Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sandy (My Second Lesson)

By Wizard

It was the last weeks of college, and everyone was in a party mood. I went to visit someone two doors down in the dorm. This guy, whose name I can’t recall, was sitting in his room with a woman called Sandy, who was slim and mischievous and several years older than I was. They were listening to Santana. I must have liked her instantly because I sat down opposite her with a smile on my face and my legs spread wide open. I had read somewhere that a male sitting with his legs wide open is sending a signal of sexual availability. I was certainly “available,” not say horny, and like a good student decided to test the theory. So I sat there trying to expose as much of myself as is allowable in polite company. Any more blatant and I would have had to strip naked and dance in front of her with my equipment bouncing up and down right in her face! I was probably high - this was 1975, college you know? Hippies and music and dope. Or sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, as some like to say. I was enjoying the feeling of showing what I had to a sexy woman, one older and more experienced too.

My memory gets hazy as to exactly what happened, but my signaling must have worked because she ended up in my room and we started kissing and cuddling some. She let on that she found it very sexy to see a guy sitting with his legs wide open. We were very mellow, high, just enjoying each other’s bodies, kind of scoping each other out, just there with the moment together.

Unconsciously I had already put myself in an inferior position, lying on the bed on my back, just kind of floating, with my legs wide open since she liked it so much, with Sandy in between my legs. We kissed and felt each other in a gentle fashion both enjoying the moment. I felt glorious! I started to get excited by the idea of Sandy, strong older woman even though physically real petite, being on top of me, taking me. Me lying there enjoying it as a superior woman takes her pleasure with me! She was kneeling between my spread legs, seemingly floating too, but maybe she was catching my thoughts somehow. Sandy was a very intuitive woman and seemed to pick things up on radar!

I think she was really getting off on having this young man in such a compromised position, completely exposed and vulnerable! The problem with being in such a position with someone you don’t know is that you have no idea how they will react. Either the temptation was too great, or else she was getting impatient with me, but in any case she was about to demonstrate in no uncertain terms who was the boss. With a totally happy, dreamy look on her face, she jerked her knee forward up between my spread thighs hitting my most vulnerable targets bang on! I could feel her hard bony kneecap smashing into my testicles, molding them around her knee and crushing them easily into my body. I was flat on my back against the bed and I had nowhere to go escape her knee smash, so my balls took 100% of the force of the impact. I was shocked! I had trusted a woman and she had taken full advantage of the situation to show me how superior she was!

Sandy had the most delicious smug look on her face as she calmly observed the results of her handiwork. She was so pleased that before I even felt the pain of the first strike she rammed her knee into my exposed testicles a second time - much harder! I heard the 'smack!' as her knee drove home and this time I cried out as her knee continued up, moving my whole body in the bed as my balls succumbed to her heavenly knee! I groaned and muttered something, scarcely able to talk, tears in my eyes, but at the same time incredibly turned on. I felt kind of embarrassed because even though the pain was throbbing through my balls I had a really hard erection.

“Oops, sorry,” she said, but I could tell she didn’t really mean it as she was smiling all the while. I had offered myself to her and she had taken me twice and really made it count. Her eyes were shining as the thought hit her of how she had got me. I was all hers.

She was just acting so happy as she watched me writhing before her, still lying there with my legs open and her kneeling between them, my throbbing balls and now hard dick still wide open to an attack. She was really getting off and I was worried she would do it again, the beads of sweat beginning to show on my forehead. I looked at her and saw that laughing look in her eyes. Oh how I envy women that look! You can see right on their faces how powerful it makes them feel, how utterly, biologically superior. She had me right where she really wanted me, helpless before her. What a humiliating experience! Luckily for me she did not go for a third attempt or I would have been useless for what she wanted next - hot sex!

I felt totally in her power as I obliged, scared that she would get me even harder if I didn’t please her. Yup. For all the pain I was feeling I could tell that I hadn’t even come close to getting everything she was capable of dishing out. She was just playing with me! Practice hits. I was totally awed by the realization of what she could have done to me, flushed with pain and embarrassment and also curious, wondering what it might be like to feel her full fury, not just some playful love-taps. Love-taps! My balls ache even now at the memory of those love-taps! I had to admit my helpless male body was completely at the mercy of this superior creature. The look in her face told me she could do this to me any time she wanted, and there was basically no way I could retaliate, no way I could come close to dominating her in the calm, easy way she had totally destroyed me. Damn! It is no wonder men that have such an attitude when in reality they are ruled by the women! And the women don’t even take it seriously! It’s just a bit of natural fun to them. They know how superior they are to men and sometimes like to remind you of this fact. How humiliating!

To all you girls out there bitching about how hard it is to be a woman, try being a man. One good kick to your balls would soon show it's way tougher being a man, but we love you anyway. You make us submit!

Sandy – Part 2 by Wizard

Sandy got me again! I was living in London in an attic flat with Sandy. The poor woman was really going through it at the time. She was real nervous and jittery. Later she was diagnosed as schizophrenic, but at the time we had no idea. Paranoia or something had made her quite timid, so one night as we were stripped naked, getting ready for bed I decided to tackle the subject. It seemed she was scared of people, afraid of some imagined dastardly deed being performed on her by some psycho male.

“You have nothing to fear,” I told her. “I’ll show you how you can take down any male guaranteed!” I stood naked before her, my legs apart, my testicles exposed, my penis rock hard at the delicious thought of being kicked by the naked woman in front of me slam! bamm! Right in the balls.

