Friday, August 10, 2007


by MarkX

On this night Renee employed her sexy black slip dress. Being a beautiful woman, she was blessed with a rounded angelic beautiful face with sexy rounded eyes. Renee walked out the bathroom looking extremely sexy with her long shapely legs and dainty beautiful feet. She slipped on her pointiest tipped sandals and went to work. These sandals were not flat and had 4" heels to make her look all the sexier. It was true that Renee had a good job and was going right now off to work, but this wasn't to her normal job this day, but to another job one more out of personal work, a project of sorts than her occupational work. However with the care and precision taken, it might as well have been her job. As well as the adoration she received as payment from the faces of ball-busted men. After a long day at the office, Renee was definitely ready to hang loose and have a great deal of fun busting the balls of the men who piss her off. Oh this would be very fun she thought and great to get some revenge. At this point Renee headed to the door...

Renee walked gingerly from her home in an extremely feminine fashion. She evenly and provocatively placed one foot in front of the other. Getting on a bus that stops just down the street from her place, she was repeatedly watched by guys who were getting extremely stiff watching her, because she brought out sexual and perverted thoughts in them. Women grew jealous of her because of her sexy and beautiful appearance. Men never expected Renee to be so sexy and sensual. At least not at work. Most never even thought of her as being able to keep a man interested because she was a no nonsense woman with a little sense of humor or patience. She would take nothing from any woman or man for that matter. Men couldn't have their way with her unless she allowed it. When the bus stopped, she walked to the exit and got off the bus and was followed by two women who went another way as well as one of the men who kept eyeing her. She walked down a somewhat lonely street that eventually came to a busy street were all the action was as was the object of her little outing. The women walked two different paths one up and down the street, while Renee was taking a shortcut through an even quieter street.

The guy followed slowly until the bus left and then the street became even quieter. He watched Renee go down the short quiet street and decided to go after her since she was going down easy target street. With all chance of assistance going, he thought Renee would be an easy target. He summoned much courage and decided that it was time to go get the girl. He quickly imagined the pleasures he would have once he captured his prize. He finally began to walk after her slowly. Soon he would be fulfilled...

Little did he know Renee had seen him out the corner of her eye. However, he approached quickly and grabbed some of Renee luscious round ass. Renee anticipated this and let him get a sample but she definitely was going to refuse giving this pervert some. At this point, the man reached with both hands only to have both of his wrists pulled away from her and out wide. The man was incredibly surprised at the woman's response. He got hard quickly seeing this dazzling woman handling him so roughly.

If only he realized it... Pissed off, Renee like the bitch she was tonight had spun around holding his wrists and let go of them. He moved his now free hands towards Renee ample mounds. He was reaching for her chest. She looked the man in the eyes and quickly and firmly grabbed his rounded shoulders and kneed his balls into his stomach or that is how the guy felt afterwards. All he did then was make a futile grab at her and his balls at once. Renee saw this feeble attempt coming and wrist locked him and with her sandal clad foot scoop kicked the guy in his balls twice without her foot touching the ground until after the second kick. This time our friendly neighborhood pervert/mugger/rapist was in absolute pain and reeling.

Renee simply turned around and laughed as the guy fell to his knees clutching his bashed balls with both his hands tightly. It was apparent that on this night, guys shouldn't mess with the woman known as Renee. In her proud feminine strut, she missed the guy fall over to his side in a fetal position clutching his balls hoping that the pain would end soon. All he could think was that he hoped that she didn't come back. He was embarrassed and humiliated enough by a small 5'3" woman. Not like his other targets who fell to his perverse pleasures and dominations.

As she proceeded away, the click clack of her heels followed her to the happiness of the men who would ultimately piss her off this night. Renee just smiled widely as the club came in sight and the man was still on his side crying. There would be more guys like him tonight she thought...

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