, and I can beat boys with my superior fighting skills.” Her plan was to outsmart Ryan instead of fighting him toe-to-toe.

“Where are you, Meagan? I thought you were supposed to be so tough, but you don’t have the guts to fight me. You’d rather beat up on wimpy boys, but you’ve never fought a real man like me,” yelled Ryan.

“I’m up here, you big idiot. Climb up here and get me if you can.” replied Meagan. She knew that she would be faster than Ryan and she could maneuver better than he could up in the tree. Ryan raced up the tree, but Meagan quickly jumped to another branch. He lunged out at her to grab her, but he missed and lost his balanced. Megan was certain that he would take a hard fall to the ground, but as he stumbled, he grabbed the branch that she was standing on, which caused the branch to shake violently. Megan tumbled towards the ground, but she had enough composure to grab a branch and quickly make her way down to the ground to escape Ryan’s grasp. His hand slipped from the branch from which he was hanging, and he fell to the ground, but he didn’t have that far to fall due to his height.

Meagan saw him fall, and she took advantage of the opportunity while the fall temporarily stunned Ryan. She delivered a punch to his ribs, but it barely penetrated his muscular frame. All it did was infuriate him. He recovered from his stunned state very fast, and he grabbed Meagan and body slammed her to the ground. Neal still had Sara under control, and Corey was watching with excitement, as Ryan seemed to be in control of Meagan. That is until Meagan, while lying flat on her back, kicked upward with both feet and struck both of Ryan’s balls dead on. Ryan grimaced in pain, but he somehow stayed on his feet. Meagan couldn’t believe it.

“That kind of strike to the nuts would have wiped out most guys,” she thought. The kick did do enough damage to allow her to scramble out from underneath Ryan. “It must be hard having those weak testicles hanging in such a low, vulnerable spot, Ryan!” He didn’t want to give in so he mustered up the strength to swing his massive fist at her face.

“This one punch will crush her,” mumbled Corey, as he watched with both fear and excitement. Just before the powerful punch connected, she ducked and swayed to one side to avoid being hit. His momentum from the force he had put behind his punch caused him to lose his balance momentarily. She took advantage and delivered a devastating knee to his exposed balls.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed Ryan. Before he could cover up, Megan was using his balls as a punching bag! Left, right, left, right, left, as she continued to bombard his nuts with a fury of punches.

After about ten punches, she said, “It sucks to be you!” Then, she brought her arm back and commenced with an uppercut that could have shoved his nuts up in his throat. His whole body tensed and his face expressed incredible pain.

“Ooooooo, my precious baaaalllllls!” he exclaimed, as he crashed with a mighty thud on the ground. It was clear that he wouldn’t be recovering for a long time. Meagan turned to go help Sara, but she need not worry. While Neal and Corey were too busy watching the fight between Meagan and Ryan, Sara had broken free of Neal’s hold. Sara now had both boys by the balls and she yanked and pulled as they both screamed in agony.

“That’s sweet music to my ears, Sara,” said Meagan.

“Let’s finish them!” said Sara. With that, she released their balls. She turned to face Corey while Meagan faced Neal. At the same, they both kicked each boy in the nuts. The two boys crumpled to the ground.

“I love being a girl,” proclaimed Sara.

Megan replied, “Yeah, it must be hard having those weak thingies dangling between their legs. They are so hard to protect.” Each of them grabbed their crotches, pretended to hold their pain stricken fake nuts, and made bizarre facial expressions.

Sara laughed, “Ha, ha, that’s almost as funny as the way that Ryan looked when you used his balls to train for boxing.” They both laughed hysterically as they walked off, leaving their victims in severe agony.


Mick Bright Kim said...

how are you all?

Anonymous said...

Ryan is the character that shined throughout this story, his strong tall masculine body in blue jeans sounds so hot! Am glad the girls got him good. Ryan thought he was three times stronger than the girls, and he was. He withstood a solid kick in both balls, and various punches to the nuts. However, he's determination of male power soon buckled, he couldn't overpower the pain in his balls, and the last uppercut told him a girl is the powerful sex. Love how he cries about his precious balls, they are the organs of his weakness and defeat, and he finally realized it. Boys are so weak.

Heres what I think tough boy Ryan looks like:

Anonymous said...

I read all 3 of your stories about Neal! Amazing stories! I love the way Neal and his friends think they are so superior to the girls, but get their nuts busted and get taught a lesson! Please please write more stories!

Anonymous said...

I think a really good follow up story could be made about Ryan's attempt for revenge against Meagan and Sara. As cocky as Ryan is, so I think he would want revenge. I'd love to read another story (or two) about the girls beating up the big strong arrogant guy by exploiting his male privates again.

Anonymous said...

Love these stories ! Yeah a follow up story will be great! Hope the girls bust the boys again, something like Ryan , Neal and Corey get stripped milked and busted