Friday, August 10, 2007

Physics Lesson

By nutcracker sweet

There is a kitchen counter and two backless bar stools with upholstered seat cushions. The bar stools are set about 2 1/2 feet apart and located about a foot and a half away from the edge of the table. You are ordered by yours truly to rest your torso, face down on the table and put one knee on each bar stool, resulting in a sort of modified doggie-style, ass up, balls dangling. Heretofore known as "ASSuming the Position."

I step up behind you, between your legs and place a squat jar of key lime orgy butter on your back. I twist off the lid, scoop out a big dollop and smear it on your puckered and hairy bunghole. You feel the end of a big, knobby latex penis pressing between your ass cheeks and against your anus.

"So, needledick, are you a butt-hole virgin?” I ask, setting the jar aside.

"Sort of, Mistress Moira..."

"That's a pretty wishy-washy answer." I grasp your nuts in one small fist and squeeze, digging my black-lacquered nails into the meat of your manhood. "When I ask you a question I expect an intelligent answer!"

You yelp and then gasp, "I've only had fingers in there, Mistress, nothing larger!"

"That's better." I let go of your nuts. "Well today the worm turns for you, old man!" I start to firmly press the dildo into your ass. "Just try to relax, piggy-boy and it'll go in much easier."

You groan through gritted teeth as the dildo is pushed into you, little by little, until there is a good four inches of the latex "cock" in your ass!

My hands still smeared with orgy butter, I massage your tight nut-sac, rubbing and pulling down on each testicle.

"Hey! This is kinda like milking a cow!” I laugh. I work your scrotum until it is loosened up and your balls are dangling freely.

"Now, where should I begin, needledick? Hm? I don't know much about boxing but I've always wanted to try one of those speed-bags!"

I see your body tense up as you cringe.

I let loose with a short, bare knuckle punch into your dangling balls. Your cry of pain and surprise drowns out the beautiful sound of my fist smacking your balls. Your testicles swing to and fro from the impact as you gasp for breath. Without giving you time to recover, I punch out with my left fist in a short jab to your dangling balls! You yelp louder and the dildo shoots out of your ass to slap me in my chest before it clatters to the floor!

"Dammit!" I grab your balls in both my hands and start to grind them against each other! You are howling in excruciating pain! "If you don't want me to mangle your balls, you'd better keep that cock in your ass!"

"Yes mistress, yes mistress, yes mistress!" you gasp quickly. You are having trouble breathing so I swiftly grab a paper grocery sack from the counter and pull it over your head. "Take deep, easy breaths! We don't want you hyper-ventilating and passing out, do we?" I ask rhetorically, as I bend down to pick up the dildo. "We're just getting started!"

I smear the latex "cock" with another handful of orgy butter and jam it back into your ass. "You had better get control of yourself because if that happens again, you lose one testicle!"

You moan softly from inside the sack.

"That's right! I'll slice one of those useless orbs off, fry it in butter and garlic and force-feed you your own manhood!"

You shudder.

I place one hand firmly on the small of your back and my other fist I slam up into your dangling gonads, smashing them flat between my fist and your body! Your knees start to buckle, but I grab your balls and hold you up by them. With my other hand I scoop out yet another palmful of the orgy butter and slather it on your withered dick and I start to stroke your cock erect! Long, slow, strokes that stop to linger on your sensitive dickhead, swirling the lubricant around as my finger probes your pee-hole. Your nut-sac tightens and pre-cum oozes from your dickhead.

"A more experienced Domme once told me that the most sensitive part of the testicles is on top where the 'life-line' attaches it to the body." I mention this while jacking your dick and now pulling the dildo in and out of your ass in longer and longer strokes. "What do you say we find out?"

I release my hold on the dick only to grasp your balls between my thumbs and fingers and start to explore the surface of your testicles until I find the 'life-line' on each nut. I tentatively press my fingertips into this area of your testicles and you squirm and groan! Harder I press my fingers into your balls, burying the tips in your sex organs! Your hips buck and your knees tremble. "No... please stop, mistress..."

"Maybe Mistress Annie has something here, eh?" I really squeeze your nuts now! They feel as if they are about to pop, like overripe grapes!

You shriek and collapse forward, yanking your own nuts as I maintain my grip on them! You shriek some more!

I cum in my leather panties!

Your body is convulsing!

I let go of your testicles, only to step back a couple of paces. I swing my leg back and then snap it forward in a high kick that connects with your unprotected balls!! My booted foot squishes your nuts against your pelvis bone!! You crash to the floor, screaming like a banshee, curling up in the fetal position and clutching your battered balls!

"Hot damn!" I am hopping up and down. "That felt sooooooo good!"

"Let's do it again!” I give you a perfunctory kick to your ribs. "Get your sorry ass back up there and ASSume the position!"

"no..." you whimper in a small voice; snot, saliva and tears staining the bag over your head. "...please...I can't..." You are clutching your balls and rocking on your knees.

I squat down, yank the bag off of your head and grab your chin between my hands. "Listen to me, you asked for this, so now you can't punk out! You WILL assume the Position or I'm going to tear your nuts off with a fork, piece by piece! Understand me, sissy-boy?"

Chewing on your lower lip, you nod, "Yes, ma'am..."

I help you to your feet and back up onto the table and stools. "I'll be right back." I leave you there gasping and retching, body trembling.

I return with a two-inch ball-stretcher of stiff leather. Four short, leather straps with hooks on each end and an empty five-gallon gypsum bucket.

"You, uh, you got it under control a little bit, piggy-boy?" I ask, massaging your scrotum. "Good job, by the way, keeping that dildo where it belongs." You flinch and gasp some more as I bind your testicles in the ball-stretcher. Your nuts are swollen, purple and feel as though they are on fire! The pain and nausea overwhelm your body and the fear has your mind. Next I hang the straps from the ball-stretcher and finally I hang the empty pail from the straps.

"Mistress..." You begin to implore but I silence you with a slap to the ass. "This is a physics lesson, boy. Remember how much water weighs?" I ask back over my shoulder as I leave the room only to return trailing a garden hose. I plop the business end of the hose into the bucket and leave the room once again. You start to cry so loud that I hear your sobs out where I am turning on the spigot. I enter the room as the water comes trickling out of the hose into the bucket. I stand in front of you and slip to fingers into my slick womanhood and masturbate myself.

"8.34 pounds per gallon!” I pant, "How many gallons do you think that your balls can hold?"

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