Thursday, August 30, 2007


By Apollo


Greg and Rachael had been dating for about three months. It had only met four dates before they started an intimate physical relationship, about normal for Greg and faster than usual for Rachael. Greg was coming up to 24; he had blond hair and was a fit medium build, just under six-foot. Rachael was 20, good looking, kind of cute with it; she had light brown shoulder length hair, a good pert pair of breasts and long slender legs.

That day they had been walking by the lake, it was getting towards late afternoon and they were drifting back towards the parking lot.

Rachael stopped and asked “How about one last look at the lake before we go?

“OK” said Greg, “we have all evening”. They both sat on some rocks by the edge of the lake taking in the still warm air as the sun set behind small clouds.

Greg was Rachael’s fourth boyfriend and though it was the shortest relationship so far, she found Greg much more sexy than the others. There was something about the way he made love to her which suggested an adventurous nature with sex as he was not content to just please himself with standard penetration. So far though, she had not explored further this potential aspect of her boyfriend. But that was about to change.

They talked for a while about nothing much, watching the last of the other visitors begin to head home. A few feet away was the trail back to the parking lot. All of a sudden a screech of tires and clouds of dust startled them as three boys on bikes careered past.

“Have you ever ridden a bike?” enquired Rachael, looking at his firm thighs but also noticing the visible bulge in his chinos were his legs met.

“I used to” he said, thinking back to when he was a teenager. “But a soon as I was 16 I started to drive and suppose didn’t need to from then on.”

He then remembered one of his cycling days, similar today, when he and some friends from school rode out to the creek about 12 miles outside town. He thought about telling Rachael what happened to him then. At first he couldn’t decide if it was too personal a subject to bring up; but what the hell, he thought.

“I remember once, I was with some friend out at Wild Creek, guess I was about 15. We were just coming to the ridge on our bikes, a steep up-hill ride, when the chain on my bike came off and I landed hard on the cross bar straight on my balls. It seamed to really hurt for quite a long time, I was in agony – in my balls of course but also in my belly and sides, but after lots of laughter from the other guys I was soon able to cycle home.

“The funny thing,” he said, only now realizing what may have occurred, “when I got home about an hour later and went up to my bedroom I felt incredibly horny, I had a major hard-on. At that time of course I didn’t have a girlfriend so I had to be content with jerking off. I can still remember how tender my balls were at the time from the earlier busting, but I still felt the urge to squeeze them hard while rubbing my cock”

Rachael listened in fascination; she always wondered about men’s bodies and what they feel when sexually aroused. She also noticed the increase in the size of the bulge in Greg’s pants.

Greg continued “When I came, and it didn’t take long, I remember shooting more cum than normal, but most surprising was the distance the first few spurts went, overshooting the tissue I usually laid on the bed for the cum. There was a long white streak all across the bed quilt which I had to quickly clean up.”

“ Do you think it was the blow to your balls that made you cum like that?” enquired Rachael.

“I don’t know. It’s never happened to me since as I’ve never really been kicked or hit hard in the balls, even during school sport.”

“I’ve grabbed you balls during sex and even squeezed them quite hard, you haven’t objected” said Rachael.

“I get so horny then that it takes a lot to distract me from what you are doing to my cock” he replied grinning.

“I think we should test this out as soon as possible, when we get back to my place I suggest I kick you in the balls and then you tell me how you feel and we can even see if it improves your shooting range.” Said Rachael grinning widely as she ran her hand up his thigh and onto his aroused penis, held in check by the strong fabric of his pants.

“No way!” said Greg alarmed.

“I promise to be extra good to you afterwards” she said, “and anyway, if it still makes you horny, just think about not having to rub yourself off this time. Maybe some sucking of you dick first, my wet pussy and clit to lick?”

“OK, but just one gentle kick. With my jeans on and no shoes on your feet”.

“We’ll see.” said Rachael, thinking this is going to be fun and if I know Greg, it won’t stop at that.


Back at Rachael’s apartment, about an hour’s drive from the lake, the both grabbed a bite to eat and then started to freshen-up after the days outing. Greg watched through the door of Rachael’s room as she stripped for a shower. He watched her firm tits spring from the confines of her bra as she unfastened the clasp. He could see her shapely ass as she slipped off her jeans, the curvature of her buttocks and the space between her legs showing off the outline of her pussy against the dark background of the bedroom. Clearly visible now was the neatly trimmed area of short brown curly hair that formed a small triangle pointing down to her small cunt, the shaved darker lips outlining her pouting pussy he so much wanted to part and fuck with his rapidly hardening prick.

Greg sat there watching Rachael and thinking about how sexy she was, when she disappeared into the shower his attention was drawn back to his own now fully hardened cock. He thought of the times she would take his firm end between her lips and allow the rim to rub over the edge of them before taking the full head of his swollen cock into her mouth. As he did so he realized that his balls were soon to receive Rachael’s undivided attention, with her intent of finding out if inflicting him to high levels of testicle pain would make him extra horny and a super fuck.

He unfastened his belt and slid out of his pants, his shirt already off. He ran his hands down over his flat belly to the now large tent in his briefs caused by his swollen cock, with a single motion he pulled at the left hand side of his briefs and released his genitals from their restraints. His large cock swung out first followed by his two loosely hung well-sized testicles. Slowly Greg felt each testis, letting his fingers trace the plum-shaped outline held within his hair covered scrotum. He wondered how much pain he could expect from his nuts, the memory of the bicycle ride was distant now and the prospect of having his nuts crushed alarmed him. Suddenly he wanted to tell Rachael that it was only a joke and that he had made the story up to pass the time. After a few moments thought though, he realized that he found the relatively minor pain often exerted by Rachael on his balls during sex a real turn-on, causing him to have some of he best orgasms of his life, perhaps there was something about ball busting that released an additional level of sexual arousal in men. All right he decided, he would let Rachael at his balls.

