Friday, August 10, 2007

Ring Around The Caller

by nitecall

Lorna had worked with Jason Gibbs for about three years in the lab and had
secretly developed feelings for him. Being professional she had tried to keep her feelings to herself in the work place. He never seemed to really pay her much attention other than as someone who assisted him in the lab. She was thinking about showing him signs of how she felt and what would be the best way to go about it. After all she did work for him and that made it a little more touchy than a usual relationship. Her train of thought was suddenly interrupted when he excitedly burst into the room.

"Lorna, quick, come here!" She had never seen him so excited. HE almost shoved her into the next room. She asked him what was all the excitement about. Nervously he removed a cloth covering from a table.

Lorna looked with intense interest to see what he was so excited about, but all she saw was two dull gray metal rings about three inches in diameter across the opening. They were held apart by two clamps. She shrugged her shoulders.

"So…? I don't see anything. What's all the excitement about?" He took one of the thin rings loose and handed it to her and asked her to stand across the room from him. Puzzled, she did as he asked and waited to see where all this was going. He took the other ring and held it up in front of himself and reached into his shirt pocket and produced a ballpoint pen from it.

She frowned. "I don't see where all this is..." He cut her off.

"SHHHHHH… Watch!" Holding the ring steady he slowly put the pen through the ring. To Lorna's amazement the pen did not appear out the other side of the ring.

She exclaimed, "Where did it go? It just disappeared."

He smiled, "Hold your ring up and look at it."

Lorna suddenly gasped. "The pen... it... it's coming out of my ring. How... can it do that?"

He laughed, "Remember when you told me about seeing that meteor crash into the field when you were getting soil samples from the old Drexcom site?" She nodded her head that she remembered, but was too dumbfounded watching the pen moving in and out of the ring she was holding to talk. He beamed, "Well, this is it. I went out to investigate and found it. It is unlike any known material that I have ever seen before. Its molecular structure appears to be as one solid unit. If you cut it the cut will instantly seal itself back. By using wedges and a lot of painstaking work I was able to finally form it into a ring then forced a split into it until it appeared to come apart into two separate rings. I said that it appeared to come apart, but it did not. Even though we perceive it to be two separate rings, it is in fact still one unit. That's the reason the pen appears to be reappearing across the room.

She exclaimed, "I... I can hardly believe it. Jason, do you know what a find like this could mean? There is no telling where this will lead us with our work here."

He dropped his head and averted his eyes away from her. "Uh... Lorna, that's something else that I have to tell you. Understand that it has nothing to do with you, but I am closing the lab here. Trylon Labs has offered me something that I can't refuse. You have three weeks to find something else. I'm sure that you wont have any trouble finding
something and I'll put in a very good word for you."

Lorna looked stunned. If it were not for her he never would have found the meteor in the first place. She walked in a daze from the room and could not find it in herself to be able to come to the reality of what had just happened. How could he do this to could he???

The next few days she did not talk much and showed no sign of the anger and hurt that was building inside of her. Jason had no idea of what she had formed, a plot of revenge like none other in the history of revenges.

Monday morning came and Jason awoke with the sound of the phone ringing over and over. His head felt like it was two sizes to large and he groaned fumbling for the ringing object. He glanced at the clock and was shocked to see that he had over slept three hours. He had never done anything like that before. Grabbing the phone he managed to mumble out a "Hello..." He then heard Lorna's voice.

"Well, you are finally awake. I was afraid that I overdone it with spiking your drink at the lab last night when you were working late."

He stammered, "Spiked my drink??? Lorna...spiked my drink? YOU SPIKED MY DRINK!!! WHY???"

She snickered, "To tell the truth, I had a little experiment of my own to do." He
staggered out of the bed and ambled to the bathroom to relieve his bulging bladder.

"Experiment?? What in blue blazes are you talking about, Lorna?" Still talking on the phone he fumbled to pull out his penis to take a much-needed piss. Suddenly he exclaimed, "What the hell..."

