Thursday, August 9, 2007

Never Upset Your Wife’s Friends

by Johnson

This story comes about after my wife had pissed off one girl in her circle of friends and I fantasized about her friends getting even in an unorthodox way. I’ve always dreamed of being subjected to this sort of treatment by ordinary housewives sexily dressed and after ages of thinking about it I’ve finally got around to writing it.

John had just sat down for the evening after his wife went to go and see her mother in the next town when the doorbell rang. “Who the hell is that?” he thought, hoping to have had some time to himself to read his newspaper. He pried himself out of the chair and plodded down the hall to see who it was that had interrupted his train of thought. When he opened the door, Michelle, one of his wife’s friends was stood there. John looked her up and down and decided that she was looking extremely pretty with a short skirt, high-heels and was nicely made-up.

“Hi, John, is Julie in?” she asked. John then saw that she wasn’t alone; there were a few other girls behind her.

“No,” he replied, “she’s just gone out to see her mother, she won’t be back for a good while.”

“Oh, that’s o.k.” said Michelle, “we’ll just come in for a moment, there’s something I want to talk to you about.” John thought for a moment and decided to let the girls in. He stood to one side and watched as Michelle and another three girls walked in, he could smell their perfume and saw that they were all dressed in mini-skirts and high-heeled shoes. He felt a twitch in his pants but tried to suppress his urge. He invited them into the lounge.

“Sit down, girls, is there anything I can get you?” he asked.

Michelle remained standing and turned to him before speaking. “You should know, John, that Julie and I have had a little disagreement. She was completely horrible to me and we’ve come round to see you to put things right.”

“But what happened? What have I got to do with it?” John answered, slightly shocked.

“Well, rather than take things out on Julie directly, we’ve discussed it amongst ourselves and decided that this is the best way to deal with the situation.”

“Oh!” said John, puzzled.

Michelle carried on, “They say that sometimes it’s better to hurt the things that someone loves the most if you want to get to them so that’s what’s going to happen tonight.” John was still puzzled by the proceedings.

“Can you enlarge on that statement?” he asked Michelle.

“I’ll do my best,” she said and took a couple of steps towards him. She kicked up and John briefly saw her one of her shapely legs coming towards him and the high-heeled ankle strap sandal she was wearing caught John in the groin. He felt a sharp pain in his balls and bent slightly, looking up at Michelle’s pretty face as he did so. She smiled and turned around to the other girls, seated.

“O.K. ladies, lets do our stuff!” she chuckled. Meanwhile the initial sharp pain in John’s balls had receded to be replaced by a growing burning, sickening sensation in his abdomen. He felt the need to sit down until two of the other girls took him by the arms and held him upright.

“Take his clothes off, Linda!” Michelle ordered, “Jackie and Debbie will hold him.” John, disabled by Michelle’s kick, had no way to resist and soon he was naked in front of them.

“Get him on the floor!” Michelle told them and the two girls holding his arms pulled him down until John was laid flat on the carpet. Michelle’s kick was really not a particularly hard one and the pain started to recede in John’s guts.

“Don’t move, John, or I’ll kick you again,” said Michelle. He mumbled something to the effect that he wouldn’t. The girl called Linda walked up and squatted over his face. John couldn’t help but look up to see that she had no panties on and had shaved her cunt, the light being just enough for him to see that her lips were dripping with the excitement. Against his wishes, he felt his cock rising. Linda stood up.

“Perhaps you’d like to see what the others have, John?” she breathed. One by one the other girls showed John their cunts, the girl called Debbie actually reaching down to pull her lips apart so that John could see right up inside her hole.

“We need to show you why we’re superior to you, John. And it’s all because of our cunts. You’re down on the floor with an aching gut now because Michelle kicked your pathetic little testicles. If you’d kicked any of us in the groin we wouldn’t have hardly noticed it. O.K., you know what to do, girls!” commanded Michelle. She bent down and squatted on his chest, legs apart. John saw that she too had a shaved cunt. Michelle reached down and pulled her cunt lips apart.

“Take a nice goood look, Johnny boy, and when we’ve finished with you, you tell that slut wife of yours that you’ll get the same treatment again if she is horrible to me any more!” With Michelle sitting on his chest and another girl holding his legs, he was unable to move. He felt his scrotum being encircled by a hand and other fingers locating each of his testicles. “I’m sure you’re going to want to know what’s going to happen to you, John,” said Michelle, smiling. “Debbie’s sat on your legs and she’s got her hand around the neck of your ballbag. Linda and Jackie are going to try to crush your testicles so it’s going to be terribly painful for you!” John tried to throw the girls off of him at this, but a sharp pain in his balls put an immediate stop to his efforts, Linda having slapped them hard.

“Right, girls, Let’s do it!” said Michelle. John felt the first pressure on his glands as Jackie and Linda started their squeezing.

“They’re squeezing from the top to the bottom of your balls with one finger and thumb and from the sides with their other finger and thumb. That squashes your little balls nicely. They both know that you have a nerve center at the back of your balls where the cords attach so both girls will make sure that they’re pinching it!” The pain in John’s testicles got worse as Linda and Jackie increased the pressure on each little ball. John felt the feeling of dread and awful pain getting even worse, spreading up from his groin like fire. The girls continued their relentless squeezing, giggling at the excruciating pain they were causing him with so little effort. A few seconds later, John’s overloaded nervous system could take no more and with the sounds of blood rushing in his head, he passed into merciful unconsciousness. Seeing this, Michelle told the other girls that they could stop.

“Christ, I’m so fucking wet, Michelle! That was so exciting!” said Linda.

“Yup, me too, I’m pretty sure that I came while I was squeezing!” said Jackie. The girls got off of the prone body of John and looked at each other. They were flushed with the excitement.

“I think we should have one last little effort, don’t you?” said Debbie.

“O.K. but only one each.” said Michelle. Each girl in turn stood between John’s legs and kicked his testicles with her high-heeled sandals, the sound of the sickening slap filling their ears.

“That’s it, punishment completed!” said Michelle as they all trooped out of the house, giggling.

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