Greg could see Rachael as she now dried her naked body, her hands rubbing the towel over her firm breasts, down over her flat belly and between her legs. He sighed as she rubbed the towel around her pussy and up to her small tight asshole, thinking of the times his dick had penetrated those moist lips and left his thick creamy spunk running down her thighs. She then proceeded to pull on a Tee shirt, her nipples clearly visible.

“Come on Greg, finish that beer and get in the shower, I can’t wait to kick you in those beautiful big balls of yours.” called Rachael as she pulled on a flimsy pair of white lacy G-string knickers that barely covered her cunt lips.

Greg climbed out of the chair and pulled his briefs off. Rachael looked at his smooth but muscular chest and arms, she watched as he ran his hands teasingly back and forth over his ample cock and dangling balls. Even soft Greg could manage five inches, hard it was a magnificent seven and a half inches of thick throbbing cock, enough to fully penetrate her every time he entered her.

Rachael watched as he showered, thinking now only of his balls and the pleasure she wanted them both to have from Greg’s busting.

Greg came out of the shower, dried himself off and started to dress. He pulled on a pair of Levis and some socks, grabbed another beer and went over to where Rachael was sitting on then sofa.

“I thought I said no jeans?” she said as Greg appeared.

“Come on, I need something to stop them being ripped off” said Greg as he playfully held his groin.

“No, I want you to feel the full impact of my foot in your balls so they must be either exposed or held covered by the minimum of material. Say, why not put on those tight blue briefs you bought from Sears last week. They look good, but let your nuts stand out.”

Greg pulled off his jeans allowing Rachael a look at her target. She looked at his plump testes and wondered what it was like to have such sensitive parts hanging between ones legs.

Quickly Greg pulled on the blue briefs, adjusting the fit to allow his heavy cock to hang in front of his balls. Rachael stood up and moved towards him, grinning. As soon as she could reach, her hand delved into his pants and pulled his half hard cock upwards to expose his nuts from the front. Rachael was not now concerned about Greg’s penis. That could wait; all she wanted now was his balls.

“One kick to start, OK?” said Rachael looking at Greg. He winced at her, but really he was almost looking forward to answering a big question.

Greg nodded and opened his legs about two feet. Rachael shook her head and made him move them wider apart. She could now see a clear gap around his restrained nut sack, the shape of her intended targets clearly visible through the thin cotton.

“I think it will be best if you close your eyes, if you flinch or move it may reduce the force of the blow”

Greg willingly obeyed. With legs apart and eyes closed he braced himself for what could be the most pain he was ever going to feel, but strangely looked forward to the experience.

“Here goes”.

Rachael took two steps back, balanced herself, took one step forward and swung her right leg at Greg’s balls with all her weight. The instep of her foot came sharply into Greg’s groin, driving hard into his delicate hanging balls. Nothing could now stop Greg from finding out if this was to be pleasure or pain.

The first Greg new was the force of the impact into his amply filled scrotum, he felt himself being briefly lifted off the floor as Rachael’s kick hit him. He could feel immediate affects of the blow in his balls, the sharp pain in both of his testes as they became crushed between her small foot and his pelvis. He knew he had only a few seconds before the gut pain would start and he wanted to focus on his ball pain, the exquisite agony he had waited years to experience again.

With his eyes still closed he struggled to keep his balance after the blow. The pain of the initial impact was now shooting to his sides and gut but he could still feel the intensifying agony in his testes. This was the pain he remembered from the bike crossbar impacting his young balls as a teenager. Although it hurt like hell in his balls, he was starting to get really turned on by this and wanted the feeling to continue. Standing up straight to maximize the feeling in his nuts, Greg managed to open his eyes to see Rachael looking at him, wondering what she had done to her guy.

“Are you OK? Are your balls all right? Do they hurt badly?” she asked desperately.

“Yea” gasped Greg holding his testicles. “It’s OK. What I’m feeling now is great, most of the pain is in my balls but I can feel a hard-on coming on”.

Rachael looked up from his balls to see his firm shaft sticking up in the front of his briefs. Wow, she thought, one kick and he’s rock hard. Greg pulled down the front to his briefs to examine his balls, his growing erection leaning to one side. They looked a little red and perhaps slightly swollen, but otherwise normal.

“How do they feel?” Rachael enquired in a soft voice.

“Tender, very painful if I press them.” Said Greg, carefully rolling each one gently in turn between his thumb and forefinger to check for damage.

This made Rachael confident enough to take the experiment further, to test Greg and to see what effect further excruciating ball pain would have on him.

“I’m going to knee you in the balls now, whilst their still hurting you” ordered Rachael “get those briefs off, I want your bare balls to take it this time”

“We agreed one kick, you’ve had that.” Replied Greg. He wasn’t about to stop her though; this was too much of a turn-on.

“Come on, your enjoying this and so am I. Lets take it all the way whilst your balls are tender and see how much you can stand”. As she said this, her hand cupped Greg’s reddened scrotum and gently massaged the contents. His cock was fully stiff now with his short foreskin stretched back revealing his bulbous purple helmet.