His hand searched around his crotch and he heard Lorna's voice, "HMMMM… Sounds like you've just discovered that some thing's missing." Looking down Jason saw that his penis and balls were gone and in their place was one of his rings.

He cried out, "WHAT THE... LORNA, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Across town Lorna sat at her kitchen table talking on the phone and looking at a set of male genitals sitting in front of her.

She smiled, “Like I said, just a little experiment of mine." She reached out and started fondling the detached penis.

Then she heard Jason on the phone shout, “What the...What's the hell is this??" She laughed as she watched the penis start to swell and grow under her manipulating fingers. "After you passed out last night I took your precious rings and slipped one over your genitals and super-glued it in place. I took the other one with me along with what was dangling out of it." Jason stood in front of the mirror and saw the ring glued to his crotch and in the middle of it he saw the wooden top of Lorna's kitchen table.

"You can't do this...Lorna...bring the other ring back to me or else I..." She giggled in the phone as she started pumping the now fully erect penis in her fist.

"I don't think you are in a position to threaten me, Jason. How does it feel being jacked off long distance?"

He stammered, “Damn it, Lorna, stop it. I'll see to it that you never work in another lab." Her mouth tightened and she raised an eyebrow as she released his throbbing erection and gathered his balls into the palm of her hand. Jason felt what she was doing and exclaimed, “Lorna...what are you doing? Lorna..."

She hissed into the phone, “How dare you threaten me. After all I have done for you, staying late and doing things to please you, making your job easier for you and all the while you never hardly noticed me. Well, you're noticing me now aren't you, Jason?" Suddenly he tensed as he felt pain in his balls. Lorna's hand slowly started squeezing the two plump orbs. Jason staggered out of the bathroom clutching his empty groin area trying to stop the crushing pain that was radiating up into his lower abdomen.

He cried out into the phone, “GAAAAAAAA... LORNA… stopppp... you win! PLEASE..." She smirked as she watched his balls squeezed up tight in their sack which looked like it could burst if she put much more pressure.

"I want you to do something for me, Jason."

He screamed out, “ANYTHING... ANYTHING… (gasp)... just stop... STOP!!!"

Jason would agree to anything just to keep her from causing his genitals any further discomfort, “What... (wheeze)… do you want me to do?" Lorna smiled as she toyed with the balls on her table. She was enjoying the feeling of power that she was now experiencing.

“ I want you to go to the Coffee Cafe' on East Street. Sit at a table in one of the front windows. Be there in thirty minutes. Do you understand me?" She slowly pinched one of the balls and a slight smile curled at the corner of her lips as she heard his voice yelping over the phone.

“UNDERSTAND...I UNDERSTAND." Jason scrambled into his clothes as fast as he could. How could she do this to him? Lorna had always been a trusted assistant all these years. No matter what he had to find and get back his dick and balls, they could be anywhere. Hurrying out of his apartment he rushed to the elevator and met old lady Spencer and her teenage niece getting into it with him. She smiled and greeted him,

“Well, good morning, Mr. Gibbs. You've met my niece, Raven, haven't you?" He nodded a polite yes as he pushed the elevator button. Right now he had other things on his mind, the things that used to be between his legs.

Meanwhile Lorna was walking across her kitchen to get her pocket book and a hatbox to carry Jason's goodies in. As she bent over to get them she suddenly saw something out of the corner of her eye. She spun around quickly and was confronted with the sight of Sumu her pet cat sneaking up on the unsuspecting dick and balls.

"NOOOOO... nooo noo, HERE KITTY KITTY KITTY..." Too late, Sumu bounded across the table. Mrs. Spencer jumped as Jason suddenly let out an ear-piercing screech that was extremely attention getting in the confined space of the elevator. He grabbed at his crotch and yelled.


Old lady Spencer and her niece's eyes were wide in shock as Mrs. Spencer stammered, “W...What???? I never touched you." Jason yelled again as he felt the sharp needle like teeth griping his penis head.

