Saturday, August 11, 2007


by theguy2122

{This story is completely fictional & contains excessive violence}

Rick was walking in the park around the paved track late in the evening, when a skinny blond-haired girl with muscular legs skated by. She was wearing black biker shorts and a tight white T-shirt. She also had her hair tied up in pigtails. She was wearing K2 rollerblades which were trick blades so they did not have any brakes and she just ignored Rick and skated by. Rick thought this girl was hot and when she skated around again, he asked her to stop.

She stopped and said, “I don’t feel like talking to any asshole today.” Rick immediately got pissed off because he did not mean anything by it. The girl was going to start skating again, and Rick grabbed her arm. She really got pissed off and moved her right leg back almost to her butt and then with her rollerblade on her foot slammed her foot into Rick’s crotch. Rick was picked up off the ground and as he was falling down she cocked her leg back again and slammed her foot into his already crushed sac. Rick immediately fell and began holding his crotch, making some moaning sounds. The girl was going to leave, but then took her right arm and grabbed his right leg and did the same thing with his other leg. She acted as if she was going to stomp on his face and he tried to protect his face, when she moved her foot and took the sole of her right foot with her rollerblade on and ferociously slammed it into his crotch. He immediately screamed and then started crying and attempted to move her foot. But she kept putting on more and more pressure rocking her foot back and forth as she was ravaging his testicles with the wheels on her skates. Then she finally let go, and Rick made the fatal mistake of muttering the work, “bitch”.

She turned around again and opened his legs up and made the comment, “I haven’t castrated anyone in a long time, but looks like today is my lucky day”. With that comment, she immediately dropped her knee full-force onto his crotch. While her knee was on his crotch, her body came close to his, she kissed him on the cheek and her boobs were on his chest while her legs were between his, with all the force from her knee onto his crotch. Rick would have been turned on, but begged her to get off of him, she then started to get up, and dropped her knee onto his crotch again.

She said, “As you are crying, begging for me to let you go? I am going to destroy one of your testicles……..and if you piss me off, I am going to make the other egg a scrambled one too.” Rick could barley talk and then she took off his shorts and his boxers, then she stood up grabbed his legs and said, “I will make you lose the right one first.” As she said that she yelled "crunch" and slammed her heel into his right testicle. Rick could no longer take the punishment and passed out.

The girl was still not through, she wanted one testicle destroyed. She grabbed his right testicle in the palm of her hand, rubbed it and then without any hesitation quickly started squeezing it with all of her might. Her face showed that she was gritting her teeth, wanting this testicle to rupture in her hand. Rick suddenly awoke screaming trying with all of his might to grab her hand.

She started laughing and said, “This will teach with you to fuck with any women again. At least you will never satisfy any female again,” and then squeezed even harder, and Rick’s body began to convulse. Suddenly sirens were heard, the girl quickly skated off, leaving Rick to lay there with his damaged testicles, but still happy he did not lose them, wondering if he would ever see this psycho girl again.

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