Saturday, August 11, 2007

Night Club

By SpeedyCJ

It was a hot and steamy Friday night in Florida and Suzy was going out for another night on the town. She never had problems catching attention from guys, especially wearing her black short sundress with her black patent leather heels. The sundress revealed not only her awesome body, but showcased perhaps her best feature, her legs. She was tanned perfectly, and it was doubtful any man could not take a second look when Suzy walked by.

Suzy knew that she could have any guy she wanted to, and she used that to her advantage. Upon entering the club, and consequently making the bouncer hard as a rock after just laying a glimpse of her, Suzy set out to find her prey. She loved the game she played, and she played it well. She would find the cutest guys in the club and seduce them till they nearly came in their pants. Sometimes she would tease and seduce her victims so much that they would actually cum in their pants.

Tonight she walked around the club looking for someone she could be especially rough with. She had had a rough day and nothing would make her feel happier then seducing and beating up some helpless guy.

After about 20 minutes of searching, she finally found a potential "kill". He was 6 foot tall, about 185 pounds, with good looks. He didn't look too muscular but he didn't look out of shape either. She figured this guy would be an easy target.

She walked up to him and instantly said, "Wanna dance?" Her smile was so convincing that the young man wasted no time in getting on the dance floor. He wasn't a bad dancer at all, and in fact surprised Suzy some with his moves. Suzy danced away from him, allowing him a good look at her sexy body. She gradually made her way closer and closer as she could sense that he was getting turned on.

A slow, reggae song blared from the speakers which gave Suzy the chance to make her move. She slid her body right between his legs and began to grind away. Even Suzy was getting turned on by the heat of the moment. Skillfully she would back away slightly and brush her thigh past his crotch. She looked him deep in the eye when she did this, turning him on even more. After a few minutes of grinding against him she could feel his penis swelling beneath his tan colored khakis.

Suzy suggested that they sit down and have a few drinks. The young man obliged being that his erection was becoming more and more noticeable. They sat at a table and ordered drinks. Suzy reached over to the front of his pants to check on his hard-on, not caring if people were looking on. His face turned bright red as she rubbed her hand back and forth against his bulging crotch. So what is your name asked Suzy. "Chris" said the young man. "Well Chris, it's nice to meet you, and your little friend here," said Suzy as she squeezed his balls. Chris squirmed slightly but smiled. "My name is Suzy," she said seductively.

After a nice long conversation and after a few drinks, both Chris and Suzy were getting drunk and horny. Suzy had lost some of her edge, but still wanted to take out her anger on someone (particularly a male). The problem was that so far Chris actually turned out to be a nice guy. After a few more drinks, both of them were fairly drunk. Suzy recommended that they leave the club. Chris obliged and accompanied Suzy to her apartment.

They were close to Suzy's apartment when she changed her route slightly. She took him down a few back streets and into a dark alleyway. They walked far into the alley, which was a good block away from the street. Suzy pushed Chris against the wall of the brick building in the alley and rubbed up against him. She was enjoying seducing him all night and was finally ready to have some fun. "Do you want me to kiss you?" asked Suzy suddenly. Chris nodded with a passionate yes. Suzy leaned in to kiss him but then in an instant brought her knee up sharply into his groin. Chris doubled over instantly, more so from the shock factor then from the actual knee itself. Suzy chuckled as Chris struggled to catch his breath. "What was that for?" asked Chris painfully. "Oh, just a little aggression I needed to take out. You didn't mind did you?" asked Suzy seductively. Chris' face turned bright red, as he didn't mind at all. In fact, he had always dreamed of a girl dominating him.

Suzy smiled, as she knew she had him right where she wanted him. "Do you think my legs are hot?" asked Suzy plainly. "I think you're a very attractive girl," said Chris politely. "So you think I'm the sexiest girl you've ever laid eyes on," asked Suzy. "Perhaps" laughed Chris. "Well maybe this could help your thinking," said Suzy as she brought her knee up slowly against his leg and brushed it against his crotch.
She slid her leg down his crotch just as slowly, making sure he knew how powerful and seductive her legs were.

"I suppose you didn't mind that either,” laughed Suzy. "No, not one bit" replied an extremely horny Chris. "Well since you don't mind then I'll make you a deal," said Suzy. "If you could pass my test, I'll let you pleasure me all night". Chris' looked curious, and answered, "How hard is the test?" Suzy laughed as she thought about what she was going to do to him. "Well here's the deal. If you could survive me attacking you without passing out, then you get to pleasure me all night. Plus, I'll even consider returning the favor," said Suzy matter-of-factly.

"Sounds like a fair deal to me," said Chris, "but how much damage were you planning on inflicting" asked Chris as he finally was able to straighten his body up without pain. "Oh I don't know, how bout this much damage," said Suzy as she swung her foot forward and kicked him square in the nuts. Chris' body fell back against the wall but he kept his balance. Before his hands could fully protect his balls, Suzy grabbed his arms and thrust 2 quick knees into his balls. Suzy held his arms out as Chris cried out in pain. Remarkably though he had stayed standing against the well. "Tough one, aren't we" said Suzy coyly. With that she backed up and unleashed a solid kick to his balls again, which sent him to the floor as soon as she released his arms. He fell face first against her feet, and Suzy took that opportunity to step on his head and press it uncomfortably against the floor. She let his head go and told him to turn over. Chris did as he was told. Tears were streaming from his eyes, but he was still conscious. His balls ached like never before, and he had been subject to some brutal kicks throughout his life.

Suzy walked around his body and stood between his legs. She raised her heel up and smashed it into his battered balls. Chris' body trembled in pain as she kept her heel buried in his crotch. Suzy thought for sure he would pass out. However he had somehow once again kept his consciousness. "Damn Chris, you're the first person who hasn't passed out by now. Congratulations" said Suzy sarcastically. Chris moaned what resembled a thank you. "Well I guessed you passed the test," said Suzy. "I hope you recover enough for the rest of the night". With that Suzy brushed her shoe lightly against his crotch. Somehow he had maintained his erection throughout her attack. Suzy knew she had a winner here. She helped Chris to his feet and allowed him to catch his breath. She grabbed him close and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Chris struggled to walk, but was able to limp with Suzy to their next destination, her apartment.

To be continued.

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