Back at the kitchen across town Lorna approached her cat with a mouth full of cock head slowly. She was trying not to spook Sumu, “Nice kitty, stay right there. Good kitty...nice kitty." Sumu was no idiot. He could tell that Lorna was after his captured prize. He leaped into the air and off the table dragging Jason's dick and balls with him. The ball sack smacked soundly onto the floor.

Back in the elevator sounds of, “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... MY BAAAALLLLLLSSS... What the hell are you doing to my balls???" Old lady Spencer shook her head in wide-eyed astonishment.

“I told you...I didn't touch you!!" The old lady and her niece cowered in the corner of the elevator as they watched Jason clutching his crotch and dancing spraddle-legged around the elevator.

Sumu ran wildly around the kitchen floor growling as Lorna tried desperately to grab the runaway genitals. Jason's balls whapped into a chair leg, another chair leg, table leg, chair leg. Up onto the counter top and across the sink where he sat growling for Lorna to back off.

By now Jason was on his knees in the elevator, “My Gaaaaa... I think I'm gonna puke. Where the hell is my cock head, in a damn pin cushion?"

Raven whispered to her aunt, “What's the matter with him?"

The old lady exclaimed, “I think the poor man must have one of those awful venereal diseases." Suddenly the elevator doors opened at the lobby floor. Old Mrs. Spencer ushered her niece quickly out and dragged her toward the lady's room.

Raven cried out, “Where are you taking me?" The old lady replied, “To wash our hands."

Her niece whined, “But...we didn't shake hands with him!"

Her aunt snapped, “ Do you want to take a chance on winding up like that poor fool, grabbing your crotch and baying like a wounded pot bellied pig. Wash your hands!!!"

Lorna lunged at the genitals dangling from Sumu's snarling mouth. He bounded off the sink and across the floor with her in hot pursuit. Leaping under a wooden straight chair and through its rungs went the wild-eyed cat. Suddenly Lorna's hand managed to grab hold of the flopping balls before they were pulled through the chair rungs. She
squeezed them tightly and pulled toward her, but the dick was already on the other side of the wooden bars. Sumu refused to let go of his catch and a tug of war issued.

Jason howled in pain and ran through the lobby like a mad man. Bursting through the doors out onto the street where he spied a policeman standing on the corner. Running up to the officer he grabbed the uniform shirt in his hands and screamed, “YOU HAVE TO HELP ME! My dick and balls have been kidnapped and are being crushed in what feels like a vise full of needles."

The cop shoved him off onto the sidewalk. "Get the hell off of me and outta here
before I run you in. Damn drug head!"

Jason staggered to a lamppost and hugged it in anguish, “What the hell is she doing...I said I was going to the damn cafe..." The strain was too much and his bloated over filled bladder finally lost control.

Suddenly Sumu let out a gurgled yowl as a torrent of piss gushed forth into his mouth. Letting go of the spurting penis causing Lorna to fall backwards as she pulled on Jason's balls. She squealed as she saw the stream of yellow pee streaming helter-skelter about the room as the penis flopped around. Running around the kitchen holding the uncontrolled geyser by the balls she finally made it to the sink.

As he finished emptying the last of his bladder Jason slid down the lamppost onto the street in utter exhaustion.

Looking rather haggard and pale Jason finally arrived at the Coffee Cafe. He rushed into the cafe in a nervous rush. Lorna must be kept happy, at least as long as she held his beloved genitals hostage. He had already experienced what he perceived to be a sampling of what she could put him through and it was pure hell. Looking at the tables at the front windows he was dismayed to see that they were all taken. He had to get one of those tables. Surveying all the occupants he finally picked a table with a very classy middle-aged woman who was sitting alone.

"Excuse me, would you mind if I sat at this table also?" She eyed him over the rim of her glasses. He tried to smile at her in a friendly manner, but it came across as one of those phony put on smiles that forever lives in your old high school annual.

She smiled back and sweetly said, “Get the hell away from me!" Panic overcame him. He had to get into one of these tables.

“TWENTY DOLLARS! I'll give you twenty dollars!!!"

