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Past’s Return - Chapter 1

by Naive

© 1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naïve)

Copyright information: This story is the sole property of SJTJ (aka Naïve). No one has the right to alter distribute or sell this story with out my written permission. I do hear by give the right to copy, give, or display this story to anyone who wants it. Changes and follow-up stories should have my permission. Any grammatical or spelling changes are permissible as long as it does not change the ideas or concept.


This story is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 or older to read this story. This story contains violence and ball busting. If this subject matter offends please DO NOT read. Thank you.


Derick sat on the deck of his beach house and watched the waves crash into the shore. The sun was setting; an orange hue covered the sky. A few sparse clouds crossed the sky, like seagulls hunting the waters for food. He could see that the sun worshipers had fled the night and only a few dedicated souls still tarried by the waters. Derick picked up the glass of wine he had sitting beside him and sipped the red liquid. The wine was sweet, but not too sweet. It had a pungent scent that made him think of all the good time he’s had: scents always brought out his memories. As the last drop slid across his tongue, he regretted finishing it so soon. He didn’t have time to savor it long enough.

The glass door slid open behind him. He thought he was alone.

Angel walked out in front of him and in an instant he knew that he had been wrong. How could he forget her? Her long blond hair waving like wheat in the wind behind her. Her eyes emerald green, and shaped like her namesake. She was perfect. She was wearing a light pink sundress. She smiled at him.

"Hi lover, been waiting for me long?" she said.

"I’d wait forever for you.” he whispered. Her smile deepened, but something changed in her eyes. Something he only caught a hint of. "Where’ve you been?"

"Oh, just out looking for something special. Something just for you."

"Really?” he raised an eyebrow.

Angel walked over to him and kissed him on the head, then the check, then moved to his neck and bare chest. Derick could feel his body heating up. Sweat slowly ran down his chest through his thick sandy blond hair. His black swim trunks were starting to bulge as her tongue ran around his nipples and started to move down his stomach. Her soft fingers ran down his arms to his hands: gently she placed them both on the armrests as her hands slid down to his waist. Her nails gently scratched across his flesh as her fingers rolled into his black trunks. He lifted himself up and Angel pulled his trunks off. Her tongue started to play across the head of his penis; already pre-cum had started to come out. Derick closed his eyes and could smell coconut suntan lotion, just like the first time they met. The problem was that’s all he could remember about angel. Just as he thought that she stopped. He opened his eyes to see her looking right into them. It was eerie how cold her eyes seemed. He had to look away.

The moon and the starts had started to come out and Derick watched Angel get up and walk a few feet away. She looked at him and her smile disappeared. Her hands reached down to the bottom of her sundress and yanked it off. Derick gasped. Angel stood before him covered in scratch marks and bruises. Her face contorted to a visage of horror. One of her eyes was swollen shut and the other glowed with an evil red flame. Her jaw hung loosely from her face like it had been shattered. Derick gripped the chair in fear. Slowly her arm rose and pointed at him with her crooked and broken fingers.

"You … I’ve finally found you. After all these years of searching I shall have my revenge." As the words came out the things jaw moved like a pantomime version of a real human. Derick was about to bolt when the arms of the chair came to life, wrapping around his arms. As the legs of the chair grabbed his legs and spread them apart.

"What are you? What do you want?" Derick screamed in terror. His legs would have been shaking but they were held tight by the chair.

"I’m the past coming to repay you. Remember what you did to me. Remember who I am." The body croaked. A flash entered Derick’s mind a flash of him and Angel; He was throwing her to the floor and beating her. He stepped on her had as she reached for a gun, twisting his foot he could hear her fingers snapping like twigs and her screams of pain. With his other foot he kicked her across the face until she stopped moving. Unzipping his pants he started to rape her. Derick shook his head free of the horrific image. He never did that. He loved women. He would never hurt one in any way. It couldn’t be him!

"It’s not me! I’d never do that!" He yelled.

"LIAR!" The thing roared. And the word echoed like doom in his head. "You will pay for your sins, so I can rest. You will pay till I see justice done!" With that the chair seemed to lead from the ground lifting him into a standing position. The Arms of the chair stretched out to push his arms into the air above his head. The legs spread his legs wide, leaving his member dangling in the wind. The thing started to move toward him.

"NO!!" he screamed, and closed his eyes. A soft hand caressed his cheek. He opened his eyes and the beautiful version of Angel stood before him.

"You are not the one I want." She said with a sigh. "But, you will have to do. My soul must be appeased, and the guilty must suffer. I fear though that the guilty one is dead - a relative of yours - but I cannot rest without retribution. You must find the answer, because I cannot. My path is set. You will be punished until I can rest or until you can put me to rest. I’m sorry."

"What can I do? How can I help you?"

"By Suffering!" She hissed; the red glow reappearing in her eyes. Her hand lashed out and grabbed hold of his testicles. "You make this a weapon, do you? Well let’s see what damage I can do with it." Said a deep eerie voice from inside Angel. She started to squeeze his nuts in her hand. The pain was like driving needles beneath your fingernails. He could feel the muscles in his stomach clutch as the pain increased. Derick's eyes began to water as he started to beg for mercy. Angel hissed back, "Mercy is for the weak." With that her hand clutched down harder and Derick began to scream. He could feel her nails driving into the flesh of his sac. He started crying as the pain claimed all his thoughts. And then the pressure stopped. He had to take a few minutes of gagging to make his body start to feel somewhat back to normal. Just as his eyes started to clear he noticed Angel before him. Her foot reared back and slammed into his testicles. Derick tried to scream out but all the air had left him. He tried to gag but his stomach was already clenched tight. His body tried to curl up reflexively but the chair held him tight. Again he felt her foot slam into his nuts planting them firmly into his pelvis, then again, and again. Derick lost count as he gagged away. Nothing came out but his body wouldn’t stop. The pain was like a white-hot dagger ripping through his spine. He could only see the dark lids as his eyes rolled up into his head. Consciousness fluttering away.

"Oh, no you don’t." She said in a jovial tone and touched his forehead. Consciousness became more stable. The pain much more intense. He watched as angel dropped to her knees and took aim with her fist. He mouthed please, but either she didn’t notice or didn’t care. He fist crashed into his nuts swinging them back and forth as her other hand came in for the next punch. Derick howled in pain. His voice cracking as he strained his vocal cords trying to release some of the horrible pain. Angel just kept going left then right left then right - like a boxer working on a punching bag. Derick’s tears started to flow freely. He had never felt so much pain. All he could do was pray for it to stop or that she’d just kill him and get it over with. Again Derick started to feel like he was going to lose consciousness.

"This is it for tonight. And this is only a dream, but the longer I stay the more real I’ll become. Find the answer or you’ll suffer like you never have before." With that Angel kissed him on the lips. Her knee slammed up grinding his balls into his pelvis. He heard a POP! And slipped into unconsciousness.

Derick jerked awake. Sitting on the back porch of his house. A lingering pain stayed in his mind, but when he reached down everything was all right. Derick wiped sweat from his brow and grabbed the wine glass from the table beside him. ‘I hope I never have such a horrible dream again’ Derick thought to himself as he turned to enter the house. The crystal wine glass shattered, shimmering pieces of crystal flew across the deck like shooting stars in the moonlight. Derick stood dumbfounded. On the glass door to the house written in the dew was "See you soon - remember to search for redemption. Love, Angel".

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