Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Secret Ingredient in Fashion

by unknown

When fashion hits you where it hurts...

In 2001 a small start-up company specializing in products that remove wrinkles without expensive surgery offered over-the-counter goods. They had smoothing cream and clear wrinkle drops which would remove facial creases and tighten the skin. These products really worked. Older ladies and men in their 60's used it and their skin tightened like a $5,000 face lift. They looked 15 years younger and the product was in high demand. At $1,000, a 6oz bottle would perform miracles.

Inside the factory there was a lab that produced the potion that consisted of only 2 technicians and 1 scientist. The marketing department was made up of all 18 to 25 year old girls. The executive staff had but only one male, (the secretary). The shipping department had about 30 young male workers between the age of 18 and 22. The turnover in shipping and receiving staff was unusually high. While the marketing team turned over in a few years.

The Sunday newspaper had many positions available for young energetic men. Custodial, delivery and fast food filled the pages. Sam turned the pages back and forth looking for the right job. He had just graduated from high school and was eager to make some money before going to college. He spied upon an add that read:

"Shipping clerk needed"

"Energetic, healthy men and women needed for immediate

position opening. Base pay $8.50/hr. Experience not necessary"

Sam wrote down the address right away. I wonder why they are paying so well, he thought to himself, considering the other ads offered only minimum wage.

At the interview Sam twisted in his chair, uncomfortable in front of this 20-year-old blonde interviewer.

"Can you lift items weighing more than 75 pounds?" she asked watching Sam's reply.

"Yep" he slipped back.

"Do you have any physical disabilities, on any medication?" she queried some more.

"Nope" Sam replied.

"Have you had any problems or failures with your internal/external organs?" she asked quietly.

"Um... my... um?" Sam stumbled.

"Have you had any problems...medically or anything that required surgery?" she explained.

"Oh," he concluded.

"Good! Can you start next Monday?" she asked.

"Yea," Sam replied.

"OK, then, when you start you should dress in casual clothes... jeans and t-shirts are acceptable," she said finalizing the interview. "Thank you for coming today, have a good weekend," she told Sam as he was leaving her office.

Monday mornings are always hard for Sam. Getting up before 7:00am is usually impossible. But with an eagerness to get started, Sam showered and wore his newest jeans and a clean shirt. When he arrived he met Matt, a newcomer as well. Matt worked in the shipping department for only one week.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Sam," he introduced himself to the guy.

"My name is Matt, you’re new here aren't you?" he questioned.

"Yep my first day!" he bolted back. He and Matt were making their way to the shipping area. Sam was to report to the training center for first day orientation. When it was through he was told that his training buddy would be Matt.

"Trained by a guy who's only been here a week," Sam said to himself.

Matt and Sam packed boxes and boxes of the product, wrote up packing slips and filled out receivable sheets. As they worked Sam questioned Matt, "In orientation we were told that 30 guys worked back here, but I only see about 15?”

"The others have special assignment," Matt replies cautiously. "They have chosen Option 10," he continued. Sam, curious about Option 10, went on with more questions.

"Well what is Option 10?”

"It's sorta like a physical session... a work out you might say. It pays twice as much as you make now. But there's a bunch of forms you have to fill out and...." Matt was interrupted by Sam.

"Who cares? $17.00 and hour for no experience or education, forms shmormes where do I sign?”

"Well you can talk to Lisa, the girl who interviewed you, and convert over at lunch," Matt informed Sam.

Sam talked to Lisa and signed the forms. Lisa informed Sam that he would need to take a physical examination before he could begin. They had an examination room on the premises and she would bring him there. He was lead to an elevator, which lead to underground offices. The hallway was narrow and there were double doors to each office, the main entrance from the hall and a second inside the vestibule. "It’s real quiet," Sam thought to himself. Lisa escorted Sam into a room and told him to disrobe and wait here. Sam noticed the room was filled with medical items, an examination bed with stirrups, a weight scale, blood pressure gauges and other electrical monitoring machines. Sam slid off his jeans and pulled off his shirt and sat on the bed waiting. Lisa returned wearing a white doctors jacket.

Sam, somewhat embarrassed asked, "Are you going to give the exam?”

"Yes Sam, I am qualified to do this sort of work. Please lie on the bed and put your legs in the stirrups," she said calmly. Sam sat down rolled over and lifted his legs in the cold metal collars. He felt very awkward his cock and balls fully exposed and hanging like fresh fruit on a vine. Lisa started by feeling Sam's balls; rolling them in her fingers and watching his flaccid cock come to life. She was manipulating the twin orbs watching his reaction. Sam's cock grew harder still. She informed Sam that her assistant would be in to help out. Sam sat back anxious to get this over.

