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A Night of Firsts

by Markx

I give you permission to copy it as long as you give the proper credit to the story's respective author and also email me at This story contains profanity and much sexual content. I would recommend this to people who are 18 and up in age. It took me three to four hours to write this story and when I write I tend to keep writing. I was only going for two pages, but got six. This is my first stab at ball bust story writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Rick was a handsome guy around 19; he was a college student and he had some good qualities, such as having a decent car, a decent job for a college student, at least he supposed he had. He had an internship at a computer programming company and he was on the verge of designing a new program. He was a prodigy. He wasn't a weakling physically or even a nerd, despite his profession, since some would think he was rather wimpy and/or a computer nerd. He was quite built, having the build of a light athlete in many ways. His girlfriend Julie was coming to see him tonight in his dorm room and then they were going to go out for a night on the town. He thought about all these the night before and drifted off to bed. Rick slept soundly this night thinking of all the presents he was going to get the following night.

The next morning, Rick awoke to find that he was slightly late for his classes. He was 5 minutes late. How could he be late? He usually wasn't late for any of his classes or appointments. Rick got up and took a quick shower and then he got out put on his favorite polo shirt and his khakis. He put on his pack and got into the car but found that his girlfriend Julie was outside waiting outside her car, a lovely black convertible. It was much like his convertible, but his was red and had a soft white top. However Rick's mouth dropped as he saw his girl. She looked damn good. There she stood. She was showing off her toned body. Julie was a Latina and she had a nice sexy body. She was wearing a tight mini skirt and this skirt was short short and she wore her special strappy stiletto heeled sandals. Her brown hair was flapping in the wind.

"I just thought I would check on you...” said Julie in a flirtatious and inviting manner.

"I'm late for classes... I don't think I have time", replied Rick calmly.

"Oh well. No problem," said the appealing Julie with a wink and a smile.

Rick then walked for his car and smiled at Julie and said, "We are still on for tonight aren't we?" He then opened the door and proceeded to get in as he put his bag in the passenger side of the car. Julie was at the driver's side before he even closed the door.

She held the door open and said, "Why don't you skip today. We can get together right now", said Julie again with that sexy smile and wink. "Come with me...” she said invitingly. She then grabbed Rick by his collar and pulled him up and he didn't resist considering that he was about 40 pounds heavier than her, at a 175 pounds. He was 5'10" in height and was rather talented at wrestling, being all-state in high school three years straight. Julie was about 5'8" and 132 pounds at the most. Damn she was looking good. She pulled him against her and she kissed him hard on the lips, and he found it impossible to not return the kiss, but he gained his composure. Rick loved everything about her... Her sexy luscious lips and her athletic body were just a few other qualities. However, he certainly didn't dislike her personality, especially today. She was acting funny for a normally conservative woman.

Rick finally said, "I can't. I really must get to class. The professor needs me."

"Not as much as I do...” purred Julie passionately.

"Okay, Julie. Just today though. I want to be with you. We haven't really been together in a while.”

“We had to both get home last night," Rick replied.

"Come on, get in my car, and you can leave your books there. Where we are going, you won't really need them...” As she said this, Rick approached her and her car.

Rick dropped all his guards and made no more excuses as she asked him to come with her. Rick got into the passenger side of her car and they went straight to Julie's apartment. When they got there, she too had chosen not to go to class. Her books had not been touched and had been sitting on the table from yesterday. How he knew this, is that she had classes a couple hours before he did. She was studying psychology. In the beginning all seemed normal. Julie offered him some coffee and something to eat. Rick readily accepted. He ate well, however he wasn't full. He never liked to eat too much. Julie sat down in the kitchen across from him.

"I didn't go to class either...” she started suddenly. Rick nodded, already knowing this. "I was studying hard late last night for a test this Friday," added Julie. She began to smile seductively.

"You were studying hard?" asked Rick.

"Yes. Real hard. I need to loosen up", she said as she rubbed her foot along Rick's leg. Rick was getting warm, very warm. "Do you know of a way to help me loosen up?"

