Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Neil & Sophitia

by Biggles

Neil stretched his back, his eyes immediately fastening on the white shirt and light blue jeans of the girl. He'd seen her around the site quite often but had no idea of her name or what she actually did. The site was large and rambling, part construction, part landscaping, with some major pipelaying work going on as well. Set in an almost deserted area of hilly woodland it was rumored to be the beginnings of a theme park but Neil really wasn't too bothered, he just did the tasks he was given and got on with it.

At 35 and just over 6ft he prided himself on keeping fit although it was almost entirely down to his physical job and despite a hefty intake of beer most evenings. The girl in comparison was always dressed for it but never seemed to do any actual work, often walking around with a clipboard or talking into a mobile phone, never staying in one place for long.

She was one of those women who make basic clothes look good, with her tight jeans and white shirt wrapped around her waist she remained decidedly feminine, her curvy figure and long black hair confirming her sex even over the 100yd stretch of sunbaked reddish mud between them.

For the 3rd time that day and the 20th that week Neil decided to just go ahead and ask her out. He'd seen her up close a few times and noted a lack of ring but essentially knew nothing about her, despite this she was forever playing on his mind and every time he looked up from his work he found himself looking out for her. Her long hair swung slightly as she looked around and Neil dipped his eyes down to the heavy encrusted shovel.

The midsummer heat was slightly oppressive but Sophita much preferred it to being cold and she enjoyed the press of the hot sun through the cotton over her back, enjoyed the stickiness inside her jeans. She was aware it was the actual urge to take her clothes off she liked, she certainly didn't get that feeling in winter. The man was watching her again; she peeped back at him through her thick hair, a sideways look that he couldn't see. Neil F Munkey, employee number 2181, employed for less than 6 months so still on probation, no special skill save an out of date first-aider certificate. It was her job to know such things but the section she had looked at first when pulling his file was marital status: SINGLE.

The stickiness between her thighs developed a creamier smoothness as a new fluid mingled with the sweat, her skin tight jeans were splaying her lips apart, for a moment she went to adjust her jeans but could still feel those watchful eyes. She turned slightly to look back and his head immediately dropped back down. Unseen she delved a hand past her slim suntanned belly and tugged her vulva into a more refined position, her middle finger was tempted but an attractive woman, she knew other eyes were probably on her.

One type of sweatiness she didn't enjoy was the hot discomfort of her boots. They were the most slender and dainty steel-toe capped safety boots she could find, polished up only the chunky tread revealed their work status but rising halfway up her calves even they were too hot for this weather.

Sophita was on her way to the portacabin office but ahead of schedule she made a snap decision to go down by the quarry for a while and soak her feet in the gravel-bottomed mini lake. All the necessary work was completed in that area, including landscaping and as the foliage grew it was becoming quite a beautiful spot. It was also peaceful, the construction noises muted by distance and trees and no one had any real reason to be there.

Neil looked over at Alan, the manager of the site had a calm authority that unsettled Neil but he had learnt that simply working hard and doing he's job well was enough to receive nothing other than a friendly smile or wave from his new boss. For the first time ever Neil willfully did wrong, the guys here were well paid and he was keen to keep the job but today he was going to take his half hour break early. He tried to convince himself he could simply state his case and he was doing nothing wrong but he knew he didn't want Alan to question him and was glad when the smartly dressed man was out of view behind some silent for the day, bright yellow machinery.

Someone far away shouted and Neil's heart skipped but even as his brain replayed the sound he knew it was no one calling him. Sturdily built he covered the ground quickly, easily gaining on the strolling woman. Moving languidly at best, the woman stopped altogether for a moment then turned off onto the path towards the quarry. Neil hesitated; he'd hoped to bump into her whilst collecting his lunchbox from the portacabin, to follow her down by the quarry?

Her slow movements plus no-one had any need to go there convinced him she was also on a break, he decided to bump into her during breaktime, nothing wrong with that, perfectly innocent. Already had something in common, they liked it down by the quarry. He only vaguely recalled what it was like but he knew of the lake. He rehearsed in his head about how he loved the sounds of nature blah blah, the peace of the water etc.