Lisa introduced Shelly as her assistant. Shelly had a nurse’s outfit on but with a very short skirt and open shirt showing much of her cleavage. Sam's eyes opened wide looking at this girl no more than 18 years old with 38" tits and olive skin. Lisa informed Sam to lie back and relax while she continued with the exam. Sam watched Shelly set up some monitoring equipment. Whenever she bent over he noticed her bare ass and became erect.

"Very good," soothed Lisa. "I need to check your equipment for operation". Shelly continued hooking up Sam to the machines. While she bent over Sam reaching for his opposing arm he couldn't help catching an eyeful of her tan breasts.

"Do you like what you see?" asked Shelly. Sam blushed and nodded yes. "Then have some" Shelly said as she arched her back and unbuttoned her shirt exposing the best set of tits Sam had ever set eyes on. She lowered her chest to his face and Sam wasted no time smothering himself in her flesh. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples watching them shrink in size and point out to him. He couldn't believe what was happening. As Shelly let Sam dine on her breasts, Lisa started pumping Sam's cock. His hips thrust slightly in response. Sam was gorging himself when Shelly slipped off her skirt and straddled Sam's ribbed abdomen. Her wet pussy sat atop Sam's navel and she rubbed it around while he sucked her nipples raw. When Sam grew tired of her chest, Shelly repositioned herself in the 69 position allowing Sam's anxious tongue entry into her juice pot. Sam was in heaven! He licked her pussy from top to bottom flicking her pink button and using long strokes from her clit to her ass. Shelly held herself up by her arms watching Lisa attach a special machine to Sam's cock head. It had a clear glass cylinder with tubing attached to the other end. It was a milking machine.

The secret ingredient to the makeup was pre-cum. That perfectly clear fluid men and boys produce when they are very aroused before ejaculation. Since cum contains sperm, an unnecessary ingredient for the potion, only pre-cum fluid can be used. The process of removing the sperm from the fluid is more expensive than hiring many guys for milking.

Sam was as hard as he has ever been. Licking up Shelly's pussy was bringing him to the brink of cumming. This is where the most pre-cum is produced. The machine snapped on and startled Sam.

"What the hell was that?" he asked in surprise.

"That's a sample machine," Lisa responded. "It will take your pre-cum and see if it is usable for our product." Sam was enjoying the sweet lips of the young nurse to care about the answer. When the machine stopped Shelly rolled off the bed and grabbed a chair. Lisa nodded to Shelly after reading the printout from the machine.

"Well, I will leave you two alone," Lisa said as she left. Sam sat up wondering what was next.

"Just lie back and relax," Shelly soothed. “I am going to work on you now.”

SMACK! ! ! The sound rang out around the room. Shelly's fist rammed the balls hard. Sam was wondering what the sound was when the bolt of pain shot through his gut.

“UUUUMMMPHHHH," he belted out.

SMACK... SMACK... SMACK, three more poundings from her fist.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" Sam screamed. The machine started up again and the pain waves surged Sam's head. His balls felt like they had been kicked by a mule. The pounding sensation made him quiver.

Shelly then took each testicle and wrapped gauze a couple of time to separate them and hold them out. She pulled on the remaining tail stretching the nuts to their full extent in the sack.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam shouted.

"Didn't you read the contract?" Shelly replied sharply. "Didn't you read that we would manipulate your organs for maximum production of fluid?”

"No, I didn't read any of that... OOOOOOMMMMPHHHHH!" Sam replied and she grabbed each ball with spring-loaded clamps and let go giving the clamps free reign to crush down on each nut. " The machine started again.

"The more punishment to your balls we give, the more juice you produce," Shelly explained. "My job is to torture as much pre-cum from your cock and balls as possible." Sam's cock drooled with the precious clear fluid and the machine sucked up every drop. "We generally work your balls over for about 3 to 4 hours," she continued. "After that you will usually cum uncontrollably or your nuts get crushed so much that they go dry." Shelly continued to use clamps, punches, fist grips on Sam's balls until about 2 hours later he went into convulsions and spasmed and spewed thick white cum causing the machine to stop. The clear tube attached to his cock head was filling up with white fluid. Sam's cock kept spurting after she removed the collector. Load after load it shot onto his chest. Shelly put away the machine and walked over to Sam's side. Watching the still twitching penis, she took her fingers and ran them across Sam's chest, dragging the sticky cum with it. Sam was in a state of semi-consciousness but he remembers her licking his stomach and chest lapping up the thick semen.

"This is the best part, I think," Shelly said. "The machine doesn't know what it is missing"

Later Sam awoke in a room with about 20 other guys, all naked and cradling their manhood carefully in their hands. Many guys had swollen balls the size of plumbs and others were shapeless and hung low between their legs. Almost all were the same age as Sam.

"This your first time?" a voice from behind asked Sam. "I bet your nuts are hurting something bad." Sam turned to see Matt, dressed in a white outfit.

"And you wondered why the pay was so great. Do you still think that it is so good?"

to be continued....

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