Friday, August 10, 2007

The New Kid

By observer9

WARNING: This story contains graphic ballbusting/violence between "underage" kids. If that bothers you, don't read it. If you want to lecture me as to the morality issues of writing stories like these, don't bother. Judging some ballbusting stories to be more or less moral than others seems to me like very thin ice to skate on as it is, and anyway, it is just fantasy. If you can't separate fantasy and reality, I think that's your problem. OK I'm done ranting now. :)

This story is fiction but is LOOSELY BASED on events described to me by Knackers and Kim (the real Kim) as things Kim did during elementary school. If she has a problem with me using her name, let me know. I'd like to hope she enjoys the story. :)

Kim was in a vicious mood as she rode the bus to the 5th grade at her elementary school. Usually when she got in a mood like this, some poor boy would end up paying the price, and today would be no different. Soon after she sat down for her first class, she knew who the target would be.

"Class, we have a new student today, his name is Brian Porter. Please make him feel welcome." Brian blushed in embarrassment as the teacher introduced him. 'He sure is cute... yeah, I'll make him feel really welcome!!' thought Kim with a smirk, and started whispering to her friends. Brian noticed the girls whispering and giggling at him during lunch, but had no idea what was in store for him.

When lunch ended and recess began, he soon found out. Kim had a reputation on the schoolyard for being a ballbuster and had been suspended several times for sending boys to the hospital with particularly hard and repeated hits to their tender areas. Her classic strategy was to spit right in the boy's face, and when he went to wipe his eyes, to kick him in the balls repeatedly as hard as she could. Being the new kid, Brian had no idea of Kim's reputation and was totally unprepared for what happened next. The recess monitor had stepped away, so Kim knew it was time to strike. Brian felt a tap on his shoulder, and he turned around to see a smiling Kim standing behind him with some of her female classmates. Before he could say a word, she spit a loogie perfectly right into his eyes. Startled, he brought his hands up to wipe them, with his legs spread open slightly, and that was when Kim struck.

Bringing back her right leg as far as it would go, she kicked forward with all the force she had. Like a bullet her right foot flew up between his legs, and his jeans made a loud hollow POP as her shin violently impacted his soft testes and lifted him off the ground. He sucked in his breath sharply then let out a loud choking gag for everyone to hear, before his throat closed off completely from the pain and nausea washing up from his crushed balls. The other girls on the playground started giggling at what Kim had done to him, and at what they knew was coming next. Kim kept her leg buried in his crotch for a moment and pushed it firmly up against his mangled balls, savoring the feel and relishing the cruel thing she had done to this boy she didn't even know. Brian just stood there wide-eyed, Kim's spit still dripping down his face, his mouth hanging open in disbelief from a pain worse than anything he had ever felt.

She then dropped her foot from his privates and, before he had a chance to react, she quickly moved in close, wrapped her arms around his chest, and viciously drove her knee between his legs into the same exact spot she had kicked, again and again. She knew from previous experience that as long she held him up and her knee kept his legs apart, he couldn't close his legs or do anything to stop her vicious assault on his gonads. With each violent impact to his balls, he made some involuntary little squeak or grunt in Kim's ear, much to her delight, as his breath was literally driven out of him as he bounced up and down riding on her knee. He started to slump down, losing all the strength in his body, and Kim had to struggle to hold him upright as she continued to violate his most private parts.

"Hey, that's enough!!" yelled one of the boys who tried to intervene. But before he could get close, Kim's friend Sara ran up behind him, grabbed him by the shirt and swung her other fist around his waist, slamming it HARD into his balls once, and then again even harder. The boy fell to his knees making a terrible moaning sound, cupped his hands over his balls, and started writhing around on the playground pavement. Kim laughed out loud as she saw the other boy get his nuts mashed by her friend's fist, but that didn't slow down her repeated knees to Brian's tortured boyhood. He started to jerk and convulse, his eyes starting to roll up into his head, and the girls were in hysterics as they watched their new classmate being nutted on the playground. The other boys just stared helplessly.

After about 60 hard knees to Brian's gonads, Kim's leg was getting tired, and she could tell from the sounds he was making that he was going to throw up any second, so she finally let him drop to the ground. This was the most she had ever kneed one boy in a single encounter, so she was curious to see what would happen and if she had ruined any of his boy parts. He fell onto his side hitting the pavement hard, curled up into a ball and started gagging and vomiting up his lunch, disgusting bile spewing out of his mouth onto his shirt, down his arms and the side of his face and onto the concrete.

Kim and her female friends were laughing at him hysterically with tears in their eyes and when the other boy whose balls had been smashed by Sara's fist started to convulse and began puking too, they just lost it. They held their hands in their own crotches, mocking them and bending down over the boys laughing, asking them what it felt like and how much their balls hurt. Even though the boys were protecting themselves, every so often one of the girls was able to drive her foot hard into one of the boys' balls again, causing them horrible new waves of pain and nausea, until the boys thought they would die. They kept this up for several minutes until the recess monitor came back out and saw what had happened, broke things up and called the school nurse. By this time both boys had passed out from the pain. Kim knew she was in big trouble but she didn't care, this was the most fun she had had in months.

Kim spent the next two weeks suspended from school, but luckily she had enough friends to lie for her to prevent her from ever being expelled, and everyone else was too afraid of her to tell the whole truth. She found out from Sara the next day that one of Brian's balls had popped back up inside his body and had to be surgically brought back down, and the other one had been totally crushed and ruined. He was being sent to a different school. She spent the two weeks dreamily thinking back to what she had done, and couldn't wait to do it again. After all, she had a reputation to keep.

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