Thursday, August 2, 2007

School Fighting Day

By Agua

In our school, boys and girls were taught in separated classes. One day, we were in the age of 17 or 18, the boys provoked the girls, "You got a nice pussy. I would like to screw you!"

The girls discussed a little while and explained, "You can take one of our girls if you guys are able to defeat us in a fight. If we win, we are allowed to screw one of you." The boys didn't really understand what this meant, but agreed.

The next day ten couples, consisting of one boy and one girl, stood ready to fight. All the girls wore a dark blue bikini (top and slip) and nothing else. The boys all had black Lycra bicycling tights on, neither a slip under it nor a T-shirt. Three boys were afraid of unfair fighting techniques and additionally wore a protective cup, a simple hard plastic cup that they had put into their tights. Honestly speaking, all the girls and boys looked young, slim and somehow hot.

1. The first couple of one girl and one boy started the fight. She could clearly see the position of his balls from the bulge of his Lycra tights. As he was somewhat stronger than she was, he simply threw her down. She laid now on her back, the boy sitting on her stomach. Her hand went between his widely straddled legs and grabbed his boyhood. The boy moaned as she squeezed his balls and he quickly surrendered. As a sign of victory, she took his pants, which she wore now over her bikini slip.

2. Now all the boys knew what tactic the girls planned to apply. Therefore, the next boy didn't want to play long games with her but finish the fight quickly. He thought to fight as unfair as the girls did. After the fight started, he immediately kicked her in the groin. She groaned with pain, her hands cupped her aching pussy. She had lost the fight and the boy took her bikini slip to wear over his Lycra tights. The boys were yelling and applauding as he took her slip.

3. The next boy had a cup. After the glorious victory of his mate, he felt invincible with his groin protector. The girl could clearly recognize he was wearing a cup from the large and homogenous bulge in his pants. She knew she had to act quickly. She approached him very quickly and, before the boy could even react, her hand went down into his shorts under the cup. It took her just a second to find and grab one ball. As she squeezed it, the boy had a stupid expression in his face but couldn't say or do anything. The other girls shouted, “CRUSH!” By this victory, the girls had captured another boy's pants and - even more important - a cup! For the girls, the captured cup was the proof that they could easily win, even against protected boys.

4. The cup was handed over to the next girl who put it into her bikini slip. (Against a direct kick or blow, a cup offers good protection for a girl, too!) The boy, who didn't wear a protector, didn't care about the clearly visible bulge in her slip and ran against her to throw her down. She fell onto her back, the boy on top of her. When they hit the ground, the boy's balls made hard contact with her cup. He groaned. The girl quickly put her legs around his hips and started to tear him back and forth over her cup so that his balls were well crushed. Not only the weight of his own body but also the tractive power of the girl's legs pressed upon his balls that were trapped between his body and her cup. After 10 or 20 seconds, the boy slipped into unconsciousness. Some of the girls got wet at this sight. What excited them most was that boys could be broken with their own protective armament. After the girl took his bicycling tights, the naked and unconscious boy was tugged off the wrestling area by his comrades.

5. Now both fought without protection. Somehow they got into a 69-position, i.e. the face of either was in the crotch of the other. From the smell of her pussy, the boy got a stiff dick. His hard cock was directly in front of her nose, so she simply bit into it. The boy was roaring with pain and surrendered. Another boy was naked, while a girl wore his pants.

6. The next boy had a cup. The girl didn't wear one, but she had already an idea how to crack a protected guy. She approached him quickly and tried to pull down his pants. She succeeded only partly as his Lycra shorts were too tight. But at least his cup was a bit out of position. She held him at his hips and rammed her knee twice or thrice into his crotch. Every time his cup jumped against his groin and made a hollow sound, “Plop! Plop!” But even though his cup was not fixed properly and the hits were very unpleasant, her attacks were not as painful and effective as she thought them to be. The boy just pretended to have a lot of pain and let himself fall on his back. As he laid there, his balls cupped with his hands, the girl positioned herself standing, grinning with widely spread legs, over him. Suddenly, the boy's foot kicked her full force between her legs!

The girl moaned; her hands tried to cover her aching slit; she went down on her knees. The boy jumped up, making a victory pose. He rearranged his cup and pants and was already about to take her slip. But the fight wasn't over yet! Though in agony, the girl was willing to crack this guy and win this fight. She defended and both were fighting on the ground now. They were in a 66-position (the classic love position) with him on her so that she couldn't attack his boyhood. Her arm was free to grab his back and to go from behind into his sweatpants, but too short to reach for his balls. But at least she could grab an edge of his cup! With three or four sudden and powerful jerks, she pulled his cup out of his pants. At every jerk the boy groaned with pain. Now his most sensitive part was unprotected! The girl threw the cup to the other girls who yelled and applauded. The boy was so surprised by her action that she could partly break free from his hold. But when she tried to stand up, he could clasp her from behind and pull her down, so that she was now on him with her back on his breast while he lay with his back to the ground. His hands unpleasantly squeezed her tits. Suddenly the girl stamped her heel into his groin! He roared with pain. Now the girl stood up and positioned herself between his spread legs. She fell on her knees so that her knee crushed his balls. The last thing he heard was that all girls shouted, “POP!” before he slipped into unconsciousness. The naked boy was pulled away by his mates while the girls triumphed for having the cup and the tight pants captured.

