Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A PUNishing Story (part 2)

by confused_ed

Like most of the stuff I write this is a work of humor, and if you read this “one handed” you will probably not be very satisfied. I had a "scream" writing this so that’s all that matters. I would suggest though reading this aloud since most of these jokes are audio ones.

It was Halloween night and I should have known better then to scare my ghoulfriend,. I waited for her in the bushes ready to jump out and scare her to death. It was all meant in good spirit, but when I jumped out I was in for a spooktacular surprise. I spider coming up the path and leaped out screaming like a banshee. Witch caused her to scream and kick me where it hurt the ghost. Her foot smashed into my pumpkins without mercy. I howled in agony as they pain crypt up my stomach. I fell like a skeleton of bricks and curled up on the walkway. After a moment, she realized it was her boyfriend she just made into a hallowingweener.

“Oh… why do voodoo these stupid tricks?” She axed me, “they always seem to cause you pain.” I just groaned and tried not to wizard in my pants. She then went into the house and left me there to wonder for how many week or monsters come I would have to listen to her tell this story over and over again. All in all, I would have to say this was not a tricker’s treat.

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