Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh, To Be Young Again!

by nutcracker sweet

While ruminating on past ballbusting experiences I thought y'all might enjoy it if I shared a couple of tasty ones with ye!

The very first time that I experienced the "woman's ultimate control" was when I was in ninth grade (about fourteen years old). There was this upperclassman, who either had the hots for me or was just being nasty, but he used to make snide comments when I walked past him and he used to tell people what he was going to do to me if he ever caught me outside of school. This stuff really gave me the creeps. When my older sister Fionna heard about all of this, she taught me the "sleeping bag trick".

I engaged this guy in a conversation about backpacking and camping and manipulated the conversation around to where I could ask him if he had a sleeping bag. When he answered to the affirmative, I screamed, "Wake it up!" as I rammed my knee into his balls! Not really knowing what I was doing I kneed his balls as hard as I could! I don't know what hit the ground first - him or his books but I've been hooked on ballbusting ever since!

In college there was a guy in one of my classes who I thought was cute and really nice. He asked me out on a date and seemed like such a gentleman that when he asked me out a second time I readily agreed. This time he asked me back to his dorm room because he wanted to show me something. When we got there I sat on the edge of his bed and we started to make out (kissing). He started to grope my boobs and my crotch; I told him to stop.

He kept trying to undo my jeans and blouse! I finally slapped his hands away, told him I wasn't a slut and that I was leaving. He got angry, got up, locked the door, unzipped his pants, pulled his erect penis and tight nutsack out of his pants and told me I wasn't going anywhere until I serviced him!

I was scared but pissed off too! I told him that this was "date-rape" and the university frowned on it! He just laughed and thrust his cock at my face telling me to suck it. Up to this point in my life I had never even given any guy head yet and this forced blowjob just wasn't how I wanted to experience it!

I grabbed him around the neck of his nuts, yanked them down into his scrotum, stretching them away from his body and hammered his balls with my fist - hard, grinding my knuckles into his nuts! I stood up, grabbed his face and backed him against the desk, bending him over backwards. I told him, "No means No," and kneed his balls. I'm fast too! I got in two solid shots to his nuts before I let him collapse to the floor in a heap of smashed testicles!

Before I walked out of his room, I kicked him in his ass and told him that from now on every time I saw him on campus I'm was going to kick him in his balls! He must not have taken me serious because on Monday morning he came up to me and tried to apologize for his behavior of Friday night. Before he could say any more I dropped him with a nice snap-kick to his balls!

He dropped out of the class we were in together. We crossed paths once more after that. I was walking with two of my friends and he was in front of us. I ran up and kicked his balls from behind. While he was doubled over clutching himself I told my friends, "Here is the guy that tried to rape me! Whenever you see him, kick his balls for me! And spread the word, girls!"

I never saw him again. I heard he transferred to another school.

This particular scenario I use in various forms in a lot of my stories.



PS: I bet you stroke your dick while re-reading these, eh?

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