Right in the balls, I thought, getting more and more excited but trying to act real cool in front of this glorious, naked, sexy superior creature! Sandy was short, slim and small breasted. It didn’t bother me in the slightest that she didn’t have huge bazongas; her naked, petite, firm breasts with boldly erect nipples were sending me into ecstasy as I told her firmly to kick me as hard as she could in my testicles. My dick was really pointing towards the sky as Sandy hesitated.

“Just kick you, right there? Right in your balls?” she stuttered as she stared at my exposed dick and balls waving in front of her.

Her stare really, really got me going and I said, “Yeah, kick me right in the testicles as hard as you can.” I was floating before her, taunting her, presenting my precious and delicate testicles for her utter pleasure in taking me down with a swift explosive kick of her leg right up between my legs, aiming for the sky, my tender balls swinging right in the path of her foot’s trajectory, just dangling there waiting to be smashed helpless against my body, crushed into submission by this small but deadly opponent.

Sandy strutted in front of me, fabulously nude, her tits and cunt and ass drawing me to her, mesmerizing me as she continued to stare at my cock and balls. My penis, my testicles, exposed helpless and vulnerable before her smiling gaze. She was deliberately teasing me, her instincts getting the better of timidness, luxuriously wallowing in the feeling being in perfect control, of possessing those most sensitive treasures that I naively thought were my own. The waves of feeling utterly superior to this lowly naked pathetic balls-hanging-out male. Coveting this most totally easy of targets to crush helpless and squirming at the feet of her magnificence. She was dancing! She was smiling! She was bouncing from foot to foot!

I was losing patience with her. “Come one,” I cried out, “An attacker won’t just stand here while you decide what to do. Attack me now. Kick me as hard as you possibly can right in my testicles.” I had to be real explicit else her kick would carry all the force of a slap with a wet noodle – she was really that timid!

“Crush the little bastards! Show your attacker who’s boss. Take him down. It’s easy! Just kick – wham! And devastate me, totally dominate my weak male body.” I was really laying it on now and, in my excitement, I was putting myself, my own testicles on the line in place of this evil assaulter. She had annoyed me and I wanted her to really go for my balls, to own me. To give me one of those very energetic cheer leader kicks high, high into the air – but with my vulnerable, dangling testicles squarely hanging in the path of her leg as it smashed its way up between my quivering legs and buried its shin through my testicles, forcing them upward and mercilessly crushing them flat with her well-aimed, explosive thrust. Me gasping for air as I reflexively bent double over her leg still trying to eliminate my nuts. Feeling the muscles of her thigh as I sink to the floor; her calf; her foot thrusting forward once more to tap a vicious blow to my screaming testicles, causing yet another wave of pain as I slump helpless at her feet, groaning and gasping and utterly at the mercy of her female magnificence!

With a look of triumph that showed me she knew how I felt she sprang forward, catching my expectant balls with the ball of her foot. I was absolutely lost in the sight of her naked female body attacking my male anatomy right where it counted, right where it was most personal, easily flicking a kick upwards towards my testicles as casually as if she were flicking at a fly. Unfortunately, she had about the same power as a fly-flick, gently lifting both testicles in their sac and kind of moving them around a bit. It was really turning me on, and Sandy looked happy, but this was not the point of the exercise. We were here to demonstrate the true position of the male Homo sapiens in the scheme of things, utterly helpless before a strong female.

“That was good,” I said encouragingly, “but now you’ve got your aim in you should do it much harder.” I observed the conflict on her face as she struggled with the desire to really see if she could take me against not wanting to hurt me. Damn she was taking too long! Any attacker would have creamed her by now. I stood before her in my nakedness, legs apart for easy access and now hands a little impatiently on my hips. I looked towards the kitchen since in the pause I was getting thirsty. I guess she got annoyed because I was no longer paying her rapt attention.

“Oh!” she uttered as she smartly brought her foot up into my balls again. This time I was caught by surprise and showed an immediate reaction by jumping, even though her shot had not really been hard enough to cause any pain.

“Yes, that was much b…” I began when Sandy went “Oh!” again and kicked me right up the center of the alley. Sandy was loving it! Her eyes sparkled with amused pleasure as the understanding of her natural superiority over me was dawning. Now I was getting nervous, even as I stood bravely naked before her with my two large testicles dangling in my scrotal sac between my legs, waiting like a perfectly placed punching bag for her next assault.

Just as I was wondering if I should offer further encouragement, she cried “Oh!” again and delivered a very respectable Smack! Right on target. I felt my face flush red, as I simultaneously loved it, felt proud at her blossoming abilities and embarrassment at the total naked vulnerability of my very maleness to the sleek, streamlined form of her naked female body. She saw all the conflicts, thoughts of pleasure, pain, pride and submission on my face. She looked me right in the eyes and, with a big, big smile; she kicked me again, this time with some real swing.

I had been standing brave against what I now realized with increasing anxiety were just practice shots. This was the warm-up exercise, and the relief I felt at not being kicked unconscious by Sandy, even though the thought was turning me on something wicked, was suddenly replaced by the realization that she could still do exactly that. In fact, if my lesson had its intended effect, she could suddenly and viciously attack my testicles and hand, knee and kick them into oblivion any time she damn well felt like it!

“So take that, sucker! Wham! (Oh God!)” But she was getting the feel of things now and really starting to appreciate the self-defense lesson I was giving her. It was too late to back out now!

I hid the effect of her latest kick and told her “That’s right! Really kick them! I’m a dangerous attacker and now you must really take me down. I want you to swing a real vicious kick high THROUGH my balls. Show this attacker who’s the boss! Hey, every man has a pair of vulnerable testicles just waiting to be kicked by you as hard as you can. Come on!” I cried, “Take me out! I’m helpless to stop you!”

