Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On The Job

by Burst

When I got out of college, I took a job in an office. It wasn't bad: the work was easy, the pay was good, and my boss was attractive: Her name was Marilyn. She was 5'8", 140 lb., long blond hair, about 40 years old. Not the hottest chick in the world, but she made up for it by wearing very short black skirts, and very tall high heels.

I couldn't help checking her out. At first, I was very subtle about it, sneaking a peek as she walked past my desk on the way to her office. As time went on though, I became bolder, constantly staring at her legs. In fact, I thought she was kind of into me too. Then, one day, just before lunch, she called me into her office. As I walked in, she asked me to close and lock the door. I did so.

"Young man," she said. "You've been here about six months now, and I've noticed the way you've been staring at me. It's very disrespectful. An employee has to respect his boss, don't you agree?"

"Yes, ma'am," I stuttered.

"Good," she said. "I'm going to teach you to respect me. Remove your clothes, please."

"What?!" I asked in shock.

"You heard me," she said. "Strip!" I slowly removed my clothes, very embarrassed. As I stood naked in front of her desk, she got up, walked around, and began touching my flaccid penis, causing it to stiffen.

"This is why you don't respect me," she said. "You think you're better than me because you have one of these and I don't..."

"No ma'am," I said, quickly.

"Don't interrupt," she growled. "You think this makes you superior?! You're wrong! It makes you weak! Let me show you!" Suddenly, she slammed her right knee into my testicles. I groaned, and fell back against the file cabinet. A second later, she kicked me in the nuts again, driving the hard toe of her high heeled shoes into my balls. In pain, I slid down the file cabinet, leaving me on the floor in a sitting position.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, wickedly. "I shouldn't crush your balls... WITHOUT DOING SOMETHING TO THAT DICK!!!" She stomped on the head of my penis and began grinding it into the floor. As she twisted her foot, I was filled with a burning pain, but also a sensation of excitement. My penis was growing erect beneath her foot. In fact, I was about to cum, when she removed her foot.

"I think you've learned your lesson," she said. "Let me help you up." She extended her hand. I took it and she pulled me to my feet. Unfortunately, my penis stroked against the edge of her short black skirt, causing me to cum... all over her!
She was furious! She stared at my white semen all over her black skirt, then drove her knee into my balls full-force. I fell back to the floor.

"You bastard!" she shouted. "Lick up this mess you've made, and MAYBE I won't castrate you!" I got on my knees and began licking my semen from her skirt. It tasted horrible, but I didn't dare stop licking. I cleaned every drop from her skirt, stockings, and shoes.

"Good boy," she said, smiling. "You won't lose everything today." She pushed me to the floor. I was now lying on my back, as she stepped on my nutsack, flattening it. As she put down her full weight, my body was full of pain. I then heard a terrible CRUNCH! The pain was incredible. I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was seated in one of her chairs. Marilyn was sitting behind her desk, and the company nurse was standing beside me. I looked down at my groin. My nutsack was heavily bandaged.

"My balls," I whimpered.

"Your ball, actually," said Marilyn. "I only crushed one."

"Yes," said the nurse. "You were fortunate. You can still lead a normal sex life with just one."

"As long as you don't piss me off again," said Marilyn. "I want you to remember what my old boss used to tell me when I was starting out: There's a reason men have two testicles. One for now... and one for later!"

It was just another typical morning in the office. I was sitting at my desk, working, praying that Marilyn would not see fit to destroy my other testicle, when she came rushing from her office, clearly in a hurry to get somewhere. I thought nothing of it, until a minute later when she returned, stopping by my desk.

"I need to see you in my office," she said. A shudder ran through my spine, as it always did when Marilyn spoke, but I jumped up quickly. Since my experience, I'd learned to follow her orders and follow them quickly. I rushed into her office. She followed me in, closed the door, and locked it. Now I was scared.

"It seems," she began. "The ladies room on this floor is out of order. The women are going to have to relieve themselves downstairs today. Except for me, of course, because I've got a perfectly good toilet right here in my office." She stared at me with an evil gleam, and I was horrified.

"Get down on your knees," she said. "Lay your head back, and open your mouth!" I knew it was going to be horrible, but I had no choice. I did as she asked. Marilyn slid her panties off, lifted her skirt, then lowered the lips of her vagina into my mouth. It was actually quite pleasant... for a moment. Then her hot salty urine began filling my mouth!

"Swallow every drop," she ordered. "You don't want to spill any. Remember what happened last time you made a mess in here." Once again, fear proved a great motivation. A moment later, she was done. I swallowed the last of her urine as she leaned back against her desk and smiled.

"Just clean me up and you'll be done," she said. I reached for the box of tissues on her desk, but she slapped my hand away.

"Lick me clean!" she ordered. I began licking the last drops of urine from Marilyn's dirty blonde pubic hairs. Drying her up was a bit of a challenge: The more I licked the wetter she got! Twenty minutes later, I finally finished. Marilyn seemed genuinely pleased.

"That's very good work, young man," she said. "You're finally starting to come around. I just need you to do me one last favor."

"Yes ma'am," I said respectfully.

"Bring me a biiiiig cup of coffee," she laughed. For the rest of that day, I was called into Marilyn's office approximately every two hours to repeat the humiliating ritual.

The next morning when I got to work, I was pleased to see the ladies room functioning again. I could put the whole disgusting experience behind me! However, around 8:30, Marilyn called me into her office.

