Friday, August 31, 2007

Sandy and Dirk

By blbstee

Sandy listened with a certain residual pleasure and satisfaction as Jim groaned in pain on the mat at her feet as she stood nearby, his body still trying to make sense of the thrashing that her husband Dirk had given him. His mind still foggy and only recognizing the pain of cruel holds, twists and the dominant foot choking Dirk had given him at the end while Sandy and his girlfriend had watched him take it. One hand, his right, still cupping his nuts gently through the silk cloth of his boxer type shorts, from the two nut shots he had taken during the match which were probably giving him the most pain she imagined with an evil grin. She had watched in great enjoyment as Dirk had displayed his dominance and abilities not long after the battle of the two early twenties fit males had engaged in a combat struggle.

The rules of the match were open. Hits anywhere except the throat were allowed and choking was okay, but only to unconscious if it was done. No holds barred otherwise. Both men agreed eagerly as their women urged them on, wanting to see the struggle. The stakes of the match were alluded to, but not identified specifically at the outset. It had been clear, but unspoken that the watching women would become under the control of the winner, but nothing specific was stated. It might have changed Tina’s mind if she had known the specifics, but she was hot for the action and willing to risk the consequences. She trusted her boyfriend to win, she knew he was strong and aggressive and liked all of that.

Sandy and Dirk were married, but Jim had brought a girlfriend of several months – Tina. But after Dirk had won decisively, he made it clear what he had wanted while Jim lay beaten and helpless on the mat. Sandy normally wouldn’t have wanted that. Wouldn’t have allowed it. That of Dirk taking another woman sexually in any way. But now, in one way she didn’t mind, she knew she was hot enough to keep him interested in her and besides, she had some other fun in mind for herself. He had told her to do it if he moved and she became surprisingly agreeable to his plans for Tina. It was something she had wanted to do for some time. Something that she had wanted to do during the match when she had seen Dirk do it himself. Something that had made her tight shorts become damp at the hot vee between her long legs as she had watched Dirk dominate, as she knew she would as she imagined herself – even during the fight as it progressed - in position to create the same agony for her husbands opponent to ensure her husbands win – but it hadn’t been necessary. Her nipples had ached and displayed prominently against her light cotton blouse as she had watched in stimulated excitement as her mate had started slowly and then quickly dominated the match.

Dirk used his muscles to work Jim over and each woman had cheered for her “gladiator” their eyes lighting up in pleasure at watching the two males pushing and shoving and striking blows and using holds to wear the other down. Tina never gave up on Jim, but she also hadn’t seemed to mind much as Dirk had ultimately overwhelmed Jim with gut punches and then that first strike to the nuts with his bare knee and the shock of surprise on Jim’s face had made her feel sympathy, but also a strange tingling sense of cunt pleasure. She had thought that bitch next to her, Sandy, was going to have an orgasm as she squirmed and twisted her thighs and shouted out in obvious pleasure for Dirk to “DO HIM Dirk baby, DO HIM and DO HIM HARD AGAIN!

Make him PAY for fighting you!!” There were many taunts, and shouts and encouragement during the fight according to both of them.

To that point, the battle had been tough with lots of holds and some hits. The first hit to the nuts was the one above, about mid-fight and Dirk had struck deep and hard into Jim’s balls from legs spread too wide at the wrong time for him, but just perfect for Dirk. Jim collapsed in nutted agony almost instantly to the pleasured outcry of Sandy. Tina’s moans of sympathy were a bit overwhelmed by the shining in her eyes as she had watched Dirk position himself and then drive his knee in between her boyfriends balls without mercy, the silk boxing trunks dragged up between his legs, his mouth opening wide in agony, his eyes pinpoints of pain and then his clutching to Dirk as he dry retched and coughed that special cough men have when their nuts are busted and slid to the ground. When he was on his knees, Dirk had swung his leg back and kicked Jim in the stomach knocking him on his back where he had rolled into a fetal ball of choking gasping pain. Tina’s mask of sympathy expression couldn’t overcome the sight of the first male to male nutting she had ever witnessed along with the trouncing her boyfriend was taking. She disliked the Sandy bitch, but did think that Dirk was okay. After all, both of them wanted to fight, Jim just wasn’t up to it. But still, he was her boyfriend and she felt she had to display some loyalty, but she couldn’t help the hot tingling between her legs as she relived the nutter Jim had taken and then watching him helpless and groaning as Dirk circled him. Dirk had begun using some of those wrestling moves and horrible body stretches that made Jim cry out for relief. The match had lasted a while longer with Sandy cheering Dirk on with each move he made against the beaten Jim, placing his foot into his back and pulling his arms back making him groan in pain and then sitting on his back and working him over in another version of a back breaker eliciting more moans of pain. He gave one more kick to Jim’s balls near the end and even though Jim had his hands down for protection, Sandy and Dirk and Tina knew it had struck home again. Sandy had cheered loudly and excitedly. Tina had protested the treatment as Dirk worked Jim over after beating him, but it was without real conviction, (at least according to Sandy and Dirk) and she seemed to enjoy the one sidedness of the match – even though it was her boyfriend losing.