"No", replied Rick, to Julie's disappointment, however she continued to give a seductive smile. Rick was on the defensive the whole encounter to this point.

"I do. Follow me," offered Julie as she rubbed her hands over his leg as she sat closer to him. She then stroked his balls, making him stiff. Rick was definitely aroused at this point. However, he didn't understand why she was being somewhat more aggressive than usual. Rick and Julie both stood up and began kissing heavily. Julie then shoved her knee into his hard cock and Rick doubled over reeling.

"Why did you do that!?" Julie quickly apologized, also to her disappointment. Her friend Maria told her that some men enjoy this. She figured her man would. Oh well she thought. On to phase two. The couple ended up in Julie's bedroom soon enough. However, that was after ten minutes of holding his own balls.

She pulled him into her bedroom and he followed closely. Up to this point, Julie had never had sex with Rick, always saying that the time had to be right. She looked him in the eyes and pushed him on the bed and ripped off her blouse. Under it she wore a lingerie bra. Her toned abdomen showed and also aroused him. Rick was enjoying the moment, but he found himself confused, still considering that Julie was acting rather aggressive today. Rick stood up and Julie was instantly upon him. She ripped off his shirt and loosened his belt. Rick knew what she was looking for and he was a virgin, just as Julie was. She pulled him closer and he began to kiss her and she returned those kisses in the extreme. Rick was nearing ecstasy.

"Hey, Rick?" started Julie. The pause was unexpected. Rick looked at her perplexed and annoyed. "I would like to know if you would let me...” Rick looked at her funny.

"Of course we can do it. If you want to. Neither of us have ever...” started Rick.

Julie shook her head and she said, "No." Rick looked at her definitely perplexed this time, thinking that he was going to score.

"What? I thought this is what you wanted..."

"It is, but I want to ask you for another favor."

"What is it? Do you want to go to a hotel? If you ask me, your apartment is just fine, with this nice bedroom with the couch in it. What more could you want?"

"Damn it, Rick!!! Let me finish,” said Julie with a frustrated angry tone and expression. "I want to know if you'll let me knee you in your testicles. I've never really busted a guy's balls before." Rick was looking at her like she was stupid. "Don't get me wrong. You are sexy and I love you, but I think if you let me do this, we will have a good night. A real good night..."

"Hell no! That would hurt like a bitch!! That is why you kneed me earlier", exclaimed Rick emphatically.


"Don't ever do that again. That hurt! How would you like to be kneed in your pussy?" asked Rick sarcastically.

Julie said nothing, as she had never thought of such a thing. Julie was even surprised at his unpredictable outburst. He had almost never got pissed at her, but she didn't let it show. She did like the fact that she kneed him in the testicles, but she left it at that and apologized convincingly. Even though, she wanted him bad and she became even more aggressive.

"Oh well", said Julie as she pulled off her bra and approached him. Julie embraced Rick. "I will still give you some pussy, because I love you, but you’re really going to be missing out on what could happen." Rick thought about it and couldn't make any observations. He had never had any sex before and neither had she; at least that is what he thought. After a few minutes, the pair found themselves naked and doing some serious fucking. The pair spent quite a while in her apartment bedroom getting it on.

When they awoke later afterwards that early afternoon, Julie was lying in the bed looking at Rick very pleased. "It was my first..." she started. "I was a virgin, but I tried to sound as though I have done this before. I have never had sex before this." Rick smiled, finally confirming that she was a virgin like him, up until this afternoon. Rick sat up and said,

"That was very good. You are a great sex partner. I love you." Julie smiled and kissed him on the lips and let him put his clothes. She had aroused him well with her mini-skirt and sandals. Rick had always admired her sexy feet. She realized that he was checking her out this morning heavily. Julie was going to use this again to really get a chance to really bust his balls.

"I know you love me, Rick, after that experience!! The feel of your large dick shooting off load after load inside me. I'll never forget that pleasure. The ecstasy." Rick could say nothing, because he had longed to hit that almost the instant they started dating.

