Thursday, August 9, 2007

Revenge Night

by Smack My Nuts

I step out of the shower and into a towel. After thoroughly drying myself I slip on a pair of panties and then a short pleated skirt. I pull a half-t-shirt on just barely covering my large but perky breasts. Tonight is revenge night. I've got two names and addresses from sorority sisters of mine of guys who need to be hurt. I slip on my shoes and socks and head out. The first one is on the second floor of one of the guys dorms. It is a single, so my work is easy.

I knock on the door. He opens and looks very surprised to see me here. "I have something for you," I coo. "Please let me come in," I continue adding an almost begging tone to my voice. He opens the door, and I step in. Very suddenly I pull my top off revealing my naked breasts.

He gasps in amazement, and his jaw drops open. He starts to reach out to touch them and I say, "But, those aren't what I have for you."

"What do you have for me?" he asks. Boys are so predictable.

"This!" I yell as I suddenly kick him right between the legs, full force. I can feel the impact with his testicles. I watch happily as he crumples to the ground clutching his groin. I step over to him lying there and plant my foot in his groin atop his hands. I put the full force of my weight down on his testicles. He shrieks in pain.

"No more! Please!" I step off of him and put my top back on.

As I turn to walk out I call back at him, "Next time, treat women with respect or I'll be back. With scissors."

The next boy is down the hill and across the street in a different dorm. As I am walking down the sidewalk a boy approaching yells to me "Hey baby! Shake your things!" I walk right up to him, put both hands on his shoulders, look him sweetly in the eyes, smile, and nail him in the balls with my knee as hard as I can. You should see the look on the jerk's face. He just grabs his balls and falls to the ground moaning. I give him one extra kick for good measure and then continue on.

When I get to the next target's door, it's open already. I look in and am relieved to find that the target is alone. The presence of potential men or even worse, previously targeted boys almost always leads to unnecessary complication.

"Can I come in?" I inquire sweetly.

"Sure, mama, you can always come in," he replies. This guy is enough of a jerk that I decide to improvise a little bit. I start standard by swinging the door closed as I enter and pulling my top over my head. "Wow," he utters, "You sure are one fine set of tits." I walk right up to where he's sitting and grab onto his shirt. I pull him up to a standing position as if I'm going to kiss him. Then I run my right hand down into his pants and grasp my fingers gently around his testicles. Once I have them solidly in hand I suddenly begin to squeeze very tightly. He just gasps out loud and starts to fall downward a little, which doesn't help him at all, rather it increases the strain on his balls. I relax my grip for a moment, and he catches his breath. I resume squeezing with all my might, and he loses it. He starts to whine and pant as I continue to squeeze.

"Beg me to leave you alone."

"Please leave me alone," he cries.

"Now promise to be more respectful to women."

"I promise." I release, letting him fall to his knees. I give him a sudden solid kick right to the balls. He clutches his groin and falls the rest of the way to the floor, resting on his side.

"Keep your promise or I'll be back," I call to him. He just nods okay. I open the door and walk out. I know that I'm going to be back though. His type of boy never learns. I head back to the sorority to tell the other women that the revenge has been gotten and hear them laugh when I tell the stories.

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