My friendly advice was working. Sandy was imagining all those stupid boorish men who had tried to make her life hell and was projecting them all onto the willing, waiting testicles that I had offered to her for education in defending herself from unwise approach. I now realized I might have gone too far. Sandy the timid psycho was now Sandy the naked martial arts expert, able and willing to completely demolish her hapless male opponent, who was helplessly staring lustily at her magnificent body, her tits, legs, ass, snatch. Her staring at me, all naked and dangly and utterly vulnerable to her assault, my swinging balls just asking to be kicked hard, just to show him. Sandy looked me straight in the eyes, smiling, smiling at the thought of how easy it would be to just kick like a dancer and bring this male animal down. Now she was excited as all hell and thrust a hand down into her crotch. This turned me on too, and my dick thrust once more towards the ceiling, bringing it conveniently out of harm’s way and further exposing my testicles with a devastating result.

This time the gloves were off. Sandy exploded into action, instinctively crying out as her foot flew up and whacked me right on the mark. This was easy since she could see my naked balls in front of her - the whole point of this lesson in how to defend herself. But how could I defend myself? By trying to stand up straight before her, I was exposing the most fragile part of my body as the best possible target to her deadly assault! I gasped at the impact to my testicles, shocked by the power of her blow.

Wham! She did it again before I could fully react and I gasped again. Wham! She kicked me again even harder! She was really getting the hang of it now. Though winded I managed to croak, “That’s perfect! But I’m still standing!” I really didn’t know when it was time for me to stop being the kickboxing coach and to reward my stupidity she kicked me harder still, lifting my feet off the floor.

“Argh!” I replied most wittily, “Ungh.”

“Oh, again did you say?” and Sandy took a step back and with the most perfect happy look on her face she laughingly leaped at me, letting my now pain-racked balls have it full force.

“Uh!” was all I was able to utter, all wind gone out of me, pain written across my face as I doubled over in front of her.

“Ha ha!” she laughed. “Really felt that one, didn’t you? I can’t hear you! Well, it must not have hurt you too badly then. I see you have now positioned yourself perfectly for me to beat you. Just hold it right there.”

“What?” I stammered, foolishly straightening up to face her. “I told you to stay down!” she cried as her foot flew up between my legs once again and crushed my poor throbbing testicles. “Aaah!” I exclaimed as the wind went out of me and waves of pain rolled over my body. I automatically doubled over once more.

“That’s better!” she said brightly. “Now your balls are even easier to hit and smash right into your bone!” I was frightened by this image of my aching balls trapped between Sandy’s leg bone and my pelvic bone - talk about a rock and a hard place - and I tried to straighten up. Wham! First one leg, ‘Wham!’, then the other flew like lightening into my testicles, now red, swollen and painful. I swear I felt every pore and hair on her feet as she tried to drive my balls up into my throat. I was so in shock that I could say nothing, just gasp helplessly hunched over before her, listening to her talk.

“Hey yes!” she said, as if talking to an invisible audience. “Now I’ve got him where I want him.” I was really hurting now, unable to straighten up even if I wanted to.

I vaguely heard her say, “Now I’ll finish him off.” Through the fog of pain I was actually pleased at this transformation of Sandy from timid mouse to dominant woman and let her lead me still hunched over till I stood before a full-length mirror.

“Hold it right there,” she instructed me as she kicked my legs wider with her feet and moved out of sight behind me. “Don’t move an inch,” she commanded. I looked at the mirror and saw my throbbing red balls hanging loosely down between my legs.

“Perfect!” said Sandy as she approached me from behind, my legs wide apart and my body hunched over to present my darling Sandy with a wonderful target. I saw every thing in slow motion in the mirror in front of me. Her foot rising up between my spread legs, homing in on their target. I saw as her shin impacted my testicles, saw as it continued up, pushing each testicle over the side of her leg and then smashing them into my body. Felt the waves and waves of pain leap forth as her wonderfully thrown leg continued up. Saw my feet leave the ground and my balls just crying out from being utterly crushed by this tiny, deadly female opponent.

I collapsed helpless at her feet, feeling totally defeated, but also happy at the thought that I could be such a great self-defense teacher. Sandy’s legs will never forget this lesson, I thought, “And neither will we!” chimed my testicles! Any male foolish enough to pick on this small female subject would now be taught a decisive lesson!

She sat on the bed smoking a cigarette, utterly at peace after her kickboxing workout, calmly watching me writhing and groaning quite pathetically on the floor at her feet. She gave me time to recover (plenty of time!) and as I stood naked before her, I kissed her and told her how proud I was of her. I didn’t want the timid mouse to return - I loved this strong dominant side of her. I needn’t have worried because she was not finished with me yet! She brought her knee up smartly between my legs.

Luckily, this was just a play hit, but my reaction to that knee coming at my testicles was exaggerated. Before she could progress to really kneeing me in the nuts full throttle and leaving me completely helpless once again I quickly dragged her into bed. I was dangerously close to being totally useless for lovemaking but the blows to my testicles had really gotten me all horny. To reward her excellent progress as a student ballbuster I let her ride me, bringing my legs up over her shoulders so she could feel all of my swollen balls and cock. I grabbed my feet with my hands and rocked back and forth, thrusting myself deep into her.

