Thursday, August 2, 2007

Revenge on The Rapists

by BBuster

Karen was pissed off! Her best friend Carla had just confessed to her, sobbing about these three guys who had raped her. She had gotten drunk, its true, and she had really liked Derek. When she agreed to go back to the house with him, she had not counted on his friend being there.

At most, she figured they might make out. Before she knew it, Derek was raping her and inviting his friends to join in! No matter how much Karen asked her to, Carla refused to go to the authorities. Finally Karen agreed.

"OK, Carla, Dana and I will take care of this for you." Karen was a tall 5 11", good-looking 20 year old blonde. She had high cheekbones and very Germanic features. She looked almost like a model, but her nose was a little too large for that. Her eyes were bright blue and she kept her lithe, muscular body in tip-top shape. Her breasts were decent sized, nice and perky but not too large or too small. Most guys would definitely give her a long look and they usually did! She had decided to wear her black, hard-heeled shoes along with comfy sweat pants and a tight white T-shirt. It made her look good as well as gave her room to maneuver. She was a black belt in Karate, and she knew some good street moves as well.

Her friend Dana was also an expert fighter with a bit more street fighting experience than she had but less formal martial arts training. Dana listened to her friend’s plan and quickly agreed to it. When she had been 13 she had been raped, too and she had never forgotten the horror. Dana was a 19-year-old black girl, but she had very light features. She was 5 9" and just as muscular as Karen. She was more full figured, however. Her nose was a mix between her African ancestry and European and the result was very appealing. Her eyes were light brown and she was good looking by anybody’s standards as well, although her figure was wider than the thin model type like Karen’s.

They smiled at each other as they approached Derek s place the next morning. It was a hot summer day, and Derek and his friends had just gotten up and were getting ready for the day in no particular hurry. Derek was a cocky 20 year old guy, about 5 10" tall. He had short, dark hair and a muscular build from playing a lot of tennis and racquetball. He had a handsome face and piercing blue eyes that melted many a girl’s heart and then let them get into their pants! This morning he was walking around in his jockey shorts, grabbing some stuff to eat. He kept his loose balls carefully cupped below his decent sized dick tucked in above. He was mostly smooth except for a bit of hair coming up his belly from his crotch area.

His friend Shawn was also awake with his younger brother Randy. Shawn was a 6’ tall, smooth 19 year old blonde with an excellent swimmer’s build. His hair was still a bit wet and he kept it long, with short sides. It was sort of that "floppy" look which along with his small nose, blue eyes and handsome features made him a real lady-killer himself. Today he wore just his gray sweatpants loose with no shirt. His boxers were sticking out above. They were red with little white hearts on them. The girls just loved those! He liked his genitals to hang free and loose like they were today. He had a good set and he needed the room.

His 17-year-old brother Randy was actually even bigger, though! He was just finishing taking a shower and had just put on a striped polo shirt. He was also blonde, about 5 10" and had a normal boy s medium build and musculature. He was hairless but had some downy blonde hair on his legs and light hair on his genitals. He was not quite as good looking as his older brother, maybe because his green eyes were a bit deeper set and closer together, but he was handsome enough. His blonde hair was a bit wavy and he kept it short with some extra length in front combed upwards.

The girls came up to the house and just knocked on the door. Derek walked up to the door and opened it up a crack, "Hello?" he queried.

Then he saw the two girls and smiled. He was by no means bashful and opened the door up a bit to give the girls a better look at him. "Hi, Derek" Karen said in her sweet little girl voice. "My friend told me that you and your friends are Real Hot! Can we come in and talk?" Derek just gulped, he couldn’t t believe it! This was like something from Penthouse Forum.

"Sure!" he smiled as he let the two cute girls in. He was starting to get turned on already. "We re just getting up so I am not really dressed yet " Derek explained.

"That s OK, sweet thing. I like you better that way anyhow." Karen responded. "Who’s your cute friend?" Dana asked as she caught sight of Shawn coming into the room.

"I’m Shawn," the young man introduced himself. "What s going on?"

"Hey Shawn " Dana crooned and came up to the handsome youth and began to rub his chest. Shawn backed up to the kitchen counter as Dana sort of threw herself at him. He was somewhat taken aback but he was horny and responded. Soon they started kissing and feeling each other up. In the meantime, Karen sat down on the sofa with Derek and they started to make out.

