Sunday, August 12, 2007

Once Upon a Painful Time...

by unknown

Mike Jones was an ordinary schoolboy. He was 17, a senior, played on the basketball team at his high school and had a usual girlfriend. He had just finished 7th period of school, and was ready to go home. As Mike walked out the door of the school his girlfriend Sarah caught up to him.

"Hey Mikey, can I come with you to your place after school?" Tom loved his girlfriend, and of course he said yes. Sarah was about 5'10”, slim, blond, and had a Gwenyth Paltrow face.

Almost home, Mike stopped at a red light with his home in sight. He spotted his friend in another car on the left and rolled down the window to talk to him.

"Mike man!" his friend Tom yelled. "Can I come over and get a piece of your mom?" Mike was used to hearing that - every guy in school seemed to be in love with Mike's mother, Crystal Jones. He understood why too. She was a Farrah Fawcett look-alike, and she showed it off when she went to Tom's school for whatever reason.

"Sorry Tom, maybe some other time," was the answer Mike always gave. Mike pulled his truck into his driveway and parked next to the garage.

"Here we are." Sarah smiled and got out.

"So," Mike said, "What now?" They stood in the kitchen staring at each other.

"I don't know, just thought I’d come over. Perhaps we'll watch some TV."

Mike agreed and in a few seconds he was laying on the couch next to Sarah watching the Rosie O'Donnell show.

"I hate her," Sarah said. Mike was about to give an agreeing reply when a huge ‘bam’ came at the door. Mike sat up and listened again. Instead of a bam this time he heard the insertion of a key and finally the door opening.

"I guess it’s your mother," Sarah said.

"Why would she be home so early?" Before Sarah could make up a reply, Mike's mother's words started raging through the house.

"MICHAEL! Where the hell are you? Come here, you little shit, I warned you!" Mike ran into the kitchen where his mother stood, in her tight jeans and black vest.

"Mike, what did I say about parking in the driveway instead of in the garage? You are too lazy!" Crystal, his mother, was about to continue on when Sarah walked in. "Oh Mike, what is this? A guest?" Mike turned around and looked at Sarah, but before he could turn around and say something he felt his mother's hand take hold of his balls. Mike was shocked; he didn't know what to do. The pain hit and Mike grabbed his mother's hand and tried to pry it off.

"Stop mother!" Tears started trickling out his eyes. "Please.... Mom, please!" Mike slowly went to his knees, still holding his mother's hand on his balls.

"Let go of him!" Sarah yelled, rushing in and pushing Crystal off of Mike. Crystal let go and Sarah watched as Mike rolled over onto his stomach curled up, crying and holding his balls. "What are you thinking??" Sarah yelled. Sarah helped Mike up, and leaned him against the counter.

Mike's mother quickly pushed Sarah onto the ground, grabbed Mike's shoulders and rammed her knee high up into his groin. Mike lifted slightly off the ground, unable to grab his balls in pain, as his mother pressed him up against the counter. She kneed him once more, then again and then threw him onto his knees, facedown. From behind Crystal lifted her high heels into Mike's balls. Mike yelled and grabbed his balls in pain. He cried and pleaded for someone to help. Sarah pushed Mike's mother into the wall and got on her knees by her boyfriend.

"Sarah," Mike's mother said seductively. "You don't understand. Have you ever hit a man in his balls?"

Sarah hesitated to answer. "Who cares, you freak? Leave him alone."

"Figures you haven't; you don't enjoy it." Sarah let go of Mike and stood up. She was considering it.

"Well, he did force me to have sex with him once. I guess I'm kind of mad about that..." Sarah still hesitated.

Mike's mother walked around Mike and lifted him up. "Well, it’s time to let anger out." Mike's mother held his arms back and smiled to Sarah. It looked as if Sarah wasn't too sure, but in an instant she put her boots back and reeled her leg forward, catching Mike in the balls with her hard boots.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Mike let out a huge yell. "Sarah please no!" Sarah saw that he was still being held, delivered another lightning-quick kick into Mike's balls. Mike grabbed his balls and slid onto the ground, crying.

"Wow," Sarah said. "You're right; this is fun."

"I know. Come on, don't stop now!" Sarah and Mike's mom looked around for some other way to hurt Mike and finally Sarah saw it.

Sarah grabbed a baseball bat. "Now how should we do this?" Sarah asked. Mike's mom took the bat and thought about it.

"Hold his arms back!" Sarah did so and Mike's mom proceeded to ram the bat upward into Mike's groin. Mike was dazed from the pain but managed to yell and continue pleading for his groin. Again, Crystal rammed the bat up into Mike's balls. Mike threw up and slumped onto the ground moaning. Sarah immediately got on her knees and started unbuttoning Mike's jeans.

"What are you doing?" asked Crystal.

"Lets see our work!" Mike's mom smiled; Sarah was learning. They examined his balls. They were nearly double the size they normally were and were partially black and blue. "Wow, not bad. And you're right, this is fun."

"I knew you wouldn't be disappointed. Now lets wait for him to fully become conscious."

As the two women waited, they began speaking. "How many times have you done this?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, just once or twice before."

"Have you ever hit other guys in their balls?"

"Yes," Mike's mom answered. "I’ve sent a lot to the hospital. They’ve had to have surgery on their balls because of me. I don't really care; it was fun and that's what counts. The last time I did this to Mike, I laid him naked on his stomach and had his balls lay on the ground between his legs. Then I jumped a little in the air and landed on them, standing there. Now that was fun."

The two talked for about a half an hour before Mike came around. Sarah spotted him on his knees from across the room. She quickly ran over and grabbed his balls from behind. He immediately was shocked and screamed in pain.

"Ah! Fucking please, I'm begging - STOP!!" Mike grabbed Sarah's hand from in front of him; she was still squeezing from behind. Sarah squeezed harder and Mike tightened up and let out a small cry. Mike's mom walked around to the front of where Mike was standing. She wanted to get him good but was afraid he would cover his balls before she could get him.

"Sarah, let go on the count of three." Mike's mom counted. "One, two…" Mike's mom swung her leg up. "Three!" Sarah let go just Crystal's foot impacted on Mike's groin. He began to drop to his knees in pain but Sarah grabbed his arms from behind.

"Keep going!" Crystal heard Sarah yell over Mike's yelling. Crystal immediately kicked her high heels up into Mike's jeans and watched his reaction. Again she kicked him. Mike was crying loudly, barely standing. Crystal walked up to Mike, cupped his neck in her hands and rammed her knee up into his balls. Again she brought her knee up in a flash, and again, and again. She kneed him five more times. But something happened. Mike suddenly came to life and head-butted his girlfriend who was holding him from behind. Sarah fell against the wall from this and watched as Mike threw his mother onto her back in front of him. Mike wanted to get out of there but it was too late. Sarah brought her boot up into Mike's balls from behind. Mike could barely stand and fell onto his knees on top of his mother. Crystal smiled at her son and in a flash raised her knee up into Mike's groin. He couldn't do much as Crystal raised her knee up again, right into his groin. Mike rolled off of his mother, coughing from the pain.

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