Monday, August 13, 2007

Paying My Sister

By Caligula

Jeff was 18 and a rather good-looking guy. He had always been a hard worker and saved every penny he earned thus accumulating quite a nice, if small, nestegg. But he was about to start spending loads of cash and might even have to get a second job. Jeff seemed normal except for one thing, his secret desire to be kicked in the balls...and by one person in particular...his twin sister Melissa. Where Jeff was attractive, Melissa was a knockout. She was the same height as Jeff, with lovely long legs. The difference between the twins was where Jeff was hardworking and spent his money wisely, Melissa was lazy, spoiled and was always short on cash. She always wanted to buy the most expensive clothes, the most expensive shoes and generally throw cash around like it was water. Yet Melissa didn't have a job, didn't WANT a job, and therefore had to fight with her parents for every penny she got. This was the crux of Jeff's plan. He was counting on his sister's greed to sway her to fulfill his dark fantasies.

Jeff looked across the kitchen table to where his sister leaned back in her chair and rested her bare feet, legs crossed at the ankles, atop the table. He had a painful erection watching her soft feet; the feet he soon hoped would crush his manhood. Melissa's toes were just oh so perfectly round, with the rest of her soles being incredibly soft looking and wrinkling with each and every twitch of her peds. Their father was away for the summer on business, and so the teenagers were left with their mother. Mom looked a lot like her children and appeared to be an older version of Melissa. Jeff wondered how long it would be before his fantasy took a deeper turn and he began longing for his mother's feet and kicks. As their mother was about to leave for work, Melissa took the opportunity to beg for more money.

"Come on Mom...Mommy. Just $'s for this pair of shoes that I just HAVE to have." Melissa pouted her lips hoping to receive some sympathy from mom. Jeff was more interested in observing his sister's soles, as she seemed to be able to make them pout along with her lips. Damn her feet must be talented, he thought.

"No and that is final! Why can't you be more like Jeff and get a job and save your money! GET A JOB!!!" Jeff watched in fascination as his mother slammed her feet into her high-heeled shoes. Their mother ended her conversation by storming out of the house on her way to work and slamming the door behind her. Both teenagers listened to her heels recede into the distance as she got into her car and drove off.

"Bitch!" shouted Melissa, and gave Jeff a dirty look over her madly wiggling toes as if daring him to say anything. But wait, maybe her kiss-ass brother, with the big stash hidden in his room, would be willing to give her the cash if she were nice enough. "Hey little brother (Melissa had been born a few minutes before Jeff), how about giving me that $100? I'll ah...clean your room." She figured cleaning his room would be easy since he was so neat and tidy. Jeff wouldn't take the bait though.

"Nope...I don't think so." Jeff was extremely nervous, as he was about to make his counteroffer. After all, this could go real bad for him. His sister was definitely going to think him a pervert, and might very easily refuse his offer, but might also tell their mom and embarrass him. "But.......... I will give you the $100 if you do something else for me."

Melissa could see Jeff blushing furiously and wondered what he could be wanting. Probably a blowjob from his hot sister, she thought. Well, for those new shoes...I'll GIVE the kiss-ass a blowjob if that's what he wants.

Jeff looked at his sister's face. She was grinning at him as if she knew what he would ask for. But how could she? goes nothing. "I'll give you the $100 if you kick me in the balls." He waited breathlessly for his sister's response. The blood was pounding in his ears so loudly that he didn't even hear what Melissa had to say and had to ask her to repeat herself.

"You want me to kick you in the balls?!!? Damn but you're a sick fuck!" Melissa laughed. Jeff just blushed a deeper shade of red.

"Forget I mentioned it," he mumbled.

"Okay I'll do it! But why me? I mean your own sister. Why would you want your sister, of all people, to be the one to kick you in the balls? Don't get me wrong...kicking guys in the nuts is fun, and I wanted to kick you gonads up into your throat just a few minutes ago when mom compared me to you."

"Well...I don't know why I want to be kicked in the balls, let alone why I want YOU to kick them. I think you're really hot though, and I'm in love with your feet. So maybe that's got something to do with it. Also, you're kind of bitchy and seem like you'd really be into it and it turns me on to think of you humiliating me and laughing at me once you've just kicked me. I imagine you standing there as I'm on the ground holding my privates. While I'm crying and making funny noises, you're standing over me with your hands on your hips laughing about the fact that you might have just made it impossible for me to have kids." Jeff was almost in a trance as he said aloud and shared his most intimate secret with the one person who could make it a reality.

