Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Man's Nightmare is One Girl's Dream

By anemonie9

The midnight darkness of the room provided no cover for Sean. He felt like his shame was burning, the illumination overpowering it. He’d been in bed for over an hour, but his mind wouldn’t let him fall asleep—that and the throbbing pain in his balls. Although it had been several hours he couldn’t seem to fend off either, his thoughts or the pain. He gave in again to mind and let it retrace the evening…


Jessica was flush. She felt euphoric. What was hours ago seemed like just minutes, and that was only the half of it. She looked over at the man lying beside her, already sleeping soundly. She was half glad this time about guys’ knack for falling asleep directly after sex. Though she was wound up inside, she didn’t really know what she would say to him if he was awake. Who knows how he would react, and besides, she could barely remember his name. This would have been no time to talk about such personal things. It was only sex after all, not love. So she would just have to be content to relive the scene in her mind’s eye…over and over and…


It seemed like a great evening to go out and meet someone. It was Friday, it was the first nice night of the spring and Sean knew he was looking pretty good. He put on a pair of black cotton slacks, the pair he knew bulged in the right place and his favorite long sleeve ribbed shirt. It allowed him to show off the trim waist and abs he’d been working on all winter. After one last look in the mirror, he left his apartment and hopped a cab to Marilyn’s.

Marilyn’s was a newer bar in the downtown district, not quite a club—not quite a bar. It was a great place for meeting people to chat or getting loose, or chatting people up then getting them loose. And there was never a shortage of girls to chat up.

Sean took a seat at the bar and ordered up a beer. Though most people at Marilyn’s drank liquor, Sean only seemed to enjoy a beer buzz. Plus, this way he could always maintain a better level of sobriety. He spent a little while making small talk with a girl on the next stool. A very attractive blonde with shorter hair that sort of framed her dimpled face. She wasn’t really his type, but she had a bit of mischievousness to her. She was very witty and had a pleasant smile, so Sean didn’t mind the company. He was about to order her a beer and get her name when he looked over by the entrance to see a tall amber-streaked brunette coming in. She wore her silky hair past her shoulders and straight. She wore clothes as an advertisement for her body. She had on black strappy heels and a tight, short leather skirt that left very little of her smooth legs to the imagination. She also wore the usual crop top shirt, but it too looked leather, with criss-crossed straps that barely held her breasts in. At the risk of looking too hard, Sean noted that the straps were actually digging into the flesh making her cleavage seem like it was trying to burst forth. By the time Sean saw her face, he was sold. She had a bronze complexion but a face that suggested she was African-American and Caucasian, or perhaps Asian. Whatever she was, she was drop dead beautiful.

Not wanting to be seen as just another panting tongue, Sean composed himself and ordered up a beer and a long island iced tea for blondie. When the barkeep set them down Sean offered her the drink. “Have one on me…um,” he offered pausing to get her name.

“Kaylee,” she proffered, “and thank you.”

He gave her his name and they continued talking. Kaylee was noticing however that Sean kept glancing over at the obviously plastic bitch that had just come in. Kaylee wondered if she did her shopping at the Banana Republic for Kids, seeing how her clothes would better fit a child. After several glances, Kaylee decided to bring it up.

“Whatcha lookin’ at Sean?”

“I, uh, well nothing really.” He stammered.

“I don’t know…it looks to me like something’s got you hot and bothered.” She egged him on.

He only looked down at his beer in silence.

“I think you’re checking out that chick in the black over there.”

“Okay, I was. You got me.” He confessed.

“You think they’re real?” Kaylee asked with a smirk.

“Probably not, but who cares?”

“Nobody’s got tits that perfect.” Kaylee answered in disgust.

They argued on for a bit, not noticing the “bitch” had come up to the bar for a drink. She sidled up to the other side of Sean where there was an empty space between stools and tried to flag the bartender. Sean saw Kaylee’s eyes get big so he turned to his other side to take in one glorious view. With her arm raised to get the bartender her boobs were protruding even further. He immediately yelled at the bartender who, looking over, and seeing such cleavage rushed right over. He took her order and went to pour and mix, pronto.