She was really getting off on having beaten me into submission and then riding me in bed. I reached over her butt, thrust my hand between her legs and grabbed hold of my balls, pulling them smartly right up between Sandy’s delicious thighs. She clamped her legs together, trapping and squashing my testicles in the most wonderful way. Now we were both moaning and groaning like animals. Sandy was coming and coming, gasping in the air. With each gasp, her thighs tightened around my helpless balls and it was too much for me. I came and came like I had never come before, having the most fabulous sex of my life. How could the teaching of a timid female to strike me in the most effective target on my male body possibly have led to this? I wondered if I could survive this every night, but tomorrow was another day. Right now I felt utterly conquered by this beautiful woman who had crushed my maleness and then gotten so horny off doing it that, so powerful, that she had completely dominated me in bed also. I was left feeling thoroughly well fucked and humbled at the thought of what she could do to me now that she really had a feel for it.

Sandy – Part 3 by Wizard

Life had settled down after that amazing night when my petite Sandy showed me a thing or two. I think she expected me to resent the amazing power she now knew she had over me – at least if she cared to exercise it. She was still having problems of the mental variety, and she seemed dissatisfied with me for some reason. Having tried to reason with her, I knew it was hopeless. I’m afraid the logic employed by the schizophrenic is not what you or I would use. So I told her that I would rather she kicked or kneed me to let me know immediately how she felt if she was angry with me, rather than bottling everything up. I was tested all too soon when a friend came over with his sister. Now, when I had seen his sister some months before, she was just a young girl in a schoolgirl’s boring clothing. But now she was an extremely hot babe! Just the clothes? I wondered, as I stared goggle-eyed. Man was she hot! Sandy jumps towards me and her foot flies out into my crotch, only making light contact, but just looking into her smiling eyes I get the cold shivers thinking about what I could have gotten. What a lesson in front of this young girl! I’m shocked by her boldness, and wonder if I haven’t unleashed a monster.

So evidently Sandy had heard me. Over the next few weeks she got me several times, always making it a surprise, which I liked (because it was so effective), but only making the barest of contact, which was disappointing. There’s nothing quite like being totally off-guard, about to kiss one’s lover and suddenly finding a thigh right under your testicles, realizing with a shock that before you even knew it this woman had already hit them and was just keeping the thigh there for the feel of it. There’s an awkward moment while you wait several seconds just to see if she got you real good and you are going to be in agony. Exciting and embarrassing at the same time and you feel totally vulnerable (maybe because you really are!).

Fun though all this was, I wanted more, both for myself and for Sandy. So I suggested a little game. Without mentioning that I wanted her to hit really hard, I stood in the little attic alcove with its sloping ceiling, naked again since that seemed to work so well, and placed each hand up on the wall/ceiling. OK, I said. The rules are simple. You have to make me lower my arms. Sandy jumps forward, tickles me in the armpit and I instantly drop both hands, very nearly clobbering poor Sandy in the process. (I’m rather ticklish, and tend to over react.) We both laugh. I put my hands back.

"Wait,” says Sandy. "Let me get a cigarette," and she slips into the alcove behind me, commanding me to keep my position. This is so cool, I thought. She’ll start nice and gentle and I’ll get an amazing hard-on. I was already beginning to rise! Then we’ll make love, hell we’ll FUCK all ni……


Suddenly I’m lying on the carpet seeing stars! I swear I don’t even know what happened. If you’d have asked me right then I’d have told you I’d been hit by a freight train. My balls were throbbing so hard they felt as big as basketballs between my legs, though they looked to be normal size, if a little red. Sandy was massaging her shin. She had hit my testicles so hard this time she had even felt it herself. She was not, however, rolling about on the floor! I could not believe it! She was so small but had suckered me in my own little game, getting me all relaxed, then blasting me with her hard, bony shin and doing me from behind. It was masterful; I had to painfully admit. She looked at me and smiled.

“I win!” I had to concede my defeat. I also had to look at Sandy with new-found respect! My nuts were just throbbing and throbbing. I complained that my balls hurt and hinted about bedtime activities. Sandy came over to check me out and I raised myself up. Her small hands oh-so-gently caressed my large, sensitive testicles. This was making me feel much better! Suddenly she used both hands to grab and squeeze my testicles with great gusto and a wave of pain shot through me as I collapsed before her. Shit! This was no joke. I felt a warm wave of embarrassment sweep over me as I realized in the strongest way how inferior I felt to this tiny woman who had – I must admit – gotten me real good. I was totally awed by her power.

Later, after I recovered, I told Sandy how I had been hoping to get some real hot, hot sex going.

“I know,” she told me, “but I’m coming on my period so I don’t want any right now. I thought I’d see how much pain a man could really take. You know, it feels fantastic to know I can drop you just like that! How does it feel to be of the inferior sex?” Thanks to that practice the other night, I really know how to target a man. She smiled sweetly at me, staring hard at my balls, and added, “I’ll give you a break next time.” Oh my God! I’m not sure I can handle a next time. But now she is all sympathetic, and I forget all about the pain, lost in the gloriousness of this powerful female.

Sandy – Part 4 by Wizard

I can’t figure Sandy out. Must be the mental problems I guess. How do I go about getting help? She does not want to see a doctor. Here’s the strange part. She is acting all weird and timid again – like she’s afraid of everything – but she keeps hinting at wanting to try the self-defense again. Just like she is in two minds, I am in two minds about it. I feel an obligation to help her out (I would certainly never forgive myself if she got raped because she couldn’t defend herself). On the other hand, she was getting entirely too damn effective about it. If I said yes again, would I get majorly turned on or would I have to go to the hospital! On the other hand, if I say no and she gets pissed she may just bust me up anyway. Now I realized that I had given her the upper hand and instead of kicking myself for being a fool, I found that the thought itself was turning me on. New ground, new ground! I hoped it wasn’t mined.