"Wow," laughed Melissa, "You are seriously fucked up!" Melissa was enjoying embarrassing her brother, and knew he was enjoying it as well. "Well I'll kick you for the $100, but I'll have to think up some sort of payment plan for future kicks. Should I charge you by the kick? $100 a kick? How about a weekly rate? $1,000 a week? Hmm....." She wiggled her feet, much to Jeff's delight. "And since you LOVE my feet, I'll expect daily pedicures and footrubs as an extra."

"Okay!" squealed Jeff in delight.

"Hmmm....maybe a FOOTJOB for say $500?" Melissa smiled and wrinkled her soles for her perverted brother. He was leaning forward in his chair, and it looked to Melissa as if he was rubbing himself through his sweatpants.

"Can we do it right now? Will you give me the footjob and then rack my balls?"

"First, get me my money. That's $600, $500 for the footjob and $100 for the kick. The kick I'll give you now. The footjob you'll get when you least expect it today."

Jeff ran off to his bedroom and pulled his moneybox out of his secret hiding place. He got the $600 and ran to the living room to await his sister. He sat around for over an hour, waiting for her to finish showering and get herself ready to go to the mall. He had almost fallen asleep when he heard a clunky pair of shoes coming down the hallway. His sister looked beautiful. She was wearing a one-piece sundress and on her feet was a pair of lethal looking Candies. She stopped a few feet in front of Jeff, giving him a chance to see how hot she was.

"Got the money?"

"Right here," replied Jeff, extending his hand to give her the money.

Melissa decided to have some fun with him. "No... I want you to place the money down here." Jeff's eyes followed her downward pointing finger and noticed she had lifted her right bare heel up away from her shoe, creating a tiny gap for him to insert the money. He nervously got on his hands and knees and gently cupped her foot in his hands. He had never been this close to his sister's lovely feet before and was almost dizzy with passion. Next he gingerly inserted the rolled up money between her bare foot and the Candie. It was like slipping it into the g-string of an erotic dancer. Melissa realized he had inserted his finger along with the money and slammed her heel onto his digit, mashing it cruelly. Jeff yelped like a dog and pulled his finger out of his sister's nasty trap. Melissa laughed at him.

"Stupid dork. Now get on your knees and spread your legs wide so I can hurry up and kick your balls. I gotta get to the mall." She reached down and retrieved the money, sticking it in her purse. Jeff shifted his position to give his beloved sister's Candie clad foot entrance to his irreplaceable baby-makers. Melissa smiled sweetly and lined up her shot.

"This is gonna be fun! Hope you enjoy it since it's costing you $100." Melissa then pulled her long sexy leg back as far as it would go and let it swing forward. "CRUNCH!!!" she yelled at the moment of impact. Her foot and the toe of her shoe buried deeply into his balls. She took up Jeff's requested stance with her hands on her hips and waited for her brother's reaction. What an easy way to make a fucking buck! I'll kick his nuts into nonexistence if he wants me too and he doesn't realize that I don't even care! So what if I scramble his eggs permanently as long as I get my money. Oh, I can't wait to get to the mall, thought Melissa.

It took a moment for the pain to register in Jeff's brain, but when it did it was like nothing he had ever experienced before in his short life. He groaned loudly, like a wounded animal and scrunched his eyes closed against the pain. His face grew red, not with embarrassment, but with unbearable agony. He closed his legs together and slowly fell over onto his side. The tears were flowing freely down his cheeks and his low groans became higher pitched as the pain intensified.

"That was so cool, you sound like a girl!" Melissa was looking at her brother but almost talking to herself. "I could actually feel your balls with my toes when I kicked them. I made them go SPLAT! Well, I'm going out to the mall crybaby. Make sure you change into something that has an easy access flap in front so I can give you your surprise footjob later. Bye!" With that Melissa turned on her heels and walked out the front door, laughing.

Jeff eventually recovered and got into his boxer shorts, figuring that was easy access enough and it wouldn't arouse suspicion around his mother as he wore them all the time because they were 'comfortable'. But to his surprise and anger, his sister hadn't given him the agreed upon footjob before his mother arrived home from work. And now here they all sat around the kitchen table eating dinner, his sister sitting across from him.

"Well what did you kids do today?" asked their mother.

