Thursday, August 9, 2007

Purple Apple

By jondelny

This isn't about the topic directly, but it is a story of how you could incorporate the Adam’s apple into this fetish.... Found this on a message board.

"Posted by Sean on April 25, 2001 at 14:47:20:

At the college I go to, it seems one of the sorority houses has at least one very sexist and abusive initiation ritual. I can’t imagine it’s gone on for more than a couple years or so, because it’s only a matter of time before these girls get caught. I found out—the hard way—from a girl who was a member of that sorority.

She said that one of the things new members have to do is find some cute guy that they do not know, walk right up to him out in the open, and give him a "purple apple".

"What’s a purple apple?" I was stupid enough to ask this one girl whom I was trying to hit on.

Suddenly, she grabbed my balls and squeezed them. It felt like a giant had grabbed my balls, instead of merely a female. She had an iron grip around my whole package. Felt like a vice was closing around me. It was horrible because I couldn’t breath. She began to leisurely explain to me, as she lifted her hair away from her face with the other hand and smiled at me, that a "purple apple" is grabbing a guy’s balls and rendering him helpless while the girl gave him a hickey right smack dab on his Adam’s apple.

As soon as I heard that, I wanted no part of it. I wanted to hit her or get the hell away or both. Trouble was, I was helpless. She had me completely helpless.

She tilted her head as I saw her open her mouth and move in. I tried to talk but could only let out an idiotic sounding gasp. I instinctively tucked my chin down to protect my neck as she moved in but then she pulled upwards on my balls and my chin lifted back up again in agony, exposing my neck to her (she was nearly as tall as me). Somehow she knew that would force me to lift my chin. She had total control of me and the next thing I knew, it felt like a vampire was attached to my neck. I let out another stupid sounding, helpless gasp when she first locked onto my neck. I couldn’t believe this was happening and I was utterly helpless to do anything about it.

She didn’t suck that hard but I knew she was doing it hard enough and certainly long enough. Her lips fastened themselves to the front of my neck like a leech while I just stood there unable to stop her. I am a fairly well built guy and this chick was pretty skinny even, but believe me, I was made utterly helpless by the vice-like grip she had on my ball sack.

She must have sucked on my neck for about a minute before she finally stopped. Then she looked me in the eyes and said, "There’s one more last part to a purple apple. You’re probably really pissed at me now, so I have to make sure you won’t come after me. Sorry, but I have to do this."

Next thing I knew, I was on my knees. She had given my balls a really good jerk or twist or something—I don’t know. All I know is, it hurt incredibly and I couldn’t talk, breath or get up. All I could see were her shoes walking away, all snickering and laughing.

I’ve seen her around campus a couple more times since then and I wanted to go up to her and do something to her to get revenge but then every time I see her, I remember what she did to my balls the last time I got up close to her. So all I do is kind of look at her and she just smiles at me, that bitch. I guess I could wear a cup and go up to her and go all macho on her that way. But then if I touched her, she could report ME.

I would rather not have anybody know about that I got beat up by a chick, you know? So I can’t very well report that sorority house, either. Maybe some guy will someday, but not me.

Dammit, she probably had a really fun story to share with her girlfriends. It is still hard to believe that it was that easy for a female to render me helpless and then take me down.

And yes, I looked really stupid wearing a turtleneck around campus for the next week in hot weather.


I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but there’s a thread about 'sorority house ballbusters' down a little bit, and I found the guys experience interesting, so I decided to try it myself the other day.

I had been talking to a guy who I knew was falling all over me, so I asked him if he wanted a purple apple, his eyes lit up and he was like 'I’d love one!' So I got closer to him until we were touching and slowly unzipped his pants and slipped my hand down and felt for the perfect spot to grab his little boys. I looked up into his eyes. Licked my lips a little... and squeezed his two balls together in my hand (not that hard). He thought it was a little game so he didn't make much of it until I went to suck on his Adam’s apple where he resisted a little bit....

So I squeezed his balls so hard I thought his eyes would pop out of their sockets. From that point I didn’t have much trouble with him. When I finished I let him fall to the ground since my body was the only thing keeping him from doing so. Gave him a nice little kick to the balls and walked away

(This was in another state so I doubt he'll be coming for revenge any time soon)

To all ladies out there I recommend you try this, its verrrrry fun ;)

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