Sophita heard a twig or something crackle, at the bend in the path she stopped and peered round the huge oak tree that forced the path around it. She saw the flash of dark red checked shirt and knew it was employee number 2181. Her lips parted around perfect white teeth as a slow smile spread, the sunniness of her smile matched by the warm glow in her jeans. She loosened the highest button of her top, already opened low her cleavage, nestled in a dark blue lacy bra' enjoyed the cool air as the breeze opened up the cotton.

Neil stepped on a little branch that snapped noisily in protest as it was turned into matchsticks. He decided it was OK and even deliberately crunched a few more, making it clear he wasn't creeping up on anyone. As he progressed he looked ahead but the woman was gone. He was sure he should be able to see her, as he reached the corner he stopped and looked along the length of the path. There were only a few places she could be out of view, he waited for her to become visible but there was no sign.

From focusing on the distance he was startled when a womanly voice asked, "Are you following me?" He visibly jumped and spun towards her voice, only to jump again inside as her beauty took his breath away. He'd never seen her quite this close before and today her jeans were truly skin tight, her top loose and open, a blue lacy bra clearly visible wrapped around a generous cleavage, suntanned tummy flesh peeping under the wrapped shirttails. Her thick black hair gently swirled around a slender sunkissed neck, piercing dark violet eyes gazed into his, surrounded by thick eyelashes and elegant brows. Her nose was equally fine and elegant, topping a beautifully shaped mouth whose lips were lightly parted in a half smile. She was younger than he'd thought, her easy way of walking had made him feel she was some high ranking supervisor or something and he'd assumed her to be around his own age but he saw now that she was no more than 24.

No longer feeling he might get in work related trouble he also found himself losing hope, suddenly aware of the slack stomach, the extra flesh around his cheeks, the scruffy clothes. He mentally pictured some young, smartly dressed office bod, in a nice car, picking her up from work as usual, "Guess what, some old bloke tried it on today, followed me down to the lake!"

With an effort he kept his voice cool and deep and replied "Not following exactly but I noticed you up ahead and wondered where you had gone."

Neil slapped himself on the back for such a smooth and easy recovery.

Sophita suppressed a grin, as despite most of the light behind him he's crimson blush was clearly visible.
She had already thought about it, recalled the court case, the eventual "Self Defense" verdict, the other little incidents where she had defended herself from her "attackers". All on police file. Her mind had followed the logic, if it was discovered it was her, that was the reason she hadn't told anyone, she was scared no-one would believe her, after all, she knew men gravitated towards her but "who would believe she'd been attacked so often officer?"
She practiced her innocent look on employee 2181. "So I shouldn't get my hopes up then?" The combination of her physical presence, the innocent face and those words sent hormones punching through Neil's veins.

Growing an erection by the second he opened his mouth but words failed him, he'd literally opened his mouth before thinking. He desperately tried to say something but finally had no choice but to close his mouth again. By this time he could feel the blush but to add to it the girl/woman lightly brushed the back of one finger down his cheek.

Neil hadn't really noticed her breasts before, always more aware of the perfectly shaped little buttocks above those long shapely legs he now found himself gazing down her cleavage as she stood right up close. With an effort he tore his eyes away. He tried to meet her eyes but distinctly felt the warmth of her breath over his throat and found himself gazing at her lips and teeth.

They broke into a big smile, an easy cover girl model smile that didn't seem real, beautiful but unreal; women like this didn't smile at him like that.

Sophita gently took hold of 2181's balls, it required a firm grip through the rough denim but she held him completely, both little orbs in her hand. With her sleeves rolled up the sun made the skin on her arms gleam golden and it was a golden flash that he saw as her hand delved between his legs. She wasn't short but seemed just the right height to hold him without stooping, despite the acceleration of events it seemed almost normal and he barely flinched.

Sophita made another of her snap decisions. No witnesses. No arguments about what did or didn't happen, only one witness, her.

Knowing what she was going to do made her horny as hell, she loved this loved the pitiful look of defeat, the horror as they knew it was gone, forever.