Before Jeff could respond, Melissa spoke up. "We played some football! Right Jeff?"

Jeff just blushed and kept quiet.

"Oh really, how did it go?"

"Well, I kicked Jeff's ball into the end zone and then scored a touchdown. I won, of course. Oh... and I kicked Jeff in the nuts."

Jeff choked on his mashed potatoes. Is she going to tell how I paid her to kick me? Damn this is what I was afraid of! But she didn't tell. Melissa only intended to humiliate him in front of their mother.

"What do you mean you kicked your brother in the nuts?" said his mother. She was trying to act cross but couldn't help but let loose a small smile.

"Well it was an accident. I went to kick the football and he got in the way and so I kicked HIS balls instead," snickered Melissa.

"Well that would explain why you've been walking around rather gingerly all day," laughed their mom. Jeff found himself getting hard in his boxers with the two most influential women in his life talking and laughing about him getting kicked in the nuts. Suddenly he felt a nudge between his legs and looked down to see his sister's foot snaking its way into his boxers. He looked up at her but she was engaged in conversation with mom about his balls. His dick finally popped free of his shorts and his sister's talented feet went to work in earnest on his swollen member...RIGHT THERE WHILE SITTING AT THE TABLE WITH THEIR MOM!!! Son-of-a-bitch this feels incredible!!! Her feet and toes are as nimble as hands and this is as good as a blowjob! Oh I love her feet!

"So then up went my foot...and down went little brother."

"It was football in more ways than one is what you're telling me," said their mother. "What's the matter, Jeff, no comment? Or did your sister kick your balls up into your throat so far you CAN'T talk!" Both women were laughing. Jeff was speechless due to his sister's foot bringing him to new levels of pleasure. Her delicate soles and toes were like smooth soft velvet bringing him closer and closer to the ultimate orgasm. Her left foot finally managed to expose his balls and they landed on the chair with a loud plop. Melissa took her brother's low-hanging balls in her feet and pulled them so that they hung freely over the side of the chair, his twin orbs dangling well below the lip of the wooden seat. She then proceeded to 'smack' his nuts with the balls of her feet. His big plums swung back and forth like a pendulum as Melissa alternated her kicks from left foot to right foot and back again. It kept Jeff in constant pain. He couldn't believe this was happening to him...that he actually paid $600 to nearly lose his ability to father children and have his sister almost bring him to orgasm with her feet before switching back to pain.

She's using my ballsack like a punching bag! Oh I love this! She is so hot I can't take it!

"JEFF!!!" yelled his mom.

Jeff jumped in his seat when his mother's voice brought him out of his reverie. He suddenly found that his sister's foot was now firmly pressing the cords attaching his balls to his body against the side of the chair, and she was increasing her pressure. "Yes mom?" Jeff squeaked out.

"Pay attention when I'm talking to you or maybe I'LL have to kick you in the balls as well," she teased. "I was saying that maybe I should check your nuts for damage after dinner...make sure they're both alright."

" mom, I think I'm okay. I kinda checked 'em out myself."

"Did you roll them around between your fingers to make sure they weren't ruptured?"

"Yeah...uh...they were kinda sore but they were still there."

Melissa finally released his balls and went back to working his cock with her talented toes.

"Were they swollen bad?" continued their mother.


"Did you put an icepack on your nutsack?" Jeff's mother and sister laughed at her rhyme.

"No... Melissa didn't think I'd need one."

"Need one? I thought she kneed two?" Again both women laughed.

Jeff's breathing became more labored as he was approaching climax. Melissa's feet toyed with his peehole, circling it with her big toe and then pumping his shaft. And then right before he exploded, Melissa placed the ball of her foot onto the eye at the end of his prick, which caused him to finally orgasm. His seed was splattered all over the ball of her foot and oozed down her bare sole.

For the rest of the evening he kept thinking back to his sister's footjob, and earlier than that, her devastating kick to his gonads. He realized he needed another kick. He was too horny right now and needed a 'cold shower' so to speak to get rid of his raging erection. He went into his sister's room through the connecting bathroom and found her trying on the new shoes she bought with the money he paid her. They were a deadly looking pair of 5-inch black patent leather heels with the pointiest fucking toes he had ever seen. He was so busy admiring her feet in the shoes that he didn't even notice she was in her nightie, a nightie so short that it exposed the bottom of her firm ass cheeks. Melissa turned around with a gasp when she noticed him standing there with his mouth hanging open.