She stammered, “W… What??? Do I look like a two bit hooker to you? Get the hell away from me, pervert."

He blurted, "No, no, for the table. Just to sit at the table. I could care less about your body."

She screeched, “ At what time this morning did you decide to go out and insult the hell out of some innocent woman? I have never been verbally abused by anyone so rudely in my life. I think that you are the most crude, bumbling, lowlife son-of-bitch that I have ever had the misfortune to meet up with." He bit his lip.

"Does that mean that I can't sit at the table?" Her nostrils flared as she grabbed her unopened umbrella and speared his crotch. The tip of it ripped through his pants and into the center of the ring.

Meanwhile across the street at another restaurant Lorna was just arriving and was starting to sit down at one of the outside sidewalk tables. She was startled by the sudden cry of a waiter behind her. The sharp tip of an umbrella had burst trough the side of the hatbox and stabbed him in the ass. She gasped as she spotted the object protruding from the box. Grabbing the end of it Lorna tried to pull it out.

Back across the street the woman cried out in horror as she watched her umbrella scurry into Jason's crotch. Lorna managed to get all of it but the curved handle through. Jason let out a cry as it dug into his fleshy area around the glued on ring. Lorna lifted her arm with the umbrella into the air and dangling from the end of it was the ring with Jason's dick and balls.

The waiter raised his eyebrows at the sight and exclaimed, “Something for a rainy day, Madam?" Lorna quickly shoved it back into the box so fast that Jason's balls splatted into the wall of the cardboard.

Jason screamed, "GAAAAA... MY BALLS!!" The woman at the table along with several others watched in awe as he clawed at his crotch until he grabbed the umbrella handle and pulled it back out. He tried to hand it back to the woman and she screamed, grabbing her purse and spilling her coffee across the table as she scrambled to her feet and fled out of the cafe in a fit of wailing cries. Jason watched her through the window as she darted across the street. He smiled; the table was empty.

Finally Jason sat down at the window front table and waited nervously wondering what Lorna had in mind. A young black waitress came over to him and held out a portable phone.

“Telephone call for you, Sir!" Slowly he took the phone and thanked her. He hesitated a moment then spoke into the mouthpiece.

“H… Hello..." Then he heard Lorna's voice.

“Just stay where you are and look out the window across the street." Glancing through the glass he spotted her sitting at a sidewalk table.

He babbled into the phone, “ Look, Lorna, I'm sorry if I upset you. If you will give me back the other ring and... and my personal things I'll forget the whole thing happened! What do you say?"

She hissed into the phone, “I don't want you to forget what happened. After all that I've done for you and then you just discard me like an old shoe."

He stood up talking into the phone, “Now see here, you were paid to do a job and no more. If you feel like you did more than required then...then that's your fault not mine. I demand that you... yooouu… oooooooooooooooo..." He felt fingers squeezing his testicles and doubled over in pain. The waitress came over to him.

“Are you all right, Sir??"

He squeaked, “wheeeze-- alright... yes… alright..."

The voice in the phone commanded, "Sit down, I said, sit down." Jason scrambled back into the table seat. The waitress showed concern. She could tell that he was in pain.

“ I can tell that you don't feel good, sir. Can I get you something?" Across the street Lorna watched Jason squirming in his seat as the waitress talked to him. Her hand was in the hatbox slowly mashing and pinching his soft round orbs.

Jason squealed, “ Coffeeeeeeeee, coffeeeeeee..." just trying to get the prying eyes of the waitress off of him. She scampered away.

“ Yes, sir. Just hold on. I'll be right back."

Lorna whispered into the phone, "Just stay right where you are. I'm starting to enjoy watching you squirm. Let's try something else." Suddenly the pinching of his balls and sack stopped and he felt fingers encircling his floppy penis. They started slowly pumping up and down. In spite of himself the penis started to grow. He stared out across the street and saw Lorna sitting there looking back at him with a smirk on her face. She had her hand in the hatbox and by her movements he could tell that was where his stolen privates were.