Greg considered Rachael’s request and decided he too would like to know what his balls would feel like after she kneed him.

“OK, but make it good one” he said.

Rachael stepped back, squeezing slightly, then releasing his balls. She reached out with both arms and held Greg firmly by the shoulders. She gestured him to open his legs wider, then swung her right leg back and quickly bought it hard up into his tender ball filled scrotum. Greg gasped out and bent at the waist with the force. He immediately could feel the intense pain in his nuts and the shooting flashes of pain to his back and sides.

Rachael watched as Greg staggered at little, recovered his stance and clutched at his balls, holding the pair of red testicles as they delivered the intense but highly arousing pain throughout his body. His cock remained upright throughout this time, Rachael looking longingly at it, wanting to take the shiny head into her now very wet cunt, impaling herself on the long shaft, right up to Greg’s aching balls.

“Here, let me” she said reaching out again for his balls. Greg removed his hand from around his testicles and started to gently rub the tip of his penis, slowly flicking the skin over the deep rim.

Rachael took his two testes in her right hand and felt the shape of each ball with her fingers. Almost instinctively her grip tightened on his balls. Both testicles suddenly became trapped in a viselike clamp, her fingertips pushing deep into their firm flesh. She locked her grip and at the same time leant forward and kissed Greg on the lips, pulling him to her with her free hand. Greg had already let go of his dick.

The pain shot into Greg’s sides again as he felt his balls being penetrated by his girlfriend’s probing fingers. His brain was now starting to equate the signals emanating from the nerves in his testes as desirable, pleasurable and not a warning of hostile assault. Almost imperceptibly he found himself repeatedly thrusting his hips forward, offering his testicles to her, for her to do what she needed to do to satisfy his growing need for extreme stimulation.

Greg was almost high on the sensations he now felt in and through his balls, his breathing steadied, his body relaxed as his manhood was taken over and pushed to the extreme limits of physical endurance. After what seemed an age he felt Rachael relax her grip slightly allowing the intensity of the pain to ease. The residual pain in his balls turned into an intense sexual ache once again and started to arouse him, his cock again stiffening, the glans bursting back though his foreskin to expose to Rachael his purple knob and a glistening drop of pre-cum at the slit.

Rachael responded by taking her other hand from around Greg’s waist and gripped his stiff penis, allowing herself to slowly masturbate him. Her other hand maintained it’s hold on his balls.

As she rubbed her hand up and down his erect cock Rachael could feel his balls throb under the pressure still applied to them. Greg groaned audibly with the pain as she continued to grip his nuts, occasionally massaging them with probing fingertips, sometimes feeling the cords and tubes that connected them to his body. His only movement was a thwarted attempt to push his hand into Rachael’s knickers and rub her dripping pussy off. She was determined that this was going to be Greg’s experience and her coming could wait until she was ready to fuck him later.

“I am doing it right?” she enquired.

“Yes, I can just stand your grip at the present. The longer you squeeze, the more intense the pain becomes, that’s when it feels the best”.

He hesitated for a second, then quietly said “Squeeze me harder”

“Harder! Harder! Arrgh!” moaned Greg as Rachael obeyed his command.

Her fingers were now pulling hard at his compressed scrotum and its contents. To apply more pressure to his balls she took her hand off Greg’s knob and gripped his right testicle between her left thumb and forefinger, his left one being gripped in the same way by her right hand. By applying separate forces to each ball the effect on Greg was immediately visible. His cock seemed to grow even stiffer, the skin of his end stretched tighter, the hole in the end, no longer a slit, was almost round with the copious oozing of the clear fluid men make when highly aroused.

Greg groaned in both pain and pleasure at the forces acting between his open legs. Rachael started to move the tips of her fingers in the firm flesh of Greg’s balls whilst maintaining the pressure. Greg was almost whimpering but was determined to let her carry on.

Suddenly Rachael released his swollen testes, Greg sighed with relief at the almost instant removal of the deep-seated suffering in his balls and lower abdomen.

“Come over here and sit on your balls,” ordered Rachael as she took a wooden dining chair and placed it in the centre of the room.

Almost in a daze Greg moved over to the chair. Rachael reached between his buttocks and pulled on his swollen scrotum until it almost reached his asshole. She ordered Greg to lower himself onto the chair whilst her hand held his balls in place close to his ass. As soon as the weight of his body started to push his balls onto the chair she slipped her hand out. Greg let out a moan as his weight compressed his super sensitive nuts; just to make sure he wasn’t cheating and taking some of the weight on his legs, Rachael moved round and quickly pulled his feet up off the floor. Greg cried out again at the sudden assault.

“How are they?” she asked.

“Starting to throb, I can feel each ball, they feel really hard. It’s like I’m going to cum, but I’m not going pass the point of no return and actually cumming off. Each time they throb they must swell because the pressure increase is making them hurt and throb more.”

Rachael watched Greg’s face, slowly his eyes closed and his mouth opened. Another large drop of pre-cum appeared from Greg’s slit and started to run down over his knob.

“What is it, Greg?” she wondered.

“It’s like cumming in little bursts but without the sensation in my cock” he whimpered as more and more clear juice dripped from his cock under the pressure applied to his testicles. The flow of pre-cum then stopped for a moment only to be replaced by the whiteness of semen, not the normal spurts of ejaculation, but a slow and continuous cascade than ran down the length of his cock before ceasing and his hole closing again.

With that Rachael could hold herself back no more and pulled off her T-shirt followed by her now soaked knickers. Quickly she rubbed her right hand over the opening to her pussy ensuring that her thick white cunt cream was ready for what she intended.