"As you know, I'm a very busy woman," she said. "And I've found that having a 'private bathroom' saves me a lot of time. So from now on, that's part of your duties around here!" I could not hide the look of disgust on my face.

"What's the matter?" she asked. "Don't you like drinking my wine? Don't you love the taste?!"

"Yes ma'am," I said submissively. "It's wonderful."

"Good," she said. "And wait till you get a taste of my shit!"

"Your..." I started.

"Mmm-hmm," she said. "In fact, no need to wait. I had a big, greasy breakfast, and it's not agreeing with me at all!" She laughed and I knew life was about to get much more humiliating.

I thought it was going to be a typical day at the office, but when I walked through the door, I knew it wouldn't be. Marilyn was not there! I couldn't believe it: she never missed a day! She even came to work sick (That day she had diarrhea still makes me shudder).

"Where's Marilyn this morning," I asked Suzy, one of my fellow employees.

"She had to go to some kind of big emergency board meeting," said Suzy. "She should be back later today." I breathed a sigh of relief as I sat down at my desk. This could actually be a pleasant day.

And it was, for a couple of hours. Then, a little after 10:30, I heard the familiar sound of high heel shoes stomping across the floor. As Marilyn walked by my desk, I could hear her muttering, "Stupid fucking man! Like to cut off his dick and shove it up his ass!" I could tell she was in a bad mood, so I kept my head low. However, this didn't help.

"Young man," she said sternly, as she reached her office door. "Get in here, now!"
I quickly jumped up and ran to her office.

"Everyone else... take an early lunch!" she said as she closed the door. I stood frozen in front of Marilyn's desk, as she walked around and sat down in her chair.

"I've just come from a board meeting," she said solemnly. "And they've ordered me to make a few cut backs in this department. No more three-martini lunches, no more expense account, and, I'm afraid, no more private bathroom. I'm going to have to let you go." My heart was joyous, but I feigned sadness.

"I know this is a tough day for you," she said. "Losing your job... and your penis."

"What?!" I shrieked.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I've enjoyed toying with you these many months, but our game's been cut short, and now I'm going to do what I've been dying to do since the first day you strutted into this office!"

"No!" I shouted, months of submissive training wiped away in a single heartbeat.
I turned and ran from her office. However, as I reached the stairs, I was intercepted by two female security guards. One had blonde hair, one had black hair, and both were in their mid 30's, 6'1" 200 lbs. They each grabbed one of my arms and dragged me back to Marilyn's office.

"That was very foolish, young man," said Marilyn. "I would've gone easy on you, but these ladies are brutal!"

"Yeah," laughed the dark-haired security guard. "Just wait'll you see what we're gonna do to that dick!" The guards stripped me naked, while Marilyn walked over to the file cabinet and opened one of the lower drawers. The guards dragged me over to the cabinet, and lowered me over the drawer, which Marilyn slammed shut and locked, trapping my one remaining testicle inside. Marilyn rushed back over to her desk, sat down, and slipped off her panties.

"Now!" she ordered. Each guard grabbed an arm and started dragging me away from the file cabinet, while Marilyn began masturbating.

"UGGGGHHH!" I grunted as my scrotum began stretching to its limit. I could feel my testicle being crushed against the inside of the drawer. The pressure kept building, until finally I felt my nut pop.


"YES!" screamed Marilyn, in ecstasy. But the guards were not done yet. They continued pulling, and I could feel the fluids draining from my ruptured ball. Finally, my scrotum slipped free of the drawer, and I fell to the ground, where I writhed in agony as the women laughed. After about a minute, the blonde guard began examining my sack.

"Nothing but mush," she laughed.

"Excellent," said Marilyn. "Now bring him over here so he can do what he does best." The guards grabbed me and dragged me behind Marilyn's desk. Her pussy was wetter than I'd ever seen it. The bitch was really enjoying this!

"Lick me clean," she said.

"Why should I?" I screamed. "You've already destroyed me!"

"Not yet," said Marilyn. "Not completely. Don't worry though... we will! How we do it is up to you however. If you do a good job cleaning, I'll use my sharpest knife, cut it off in one quick slice. Do a bad job, and I'll have these ladies tear your dick apart with a pair of pliers!" I had little choice. The guards forced me to my knees, then Marilyn grabbed my head and shoved my face into her pussy. I began licking with all my might. Thirty minutes later, she ordered them to pull me away.

"Very good, young man," she said. "You've earned your reward." Marilyn reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a large silver dagger. The guards pulled me to my feet, and I closed my eyes. Seconds later, I felt the dagger's teeth bite into the base of my penis. My body was filled with a burning pain for the next several seconds, then I heard the three ladies laugh, and I knew it was over. I opened my eyes, and Marilyn began waving my severed penis in my face. Blood was gushing from what was left of my crotch and I finally passed out.

When I awoke, it was deja vu. I was sitting in a chair, Marilyn was behind her desk, and the company nurse was standing beside me. I had a huge bandage covering my crotch, but it was too flat to have anything under it. I could only weep.

"You've experience a major trauma," said the nurse. "Both physically and psychologically. It's going to take you a while to recover, if you ever do."

"He'll have plenty of time for that," said Marilyn. "For all his loyal service, I'm going to make sure he gets a very large... heh heh, forgive the expression... SEVERANCE package!"

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