Derek then said, "I know what you want!" By now his dick was hard and he wanted some real action, just like that dumb bitch the other night.

"Wait, this is going too fast!" Karen got up and re-arranged her shirt, and her friend Dana backed off from Shawn.

"What!" Derek demanded. "You girls came in here!" Shawn looked a bit miffed too and grabbed Dana s arm rather hard and said "Come on" in a demanding way but with a smile. His dick was starting to get hard and he didn’t want to stop.

Derek had grabbed both Karen s arms and she quietly said "Derek, let go. I’m warning you. I said No." The two had decided to give the guys a chance. If they had agreed to stop at this point they would not do anything. It was possible that their friend had been exaggerating, but they did not think so. Besides, it would make it justified in their minds.

At the same time, Dana warned Shawn "I said No, Shawn." Just then Shawn’s brother came in, just wearing his shirt. Dana looked over and could see his privates hanging below his shirt.

"Hey Randy," Shawn called to his brother, "Come over and help me fuck this girl I think she wants it!" Randy was sort of embarrassed at his partial nudity, but then he got real turned on by this black girl he could screw. He had loved it when he got to fuck that other girl Carla. He ran over to help his brother.

"Lets screw her!" Derek watched and just laughed at the whole thing. "Come on, bitch!" he demanded of Karen and tried to force her down. Now the girls struck. Dana grabbed back at Shawn s arms and pinned him to the counter and slammed her knee into his balls. The knee came up and slammed right into Shawn s loose balls and into the counter, crushing them hard. Shawn felt the blow but he was in shock and the pain had not really hit yet. He struggled but Dana s arms were like steel and she drove her knee full force again into Shawn s balls. The pain hit like an avalanche now. Shawn s knees turned to water and his face turned pale white as he tired to make a sound but couldn’t. "Thwack!" Once more like lightning Dana’s knees slammed into the blonde’s nuts and she finally let go as he collapsed to the floor retching and coughing in agony. It had taken no more than a couple of seconds. Just then she was hurled back as Shawn’s brother Randy tried to tackle her.

At the same time as Shawn was getting "balled" in the girl’s own particular fashion, Karen had to take care of Derek. As Derek grabbed at her, she karate kicked her hard-heeled black shoes straight into his tightly packed balls with a "HeeYaaa!" Derek doubled up and fell back in pain as a wave of nausea hit him.

"Fuck You! (cough) You bitch! (cough)," he yelled as he fell to his knees from the pain.

"Carla said No, and I said No. What part of No didn’t you understand?" She asked the boy as he fell to his knees.

Derek stiffened himself and grimaced, "She wanted it and so do you!" as he got up to attack the girl again. As Karen waited for Derek to get up so she could continue his beating, Dana had to deal with Randy.

Randy had grabbed her around the neck and thrown her onto the floor where they struggled. He had her around the neck, and she reached back to grab his balls that were hanging out from under his shirt. As she yanked down on his nuts Randy cried out and let go, but as got up and turned around he came after her again. She blocked a couple of his punches as she got pushed back towards the wall, but then she punched back and hit him in the nose. As Randy fell back and put his hands up to his bloody nose, Dana could see his dick and balls hanging down below his shirt. She didn’t even hesitate as she kicked upwards right underneath the sack, slamming the testicles into his crotch. The boy grunted and put his hands to his balls, falling to his knees in front of the Dana with a shocked look on his face.

"Ahhhh, my balls!" Randy cried out in a higher pitched plaintive voice.

"Well you were willing to use them on a helpless girl, weren’t you? I guess you don t like it when we fight back!" Dana tormented as Randy lay there moaning.

"You fucking Bitch!" Randy screamed in rage. He was pissed and he wanted to nail this girl. He had never been hit in the balls before but he could take pain. Just one good punch and I can kill this girl! He crouched to launch himself at her again and attacked, but just as began to stand up, the girl’s foot lashed out and caught him in the chin. The force of the kick threw Randy back to the ground, but he managed to land on his stomach and struggled to pick himself back up. Dana saw his large balls hanging from between his legs from the back and gave them another kick. She connected with a thwack as the boy screamed again, clamping his hands between his legs and falling over. Then she came over to the helpless Randy and grabbed him by the throat. As she choked him, Randy was forced to try to free her arm from his neck so he wouldn’t choke to death. He grabbed her arm and tried to peel it off in desperation. Dana then let up the pressure but reached between his legs and grabbed a hold of Randy s swollen balls.