"What do you want asshole!"

"How much?"


"How much? To kick me right now." Melissa saw the pleading look in his eyes and knew she could get whatever she wanted right now.

"You really need a kick bad...don't you?" she teased.


"How would you like me to kick you with my new know, the ones YOU paid for? Don't they look painful?"

"Uh-huh," Jeff said dreamily.

"Aren't my feet beautiful in these shoes? I bet you could cum in your pants just looking at them."


"Well let's much, how much. I think $250 should just about cover it," she said with a smile.

"$250?!? To kick me in the balls? Please, Melissa, can't we do it for $100 like last time?" Jeff pleaded.

"My rates went up. I don't think you realize what an inconvenience it is for me to have to kick you in the balls. It's not just a want me to stand there and humiliate you after the bust, and you're going to be making all those stupid noises while I'm trying to sleep. It's also very tiring for me. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to lift my foot up to your nuts? It isn't as if I can just lightly tap them...I have to kick with CRUSHING force to get the desired effect! I'm sorry, but if you want me to scramble your eggs, it's gonna cost ya."

"Alright...anything, but I want you to kick me with your new shoes." Jeff handed Melissa the money, and this time she took it without any fanfare.

"Oh...and something else. Something to make this more entertaining for me. When I kick you, I expect you to remain standing till I tell you that you can fall down. If you fall down before that...I'll never kick you again. Understand?" Melissa flashed a dazzling smile at her brother. Jeff looked from her angelic face, to her nut-crushing shoes. Can I do it? Can I stay standing? It's gonna hurt like a motherfucker and I don't know if I can take that kind of pain. But if I don't try, I'll never get kicked by her again.

"Alright, Melissa...I agree."

"Good, now stand there and spread your legs for me." Jeff did so and watched while Melissa took a slow practice swing. The toe of her shoe lightly grazed his plums. "Ready, brother?"

"Ready, sister."

Melissa then kicked him as hard as she could with the pointy toe of her new high heels. "CRUNCH!" she shouted.

Their mother called from downstairs, "What's that Melissa dear?"

"Nothing mom!" she replied. She watched her brother in fascination. He was bent slightly at the waist and his mouth hung open. From it came a hoarse whisper and a trickle of drool. His hands clutched feebly at his groin and his legs were shaking; yet he remained standing. Melissa smiled and admired her handiwork. She bent down slightly to look into her brother's eyes and giggled at his look of shock and agony.

"That looks like it hurt. I got you right with the toe! I wonder if I got the right ball or left ball? Did I pop it?" The only response was a high-pitched soft wail, which began to emanate from her brother's mouth.

"I kicked MUCH harder this time, too. Man you guys are so easy to hurt down there." Jeff was still standing, much to Melissa's amazement. "You must really love getting kicked by me to still be standing. I'm very flattered, Jeffie! I have to say though, that this is like highway robbery!" Jeff was openly crying now and his legs were shaking uncontrollably. "Well... I guess you can curl up into the fetal position now you little crybaby."

Jeff immediately fell to the floor and adopted the position his sister suggested. Melissa grinned and slipped her shoe from her foot. She sat on the edge of her bed and probed his lips with her toes. "Open your mouth and you can suck my toes." Jeff's lips parted slightly and Melissa fit her round cuddly toes into her brother's warm mouth. He lapped at them eagerly. "Feel better, Jeff? Taste good, brother?"

Jeff could only manage a "Mmmpphhh-mmmpphhh" with all those toes jammed deeply into his mouth. After letting Jeff suckle her toes for a few minutes she withdrew her foot.

"Time for you to leave, I'm going to bed now." Melissa dismissed Jeff with a wave of her hand.

"But my balls hurt..."

"Your balls SHOULD hurt! I just kicked them! Now get out. I don't care about your stupid balls, only your money." She watched with a snicker as her brother slowly...very slowly crawled out of her room. She noticed his legs remained locked together at the knees as he weakly exited the room. She smiled in self-satisfaction and went to sleep dreaming about what she'd buy with the money she earned from her new job.


Anonymous said...

oh, this is a great story, love it, but too bad his sister or his mother doesn't get involved and that she pops his balls by standing on them with slingbacks or something;)

Anonymous said...

OMG this really is the perfect woman. I wish I could find someone to do this to me. So sexy