Sandy loved the drop-the-hand game idea, perhaps because she had won all too easily the last time. I suppose I should have a prize, I thought, but it didn’t come up and she wanted to get started.

“Hands up!” she commanded me. I was naked again so she couldn’t miss. She had not stripped, I noticed, though her shoes were off. (Note: I’ll have to ask her to try kicking with shoes on one day.) I really wanted her naked too to enhance the erotic effect, but this was her show. Legs wider! She barked. I want to see it all. She just kept pacing back and forth, eyeing me up, getting the targets fixed in her mind. She looked at my hands and then my balls and then into my eyes. Hhmm, she said, I’d better try something other than a kick. Well, I started, thinking that if I imagined that my hands were chained to the wall and I could see her foot and leg flying I would be able to brace myself. No, its’ time to try hands, knees, punches, slaps, grabs, squeezes... Sandy is just beaming at me! I never realized how many ways there are she laughed. It felt good to see her happy.

Sandy came forward to kiss me. As our lips touched, her thigh shot up between my spread legs to gently nudge my balls from below.

“You are so tall,” complained Sandy. “They are hard to reach.” She stepped back, then forward, swinging her arm forward so that her hands could cup my balls, getting a feel for their location. She repeated this with her left arm then reached behind with each arm to really let her body understand the location of this target. She looked quite serious as she repeatedly grabbed, cupped, slapped or punched my balls. All of this was very gently done and I felt real turned on. Sandy started to smile at my erection.

“Yes,” she said, “keep it out of the way.” Sandy was happy with what I had – not too long but nice and fat around – and evidently didn’t want it damaged in the process.

“Let me get at your test-ic-les,” she cooed. “TEST this!” she cried, and swung an underarm hammer fist into my scrotum, temporarily flattening the contents! I jumped and drew in a quick breath, thinking all the time keep those hands up.

“Don’t forget to keep those hands up!” laughs Sandy, trying the same move with her other fist. I barely react this time, so she keeps at the hammers, trying to get equality between her right and left arms. I’m jumping every time now and its’ getting real hard to avoid dropping my arms. Sandy keeps up the practice - what a trooper! I’m in pain and having a hard time keeping from doubling over, if nothing else to avoid the hits. Sandy sees this, gets annoyed and tries to grab my jewels. Her hands are too small and my testicles are too large. They keep slipping out of the way in my scrotum. For some reason I find this funny and laugh but Sandy frowns. She gets down on her knees to really study the problem, pulling, pushing, mashing and hitting. My God all this testicular attention has me raring to go and I very nearly drop my hands to attack this woman and throw her in the bed.

Now Sandy tries a different tactic. She works her hands right around my testicles and grabs them roughly at the top of the scrotum. I’m so turned on I think I might even come when she yanks violently downwards. She very nearly pulls my hands right off the walls! I’m fighting her downward pull to keep my hands up and I’m pulling up on my own balls - ouch! I nearly am forced to give up - hell I nearly faint! At the last second, she lets go and I’m just that far from collapsing. The sweat is running down my face and I must look kinda pale because Sandy looks a little concerned and then congratulates me for keeping my hands up. After a little gasping from me, Sandy laughs.

“You’re nuts!” she says. But she is smiling and I can tell she’s really getting off on dominating me now. I think of my hands chained up and realize I’ve never been so turned on in my life - despite the pain. Now she is studying me, trying to figure out how else to bust me. She really wants to get that thigh in there. She practices jerking her knee up to the height of my groin. I tell her she must aim much higher for it to be effective. I want more, but I’m sore. She is disappointed that I have been able to keep my hands up. (She doesn’t know how hard that was!)

Now she comes in real close and tells me she is tired, how about coming to bed. Sandy has been learning well. She knows she must use a stealth approach. Now that I’m off guard, she RAMS her thigh up into my now loose hanging nuts. She is still too short for the thigh to work but she is so close that I get the full force of her almost vertical knee bone.

I half crumple before her, my legs buckling and my hands are off! Sandy sees how low I’m sinking and realizing she can reach me now tries the thigh. I jump up and sink again and she tries the other leg. I’m a goner and can’t even cry out and just squeak a bit as Sandy assaults my helpless testicles with her thighs. I collapse backward, utterly in her power now and she knows it!

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, hee hee,” she goes and leaps over and stomps me full in my battered balls, laughing and smiling all the while! I curl into fetal position and am barely conscious now as Sandy prowls around me, tearing off her clothes and rubbing herself vigorously. I realize how subordinate I now am to this woman. There is no way I can dominate her without getting really violent, which both doesn’t appeal to me and could get me locked up. Sandy, however, now has my permission to take me down by exploiting my male weakness, any time she feels like it. Despite feeling very foolish and totally inferior I’m also happy and extremely turned on. I wonder which of us needs therapy now?

Sandy – Part 5 by Wizard

Oh, that Sandy is getting too good! Let me tell you what happened next. Sandy tells me to be ready for “our game”. I’m at once horny, afraid and suspicious. There’s a certain gleam in Sandy’s eye! So at the appointed hour I duly report for my duties as a male target. Keep your clothes on, she orders. OK, says I, thinking we will now try street defense since she now has no trouble at all in finding and smashing my naked testicles. (Thinking about it, every hit has been so totally on target that I have been utterly at the mercy of Sandy. She can choose to lightly titillate me, target me with dozens, even hundreds of medium shots, or take me out with a full-tilt attack on my body’s weaknesses. Oooh!)

