Thursday, August 9, 2007

One Less Son

by justoneguy

David Johnson had been widowed for ten years, and naturally he had sought the company of other women. As a busy, working father of two teenage boys, David did not have a lot of time to search for the ideal woman for him, and secretly he believed that such a woman would not be attracted to his balding head and hairy belly. Whether or not that was the truth, he firmly believed it and therefore gained the company of several women of the night. As a young man, he had deplored his friend's dealings with prostitutes and his actions, even at age 48, did not make him proud. So, he tried very hard to keep his nocturnal from his sons.

Over the years David had grown to know several of the ladies that serviced him. With their help, he established a line of credit, which was not standard at all but David was a well-known businessman in the community so the women and their bosses were confident that they would be paid in full. That system worked well until David's construction company fell on hard times. However, David was confident that he could recover financially, and he continued his night adventures. When the Boss (as the ladies referred to him) discovered that the money was not coming in, he told his girls to give David a message--pay soon and fully or he and his family would suffer. David listened to the women as they stressed that the Boss was certainly telling the truth. But David did not have the will to stop his sexual needs and was still sure that he could pay--next month, always next month.

13-year-old Sam came home from baseball practice at his junior high school at about four o'clock with a request, "Can I sleep over at Joe's house tonight?" David was not a big fan of Sam's friend Joe--he was kind of a bad seed--but work was going so badly that he just couldn't deal with a silly fight with his son. He agreed.

At about six o'clock his 17-year-old, Danny, jumped down the stairs. Danny was already about as tall as his father, 5' 9", and David figured that he might still grow an inch or too. His hair came straight from his mother, however. David's wife always kept her hair fairly short, and Danny's sandy hair made the same subtle waves on his forehead. Danny had really helped out when his mother died, helping David keep track of Sam--to keep the boy out of trouble. But lately Danny had been showing a rebellious streak. When he entered the den, Danny informed his father that he was going out with his friends and would be home late. David did not take kindly to his elder son's tone, but held his anger in check--he absolutely had to get some work done. By nine o'clock, however, David couldn't keep anything on his mind except for Tracy, his favorite lady at the Boss's "house". He sat his work aside and was thankful his sons were away--now he needed no excuse to leave the house.

He arrived at the Boss' at about ten o'clock. It was a dumpy looking building, but the rough outside hid an opulent interior. As David entered the front door, he greeted the woman at the desk with a smile.

"Oh, Mr. Johnson, Tracy wants to see you in room 14," the young woman said. David found this a little odd, since Tracy's room had always been number 13, but turned his thoughts to the night ahead as he walked down the red hallways. He knocked on room 14 and entered, but he was greeted with a punch to his gut rather than Tracy’s breasts. A giant arm dragged him into the room. David found himself held on either shoulder by two huge men--one white, the other black. But aside from their races, they were identical in ever way--their short hair cut and serious expressions. In front of David stood a short man in a neat business suit. Except for a scar under his right eye, the man could have been mistaken for Ross Perot.

The man turned to David and said, "Hi, Mr. Johnson. My name is the Boss." David felt his stomach fall to the floor.

He stumbled to reply, "Look if this is about that money, I've almost got it together." The Boss shook his head.

"This is about the money, sir. And about something else." The Boss pointed to a large window on the left side of the room. David recognized the room as Tracy's. The large mirror on her wall was two-way. David felt sick to his stomach at the thought of others watching his many visits with Tracy. But the Boss did not give him much time to contemplate the thought. The door to Tracy's room opened and she walked in--followed by Danny. The 17-year-old looked nervous and studied the room carefully, his arms crossed as if he was freezing. Tracy sat on the bed and looked at him.

"Well, come on Danny. It's all right," she said. He closed the door slowly and sat beside her on the bed. The Boss looked at David.

"Is this your son?" he asked. David was so shocked to see his son with Tracy that all he could do was nod his head yes. The Boss looked into the room and continued, "He came in tonight with several young men. This is their first visit, so I knew you would want him to have Tracy." David swallowed hard, his head spinning from the gut shoot he had received.

"What does this have to do with the money?" he asked. Boss smiled,

"Just watch."

Danny had sat beside Tracy on the bed, but still did not seem comfortable. Tracy broke the ice like a pro.

"This is your first time here, right?" Danny nodded and managed a "yes" through a dry throat. "Have you ever been with a girl?" Tracy asked softly. Danny decided to be honest and said no.

"This was my friend's idea really. I'm not really sure what to do." Tracy smiled, which caused Danny to smile. "What I mean," he said, "Was that I'm not really sure what specifically to do." Tracy stood up.