The voice in the phone cooed to him, "Ummmm… You really do have a nice dick, Jason. Bet this feels really good doesn't it? How does it feel being jacked-off long distance?" She giggled, “ Brings a whole new meaning to REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE doesn't it."

He stuttered, “ L... Lorna, don't...don't do this. It's really embarrassing."

She replied, "Good, I want you to be embarrassed. How does it feel sitting there in a public place with your meat being beat for you?" Her hand speeded up the pumping and Jason gasped and arched his hips as he felt the tinges of an orgasm building. The waitress returned with his coffee.

“ Here you are, sir. Feeling better?"

Jason bit his lip and panted, “ Oh yessss, better... and better..." She stood dumbfounded as she watched him arch his back and make involuntary pumping motions with his crotch. He exclaimed, “ Uuuhhhh... that will... (pant) be all, waitresssss..." She watched wide-eyed as he trembled and tried to hold back the climax that was about to erupt.

"Cream, sir?" Lorna pumped his throbbing organ faster and grinned as she whispered into the phone.

“Yes... CREAM, SIR?" Jason arched his back and bite the back of his hand followed by a long moaning cry. " NNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMM... UUUUNNNGGGGGGG… UUUUMMMMMMMM… ***********GGGGGGGAAAAAAuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm..."

The black waitress and several others watched as he shook. Meanwhile across the street Lorna's waiter happened to be passing by her table when he spotted a small white geyser leap into the air out of the hat box.

"Must have paid a little extra for that feature on you little toy, Madam." Lorna ignored him and kept watching Jason in the window as she finished jacking him off. A man sitting at a counter near Jason motioned to the waitress.

“Gimmee some of that coffee. Man, that looked good to the last drop." Jason crumpled into his seat totally drained and weak. Lorna laughed into the phone as she surveyed all the cum that had spurted out of his stimulated penis.

“Wow, must have been saving up for some time now to let out a load like this." Her pussy was wet from the scene that she had just put Jason through and she was filled with lust and wild thoughts of all the possibilities that was opening up to her. Her mind was racing through several new ideas and she panted into the phone, “Go back to the lab and wait for me, Jason."

He gasped, “ Wh… What... the lab?? Lorna, listen to me..." He heard the phone click and disconnect. Looking back across the street he saw that she was gone and he knew that he didn't have any choice, but to go to the lab.

Jumping into his car Jason was in a panic. He was totally helpless in the hands of this perverted woman. He had to regain control of his genitals at all cost. From around the corner Lorna watched with a smile on her lips as she watched him drive off. She knew that she had him by the balls, literally. Pulling out in her car she followed him onto the freeway. Suddenly Jason's car phone came alive and startled him out of his thoughts. He picked it up.

“Jason here!" Again Lorna's voice haunted him.

“Why are you driving so fast? It won’t do you any good to get there ahead of me."

Almost pleading he replied, “Please, Lorna, don't do this. I... I'll make it up to you. What do you want me to do? I'll do it." He tensed up in horror as he felt unseen fingers start fondling his sack and pinching of his left ball.

Lorna's voice came back, “ I want you to suffer for me. I want to see you regret the day that you ever used anybody and step on them to get what you wanted." Panic filled his guts as the pain of her squeezing radiated up through them.

“ Oh my gaaaaa...Lorna. Take it easy! That really hurts!!!" She saw his car weave from one lane to another.

“You don't drive very well under pressure do you, Jason?" All of the sudden he felt a soft warm moistness envelope the end of his penis. He looked up in the rear view mirror to see if he could spot her. She had to be near by. A car horn beeping beside him in the passing lane got his attention. His eyes grew wide as he saw Lorna's car pull up along beside of him. In her mouth was his dangling dick and balls. She winked at him and reached up with her left hand and started mashing the flopping sack of testicles.

"Gaaaaaaaaaa... OOOHHHH… my gaaaaa... Lorna, don't." She then took his penis and worked it in and out of her mouth making sure that he had a good view of her sucking and licking it like a lollypop. It swelled to a full erection in spite of what he felt. She taunted him by shaking it back and forth in her teeth like a dog with a toy. Finally she hung the set of genitals from her mirror like a set of dice.