7. The next couple fought without protective armament. He managed to get her into 66-position (love position) so that she couldn't attack his sac. With one hand, he held her so that she couldn't move; his other hand found the way around her butt to her pussy. His fingers got under her slip, entered her slit and started to stir around unpleasantly. She moaned with pain and started to squirm and writhe. She was already about to surrender when she remembered that even a boy has a pussy - his asshole! Her free arm went to his back and down into his pants; her fingers entered and attacked his asshole. The expression of superiority and arrogance in the boy's face was replaced by disbelief and surprise at first and later by pain. His fingers immediately released her pussy. Like her before, now the boy was writhing in pain. To get rid of her, he turned sideward, involuntarily offering her his unprotected crotch. With a full force blow of her fist to his groin, the girl finished and won the fight. The boy got sick and some liquid droplets escaped from his cock. The girl proudly presented the droplets of piss or precum - or whatever she had beaten out of him - to the other girls.

8. The girl recognized that the boy was wearing a cup but she was sure she could handle it. The boy quickly attacked her and threw her down so that he laid in the classic sex position on her. Again, he was too close to her to be attacked by hand or knee. As he laid on her, she could hardly move. Additionally, his cup pressed upon her groin area and caused her major pain. In her desperation, she whispered to the boy in his ear that she found him cute and sexy and would like to feel his cock in her slit. She started to kiss him intensively and he replied. The boy now started to move rhythmically back and forth. She was able to push him gently sideward. From the huge bulge in his tights, she could recognize that he had a stiff one and that his hard cock had already moved his cup out of position. That was her chance! As a cup protects best against attacks from front, but is relatively weak at blows from below or side, she hit several times full power sideward against the cup. With every hit, the cup jumped sideward and his nuts were crushed. This way, the girls captured the last protective cup of the boy’s team, as well as another Lycra short, which the girl wore as sign of victory over her slip.

9. The captured cup was given to the next girl; maybe she could repeat the technique used against boy #4. Her opponent was very careful, as he had well seen what had happened to boy #4. Somehow he was able to get her down on her breast while he lay with his breast on her back in a kind of 69-position. So his face was close to her cute butt and his balls were in an unreachable position somewhere on her neck. His hand went between her legs under her slip and cup where it tortured her pussy. Finally, she had to surrender as she could neither break free nor attack his sac. The boys applauded and yelled in triumph as at least one cup could be reconquered.

10. For the last and decisive fight, both teams equipped their fighter with a protective cup. (Even for the girl it was important to protect her groin.) The boy additionally wore the captured bikini slip over his Lycra tights to provide better fit for his cup. After short standing fight, both lay in a 66 love position. Their cups were positioned side by side and were a kind of interlocked. By pushing him sideward, the girl tried to bring the boy's cup out of fit. In fact, the lateral pressure on his cup caused the boy extreme discomfort, but he could break free and pull her around so that she was now over him. His hand got into her slip under her cup where he with his fingers tortured both her pussy and asshole. (Seemed the boy had learned from girl #7!) She moaned with pain, but didn't surrender. With a sudden move, she could break free and jump up. As the boy had held her before, he was pulled upward by her jump and was now on his knees in front of her. With her leg, she kicked to his groin, but the kick was absorbed by the cup. His hand went to her bikini slip, pulled it sideward so that the cup fell out. Now she was unprotected! With his hand, the boy hit her full force into her slit. The girl covered her crotch with her hands and bent over. With a destroying fist blow to her tits, the boy finished and won the fight. The girl lay in agony holding her pussy and breast.

Balance of the fights: The boys could only win three of ten fights. Two boys (#4 and #6) had to go to hospital as one ball was ruptured. One of the next days, the girls claimed to screw one boy since they had won the majority of fights and that was how it was agreed some days ago. The girls choose boy #7 for he was a real hottie. He had to bow over a table; two girls pressed his chest on the table and held him. Another girl came from behind, pulled down his pants – and suddenly she screwed him from behind! He couldn't believe it! She had buckled on a plastic cock like the one you could buy in any sex shop! While the girl was raping him, he was moaning and crying with pain and humiliation. He was violated by a girl! The other boys didn't say anything, but everybody was happy that it wasn't his ass-pussy, which was bumped and ground.

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