Julie then said, "I got to go to work in a few hours and you have to be to work in the next 25 minutes. We are still on for tonight and I'll have a surprise for you...” She left it at that and went into the closet and got her work clothes out. She worked at a restaurant near her apartment. Julie quickly went into the bathroom and put on a sexy robe, letting a little breast hang out and she slipped on her slippers. Rick went to door thinking about her odd plea to want to knee him in his balls. He though the whole way as he walked to the door and Julie came to him as he opened the door. Julie quickly initiated a French kiss has he left. He loved every minute of it from beginning to end.

"Can I give you a ride?"

"Oh no, I will walk,” said Rick flatly and nervously. Julie just looked at him and smiled and then he walked out the door. Rick had noticed that she was naked again, because he saw her tits hanging through her robe that she was now wearing, but he left the building with a sensation that wasn't easily satisfied. He finally scored... That was the sign of love from his girlfriend. Maybe he should let her bust his balls to give her that extra satisfaction that would enhance their love life.

Julie was still at the door several minutes with a smile on her face. I am going to give him one hell of a surprise tonight. She just smiled wickedly and went into the bathroom and stripped naked again and stood by her outfit that she put on when the sex was over and took off to leave the room just in case visitors were at the door after the sex, because Julie had a lot of girlfriends that visited her from time to time. It had only been 12:30 when he left, and now it was about 3:00 PM. Julie got her shower. After her 10 minute shower and her dressing, she walked out of the bathroom and walked into her living room with her television and chairs and the couch. She got something to eat and thought of all the fun she was going to have with her man tonight.

"Hopefully he'll fuck me again", she said to herself, as a knock came at the door. "Who is it?” asked Julie cautiously.

"It's me, Maria!" Julia let her in.

"Guess what, Maria!"

"What!?" exclaimed Maria excitedly.

"We did it!! Me and Rick finally did it!" Maria stood in her heeled shoes in an I-told-you-so sort of way.

"Didn't I tell you? If you get to a man's second brain, you can get away with anything. Now go for the kill!"

Julie said, "I tried, but he didn't let me."

Maria laughed and said, "Wait till he gets back. I'm sure someone as sexy as you, could charm him. He will be back tonight just as planned. Then will be your chance. Rack them balls. Rick will like it."

Julie smiled and she said, "Thank you Maria, but I have to go to work now."

Maria walked with Julie out the door and they walked to Julie's car and then Maria said, "Remember what I told you."

"I will", said Julie as she started the car and sped off. She had only 15 minutes to get to work, but she got there in ten, since the place was rather close. When she got to work, all she could think about was Rick. Rick was at this time at work she thought, but in a couple hours, she would be with him along again. In the next five hours, it was nearly 8:30 PM, and Julie was ready to leave, and she told her boss that she was leaving since her shift was over. He looked at her incredulously.

"You are in more of a hurry tonight. Are you going to... with a guy? I thought you were a...?" Julie just gave him that smile and took off her cap that she wears at work.

"Apparently you don't know shit about me," she said as she smiled and walked out the door.

"I can't believe this. Little Julie's getting her groove. Whoever it is, is sure lucky."

Julie raced home and went into her apartment and took off her clothes and put on a real sexy lingerie dress. This skirt came down to her thigh and then she slipped on her sexy stiletto heels. The red ones. Red was always Rick's favorite color. At this time, Rick was going to his dorm to get ready. She spent a half hour putting herself together. At this moment, Rick was also getting ready in his conservative manner. He though about the way Julie was acting today, in such an aggressive manner and finally concluded that he liked her this way. Ten minutes later he was ready and he was on his way to Julie's apartment. Julie sat on the couch in a rather inviting way, expecting Rick within the next five to ten minutes. She couldn't have been more right, or there he was at the door.

"Who is it?"

"Its me", said Rick.

Her voice became more flirtatious and inviting as she said, "Come on in, baby. Here comes your surprise."

