Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ode to a fallen hero

By Wizard

I don't want to get too literary or pretentious here, but this isn't really a story, so, a poem? Anyway, may I present:

I love your angry face and the way you scream.

I love the tension in your muscles.

I see the knots building and the pressure increasing as if you were about to explode.

I love the way you call me all those names. Whoever knew there were so many bad ways to describe the fact that I am female?

You are pissed. That's so cute. Was it something I said? Was it something I did? I'm very flattered that you care. I love attention. I crave attention.

But your fists are knotted.

I love that you think you can attack me physically. That's so male, so aggressive. A knockout blow will solve all problems.

I love these naive assumptions, your face right in mine, but most of all I love my knee, suddenly leaping out of slumber to thunder up between your legs, crushing your balls. Sooo easy!

I love the look of shock and disbelief as if a cute little old thing like me with soft round ass and jiggly breasts just asking to be fondled could not strike out, could not ram my hard leg bone into those two soft orbs of male tenderness eagerly awaiting my attentions.

I love your sharp intake of breath, as if the air could extinguish the fire in your genitals.

I love how your hands reach down to cup your delicate testes within your big strong hands.

I love how your body bends and your face contorts with the sudden pain that I have lovingly handed you so that you can crumple to floor at my feet moaning and groaning.

I love the respect that shows, the strong male bowing down to the gentle nurturing female.

I would love to do this again sometime…

Would you?

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