Randy just froze and begged, "No, please " but Dana just squeezed and pulled them out the back, trying to lift him by his balls. As Randy was being tortured, his brother Shawn came out of the haze of pain he had been in. He thought he might have even thrown up, but he knew he was in trouble and then he saw his brother getting choked to death. This gave him the strength to get up and try to help him out.

As this was happening, Karen was defeating Derek. Derek really wanted to nail this bitch! He came at her again, being careful to protect his nuts this time. She easily blocked his punch and gave Derek a heavy slap in the face. "You can do better than that, can’t you boy?" she laughed. Derek reeled from the power of the slap and his cheek turned bright red, then he launched himself at her in a fury.

One of his blows landed and she was forced back into the wall by the fury of his attack. He was strong and definitely outweighed her. He tried to capitalize on his position by slamming his fist hard into her belly, but she slipped to the side like a fish and his fist hit the wall. Karen was able to kick him then in the side, and her foot slammed into Derek’s kidney. As Derek fell back in pain, she came back to punch him in the face, but the young man was pretty savvy and managed to block the blow. This actually surprised Karen, and Derek was able to kick her himself. He aimed for her cunt but missed, hitting her in the lower belly. Karen grunted as she fell back and Derek gave a yell, kicking her again. This time Karen was ready and she dodged, grabbing his foot with both her hands. Then before Derek knew what hit him, her foot came up and that vicious heel slammed hard into his tender balls. In a split second the foot had come back and slammed into his balls again with a quick jab and an audible "thwack" before Derek could even bring his hands down to protect them.

Karen let go of his foot as Derek folded up with a whimper and hit the floor. As Derek retched on the floor in agony, she aimed carefully. Derek looked up at his tormentor and she let her foot fly. Slam! It hit Derek square in the nose, breaking it in a shower of blood. Derek screamed and fell onto his back, clutching his ruined nose. This exposed his crotch again, and Karen swung her foot down with a scream "Haaaa!" and connected with Derek’s nuts dead on. Derek curled up in agony and cupped his balls, which felt like they had been pulped. Karen then proceeded to stomp the crap out of him as he lay there helpless, until he was a cringing mess. Then Karen picked up one of his legs and pinned his other with one foot while she swung down her other in a nutcracker.

Her foot hit him right in the balls and pinned them to the floor. She held his one leg in both her hands while her she pushed her leg into his balls and ground them into a pulp. Derek clawed in vain as his privates were being crushed, screaming in agony. After a couple of minutes he started to beg and plead for her to let up but Karen just smiled. "Sorry but you will never rape another girl again." She kept grinding until Derek fainted from the pain.

While Derek was getting pulped, Dana had to deal with Shawn who had just gotten back up and attacked her. She let go of her grip on Randy and the boy curled up with a whimper, but not before Shawn had kicked her in the side of the head and knocked her sprawling on her back. Dana was dazed, and Shawn came down on her hard, kicking her in the ribs and then as she twisted to get back up, grabbing her by the neck and arm in a chokehold.

Her elbow shot back and caught Shawn in the gut, loosening his grip so she was able to escape. Shawn threw some fast punches at her, but she avoided the worst of them and tried to kick him in the groin again. She missed and but Shawn lost the initiative as he tried to protect himself. With Shawn distracted, Dana s lightning quick punch caught him in the nose and he fell back against the counter bleeding. Shawn was careful to protect his nuts, however and her crotch kick missed again. Shawn grabbed at her leg and managed to throw Dana off balance, then launched himself at her, trying to bring her to the floor where he could take advantage of his superior size and weight.

Normally Shawn could fight well and he thought he could take this girl, but his balls were still a white-hot agony that slowed his reactions down. The pain was unbearable and only the rush of adrenaline when he thought his brother might die had let him ignore it for a while. As Shawn grappled with the black girl, Dana was moving like an eel. Shawn couldn’t get a good hold and had to keep his nuts and eyes protected from her constant thrusts. Then Dana grabbed his sweats and yanked them and his boxers down. Shawn disengaged with his pants down, his good-sized dick and loose balls were both flopping around as he struggled up in confusion about what to do. He was torn pulling his pants back up and untangling himself.

