Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rhonda Bashes Balls

by unknown

Rhonda was a 37-year-old single mother of a 17-year-old boy named Chad. Rhonda had Chad while she was in school and was forced to drop out. She had since finished her education but had been divorced and remarried numerous times. Chad was just about finished with high school and was heading to college. In all, you could say their relationship was pretty good.

Rhonda was fairly attractive for her age. She was 5' 8" tall and slim with a good but not model-like figure. She had shoulder-length blond hair and she always liked to dress up nicely, which often meant short skirts and high heels. Chad was tall and slender, 5'11" and 170 pounds but he carried his weight with a decently toned body.

One evening, Rhonda went out to a bar with some friends. Chad felt a little sick so he stayed home and watched TV. Rhonda came home and was not drunk but a little buzzed. She was wearing black heels with black stockings, a short black leather skirt and a white blouse. Even Chad was impressed with his mother’s figure.

Rhonda sat on the couch and could not get her shoe off because her foot swelled from all of the alcohol. She yanked and tugged but to no avail. She asked Chad to help her. Chad snickered but offered his assistance. He was having a tough time so he stood before her and placed her foot on his thigh. He yanked on his mother’s shoe to pry it off. In his tug however his force pulled his mother’s leg towards his crotch and Rhonda forgot to offer resistance, resulting in her heel smashing into his balls. Chad instantly doubled over in pain.

Rhonda said, "Oh my gosh; are you okay?" But then she also started to snicker. She had only hit a man in the balls once when she was young and she remember how good it felt to have a man injured before her, even if it was her own son.

Rhonda stood up and asked her son if he was okay. He gingerly pulled his head up and said he was okay. Rhonda then said, "I got you good, huh". Chad was a bit puzzled but replied he was caught off guard. Rhonda then got defensive and asked her son, "What, did you think that I could not hurt someone if I tried?" Chad answered that he was not saying that; it's just that he did not see the shot coming. Rhonda still grew more hasty and said, “Well do you think I could hurt someone even if they saw the shot coming?”

Chad, who was still grimacing a bit, replied, "I guess you could, it depends on the situation and the person."

Rhonda was getting mad that her own son doubted her ability to defend herself. That, mixed with her buzz, had given her an altered state of mind. She said, “Well how about you and me make a wager then. If I could hurt you right now, then you have to cook, clean and do the household chores for a week straight. If I can't hurt you, then you have no curfew for a week and no household responsibilities either.”

Chad thought it over and seeing that his mom was buzzing and probably couldn't mount too much of an offensive said, "You're on". However before he could say anything else or ask about what the rules would be, Rhonda grabbed his arms, pulled him forward and brought her stockinged knee right into his unprotected nutsack. She kept it there for a few seconds and held his arms out. His legs were a bit wobbly but she then delivered a second knee, this one knocking him off of the ground. She let go of his arms and he crumpled to the floor.

Rhonda stood over her son a second admiring her work. She then rolled him on his back and kneeled on him, placing her knees on his arms. She slapped him across the face and yelled as she grabbed his throat, "Don't Ever Disrespect (slap) your mother (slap) like that again! Do you hear me?” Chad was too stunned to speak so Rhonda placed her right hand over his balls. She leaned backwards a bit to get more room and she yanked her son's balls violently. She asked him if he quit yet. Chad was yelping in pain and was just about to say yes when his mom released his balls. She then quickly stood up and stood on his chest with her heels still on. Her heels dug into his chest as Chad squealed in pain.

Rhonda stepped backwards on his body until her heels were resting on his crotch. She applied slight pressure with her heels and asked told her son that if he didn't quit that he would get to keep his balls.

Chad was crying now and yelled, "Yes mom, I quit! Please get off of me! You win!" Rhonda cracked a smile knowing she had won. She looked at her son and ground her heel in a little harder into his balls.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"YES, please stop!" cried Chad.

"Okay, I win!" said Rhonda triumphantly. She stepped off his body and turned her back to him. Chad hands went to cover his balls but suddenly Rhonda's leg went shooting backwards and her heel smashed into his balls. She turned around and kicked his balls dead-on as hard as she could.

"You had your fingers crossed your son of a bitch!" she screamed. Chad was sitting upright and his faced was etched in pain. Rhonda kicked him on the side of the head, sending him on his back again. She then stomped violently down on her son's nuts with her heel.

Chad was screaming in pain, "I quit! I quit!” However Rhonda was possessed and was kicking and stomping her son's balls into oblivion. She stepped back and Chad's body sat up again.

Rhonda stared her son in the eyes and said, “Do you quit?” Chad wiped away the tears and was about to say yes when Rhonda unleashed a vicious front kick to his face, snapping her son's head back. He was knocked out instantly.

"I'll let you answer when you wake up,” said Rhonda as she stomped his balls one last time for good measure. She was going to have some fun with her son and turn him into more than a household slave.

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