By pulling Greg’s balls back between his legs the skin of his prick was stretched tight, the end at a shallow angle to his thighs. Rachael took hold of his shaft and quite roughly pulled the underside of the penis at the base to produce enough skin to allow it to angle upwards. This is where Greg’s cock length would help.

Quickly she positioned herself on his thighs, holding his shoulders. Looking down, she lowered her wet open pussy lips over the glans of his cock; she could achieve about three inches of penetration, enough she thought for now. Her next move was to start bobbing up and down on Greg, the point of deepest penetration resulted in most of her weight being taken by Greg’s thighs and transferred to his throbbing balls. He briefly opened his eyes at the extra pressure and pain but he could hardly see his girlfriend inches away. The sensation in his balls and his cock now having its most sensitive parts rubbing up a woman’s pussy was too much.

The throbbing of his balls spread between his legs and began to envelop his entire sexual organs. He was cumming like he has never cum off before. The exquisite rubbing of his knob inside Rachael’s ribbed vagina and the preceding ball busting was bringing him to a massive all enveloping climax. He threw his head back, mouth open wide and cried out in ecstasy as the first enormous spurt of semen shot from his heaving cock. He could feel his balls almost wrenching themselves under the weight on them to pump out his cum into Rachael’s cunt, shot after shot of the hottest cum he had ever felt erupted from his dark purple penis, the bell-end of which was almost untouchable with sensitivity. Still he cried out, the throbbing in his testicles, his prostrate, his anus, his penis never seeming to end.

Rachael could feel the heat and the force of his spurts as the hot sperm hit the walls of her vagina. Soon a white stream had started to pour down his rigid shaft and pool around his squashed balls, forced out of Rachael’s purple lipped cunt by her own pumping on Greg’s massive cock. After what was an age Greg became quiet and still, to relieve him she climbed off him, more cum dripping from her engorged pussy lips as she did.

Greg stayed still for a few more moments then raised himself to release his trapped balls. They were still swollen, hanging slack in his glowing red scrotum. Slowly he climbed out of the chair and looked at Rachael, smiled and took a step forward and put his arms around her naked body, drawing her to him, feeling the softness of her breasts against his chest. A large drop of cum landed on his foot as his penis, now spent, hung down over his now low hanging and spermless testes.

Later that evening Greg made love to Rachael, giving her an endless series of body shaking orgasms, but little in the way of any white fluids.


The next day Rachael went off shopping with two of her friends leaving Greg to himself for most of the day. He could still feel the affect of the previous evenings ball play between his legs. Getting out of bed he showered, paying special attention to his testicles. He felt each one, examining the oval shape, gently pulling on the cords that held them and allow the sperm out. The heat of the shower had caused the skin of his scrotum to relax letting his balls hang low between his legs.

As his fingers caressed the firm testes he allowed the pressure to gradually increase until he found himself wincing at the pain he was causing himself. Not content with this after the awakening to the pleasures available through his testicles, he took both balls in one hand and formed a circle with his thumb and forefinger between his balls and the base of his cock. Gradually he pulled on the balls forcing them into the end of his scrotum, the thin skin stretching tight as the balls bulged, the two distinct forms merging into one. He pulled harder and harder, at first feeling the stretching of the skin, then the internal cords in his scrotum, as he pulled his balls further away from his body.

Greg had his eyes closed as he savored the feeling in his nuts and thought of the busting he had had last night. His cock, already hanging heavily to one side against his arm, started to erect, its end filling out as the blood pulsed through it. Slowly he squeezed his other fingers around his tense balls, the pressure translating directly into ball pain, his sides already aching from the pulling on his ball cords. He dug his fingertips harder and harder into his testicles, pressing into the very body of each ball, feeling the coiled tissue that produced his sperm. The intensity increased, stabbing pains flashed through his body until he could take no more and relaxed his grip, his breath exhaling as the relief came. Greg was now determined to experience more from his new hobby. Time after time he repeated the same grip, pull, squeeze and hold on his balls; each time trying to lengthen the period of the vice like grip of probing fingers into his testes to allow the pain to develop and transcend into overwhelming ecstasy.

He finally released his nuts, his hand moving up to his hard cock, gripping it, stroking the end, briefly wanking, but still he needed more ball play. Holding his nuts in his left hand he punched hard into his balls with his right fist. Repeatedly he landed his fist into his aching balls, trying to imagine he was in a fight and his opponent was at his exposed balls without mercy. The frequency of the impacts compounded to provide him with an intense pleasure confined to the contents of his left hand.

Greg had now reached the point where he just had to ejaculate; still in the shower he rubbed his stiff cock rapidly and firmly, his fingers pushing his foreskin over the large rim of his swollen end. The speed of his hand on his shaft increased as he felt the pleasure in his bell-end and internal organs mount, the first small traces of the spasms that would send him into momentary ecstasy. His fingers instinctively tightened their grip on his shaft causing his thumb and the roll of foreskin to flick firmly over the purple end. The force of the shower washed away the pre-cum that appeared at Greg’s slit before it could lubricate the wank.

There is often one stroke when wanking that defines the point of no return and Greg had just had his. With eyes closed, breath held but mouth open and testicles pulled up almost into his body, Greg cried out as his semen shot from his penis in a series of long trails, the thick sticky cum spattering against the glass of the shower before immediate being washed downwards in long white streaks.

