Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sable vs. Val Venis

by Lido

For months, Sable has been the toast of the pro wrestling world, acknowledged by her adoring fans as the sexiest wrestler in the WWF. Her face and figure have appeared in wrestling magazines, posters and even Playboy. But as her fame has grown, so have the petty jealousies of the other wrestlers. Many of the female wrestlers have challenged Sable, hoping to gain the title of sexiest wrestler by defeating the curvaceous blonde in the ring. And now, even the male wrestlers are challenging Sable.

A newcomer from the world of porn has entered the WWF, by the name of Val Venis. He's a well-sculpted stud, weighing 245 pounds, with the type of body that makes most women swoon. With his rugged looks, athletic body and massive genitals, Val claims to be the sexiest wrestler in the WWF.

There's been a war of words for weeks between these two WWF stars, concerning who is the sexiest wrestler. Val challenges Sable to a no-holds-barred submission match, and she accepts.

Sable enters the ring first, wearing sexy white shorts with a matching spandex top that accentuates her ample breasts and exposes her bare midriff. The crowd goes wild, and Sable urges them on, placing her hands on the back of her head and gyrating her hips in a sensuous grind.

Val enters the ring to the boos of the crowd, and counters with several pelvic thrusts in Sable's direction. Sable is not impressed.

The bell rings and the wrestlers approach one another. Val aggressively dominates the match for several minutes, to the dismay of the crowd. He repeatedly whips Sable into the corner, causing her back to crash into the turnbuckle. Then, Val delivers a full suplex, slamming Sable to the mat. It appears that he could easily pin Sable, but instead he rips her spandex top from her body. Sable is reduced to a lacy white bra, which barely holds her womanly chest. Val struts around the ring, his back turned away from Sable, holding the torn top for the raucous crowd to see. Val plans to subject Sable to further humiliations, and is positive that he can force his weaker opponent to submit at any time.

Unknown to Val, an angered Sable manages to rise to her feet and slowly approaches the larger male. Just as Val turns around to face Sable, she delivers a devastating kick to the crotch. Val clutches his wounded balls and doubles over at the waist. Sable clutches Val by the head, and delivers her famous "Sable Bomb". Val's head is driven into the canvas, leaving him unconscious. Sable rolls Val onto his back and could easily pin him. But unfortunately, this is a submission match, which cannot end with a pin. The match only ends if a competitor verbally submits, and Sable's unconscious male opponent cannot speak. While Val slowly regains his senses, Sable works the crowd, doing her trademark grind.

"Well Val, are you ready to submit?" Val shakes his head defiantly, so Sable grabs his ankles to spread Val's legs apart, and grinds her heel into his crotch. A pained look crosses Val's face as he slams his arm against the mat. The ref asks Val if he submits, but he still shakes his head. Sable releases his ankles, then delivers a quick kick to the jewels. Val presses his knees together and rolls around the mat, while Sable prances around the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

Val holds his crotch with his left hand, then grabs the ropes with his right arm to help him struggle to his feet. Sable takes advantage of the situation, and hooks Val’s arms into the ropes, rendering her opponent helpless. Val struggles to release his arms from the ropes, but without success. Val is standing with his back against the ropes, and his arms extended, hooked into the ropes. Sable turns her back on Val, and grinds her hips while rubbing her torso and legs. The crowd goes wild, and begins chanting "bust his balls, bust his balls". Sable turns toward Val, rubbing her breasts and body while grinding at Val. Then, she saunters toward Val, eyeing his crotch. Val looks fearful, and pleads with Sable, but to no avail. She delivers a hard knee to the balls. Val's arms become dislodged from the ropes, and he sinks to the mat, holding his aching nuts. Again, Val is rolling around on the mat, trying to alleviate the pain in his balls. Still, he refuses to submit.

Val is holding and protecting his groin, and Sable is unable to continue her assault on his manhood. So, Sable ponders a new course of attack. She stands above Val, hands on hips, with one leg on either side of his head. Val rolls onto his back, and stares upward at Sable's crotch and chest. Then, Sable lowers herself onto Val's face and grinds her pussy against his mouth and nose, cutting off his air supply. After several minutes, Val is left unconscious on his back. Sable rises and circles her opponent, contemplating her next move.

