Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Real Marital Story

By kd

This is a real story of the change in my sexual relationship with my wife. I was thrilled to discover this site a couple of years ago. Until then, like many of you I am sure, I thought I was a freak for enjoying ballbusting. After awhile I began to believe that I wasn't a pervert and I wanted to somehow involve my wife. My wife has always been timid when it comes to sex and while she didn't think I was some kind of pervert, she didn't like the idea of ballbusting. Basically, she loves me and abhors the idea of hurting me - how can I argue with that?

She did agree to try some kneeing (my favorite form of ballbusting) but she would never do it very hard and was clearly uncomfortable with it. I stopped pressing for a while. In a bit I did introduce her to squeezing my balls instead and for some reason she doesn't have a problem w/that. She mustn’t think it hurts as much (an impression I foster for obvious reasons).

She has been getting progressively more aggressive when she crushes my balls. She even shocked me by using her ponytail elastic to contain my balls while squeezing them. Well, the other day I discovered the MPEG's on Tamahamiden and I showed my wife a few of the techniques the girls used - Wow! I also asked her to not to let me stop her unless I used a safeword. Well, I got pretty aggressive for a change and she grabbed my balls and began to use the techniques I had introduced and man did she destroy me. Because of the agreement we made above I fought her with all my strength (shy of punching her of course) and I just couldn't get her off of me. She kept crushing me I couldn't even lift an arm. She even used her knee by trapping my balls with one hand and then forcing her knee against my balls. She kept this up for a minute and I honestly felt like passing out.

When she finally broke me she jumped my bones like never before. It was an incredible experience.

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