Minutes later Greg was out of the shower and dressing and thinking about his orgasm when he seemed to recall being told about how extra sensitive your balls became immediately after cumming. He looked at his own pair, now hanging lower in his still red scrotum and considered how he might check this out. He scanned the bathroom and looked thru into the bedroom to see what he might use, not trusting his own hand to deliver the forces that might be needed on his balls.

What he wanted to achieve was either a hard blow or pressure on his balls, but he needed to act quickly after cumming-off. His eye caught the heavy wooden toilet seat and he immediately had the idea of placing his balls between the seat and lid and then applying pressure to the lid.

Kneeling down on the floor he pulled both balls outwards as far as he could and placed them between the seat and the lowered lid. Applying pressure to the lid with his hands he felt incredible pain rapidly develop in his compressed balls, with shooting stabs of pain into his abdomen and sides. He could not press hard for long enough in that position so he decided to try turning round and sitting on the seat with his balls trapped beneath. His cock started to swell but the closeness of his orgasm prevented a full hard-on just yet. Pulling his balls back again he pushed then between the seat and lid before slowly lowering himself onto the edge of the seat. Gradually he transferred his weight onto the seat and on to his trapped balls. The incredible pain returned immediately making Greg gasp, but he knew he must take as much as he could. Slowly he maneuvered his legs forward to allow more of his sitting weight to be over his compressed nuts. Looking down he could just see the front of his left testis between the two surfaces; he touched it with his finger and felt the incredible hardness of the almost crushed ball in the taut scrotal skin.

The pain was increasing with time and the applied pressure, Greg decided to try and last for two minutes in this condition. His eyes focused on his wristwatch second hand as the pleasurable pain in both his testicles increased, his breathing becoming heavy as he struggled to endure his chosen challenge. His sides hurt with a stabbing sensation as the forces acting on his balls seemed to increase. Greg moaned out loud now and gasped for breath as the first minute was completed, not sure whether he could last out the second. Glancing down again he could now see more of his left ball from under the lid; it seemed to be ready to burst out of the thin red skin containing it. Forty seconds. Greg was starting to sweat despite being naked, his breathing was faster and deeper as he tried to cope with the ball pain. Thirty-five seconds. His face screwed up as the second had showed thirty seconds to go. Twenty seconds. Even through the intense pain Greg could feel his left ball being forced out of its entrapment, looking down he could see his agonizing testis slowly emerge as if trying to save itself from destruction. Fifteen seconds. Slowly he started the countdown in his head, then out loud for the last twelve seconds, the pain throughout his lower abdomen becoming intolerable agony. Five, four, …….

He’d done it, he’d taken the pain for two minutes but next time it would be three and with Rachael watching. To relieve the pressure Greg moved his right leg forward from under him. Just as he did the movement caused him to loose balance and almost his entire body weight came on his suffering balls. Greg yelled out as he lost control of the pain in his balls, the intensity of the crushing of both balls made him cry out loudly; the stabbing pains in his sides were the most he had ever felt. His stomach knotted as he felt nauseous. He scrambled frantically to take the pressure of his weight off his seriously endangered balls. Eventually he was able raise himself up enough on both feet to be able to tug both of his balls from the vice, shouting out again in pain as he did.

The pain went as quickly as it came, unlike a blow to the balls, as Greg examining both of his precious testes, his fingers at first feeling the overall plum shape of each ball and then checking the surface of each within his now almost glowing red scrotum. His cock had shrunk considerably during this ordeal, it hanging heavily as Greg concentrated on his balls, although his slit was wet with more pre-cum.

Exhausted from his ball play session, Greg dressed and grabbed breakfast before going off to do some chores and visit the local mall.

PART 4 (M/M)

Greg arrived back just after 2 pm, he had hardly unloaded the supplied before he heard the door chimes followed by the loud cry of his younger brother, announcing himself.

“Hey, Mark, come in” called Greg.

Around the door came Mark, he was two years younger than Greg, but looked even younger due to his short wavy haircut. Greg had always envied Mark when they were younger and living at home, Mark had large low hanging balls compared to Greg’s full but closer held testicles. It had been several years since they had seen each other naked, but Greg still felt slightly jealous of him, even though their cocks were similar in size, hard or soft.

“Where’s Rachael?” enquired Mark.

Greg told him about the girls going shopping for the day.

“So where’s Carol?” replied Greg.

“She’s with her parents this weekend, up in Maine. Anything happen worth hearing about?”

Greg was about to shake his head in dismissal of anything of interest to Mark when he stopped and thought about his experiences of the last few hours.

“Well, yeh. I let Rachael bust my balls yesterday. Awesome! You ever been really busted?”

Greg and Mark had often wrestled and fought each other as kids with the inevitable blow or grab to the other’s balls. The sessions would usually end in them having a race to be the first to jerk off.

“Carol often squeezes them when we’re fucking, she loves the way they dangle between my legs or slap her ass as I fuck” said Mark grinning, knowing what he was saying would rile Greg up.

“Yeh, but does she really bust your balls, till the pains too much to stand? First Rachael kicked me in the balls, then kneed me, squeezed them and even made me sit on them.”

“You let her do that to you balls! You crazy or something?”

“So why did you like wrestling me when we were younger, I nearly always managed to get you in the nads?”

“Guess it must have turned me on, we had no girls then.”

“So you liked ball pain then ‘cause it gave you a stiffy? You were pretty quick at pulling your dick out when it came to the wanking contests.”