She picked up the phone and cooed to him, “Wasn't that fun. I kinda like them hanging there, don't you? Makes it real easy to just kinda reach up and thump them little dangly things any time I want to." Illustrating her point Jason bucked in the seat as she played a tune by thumping the rhythm on his nuts. A blue light came on as Jason swerved around in the road. A highway patrolman turned on his siren and pulled him over. He heard Lorna's laughing over the car phone.

“See you at the lab. Watch those speed bumps (giggle)."

Lorna laughed to herself as she thought of Jason trying to explain why he was weaving around on the road to the cop who had pulled him over. Kind of hard to keep your mind on your driving with someone pinching at you balls. She had already arrived at the lab and was waiting on him. The sound of his car pulling up brought her to the upstairs window and she yelled down to him.

“Hey, Evil Knievel, wanna play a little game of catch? I got the balls." Jason got out of the car.

“You're crazy, Lorna! I could have you arrested, you know." She laughed.

“Look what I got." His mouth gaped open as he saw her hold his dick and balls out of the window tied to a long string. She tantalized him by lowering them down to within almost touching distance above his head.

He exclaimed, “I ain't gonna play your sick little game, Lorna!" Suddenly he jumped at the dangling genitals and she jerked them up away from him. They snapped sharply on the end of the string and bounced off the rough brick wall. He cried out and lost his balance falling to the sidewalk. Lorna laughed gleefully.

“Thought you weren't going to play?" She swung them back and forth then let them fall to the concrete sidewalk with a resounding plop. He cried out in pain and doubled over as he was trying to get up. She watched him cursing and making a face of agony.

"There they are; why don't you get them?" He eyed his dick and balls lying on the pavement about six feet from him. Suddenly he made a dive for them and she jerked them upward into the air and let them splat back down about another six feet away. The pain of the jerk and sudden impact of the sidewalk had him rolling again.

She laughed, “ This is the funniest thing that I have ever seen. Go on, Jason; try it again. You almost got them that time." Moaning he rolled up onto his knees and looked up at her holding the string smirking at him. He let out a yell and leaped madly at the dick and balls. She jerked them up into the air again, but he managed to grasp them in his left hand.

He cried out with joy, “AH HAAA, I got um... I got um!!" Suddenly his joy faded away as he felt the pain of her pulling on the string and of his squeezing grasp that he had on his balls.

She smiled, "Good for you, Jason. Now what are you going to do?" He gasped out as he felt the string cutting into his penis and the awful pain as he gripped his balls tightly in his fist. He danced around on tiptoe back and forth under her window as she pulled the string to and fro.

He screamed out, “GAAAAAAA… You're killing me. OOOH… AHHHooo… Let the string go, Lorna."

She laughed, “Not a chance! Get a grip on yourself." He didn't think her little pun was funny as she put more pressure on the string. Either it was going to cut through his dick or he was going to pull his own balls off. He stood on his toe tips and squealed like a stuck pig as he finally let the balls go. They shot up into the air and bounced off of a gutter pipe. Another scream came from him and he fell into a fetal position. He felt his balls hit him in the back of the head as she made them dance around with the string.

"What's the matter, Jason, tired of hanging around?" He knew that it was no use. As long as she had that string noosed around his penis he couldn't grab them without causing a great deal of pain. Sensing that she had carried the ball game as far as he was going with it she hauled the dangling captives back up and into the window.

"Well, since you have tired of this game I have another little thing planned that I think will amuse you in Dr. Carlson's medical lab."

"LORNA, THIS HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH...I'M NOT GONNA DOOOooooooo..." He doubled up on the front steps as she squeezed his balls between her fingers. He wheezed, "UUUuuuugh... I…I'm going to Dr. Carlson's lab..."

She smiled as she watched him crawl in the front door. This was going to be the most fun yet. She could hardly wait...

(continued in part #7)


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