Thursday, August 9, 2007

The New Shoes

By johnson

This story has been buzzing around my head for ages and I've finally got around to it. Once again I hope it details our inferiority to women quite nicely.

Kitty Hollister looked at the dismal state of the shoe collection in her wardrobe and sighed. She desperately needed new shoes for the weekend so she could go out with the girls to that new bar across town. She sat on the bed and pondered her situation. She knew she hadn't got enough money to pay for the sort of high-heels she loved.

In the back of her mind she formed a plan to remedy matters. She stood up and started rummaging through her drawers to find some suitable clothes in which to go shopping. After pulling on a pair of white cotton panties, she picked out an extremely short, black, stretchy mini skirt. She told herself that she really was too old at 35 to go out wearing this sort of thing. She pulled it on over her hips and turned to face the mirror. Mmmm... she mused, turning first this way then that, not as bad as I thought. She selected a white blouse that she put on and buttoned up to just between her ample breasts. Ten minutes more sat in front of the mirror and her make-up, slightly tarty, was done. She went back to search the wardrobe for the smartest, highest pair of heels she could find and slipped them on.

Walking down the path to the car, Kitty noticed it needed washing. Damn, it would have to wait, she thought as she got in and finally coaxed it into life. She needed a new car too. Driving into the car park in front of the mall, she parked her car, locked it and strode off inside to find the store she had in mind.

The shoe store was the only one in the mall, but as a result it stocked a whole range of shoes for every occasion. Kitty loitered outside, looking through the window to check out the occupants. It was a Wednesday morning and not too many people were around so she went in. She knew from her previous visits that all the assistants were male, something that suited her purpose today. As she walked in she was pounced on by a young man in his twenties who asked if there was anything he could help her with. Kitty looked around and saw the store manager at the main desk, pouring over some paperwork or other.

"Yes, I'm looking for a new pair of shoes,” said Kitty. "Something sexy, for a party". She smiled wickedly and the young assistant leeched at her before asking her to follow him and they walked to the back of the store. Kitty sat down on one of the chairs and the assistant faced her.

"Sandals or shoes, Miss? We have a good selection of both, all with high-heels." Kitty stared at him.

"Oh, sandals, definitely. They're sooo sexy aren’t they?" she purred. The shop assistant must have thought it was his lucky day.

"And what size, Miss?"


He pulled a box off of the shelf and lifted the lid to expose a pair of black ankle strap sandals with a wicked looking four-inch stiletto heel.

"Would you like to try these, Miss?" he inquired.

"Oh, yes, they're exactly right!" replied Kitty.

"Would you like me to help you put them on, Miss?" said the assistant excitedly. It was just what Kitty had been waiting for. The shoes would be hers.

"Of course, I'll expect it!" she replied. She knew that the assistant would be dying to look up her skirt and she didn't plan to disappoint him. He squatted down in front of her and removed her old shoes, she could see him glancing up between her legs and she shifted to allow him a better view. He turned and pulled the box with the new shoes closer to him and lifted one out.

"Could you lift your leg up please, Miss?" he said, shakily. Kitty did so, parting her legs as she did. The assistant could see the white band of her gusset stretched tightly across her shaved mound, the material cutting in to her slit. He slipped the sandal on to Kitty's extended leg and buckled the strap around her ankle. He then motioned for her to lift the other leg. He repeated the procedure, all the time glancing up Kitty's short skirt at her panties. He sat back on his haunches while Kitty extended one leg at a time, turning it this way and that. She still had good legs, she thought.

She glanced around to check that the shop was still empty and that the manager was still occupied before turning back and checking that the young assistant was still squatted in front of her. She looked down between his legs and could see clearly the outline of his genitals; he was obviously somewhat aroused by the size of his penis stretched against the thin material of his trousers. Below this, Kitty could make out his testicles as two small lumps. Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward slightly and kicked the two little balls hard. She was lucky and the front edge of her sandal struck the two lumps directly across their center. She felt her foot bounce back from the impact. The assistant screamed a high-pitched wail. Kitty stood up immediately and started shouting.

"Pervert! You dirty little pervert! Looking up my skirt! Serves you right; I hope that hurts like hell!"

The store manager had come running over. "What's happening?" he cried. The assistant was by now laid on his side, doubled up in excruciating agony at having his testicles kicked. He started retching.

"This dirty little pervert was looking up my skirt! You should fire him now, the dirty little pervert!" Kitty screamed. "I'm not coming back in this store ever again!" she announced to the shocked manager before striding out of the store, complete with her new sandals.

She found her car in the lot, got in and started the engine. “Mmmmm,” she thought. “I really could do with a new outfit to go with these shoes. I wonder if there are any decent women's clothes shops with male assistants?”


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