She stops at Val's feet and bends down, grabbing his wrestling shorts with both hands. To the cheers of the crowd, Sable pulls the shorts off of Val's body, exposing his massive cock and swollen balls. Val is still unconscious, so Sable continues to circle his naked body, eyeing his exposed crotch and rubbing her turned-on body. After several minutes, Val begins to regain consciousness and Sable prepares for her finishing move.

Sable removes her bra as the stunned crowd goes wild. Her massive tits and rock-hard nipples bounce uncontrollably as Sable struts around Val's prone body. Then, she stops at Val's head, facing his crotch; standing above him with hands on hips, with one leg on either side of his head. Val regains his senses, and stares upward at Sable's cute little ass while Sable stares at Val's growing cock. Finally, she lowers herself onto Val's prone body, straddling his chest and leaning forward toward his crotch.

Sable reaches out with her right hand and grabs Val by the balls, pulling his sore nuts upward and wrapping her left hand around his scrotum beneath his balls before releasing her right hand. Sable keeps her left hand wrapped tightly around Val's scrotum, thereby holding his tender jewels so they are totally exposed above her left fist. Val responds by slapping Sable's ass cheeks, which are within a foot of his face, but she refuses to release her grip. Instead, Sable positions herself so that her breasts hang down around Val's sore nuts, with his tightly held scrotum resting between her tits. Then, Sable begins shaking her shoulders, causing her ass to wiggle and her breasts to jiggle, slapping against Val's tender testicles. Val spanks Sable's ass frantically, but to no avail. For several minutes, Sable continues to hold Val's balls in this vulnerable position and jiggle her tits, each breast slapping against an exposed testicle with every movement of her shoulders.

Ordinarily, this maneuver would not be enough to cause a well-conditioned, prideful man to submit. But because of the abuse that Sable has already inflicted on his crotch during the match, Val is in no condition to continue. His nuts are so sore and held in such a vulnerable position that any pressure sends shooting pain throughout his balls. After several minutes of tit slapping, Val is ready to submit. The porn stud waves to the ref and frantically submits, giving in to his beautiful female competitor.

The bell rings, Sable releases his balls, and rises to the cheers of the crowd. The ref raises her hand in victory while Val holds his balls in defeat. The crowd goes wild as the topless Sable performs a victory grind. All eyes are fixed on the beautiful blonde ballbuster, who used her feminine attributes as weapons against her well-hung male opponent. Even Val can't help but stare upward at the victorious vixen as he lays on the mat, recovering from the brutal ballbusting that Sable has inflicted upon him. Val can't believe that he has lost to a woman, and been publicly humiliated in the process. Much to his relief, Val's massive cock springs to life and he achieves an erection. He lost the match, but at least he can continue his porn career.

Sable promptly notices his hard cock, and instantly she gets wet. Unable to resist the urgings of her pussy, Sable slowly removes her white wrestling shorts and her white lace panties. The crowd goes wild at the sight of the naked babe, who performs a nude grind for Val. The pain in his balls subsides enough for the porn stud to get to his knees. The aroused Sable approaches the defeated man, whose face is level with her pussy. Then, she spreads her legs apart and pulls his face into her crotch.

"You'd better make me a happy woman. If this isn't the best orgasm of my life, I'll kick your balls again." Val knows that Sable means business, and that he is in no position to argue. So, he obediently begins to lick her pussy and suck her enlarged clit. Moans of approval soon follow, and within seconds, a flood of female juices gushes from Sable's pussy.

After several minutes and a second orgasm, Sable suddenly closes her legs and walks away from Val to a corner of the ring where she leans against the ropes and spreads her legs while standing. Sable points her beautiful butt in Val's direction, as if presenting her pussy for rear entry, and looks over her shoulder at Val, giving him a come-hither look. Confident that Sable is now putty in his hands, a cocky Val begins to rise from the canvas. Suddenly, Sable turns and runs toward Val, breasts jiggling. She plants her left foot in the center of the ring, and delivers a devastating kick to the balls with her right instep. Val doubles over and clutches his aching balls, with a painful look on his face.

As he slowly sinks to the canvas, Val asks "Why?"

Sable smiles and responds, "That was a good orgasm, but it wasn't the best." The crowd cheers wildly. The buxom ballbuster leaves the arena to cheers of "Sable, Sable, Sable", while the humiliated Val is left in the ring, holding his aching balls.

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