Rick walks in with a smirk. Julie stood up and she approached Rick with a smile and kissed Rick. Rick enjoyed every minute of this and returned the favor, enjoying Julie's new personality traits as well as her sexy warm body pressed against his. At this moment, Julie lightly kneed him in the crotch. Rick acted as though he hardly felt a thing. He felt it, but was too aroused to do anything else but please her.

"Have you thought about earlier", cooed Julie, as she kneed him again slightly harder in his stiff dick.

This time Rick grunted slightly and said, "Yes. Bust my nuts", he cooed back. He rubbed his hands up and down her back as she put her hands on his shoulders. Rick didn't really expect this though. He had never before tonight had his balls busted by any female or male for that matter. As the heat intensified, she lunged her knee straight into his nutsack rather hard. Rick grabbed his nuts this time and fell to his knees after she let go of him. Rick wanted to get pissed, but found himself really aroused at this time and couldn't resist her as he got to his feet after 10 minutes with some slightly aching balls.

"Give me some more", cooed Julie as she stripped down to her lingerie undergarments. All she wore was lingerie underwear. Her firm tits showed rather openly to the stunned Rick. Rick was surprised...

"Your turn", offered or should it be said commanded Julie in a flirty kind of voice.

"For you baby!! I'm ready for some hot sex."

"Let me bust your balls some more please. You're turning me on!" said Julie. She remembered all that Maria said about using your assets to charm guys.

"You know you want to fuck me, don't you?” purred Julie as she pressed her warm sexy body against his and as her hand reached his balls and dick and she squeezed, to Rick's surprise. She then added, "You have to earn it..." started Julie. Five minutes later, Rick pulled off his shirt and pants. He then completely stripped down to Julie's pleasure. She loved his toned body just as he loved hers. She then kneed his balls lightly afterwards as a reward. Rick was in ecstasy as they began to heavily make out. It grew hot and heavy very quickly. Julie and Rick were definitely made for each other. They were a conservative couple, until tonight... This is the first time Julie ever hit a guy in the balls in her mere 20 years. She had heard about girls who did this, like her friend Maria, who was showing her to do it to arouse some men. She never believed it, that a guy would like it. Most guys who she heard got their nuts bashed by a girl got pissed. Her Rick only got aroused and wanted more. Julie was so ready to give him more right after the first round.

After several minutes of great intercourse, Julie was ready. Through the whole thing, she continued to wear her stiletto strappy red sandals. Rick didn't even care, for he liked her sexy feet. She was going to introduce Rick to a new way of seeing her feet. Again, the two began to continue their sexual encounter and all went normally. Both were drenched. Rick's dick was most definitely hard and the "wrestling match" moved to the floor.

Julie stood up slowly after this and said, "You want to continue? You're going to earn this next round!!" Rick lay there. His balls were really hurting at this time. However he didn't stop her from stomping her right heel into his dick and balls. He was laying there in complete agony and ecstasy. He could believe how much he enjoyed this rough play from his normally conservative girl. She pressed her heel deep and made him squeal and struggle with his hands.

"If you resist, its only going to get better", offered Julie. Rick struggled... He couldn't believe himself. Never had he desired this, but it felt almost as great as sex itself he thought and he wanted this night to mean something.

After ten minutes, Rick was still on the ground just recovering from his latest sample of ball torture. "Now to conclude round two..." started Julie. "Round three is going to be the greatest sex." Rick finally got up to his feet and then Julie grabbed his shoulders and then she shin kicked him in his aching nuts, sending him to his knees. He was begging this time for mercy. He was starting to come to his senses and knew he couldn't take any more. His balls have never taken this type of punishment before and then he got up after ten minutes again, only to get his balls kicked again by the heavily aroused woman. She then fell into his arms the rest of the night. She saw his pain and decided to give him his just rewards for giving her so much pleasure. She let his jewels rest tonight, but who knows just what is in store for his balls tomorrow or the night after and the night after that. The pleasure would be limitless. Maria was right. The domination of men thrilled her perfectly, just like the sex going on between the two at this moment. All would be well in ballbusting country for Julie and Rick....................

To Be Continued

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