She hadn’t liked Sandy any better when she had looked over at her and said, “Your boyfriend won’t be fucking you tonight!”, her eyes gleaming with pleasure at her spouses handling of the boyfriend. “His nuts are going to hurt for days! Gawd!! I thought I was going to CUM! when he blasted his knee in Jim’s balls and lifted him off the ground! Gawd! I wish that had been me doing it! And then again now. That is so hot!! YAY Dirk!!”

The match had ended with Dirk’s bare foot pressed on Jim’s throat in victory, his arms raised over his head, and Jim’s body nearly unconscious and beaten beneath him. He had looked at Tina and said, “To the victor go the spoils!” and grinned lasciviously. He conferred with Sandy, he said, and after a bit of brief discussion which Sandy had not at first agreed to and then ultimately said yes, Dirk told Tina she was going to suck him off. She said no, which made him even more excited he said and he approached her, pulling his jockeys down revealing what he describes as a large cock with a great set of nuts. Eventually, he “forced” Tina into sucking him off, but I got the sense that after she had started he wanted it more than she wanted to give, but had no choice once he started using her as he wanted. He said his cock was as rigid as stone and he really “fucked her face” he said while his wife watched him DO her face as she also kept an eye on Jim.

Sandy said she wasn’t sure how Tina felt about Jim, maybe not as close as Jim though she mused, but Sandy couldn’t care less about Jim she knew – they hadn’t known each other except for today and the chatting they had done on the internet to set up the match. He was even from across the state border. He was merely an opponent for Dirk, and when she thought about it, one that would have hurt Dirk and left him in the same mess he was now in, if he had been able to beat him. When she thought about it that way, it allowed her to not only care less about the groaning man at her feet, but to feel a sense of approval for what she wanted to do to him if the opportunity presented. She was hoping it would. After all, he would have hurt Dirk if he was more of a man, a stronger man. He would have been merciless to her man. Turnabout was fair. She cared little for the outcome as long as she had the pleasure of it and the justification she had now worked into the act she wanted to take place. She had no ties to Jim and never would. He meant nothing to her, other than to ensure that he couldn’t hurt her or Dirk. Any action she took would be in self defense and protection for Dirk she easily convinced herself watching the muscular young man try to get past the fog of pain as he listened to his own girlfriends struggles at the hands of Dirk. Dirk’s naked ass was flexing as he held Tina’s head tightly as she was being forced to pleasure him and now more unwillingly. It was rougher than she wanted obviously, but too late now. There was another reason, she decided, Jim had brought Tina here and that was another reason to dislike him. The deductions didn’t need logic, but only rationalization to permit her to do what she had wanted to do for so long.

Jim was coming around; he could no doubt hear that bitch Tina’s struggles as she herself could as Dirk used her mouth and throat on his cock. She could also see it as well. She was upset a little, but knew he was working Tina over hard. Harder than she would have allowed herself to be worked over by his hormone raging cock. To the victor go the spoils so despite her appetite for sex with her man Dirk, she was glad Tina was having her face fucked rather than her. She loved to suck Dirk off, feel his nuts squirm in her hands, his hot rigid cock oozing in her mouth, but she didn’t really like him thrusting into her face and throat with the aggression she was witnessing now, so knew that Dirk was fulfilling with Tina a desire that he had. She would allow that for him and was especially glad to in this instance with her own secret fantasy ready to be fulfilled.