“So I like cumming. Maybe I’ll get Carole to give me a good squeezing or a punch when she’s back”

“After having Rach at by balls last night I just had to bust myself this morning after she’d left. Did it in the shower, balls hurt like hell but I came off real good, loads of spurts, cum went everywhere. Last time I checked by balls were still red”

“You really get off on it?” said Mark noticing the bulge in his brother’s pants and feeling the first signs of his own dick starting to fill with blood. “OK, lets do it now, get ‘em out.”

“You sure? A good bust can really hurt, I hear low hangers like yours are the most sensitive” Greg said trying to unsettle his brother.

Mark wasn’t listening. He was unzipping his fly and reaching in to pull his cock and balls out. Greg did the same but took his pants and briefs off, his excited cock springing upright. Seeing this Mark decided to copy Greg but continued and stripped naked; Greg followed his brother, both young men standing facing each other with their hard cocks standing out proud .

Unknown to Greg, Mark kept his ball sac and the hair at the base of his cock completely shaved. This emphasized the shape of his large testes; the “seam” long the centre of his scrotum clearly visible. By carefully shaving the hair at the base of his cock he had achieved an almost perfect transition from his flat belly to the fullness of those heavy testicles and into the powerful growth of his penis standing proud from his young body, maximizing the size and enhancing the appearance of his erection. In the intervening years his balls appeared to Greg to hang even lower and looked larger, each testicle hanging lengthways in his distended scrotum, the left one, as usual, the lowest and largest.

Both young men’s eyes were fixed on the sexual organs of the other, Greg studied the way Mark’s powerful thick cock grew from the hairless base of his groin and the almost invisible transition into his long and full pink scrotum. It looked good, he would be shaving himself later he thought. Mark watched as Greg’s hand seemed to automatically move to his penis and gently peel his short foreskin back over the knob, flicking over the deep rim. Instinctively he did the same, both swollen ends now visible.

They both stood there watching each other intently, hands slowly sliding skin up and down their hard cocks, forcing it up over the rim of the glans and onto the shiny skin.

“Hey, this is not about our dicks. At least not till our balls have been busted” said Greg. “How about we start with a pull and squeeze of those low hangers of yours?”

Mark nodded as Greg moved closer to him, his hands reaching out to take his brother’s balls. Mark opened his legs wider as Greg wrapped his fingers around his scrotum, letting the two large testicles rest in the palm of his right hand. Mark looked down past his own upright cock as his brother’s hands adjusted their grip on his balls. His breathing quickened rapidly, his chest heaving; there can be no chickening out now he thought.

Greg looked at Mark in the eyes as he started to tighten his grip.

“I want you to enjoy this, it’s not about pain but pleasure. You have to experience it to understand.” whispered Greg. Mark smiled and said it was OK for him to carry on.

Greg’s fingers tightened their grip around Mark’s balls. Mark could feel the dull ache begin as Greg increased the pressure. Flashes of sharper pain started to shoot from his groin, sometimes to his spine, sometime to his sides. Harder and harder his brother’s fingers gripped his now captive and suffering nuts. Greg raised his head and looked at Mark, his expression asking him if he was OK, Mark nodded almost invisibly. He could now feel several fingers pressing hard into the hypersensitive rear part of his testicles, the shooting pains increasing to become almost continuous. His chest started to heave as he fought for breath. Again Greg eyeballed him and had the same response.

“Hold on, it takes a while for the real pain to develop, the pain that’s going to make you crazy to cum.” Said Greg calmly as he held his head close to Mark’s ear.

Mark could feel his knees weaken as the agony, or was it ecstasy, in his delicate orbs intensified. He had never felt such pain before, but he didn’t want it to stop. He thrust his hips out towards his brother as if urging him on to take his balls. He steadied himself by holding Greg around the waist; the brothers erect penises touching, their purple ends sliding over each other as the slippery pre-cum lubricated the knobs. Mark was almost whimpering with ball pain but trusted his brother enough to let him carry on with the treatment.

Without warning Greg pulled hard down on the captive balls and twisted his wrist. At the same time he squeezed as hard as he could with his fingers, digging into the firm orbs of testicle. He looked up at Mark’s face in time to see his mouth open and hear his cry of agony. Greg tried to pull and squeeze harder on Mark’s bulging balls, his brother’s hands tearing at his to try and relieve the pain. Greg knew he needed to hold on so that Mark’s pain could grow even further, especially in his gut. He used his free hand to successfully fend off Mark’s hand desperate to free his tortured balls from the crushing grip. Mark’s legs gave wave as he let out an agonized cry. Both men fell to the floor, Greg managing to hold the balls tightly but loosing the pull on them. Instinctively he pulled back hard with his arm, jerking the by now red and swollen balls even lower from Mark’s writhing body. His brother let out another cry as the ultimate pain hit him. Greg held on to both balls for as long as he could as Mark struggled to free himself, his fingers trying to probe the contents of each testicle causing his brother further exquisite agony.

After about a further minute of struggling Greg sensed that Mark had now felt what real ball pain was and it was time to release him. He relaxed his hand and let the two busted balls pull free, the imprint of his clutching fingers still present, only to be replaced by Mark’s hand as he cupped his battered nuts. Greg climbed up and looked as his brother writhed on the floor, he knew Mark would be OK and come to want another busting like, or more likely harder, than the one he had just received, fairly soon. His own hands slipped between his legs and felt his own balls, gently pulling then and pressing into the firm flesh, anticipating the revenge that Mark would extract. His arm caught the end of his now just off-hard cock and he felt the sticky presence of his pre-cum as it formed at his long slit. He licked it and tasted the saltiness of it. He looked at Mark, still holding his balls, his cock now limp but with his end still fully exposed and wet. Without thinking Greg bent down and touched Mark’s soft cock end with his forefinger, wiping the pre-cum from the opening. He then put his clear-coated finger between Mark’s lips and left a fine thread of the sticky fluid as he pulled it away. Mark lipped his lips with his tongue unaware of the nature of the exotic taste.