"Well, let me give you some pointers." She dropped her robe revealing her naked body. Then she dropped to her knees and reached for Danny's shirt. He helped her pull it over his head, leaving his hair in slight disarray. She reached for the buckle of his jeans, and he lied back on the bed. Tracy pulled at his pants; Danny lifted his butt off the fluffy bed to let them slide off his thin hips.

David turned to the Boss. "Why are you making me watch this? What does this have to do with the money. I'm sure those boys wouldn't have come here tonight if they couldn't pay." Boss looked annoyed.

"It does have to do with the money, sir. Watch." It was said with such authority that David turned back to the window.

His son's erection was visible in his white boxer shorts, along with a tiny spot of pre-cum and the end of the tent-pole. Tracy pulled the boxers off and reached for Danny's penis. It was about six inches long--just like his, David thought--and circumcised. It slightly bowed, and the head was only slightly fatter than the shaft.

David couldn't help but feel proud that his son's penis looked exactly like his. Tracy placed one hand around the base, careful not to touch the head. With the other, she cupped his young balls, the sac already starting to tighten around the boy's jewels. Danny did not look down at here. He was too nervous. Tracy reached her tongue out and licked the underside of the red head. Danny groaned at the hot, wet sensation. David watched the flat, hairless belly of his son rise and fall irrationally as Tracy continued to lick around the 17-year-old's swollen penis head. Tracy smiled.

"Was that the first time another person has ever touched your penis head?"

Danny blushed from her question, "Yes." Tracy released his penis and lied down on the bed beside the boy.

"Well, Danny, I want to touch it a lot more." Danny rose of the bed and rolled between the woman's legs. He fumbled for a moment before Tracy helped him position his penis head at her entrance.

David watched as his son eased his penis into a woman for the first time. Danny entered slowly, his butt tensing as the initial thrust was completed. He propped himself up on his elbows and began to move. David tried to turn away, but the Boss ordered him to watch. David stared at his son losing his virginity, pumping his teenage penis into the same woman that he himself had fucked so many times. He watched Tracy move her legs, contracting her vagina around his son's dick. He knew her movements like the back of his hand, knew the sensations his son was feeling for the first time.

Tracy asked the boy to stop for a moment. "I want to do something," she said. She eased Danny off of her gently and maneuvered him so that his arms and legs were to his sides. "I want to tie you up," she said, producing a rope." Danny grinned.

"Okay." David was perplexed. Tracy had never tied him up before. The woman tied Danny's feet about a shoulder length apart to the bedpost and his arms to the side of the bed. "OK, now lets go," she said. David watched as Tracy mounted his son, lowering herself on Danny's young prick. As she rode the boy, Tracy rubbed his sweaty, tight teenage chest with one hand and reached behind her to cup his tight, darkened nutsac with the other. Danny moaned, straining against the ropes, his head thrown back on the feather pillows. David watched his sons thighs tighten in rhythm with Tracy's bounces--a sure sign that his orgasm was near. Danny held his breath, then groaned loudly, his body lost all tension as his penis throbbed in Tracy's vagina. The woman pushed off of the boy, letting his spent, but still hard penis slide out of her messy pussy.

"I have to go now, Danny. I really loved this, but other customers are waiting," she said.

It took Danny a moment to awaken from his bliss and say, "Untie me first." Tracy pulled her robe over her shoulders and tied it at her waist.

"Someone will untie you in a moment." Then she left.

David stood, looking at his naked son tied to a bed having just lost his virginity. David said in a dry voice, "What does this have to do with the money?" Boss smiled.

"You think I'd let a second generation grow up to rip me off, like you think you can? No, Mr. Johnson, but I couldn't allow this to happen to a boy as young as your son without letting him have a taste of women first." At that moment, David saw the door to Tracy's room swing open. It was Tracy again, but she no longer wore the robe. She entered in a white coat--like a doctor's coat--rapped tightly around her and carrying a small paper bag. Danny started at the abrupt entrance, but was relieved to see Tracy again.

The boy smiled and said, "I'm sorry, but I’m really getting cold. My friends are probably ready to leave by now. Can you untie me?"

She replied, "I can't do that." Tracy's friendly, easy manner had disappeared.

David bit his lip. "Don't hurt my son, please."

Boss shook his head. "You have hurt him, Mr. Johnson. Just like you hurt me, by not paying what you owe me."