Sandy has a variation this time. She has been avoiding the front kick from the rear, (“My cheerleader special”, she once called it. Or “The male ballet dancer accidentally gets in the way of my high kick. Oops!”) because it is too effective, she says. So frontal assaults only, but this time not only must I keep my hands up but also I must wear a blindfold.

“Why?” I foolishly ask.

Sandy comes right up to me and says, "BECAUSE" and rams her thigh up into me.

“OOOF! You’ve been practicing,” I accuse through a throbbing pain.

She just smiles very sweetly at me and says, “I wasn’t even trying!” She comes real close again so she can rub against my erection. I start to dissolve in her touch and just when I’m all relaxed, she really rams her thigh violently into my appreciative tender testicles. After several minutes, I am finally able to agree with her, yes that was much harder! And so was my dick. I have never really understood this part. Ok, so I get turned on thinking about ball busts. I notice them in movies and get an erection. Same with self-defense talk. But it doesn’t stop! Sandy can now blast me full force, and even while in pain I can’t seem to lose the erection! I can be out of commission for a while maybe, but then I’m up AND ready to receive another bust! This might even be the most intimate one can get with a female partner. She has to be ready and able to take you to the edge - without throwing you over the cliff with a cord tied around your scrotum!!

So on goes the blindfold then Sandy keeps me waiting. She finally returns from the kitchen and she is ready to start. Wow! She is really trying a new tack. I feel her hands all over me, like she was probing and feeling for the first time. A hand gently creeps up my thigh, touches my balls and withdraws, only to return again with renewed courage. Time and again, the hand comes at my balls, feeling the precise location of my testicular targets. How naked I feel! Now the hand is getting bolder, feeling my testicles themselves, rolling them between the fingers, cupping them in the hand, bouncing them to feel the size and weight, squeezing them. Now the hand reaches tentatively from behind, trying to fix the position and get a firm grab. My dick is about to explode I’m so turned on! The hand has a good grasp of my balls and is hooked around my scrotum so that when the hand tugs backward my testicles follow and I nearly drop my hands off the walls.

Now it’s hits from the front, gently, with hands, feet, knees. Something’s not working – the shots are off target! I hear some muttering and then Sandy tells me the clothing thing isn’t working. I’m not allowed to peak and my clothes are removed.

“I hope you are naked too,” I say. There’s a slight pause and I wonder if she heard me.

Then she says, “OK, that’s fair.” Now I get bare feet, shins, insteps, knees, thighs, hammer fists, grabs, slaps.

“Oh, Yes! This IS much better,” I cry, longing for some attention to my erect penis. “Is it better for you too?”

“Mmm Hmm!” comes the mumbled response. I’m so turned on I’m not really paying attention.

“Harder!” says Sandy, “do it real hard! Yes! Do me much harder.”

“OK,” says this voice, and this big thick thigh comes crashing into me.

"Wait," I try to say. WHAM! A hard kick with a wide foot, followed by 'WHUMP!' An oh-so-solid shin cripples me and I’m barely able to keeps the hands up.

Through the pain and concentration I hear Sandy say, “go on, finish him off, make him drop those hands” I cannot speak quickly enough and the hand hits start. I cringe backwards, gasping and hardly keeping vertical. (Except my dick. It just seems to get harder and can’t stop being vertical!)

While I’m still cringing a hand comes from behind, grabs both testicles fair and square, and even as I am finally realizing that Sandy has got me again this time with an unknown assailant, I feel my testicles being pulled back and up and being squeezed and yanked back so hard my feet leave the floor, my hands leave the wall and I tumble most ignominiously towards the floor. The hand lets go of my testicles but before I slump a foot rams them into my body from behind. As I crumple, I am so embarrassed at being hit in this position – and from whom??

Sandy removes my blindfold as I lay groaning on the floor.

“Nick, meet Kim,” she says. I’m too busted up to object to Sandy’s deception, and anyway I’m so turned on. Kim is, well, Kim is kinda boyish, with punk-style short hair, and a fairly short but thick body. Then I remember the kicks and grabs. Especially the grabs – Sandy never seemed to be able to do that effectively – and I look at Kim’s strong hands appreciatively. I should be mad and embarrassed but the thought of this unknown woman assaulting my naked male body just won’t leave me. Her punkish, boyish appearance just gets me going even more.

"So," says Sandy, "didn’t I tell you that you won’t fear any man after this!"

“Yes, it was great. Thank you so much Sandy, and thank you Nick. Please let me do it again! I know I can do better next time. Sandy told me she made you drop your hands, and drop to the floor clutching your crushed nuts and moaning,” she laughs, with just one kick! All was clear, but I was surprised Sandy let me be naked with Kim. So she could really find the targets, said Sandy, but I think she enjoyed it

Well, after waving my erection in Kim’s face, even though I didn’t know it at the time, I suppose it made little difference that she joined us for lovemaking. Apparently Kim and Sandy had worked it all out. At first, she kept back and, after I got used to the idea – I thought of Kim’s kicks! – I really enjoyed her watching. However, she was not watching for long.

Sandy had me on top, and we were just getting a nice rhythm going when that hand(!) grabs both my balls, squeezes hard and starts pulling and pushing, controlling my every thrust into Sandy. Well, it was unbelievable! Kim ripped backwards and I followed, nearly pulling out of Sandy completely. She squeezed hard then thrust her hand forward. I, of course, followed, my throbbing penis and crushed testicles ramming into the writhing lover beneath me! She was going wild! I was so turned on I thought I would come over and over, only to be violently yanked by Kim and squeezed by the balls! This would bring me back from the brink as the pain hit and then get me all excited again as I realized I was totally in Kim’s power.