Her full breasts tingled all over; her nipples rising up like a man's erection. She drew his attention to it, distracted him.

"Do you like my breasts?" she asked, her voice low.

Neil looked back down and watched, mesmerized, as both large nipples poked clearly through the lacy blue, the wind having moved the cotton out of the way. Even as he watched they grew and stiffened, poking up at him like some primeval signal. He reached one arm around her slender waist whilst the other hand reached for her breast.

Sopthita squeezed his balls hard, making the man sag slightly as his sex was gripped but it was early, he wasn't tender and was focused on her breasts. She let him touch and begin fondling her left breast, her smile increased whilst her eyes narrowed.

Cupping her fingers around his balls she moved them into a position with her hand braced behind them, her thumb extending them into place.

"Would you like to kiss me?" She asked

"Oh yes." Neil’s voice cracked. He moved his mouth closer to hers, Sophita licked her lips and tilted her head as though to kiss him, then smiled cruelly before slamming her knee into his groin, thumping her own hand against him, feeling the rubbery balls squashing into her palm.

Neil gasped with shock, then found it hard to breathe as the deep pain welled up between his thighs. Before he could react Sophita kneed his perfectly positioned balls again. This time the pain was immediate and Neil gagged at the hot agony. Feeling weak and wanting to curl up he realized he was still standing because she was holding him up.

Bracing him upright with a hand on each shoulder the girl stepped backwards slightly. "Now we know who’s in charge, another question?"

Despite the pain and shock she was still beautiful and as the shock subsided and he realized the attack was over he could still appreciate her sexiness and his desire for her. "What?" His voice was strained but not angry.
"Would you like to fuck me?" Her curves seemed to be trying to burst her clothing and Neil was intensely aware of every bump, dip and shapely swelling of her body. "Yes, you know I..."

The particular long muscled thigh he was looking at coiled and unleashed into a hard deliberate kick, the tan colored slender boot disappearing into the baggy denim of his work jeans before immediately snapping back again.

She was standing exactly as before but the whole world had just changed, as well as the blinding agony throughout his belly he was horrifically aware of a popping, bursting feeling that had occurred. He tried not to sob as his hand gingerly moved to explore. Stepping up close Sophita caught his hand along with the other. "Did I hurt you?" She asked, raising his hands to her breasts. Despite the giddy pain the glimpse of possible sympathy and the smooth firmness of her bosom allowed him to speak. "Yes, I... I think one's broken!" he's voice more of a gasp but audible in the balmy stillness of the trees. There was a slight rustle from above as the wind drifted through the leaves, insects hummed and he watched a delicate trickle of sweat burrow across one breast before disappearing behind the cotton, the world was going on as before but he was convinced he's lost one of his testicles.

It seemed such a huge event and yet so small, despite his declaration the woman was still smiling an amused, rather cruel smile. She was still breathtakingly beautiful.

Neil realized the pain was worse as he still had a throbbing erection, pain flashing through his lower body with each throb, pre-cum leaking from the end.

"I must have missed one." she smiled, almost a helpful apologetic smile before gripping his shoulders tightly. He knew it was coming but just couldn't move. Her lithe body twisted and a little feminine grunt escaped as she heaved her knee up into his groin with all her strength.

There was no doubting the fate of the first testicle, he distinctly felt it splatter inside his scrotum and again he felt that awful pop as the remaining orb burst.

"You've... you've..." he became racked with sobs, tears trickling down his work grimed face. "I've busted you're balls?" Sophita purred.

"God, yes! YES!" Neil's world dissolved into pain and self pity, he sank to his knees and looked up. The girl/woman looked into his eyes; the violet color suddenly seemed deadly.

"You don't want to live without balls do you?" She asked softly, then nestled his face into her breasts. She rubbed her breasts over him before slim tanned fingers held his chin and head. Neil tried to answer but before he could she killed him, twisting his head sharply against her bosom and breaking his neck.
Rolling his body onto its back she opened up his jeans and played with the pulped mess of his scrotum for a while.

Suddenly she heard footsteps...

To be continued...

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