Tracy stood over the naked boy, punching him in the stomach hard. Danny had the breath knocked out of him and struggled for air while the woman wiped the cold sweat of the boy off her fist. Danny recovered quickly from the blow, but not from the shock of being hit by the woman who he had just fucked.

Tracy walked around to the boy's feet and reached into her bag. She pulled out a device that looked like a wrench, only without teeth. They reminded David of tongs that one might use to pick up a hot egg--only smaller. Tracy did not look at Danny's face but punched down again, this time squarely in the boy's soft genitals. Danny cried out in pain, his arms involuntarily struggling with the ropes in a vain attempt to hold his nuts for relief.

"Stop, please," he managed. Tracy didn't show any emotion.

"I can't," she said. "We know you can't pay." Danny shook his head.

"I can. My friend Ben has the money, just ask him, please." Tracy still wouldn't look him in the face.

"It is not enough. I'm sorry, son." With that, she slammed her fist again between the boy's legs.

David averted his eyes at the blow, by the guards grabbed his arms and pulled back hard. David thought for a moment his arms would break, but they didn't. The Boss was in his face a moment later.

"Watch, Mr. Johnson," he ordered. But David shook his head.

"Please don't hurt my son. This isn't his fault. Hurt me instead."

The Boss turned back to the window. Tracy was wiping her juices and Danny's semen off her hand from her blows to the boy. Danny was crying, his eyes pleading for help. The woman brushed the boy's soft circumcised penis aside with little regard for the pleasure she had just given that little tube of flesh. She positioned the cold, silver tool over the boy's right testicle. David shook his head.

"Please, don't hurt him. Hurt me; I'm the one who wronged you." The Boss swung around and delivered a blow to David's groin with his fist. Then, he grabbed the man's testicles through his pants and squeezed. Only the guards behind kept David from falling to the ground in agony. His head swam from the pain. The Boss turned and tapped the window. Tracy held the tool still, the helpless testicle held in the cold steel grasp.

The Boss squeezed David's sac harder, saying, "I will hurt you then." David shook his head.

"Let go, please." He cried out from the pain.

The Boss sneered. "You wanted this pain, didn't you?" David shook his head no, tears forming in his eyes.

"Stop, please," he managed. The Boss grinned.

"But your son?" David could take no more.

"Just stop, for god's sake. Do whatever you want but stop..." The Boss released his grip and tapped the window again. The next moment, David heard a bloodcurdling cry erupt from the next room. David opened his eyes to see Tracy clamping down on the tool with both hands. When he released the clamp, the testicle was smashed. Danny was breathing erratically, his eyes staring wildly. Tracy wasted no time. She clamped the other nut quickly and applied pressure. Danny threw his head back on the red pillow, his mouth open wide, eyes squeezed shut, a breathy cry of agony escaping his mouth. David watched his son stiffen in ultimate agony--a pain that all men fear but few ever experience... except his eldest son. Just as the nut ruptured, David felt a chop to the neck and everything went dark.

David awoke in his house. The phone was ringing, pounding in his head. He picked it up. The voice on the other end was unfamiliar.

"You have a young son, 13 years old. If you want him to become a man like you and his brother (chuckle), you will pay us what you owe." The man hung up. But as soon as David replaced the receiver, the phone rang again. It was the hospital.

David was told that his son had been found on the street, apparently the victim of a gang attack. The doctors grimly prepared him for the news--they had not been able to save his son's reproductive organs. Danny would never have children, but with hormone therapy and counseling, he should be able to live a normal life. The boy had not been told yet; the doctors said that is would be better if the boy heard the news from his father.

David entered his son's room and asked quietly to see the damage. Danny was asleep, so the doctors agreed. They lifted the sheet. David saw that his son's empty scrotum was stitched together--necessary to remove the damaged tissue that was inside, the doctor's said. David saw that Danny's penis, the tube of flesh that he had watched give his son so much pleasure at the hands of Tracy was shriveled, the bare penis head pale. Danny began to stir, so the doctors replaced the sheets and left the room. Danny looked at his father with tired, pleading eyes. David sat beside the bed.

"Do you remember what happened to you son?" he asked. Danny nodded yes.

He looked at his father pleadingly, "Am I, I mean, do I still have..." David shook his head.

"No son." Tears formed in the boy's eyes and he looked away. David reached out to hold his hand. "It doesn't mean you’re not a man son," he said, but even he didn't believe it, knew that simply wasn't true. This 17 year old would never have another erection under his own power--never feel a woman cup his vulnerably manhood lovingly. David knew his son was no longer and never would be a real man.

Danny shook his head, saying, "Why, why would somebody do this to me?"


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