Dana couldn’t suppress a chuckle but didn’t waste a second as she launched herself at Shawn. Shawn strained to get away, finally trying to shuck off his entangled sweats. Then Dana was able to reach between his legs from the back and she grabbed a hold of Shawn s loose balls. As Shawn felt the grip he brought his hands down but too late! Dana yanked hard on his sack with a vengeance, pulling and stretching his nuts out from the back. Shawn screamed and tried to break her grip but to no avail.

Dana grabbed Shawn s hair and kept up the pressure as the boy squirmed in agony and began to plead "Shit! (choke) Let go of my balls you bitch! (cough) Fuck!" Finally with a sheer act of desperation Shawn was able to kick with his feet and connect, which loosened Dana s grip long enough for him to break free. Shawn tried to fold himself up into a ball and protect his poor balls, his sweats and shorts finally shucked free. Then Dana noticed that Randy was up again and trying to run for the other room. It looked like Karen had just finished with Derek, so she called out a warning to Karen, who took off after Randy.

Dana looked down at the cringing Shawn and he looked up and begged, "Please
don’t hurt me any more. Pleeaasse."

Dana then demanded, "Admit that you raped Carla, you scumbag!"

Shawn moaned a little more and looked up "I didn’t. She wanted…” Wrong answer! Dana s foot slammed into Shawn s face, splitting his lip and loosening some teeth as he was thrown onto his back with a gurgle. "Thwack!" Dana planted her foot dead on into Shawn’s hanging balls with everything she had. Shawn curled up clutching his ruined balls as Dana pulled back her deadly foot.

"What was that? Did you rape Carla, Shawn?" she demanded again.

"I (choke) raped her...(moan)" Shawn whimpered.

"That s better, Shawn. I have already given you the punishment."

Randy was desperate, his balls were like globes of agony now but he knew he had to run. He headed for the door. Just as he made it to the door, he felt her hand grab his hair and spin him around. It was the blonde girl.

"Going somewhere, Randy? Don t you want to finish what you started?" Karen taunted. Randy was looking at her with pleading eyes, his hands both down covering his swollen balls.

"No please " he begged. "Didn’t Carla say no?" Karen asked him as she slammed her palm up into his nose, throwing Randy back and into the door. As Randy gasped and grabbed at his bloody nose, Karen moved forward to pin his arms back, bringing her foot up into a brutal forward karate kick. The kick threw all of her weight into the end of her foot, and her foot connected with Randy’s low hanging balls, crushing them up against the door. As white-hot agony shot through Randy, he tried to fall forward and bring his arms down, but he was pinned by Karen s iron hard arms. "Thwack!" Karen kicked again and slammed her heel into his crushed sack, then she kicked one more time for good measure and let the boy go. Randy slumped down holding his ruined balls, then vomited and fell unconscious from the pain.

Karen walked over to where Derek was beginning to stir, took his shorts off and checked out her work. One of his balls felt crushed but she thought the other still might be whole. She spread-eagled the boy on his back and took aim for his uncrushed nut.

Just then Derek stirred to consciousness and looked into Karen s eyes. "No!!!" he cried out as her foot arced down and slammed into his naked balls one more time. Right on target! She felt the other nut pop as Derek screamed and clutched at his ruined manhood. Just then they heard the sirens. The neighbors had called the cops.

Dana screamed, "Lets go!" but Karen stopped her. "Wait, they tried to rape us and we defended ourselves!" The story held and the girls were not charged with anything. In fact, the police wanted to charge the boys with rape but the girls let it drop because the
punishment had already been done.

Derek was sterile and was never the same again. Shawn had one ruptured testicle and was now deathly afraid of girls. In fact, he developed a crush on Dana, who made him her submissive slave. Randy s huge balls had miraculously survived a rupture despite their intense beating, but it was months before they felt all right again. He was in pain for a long time. After this event he was a good boy and he usually let girls make the first move because he was so scared of his older brother’s girlfriend.

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