“Fuck you!” moaned Mark as he slowly pulled himself into a sitting position. “Fuck you! You trying to castrate me?”

“Stand up!” shouted Greg, “Stand up now”.

Mark looked angrily at his brother, but managed to push himself up till he was standing with his hands on his knees.

“Straighten-up” demanded Greg.

“My balls hurt too much yet”

“Trust me. Straighten up and take the ball pain. Enjoy it. Associate it with sex, think of a wank or a fuck with Carole to come. When Rach bust my nuts it made me so horny I couldn’t wait to fuck her. And the cum I made. Wow, never made so much with so many spurts.”

Mark gradually pushed himself upright using his hands on his legs. As his hands came to his balls he gently cupped them, they being too tender to check out just yet. He moaned as he finally straightened up and was able to look at Greg.

“Focus on your balls and the pain, standing up brings it on more than curling up.” As Greg spoke he could see his younger brothers cock start to firm slightly, his bell-shaped end still wet, pushing out from behind his foreskin.

“God, they hurt, I’ve never felt ball pain like this.” exclaimed Mark “Being brothers we must both get off on the same type of things. My nuts are sore and hurt but I do kinda feel horny. It’s like I must cum-off now”.

Greg watched as Mark’s hand moved slowly up from his balls to his now almost fully erect penis, the knob now shiny and fully exposed, the slit red and oozing clear fluid. Almost in slow motion his thumb and forefinger encircled the end of his penis, just behind the rim as he started to gently masturbate. The pre-cum soon became spread over the reddish purple glans and his foreskin as Mark slowly frigged himself. His once low hanging testes, red from their punishment, had pulled up close to the base of his penis in readiness to release their pressurized white contents.

“Kick me!” Greg said in a loud voice, startling Mark who was now deeply involved in the process of releasing his own sperm. “Kick me hard in the balls now!”

Mark looked up to see Greg’s cock standing out from his body, his legs spread and his balls hanging full in the scrotum. His hand stopped wanking his cock and he cupped his balls again.

“Pains almost gone, wanking must make it go off.” He said quietly. He approached Greg until he was standing so close that their cocks touched. He then took his hand from his own balls and held Greg’s pair, gently feeling them, running his fingers over his the soft hairs on his brother’s scrotum. He allowed his fingers to feel the shape of the balls before moving his fingers out along the rigid shaft of his dick. As his fingers slowly traveled along Greg’s cock he was aware of Greg taking hold of his cock just behind the rim and starting an almost imperceptible rubbing motion. Mark’s fingers reached Greg’s glans; he formed a circle with thumb and forefinger and allowed the pair to rub loosely over the rim. Both brothers stood there, eyes closed, in a state of trance caused by the sensual pleasure in their respective penises and their prolonged stare of arousal. Greg and Mark had always been close, sharing their adolescent experiences, trading wanking and fucking experiences and techniques until recently. This was a coming together, a re-confirmation of the bond between them.

Greg stood the mounting orgasm as long as he could, he could feel the shallow throbs deep in his body that would quickly overtake him and release his cum. He must stop.

“Kick me now” he said softy as he released Mark’s end from his fingers and pulled away. Mark nodded, knowing he must return the favor to Greg.

“How do you want it?” he asked.

“I’ll bend over this chair and you can get then from the rear. Will you put your trainers on? Don’t pull the kick either, I want it full force straight into both balls, OK?”

Greg took hold of the chair and held on to the arms whilst spreading his legs wide, his balls lower again in the sac and clearly available for Mark’s foot.

Mark watched Greg whilst he pulled on his trainers. Greg let go of the chair arm with one arm to rub his cock and keep it erect out of the way of the impact area.

“OK” said Mark. Greg acknowledged he was ready and prepared himself, eyes closed.

Mark took two steps back from Greg, his cock still stiff and swinging as he moved. He prepared his approach and bought his leg back.

Mark’s foot landed hard into the back of Greg’s balls, forcing him head first into the chair. His balls impacted between the trainer and his pelvis had nowhere to go to avoid agonizing pain.

Greg collapsed over on his side crying out in pain as the immediate impact shot into his body, the gut pains shooting into his spine and sides. His hands clutched his balls only to find one still hanging but the pain was too intense for him to notice at first that his larger left ball had been force by the impact up into the cavity just above his penis. He coughed hard, almost retching with the pain and the ball fell back into his scrotum.

“You OK? I really let you have it then.” Marked asked, concerned for his brother. Greg moaned and nodded his head.

Leaning quickly, Mark took hold of his brother’s right arm and pulled him up from the chair and tried to get him standing. It took quite an effort as Greg’s legs took on the strength of jelly. After a great deal of moaning and swearing Mark managed to get Greg upright.

“Straighten-up and take the pain” encouraged Mark, learning fast as he helped Greg back over to a wall for support. He pushed his brother’s shoulders back against the wall, his face still contorted from the pain in his balls. Greg moaned again and tried to cup his balls but his pinned shoulders would not allow it.