Well, I didn’t screw Kim that night, but having her there as a sex helper just drove me wild, and Sandy knew it! I could tell she was fighting the urge to have Kim come round again and jealous of her too. Life with Sandy was certainly not boring! Sandy was just beaming and said she had never come so hard and so often. Kim looked a little jealous having seen me at my ball-blasted-best, but she admitted she had come, getting off on how easy it was to control a man. I could have done anything with you, she taunted. We’ll have a re-match I managed to stutter, and Sandy looked at me like she wanted to crush my testicles right there and then.

My dick says, I salute you two wonderful, superior women! I’m yours!

Sandy – Part 6 by Wizard

Kim just couldn’t wait to nail me good and proper. Now that Sandy had taken Kim under her wing, she insisted on couching her personally. Without asking, she volunteered my naked testicles for Kim’s practice and regarded as a rite of passage Kim’s ability to crush them mercilessly and render me helpless with a single, devastatingly hard hit. Sandy now seemed to enjoy seeing me in such a vulnerable position so much that she relished the chance to share her knowledge and enjoy seeing me get taken down by another female. To see my proud, strong male body dominated absolutely by a female foot, to hear my cries of pain and experience a rush of amazing superiority over my vulnerable male body. I should have objected to being taken for granted, but I felt so horny that I actually could not wait!

So the next day I got home from work only to be grabbed and thrust into the room by two giggling and excited women, who had gotten all hot, horny and wet at the thought of using a certain delicate part of my anatomy to put me in my place.

“Strip!” I was told. Sandy and Kim were both clothed, but only in short skirts and thin tops. No bras, no stockings, no shoes. Kim apparently had to first master me using bare leg, foot or hand to my unprotected testicles. The two girls – well they looked young, sexy, schoolgirly and slutty in those outfits – had worked out everything beforehand. I was requested to attack the pair in an obviously hostile but not violent way.

As they stood there chatting I approached Sandy from the rear, slipping my arms around her waist. She nimbly stepped to the side and stopped me in my tracks with a fist thrown back into my groin with great force and abandon.

“Attack Kim!” she ordered. Sandy had hurt me so easily I felt mad and went for Kim from behind, pressing my erect penis into her big soft butt cheeks and reaching around in front to grab her firm breasts with both hands. Kim let me have a real good feel and her nipples rose up hard and wonderful. Suddenly she thrusts her behind into my crotch, pushing me away from her, and she zips to the side. The next events happened so quickly I had to ask the females about it. They were glad to tell me, sparing me none of the most embarrassing moments and finding the whole situation absolutely hilarious. Sandy stood in front of me and gave me an energetic front kick with her shin. She kicked so nice and high that I could see she wore no panties either! I grunted and hunched over, almost out from Sandy’s most effective shin kick! Ouch! Was she good.

Not to be left out, Sandy had now positioned me and softened me up for Kim’s pleasure, which was no time at all in coming. With Sandy holding my arms she swung me from side to side and I was forced to spread my legs wide to keep my balance. So I was held in position, had my nuts crunched to hunch me over and my legs spread wide for easy access! Kim couldn’t miss and she just obliterated the contents of my nutsack, lifting my body up in extreme pain. I cried out – a sort of moaning sigh and quick as lightening Kim’s other leg kicked out and up and right through my balls. I couldn’t see a thing through the pain haze and, as my body dropped down for the second time, Kim returned with the first leg kicking harder, higher and faster. I was gone. I was busted. I was dominated and humiliated and horny and totally in the power of Kim’s wonderful legs.

Kim was ready for more, having been warmed up but I was splayed out on the floor in front of Sandy’s legs like some animal-skin rug. I made the mistake of raising my head and Kim immediately kicked right up between my open legs, causing much merriment among the women and putting me out completely.

I came to to find Kim on top of me. I wonder if she regrets hitting me so hard. She sees my eyes open just a fraction and pulls off her clothes. Despite her somewhat boyish appearance, Kim has a sexy, curvy, very soft and inviting female body. I start to rise as she slips her top over her head and her tits bounce most invitingly in front of my face. I want to take her so badly but she pushes me down.

“Do you like me?” she asks, using her hands to display her breasts before me, squeezing them and popping her nipples out in front of my face. I try to touch her and she punches me forcefully right in the balls.

“Not unless I say so!” she commands and takes advantage of my helplessness before her to punch me again (Arrgh!) and yet again (Oooooomph!).

“Do you want me to stop?” she asks disappointedly.

“Yes, please!”

“Yes?” she says and punches me so hard I have only two flat pancakes within my scrotum with which to please her. But she ain’t so dumb and my dick is as hard as an iron rod. Damn these females. I feel so weak – they can take me anytime. Either lay me out or lay me - I’m helpless in their hands. She starts to take her way with me, sliding me into her and instructing me on exactly how to move to please her. I wonder where Sandy has gone to when I feel her petite hand closing around my sac. Kim and Sandy have been sharing information on how best to cause the maximum pain to my testicles, and I can feel the effect! Instead of trying to close her hand around my large glands, Sandy has closed around the top of my scrotum and she pulls hard at my sac, trapping my testicles and causing great pain and excitement as she tugs away with great gusto!