“Thanks,” said the girl.

“Not a problem…I’m Sean by the way.”

“Hello Sean, I’m Jessica. Pleased to meet you,” she responded.

Just then the bartender brought over her drink and Sean immediately offered to by it.

“Thank you again.” She cooed, giving him the doe eyes.

“Hey, such speedy service deserves speedy payment,” Sean joked. “Bet you get that a lot.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” she thought out loud. “I don’t usually have to wait to long to get a drink.”

By this time, Kaylee could see she was being passed over thanks to Jessica. She wasn’t too keen on the way Sean just dropped her either. She stood up and leaned over Sean’s shoulder.

“So, did you find out if they’re real?” She asked, mockingly and loud enough for Jessica to hear.

“WHAT?!?” Jessica asked, rather furiously.

“Yes, what?” Sean asked confused.

“Oh, you know,” Kaylee continued, “When you told me you were going to find out if those breasts were real. I just want to know if I owe you the $10.”

“You made a bet with that girl that I have fake boobs and you’re just chatting me up in hopes of finding out?”

“No, I...” Sean started, but he saw Jessica’s hand draw back. He tried to duck, but with Kaylee leaning on him, he had nowhere to go. Jessica slapped him hard across the face knocking Kaylee away from him. Sean reeled. He got off his stool to explain himself just as Jessica was drawing back again. He put his hand up to stop her, but he didn’t see her draw her right leg back at the same time. Jessica faked the slap and drove her knee into his balls. He was stunned, but he caught himself against Jessica’s body. He saw over her shoulder that most people around them had stopped to gape and he saw several women mouths agape with a smiling look in their eye. He felt Jessica push him off of her and he bent over with his hands holding his balls trying to catch his breath. He could hear audible chuckles from some nearby women. And he heard Kaylee.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

Sean just looked up at her as she reached out her hand to him. He took it gratefully and tried to pull himself upright. Just as he got his balance, he heard a gasp. Jessica had stepped back and drawn her leg as he was grabbing Kaylee’s hand. By the time he was upright she had stepped forward and kicked her long leg out. He felt the connection. Jessica kicked him square in the balls. Kaylee let go of his hand and he dropped to the ground in a fetal position. He looked up to see Jessica walking away in disgust, her shapely ass swaying purposely with her taunting strut.

He felt someone trying to lift him up, but he just wanted to stay on the ground. His face was burning red with embarrassment and he just wanted the world to go away. It was Kaylee who was helping him up. She got him as far as leaning against the stool where he could try to regain his composure.

“Bitch” Sean groaned under his breath.

“I agree.” Kaylee said, “She was.”

“No.” Sean said with disgust. “You. Lying to her.”

“Wait, she slaps you in the face and kicks your balls into your throat, and I’m the bitch.” Kaylee raged with each word getting louder.

While Sean heard her indictment, the bar patrons only heard Kaylee say, “I’m the bitch?” One nearby guy told her not to stand for that and a few women remarked disgustedly, “Kick him in the balls again, girl.”

Sean looked over at them to say something, when Kaylee grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away from the barstool. He looked down to see her knee smash his balls. He felt nauseous and his body went limp. Kaylee drew her knee back again and drove it deep between his legs.

“Yeah, that’s it, girl. Smash his balls. Teach him some manners.” Kaylee heard someone say. With that she stepped back still holding Sean’s shirt with one hand and drew her fist back. She thrust her fist forward and punched Sean in the jaw and then she drew her leg back in a perfect arc and kicked him in the balls for good measure. Sean fell to the floor in agony.

By this time a bouncer had come up and to see the commotion and Kaylee told him that Sean was harassing her. He told her he was sorry and proceeded to grab Sean and toss him out of the bar.

Sean hit the pavement and crawled a little ways before he finally just curled up. After a little while he was well enough to flag a cab and get home to the safety and isolation of his apartment.

Where his mind would recount the horror of the evening over and over and…



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