Jim could hear the struggle and was moving and this is what she had hoped for. Was waiting for. Dirk had said as he had first started to work Tina over, “If he tries to get up or starts to get up, kick his nuts! Hard!” Sandy had agreed instantly. He had known she would, she had mentioned busting a guys balls before to Dirk, but there was never really a legitimate opportunity, until now. Jim, still helpless, but moving and trying to fulfill his role of protector. She imagined it as though he were still capable of going to try to hurt Dirk and she would put a stop to that, she thought to herself with a savage lustful smile on her lips. She LOVED the thought of doing IT to him, and was only waiting to do it now. He was moving. Good! Jim’s hand, which had been holding his balls between his legs moved to his side as he tried to push himself up from off his back, his head twisted to see the sounds of sex struggle behind him concentrating to the exclusion of all else to see what was going on. Sandy positioned herself in front of him, her long and shapely legs towering over him as he lay nearly flat on his back, she stepped close, left foot at his right hip as he lay beneath her struggling to get up. His legs were spread for balance and to push himself up, heels dug into the mat, his body ready to twist up and push off the mat with his arms. He was moving slowly, his muscles still agonizingly sore from Dirk’s beating. Sandy’s cunt was oozing as her mind took over the pleasure of her desires to hurt this man GOOD and HARD between his legs, her nipples taut again and rigid, her face a mask of concentration, eyes focused on the package between Jim’s legs, hidden only by his silken boxers. She could see his soft, but thick cock off to one side and his eggs were clearly visible as they hung down towards the mat, large and now very vulnerable.

Dirk had typed in that his cock had sent a lot of pre-cum into Tina’s face as he had slid repeatedly and hungrily into her mouth after he had decided to take her. But he had also felt that he had a lot more face fucking that he was going to do to her yet, before he let himself climax in Tina’s mouth and throat, but as he had positioned himself to watch Jim come around – just in case - while fucking Tina’s mouth, he had watched with sexual satisfaction as Sandy had worked herself over to bust Jim’s balls from her standing position and just as Jim had locked eyes with him as he struggled up a bit and shouted out, “You fucking bastard” as he witnessed what he was doing to his girlfriend Tina, Dirk couldn’t hold back as he watched his wife’s leg reach the apex of it’s swing backward and then the hard vicious drive she swung forward using her luscious, attractive thighs and calves to their most devastating effect driving her bare foot savagely hard into Jim’s unprotected nutsack. He saw the full picture of his wife’s lusting concentration as she stared mesmerized at the groin she was bringing her foot into, the cock and balls helpless and vulnerable. In slow motion almost, he could see her foot at the peak of it’s arch and then the viciously hard swing forward as it came down between Jim’s knees and then between his thighs into his balls, his cock flying up and slapping back hard against his belly. As Jim’s body bucked up in twisted agony, his cry of brutal torture competed for the pleasured shout cheered out by Sandy as she knew she had really struck him HARD and GOOD. The sensation was as good as she could have hoped or dreamed. That picture made Dirk climax powerfully and sooner than he had wanted from the sexual excitement of it with great spurts of cum shooting into Tina’s mouth and throat, the image of Jim’s nutbusting by his pretty wife rhythmically squeezing his mind and transferring that rhythm to the ejaculation of his cock into Tina’s overworked mouth and throat more potently than any hand or mouth ever could.

Sandy wrote separately later – the next day by e-mail – that she had wanted so bad to bust Jim’s nuts again – just one more time, but she didn’t. She said she almost climaxed as she relived her foot striking his balls so hard and making him scream out and then groan and cry out in obvious agony and pain watching him roll himself into a rocking ball, clutching his eggs in tremendous man pain and retched dryly and choked and had tears of man pain run down his tightly closed eyes. She said she felt so stimulated she had nearly cum and probably could have, would have, if she could have done him again or used his face, lips and mouth or had her husbands cock inside of her. She said she likes watching, but wants to be more involved now, maybe in two on one match ups if she can find men who would do it. She said it would have to be men she didn’t know. Ones that she wouldn’t like – at least not see again.

I asked her what happened to Jim and Tina and she said they had finally recovered enough to leave that night and had done so, but with Tina driving. Her only regret, other than wanting to NUT him again, she said was that she wished she had taken off his boxer shorts while he had been down in order to have her foot actually strike his naked balls and cock rather than even the thin separation of silken cloth. She said the remembrance was still making her cunt wet 24 hours later with just a passing thought of it. She confided that Dirk was really hot that night in bed and had outdone himself which was a good thing, because she said she really needed it from the hot excitement her pussy felt from breaking Jim’s balls.

I hope to hear more from them, but will probably not engage them myself.

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