Kim is going crazy as Sandy tugs and pulls everything I’ve got deep within Kim, smashing my testicles against Kim’s throbbing pussy and she cries out with pleasure. A new wave of pain washes over me as Sandy pulls and pulls, all hesitation gone as she coaxes me to fuck Kim with all my might and tries to push my aching balls deep into Kim’s eager body. I’m so lost in the pain that Sandy is inflicting on me that I’m hardly aware of Kim’s gorgeously sexy body going wild on top of me. I don’t think she cares, and I wonder if Sandy wants Kim to experience the sexiest time of her life or if she wants to Kim to crush me utterly as she watches. Kim is just gasping and gasping helplessly and Sandy rudely pulls her off me, delivers a solid knee that has ME gasping and mounts me passionately. Her latest assault has me spinning, but my dick knows what to do so in spite of myself so I’m giving Sandy what she wants and she thrashes about on me wildly. I wonder if I can really hold on and get Sandy off – I want her to come like she never has before – when Kim’s large strong hands find my balls, grabbing and squeezing them and causing me to ejaculate again and again deep into Sandy’s vagina. I wonder if I’ve blown it for Sandy but she is riding me still, eyes closed and breath coming in great gasping sobs! Egads! If I didn’t know she was getting off, I’d tell you she was in pain.

Finally I’m lying there exhausted with two very happy females. Kim looks at me with great admiration – she has never seen a man able to so completely satisfy one woman, let alone two and I tell her our unique foreplay is largely responsible. That and hanging around two very sexy women! I now believe great sex is contagious. The two of them together, and the added thrill for me of seeing two naked ball-busting babes, added up to much more than the respective parts. I don’t normally regard myself as a great lover, but I bet if you had been attacked and then mounted by these two foxes you would have performed splendidly, leaving the females exhausted and you wondering when they would be ready to start again. It ain’t always the female that exhausts the male, if you play it right. These two had completely dominated me by testicular advantage, but couldn’t help themselves lose it completely in bed. Wow. I’m awed.

Sandy – Part 7 by Wizard

I know we have had incredible times. But one day Sandy and Kim got mad at each other. Oh Boy! One evening there’s a knock at the door and there stands Kim looking very feminine for once. Her short, spiky hair is now bleached blonde. She is wearing a short black skirt (great!), black stockings (even better!), a blouse with most buttons undone and a bra that takes full advantage of her breast size (phew!) and great looking shoes. I don’t know what kind they were! They were a cross between sexy heels and clunky platforms. They looked great and could also be used to great advantage in a combat scenario!

“Hi!” she says brightly. Kim’s hand sweeps up and grabs my unsuspecting testicles, most expertly coming up from below, the fingers scooping up my balls and stretching my scrotum so that her hand fully engulfed them before clamping down hard! As I opened my mouth in shock, Kim kisses me hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth and squeezing my testicles hard. I can feel the warmth of her body against me and feel her soft breasts on my chest. I feel weirdly torn between the utter pleasure of this hot horny female body pressed into mine and then Mmmph! She squeezes me again with her big strong hand and almost causes me to faint. It is only my mind that is confused and my dick is swelling. Doesn’t Kim know that Sandy is in the house? I don’t want Sandy to start tripping and force Kim away from me somewhat roughly. We stand there for a moment facing each other. Then Kim gets mad at my “rejection” and lets fly with her heavy shoe right up my tenderized balls. Oooooh! That hurts!

As I’m bent over with my hands on my thighs trying to recover, Sandy bursts in and starts haranguing Kim. She gets mad and instead of going for Kim gives ME one of her devastating rear kicks. Well I’m perfectly lined up for it so I get it all full force on my balls. I nearly lose my lunch at this point, and I have no idea what they are saying. Finally, Sandy wants to know What Kim Was Doing.

To demonstrate, Kim comes over to me, straightens me up and kisses me most passionately full on the lips. Damn her kisses are good! Unfortunately, this is not the end of her demonstration and her muscular thigh smashes up into my groin. The pain is intense since she really smashed them high and hard and they were already tender. My head is spinning, and my stomach is cramped up.

“No, you did not!” says Sandy. Now Sandy comes up to me and roughly grabs my balls. She is not as effective as Kim is, but she has been practicing and knows how to sweep them up. I gasp and Sandy forces her lips on mine. The pleasure is intense and the pain is excruciating! Then Sandy steps back and kicks me with that expert aim of hers.

I’m bent almost double now and only vaguely hear Sandy tell Kim, “That’s what you did.” She was watching us the whole time!

“How dare you spy on us,” says Kim and advances on Sandy in a threatening manner. Sandy retreats behind me, and Kim, frustrated at this promptly kicks me hard and fast with those heavy shoes. Arrgh! I sink to my knees now. It’s my place screams Sandy and now she takes it out on me too! Bam! She just kicks me from behind as I’m on all fours on the floor. Even though I’m in pain, I cannot believe how horny these two are making me! But I can barely stand and the argument cools a bit as the women start to get amused at using me as a punching bag between the two of them.

As I kneel on the floor, Kim cries, "I hate you!" at Sandy and kicks me viciously in my sore balls. I bend over again and Sandy screams, "Not as much as hate you" and lets fly at my exposed crotch, dropping me to the floor. Damn these are hard-kicking babes tonight! I can’t move but I’m still turned on, at least mentally. It feels like they might have kicked my dick and balls right off me between the two of them. Now they both get concerned at me groaning on the floor and then burst out laughing!

“Look how we got him!”

“Wow, so easy. I bet we could tag-team even a black belt!”

“Especially when we kick him beneath that black belt.” They laugh even louder now, but at least they have made up. I stagger upright again.

“That was so funny,” they laugh. “You should have seen your face!”

“Oh,” I ask, “what did it look like?” Sandy brings a small mirror and as she approaches me, Kim blasts my swollen testicles from behind. I bend again and Sandy pulls me upright and thrusts the mirror in my face and her foot in my balls. They were both laughing hysterically and I have no idea how many times they kicked me – I was beaten and out.

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