Mark looked into his brothers eyes, still half closed with the agony of his battered testes.

“Perfect” moaned Greg as he tried to smile, “Just perfect, just starting to ease off. Thanks.”

Mark slowly released his right hand from one shoulder and slid it down over Greg’s smooth chest and belly. He let his fingers run gently over Greg’s ball sack, supporting the two hanging testicles. He continued to stroke the balls for about a minute, Greg still in considerable pain, before allowing his fingers to grip the inflamed testes and apply a vice like force and strong downwards jerk.

Greg cried out at the sudden increase in pain as the arrow sharp flashes shot back to his spine and gut. He did nothing to resist or stop the source of this new ecstasy. He stared at Mark who was looking down at the sight of his massive erection, the end bared and pointing straight out by the pulling of his scrotum. He felt Mark’s fingers wrap around his rigid blue veined shaft and start moving them slowly up and down. He looked back into his brother’s eyes again and knew immediately he was on the verge of cumming. Instinctively Mark started to pull and squeeze rhythmically on Greg’s balls, matching the rhythm on his cock, the pace gradually increasing to that of the spasms of a man's orgasm. Mark looked down again, just in time to see Greg’s first spurt of cum leave his open slit and hit his own belly. Spurt after spurt of hot white cum followed, encouraged by Mark milking his balls; the thinner parts of the spunk quickly starting to trickle down Mark’s belly until in reached his cock and balls.

Mark did not immediately release Greg; he could see he was still in a state of high pleasure. He kept up the rhythm on his balls, gentler now, but still enough to stretch them. Slowly he allowed the force to ebb away until it was no more than a stroking of the hair on his scrotum.

“Wow! That was awesome.,” said Greg in a whisper. “Thanks. What about you, are you going to cum off?”

“I need to, I feel like I’m under pressure down there.”

Marked looked down to see his cum coated belly, cock and balls. “Some balls to produce that amount, Eh?” he said smiling at Greg.

“You want me to toss you off?” asked Greg, as he wiped away a drop of cum from his now contacting bell end.

“Will you do the ball pumping thing to me while I rub?

“OK, how hard can you stand?”

“Better take it easy, Carole will be doing all this to me again tomorrow, if I can persuade her”.

“You will, she’s crazy about you”.

Mark opened his legs to allow Greg to grip his testicles, taking them initially high up under his cock with the standard circular grip of thumb and forefinger. Mark’s limp cock started to swell rapidly, gaining thickness and length simultaneously. Greg let his fingers slip down the length of his brothers distended sac to allow him enough skin to wank with, his tender balls pushed to the end of his taut scrotum. Mark took hold of his reddened end in his right hand and started the inevitable passage to orgasm.

Slowly Greg started to pull and squeeze Mark’s balls as his brother’s fingers now pushed his foreskin over the deep rim of his glans and on to almost hide his moist slit. He made sure that he rubbed the extra sensitive ridge of skin on the underside of his cock head with every stroke.

Eyes closed now, he tried to concentrate on the dual pleasures in his balls and in his dripping cock. Greg watched his brother intensely, looking for the signs of approaching orgasm: his breathing; his face; the speed of his wanking; any sounds he made. Gradually he increased the rhythm of the pull and squeeze on Mark’s balls, allowing the occasional dig into the firm coils of a testicle with a finger or for one finger to open out and stroke back along the smooth hairless skin towards Mark’s asshole.

Mark’s breathing was now increasing, his fingers worked at this knob, pre-cum oozed from the opening and coated the purple head. Gasps of breath told Greg Mark was almost there, he responded by pulling harder, squeezing faster and sliding his finger further back until he could feel the puckered orifice of his brother’s asshole. He was used to Rachael doing this and knew how much it excited him, especially when he was about to cum.

Greg could feel Mark tugging at his cock, trying to lengthen the wank to a full length stoke, but his grip on the two painful balls prevented it. Mark was about to cum, his mouth was open as he gasped for air and moaned simultaneously, he could feel his end swell to its maximum between his moving fingers as he passed the point of no return, the throbs deep inside increasing in intensity and spreading along his rock hard penis to his apoplectic knob. Greg pumped at his brother’s balls, pulling and squeezing together, harder, faster, his fingers almost trying to penetrate the swollen testicles to get at the sperm inside. Mark’s face contorted.

He watched as his brother’s cock erupted, the first spurt hitting him on the chest, the thick white spunk sticking to him.

Mark had cried out as the first wad of cum shot from his cock, the force of the contraction easily exceeding anything he had ever felt. A second followed, the semen helped on its way by his brother’s pulsating grip on his distended testicles. More spurts followed, each flying through the air to land on Greg until his chest and belly were streaked in white cum.

Mark continued to rub his knob as the spurts subsided, his end becoming more and more sensitive until he could almost stand it no longer, he began to flinch every time his fingers and foreskin rubbed over the reddened end. He could sense that he had lost some of the swelling in his glans, the rim being less firm as his fingers crossed it in the massaging of his penis tip.

Greg watched in silence as Mark finished. He gently released his testicles and lowered then so they hung comfortably in his sac. He watched as Mark’s fingers stopped moving and his breathing slowed. He watched as Mark ran a firm finger along the base of his cock to expel the last of the cum which then dripped off his end onto the floor. He watched as Mark looked at him, smiled and placed two fingers on his chest and started to rub his cum into Greg’s skin.

“Fuck!” managed Mark, “Fucking great.”

“Greg smiled. “Shower followed by a beer sound OK?”

“You bet!”


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