Friday, August 10, 2007

Shay's new story

by Mainvein

Here's the new story that Shay Sights is going to read for her tape. If anybody wants something in the stories, let me know. I'll put it in.

I think I'll dedicate this one to Suzy. She told us some great stories and was the inspiration for this one. Thanks Suzy.

The big tease:

I'm a big tease. I like total control over a man. I like to get him to the brink of orgasm but not let him fall over the edge. Sometimes guys can't keep their composure and I have to put 'em in line. So I don't hesitate to crush their balls at the drop of a hat, and I always warn them of what will happen. I never miss an opportunity to break a guy's balls and let him know who is boss. They don't come unless I say so and the penalty is two very hurt nuts. Like this guy I met the other night.

He was tall and kind of built, with dark hair and big bushy eyebrows. He was wearing a black shirt and khaki pants. I swear I could see his huge dick and nuts through his pants. I was going to have fun with him. He was very bold and approached me without hesitation. His confidence impressed me, but he blew it when he talked.

It was when he said, "Why don't you and me crawl behind a small rock and get a little bolder." I figured I'd humor him and teach him a lesson by breaking his balls. This is too much fun. We went back to his place and before we could get through the door he had his hands all over me. I got real close facing him and faked a knee at his nuts.

"Wham, right in the balls," I said enthusiastically.

He backed off and said, "That's not very nice."

"You better watch your balls around me 'cause I'll kick them up to your throat," I replied. He thought I was kidding and opened the door. We walked inside and he went to get me a drink. We had talked earlier about how he had a foot fetish and would love a foot job. I thought I'd tease him and took off my shoes. He came back with two drinks in his hands and I couldn't resist. I faked a snap kick at his balls with my bare foot. He nearly dropped his drinks.

"I told you." I said teasing him.

"That would've hurt," he remarked.

"You're right." I told him "If I had actually kicked you in the nuts, you'd be lying on the floor in so much pain you'd think I smashed your balls completely. You'd be thinking I can't find my balls, she crushed my balls."

"I would hurt that much?" he said slightly sarcastically.

"I really know how to kick nuts and make it hurt." he paused

"LLLets...sit down," he said hesitantly.

"Wait, I want to show you something." I walked over to him, my bare feet slapping against the floor. I grabbed the drinks and placed them down on the table in front of the couch. I spun around to look at him and without warning I yelled "crunch!" and kicked his nuts as hard as I could. He didn't double over so I kicked again. I hit his balls perfectly with the top of my foot. I felt them collide with the spot just behind my toes. I kicked so hard I could feel an impression of two balls on my foot after I placed it back on the floor. He started to fall and managed to drag himself to the couch.

After sitting down he started to say, "You crushed my balls, I can't believe you kicked my balls."

"Oh, it can't hurt that bad, I've kicked other guys harder in the nuts. You’re such a wimp." I retaliated. He began to moan and I savored the feeling of his balls that was still impressed on the top of my foot. "On second thought, I did kick your balls dead on. Are they OK? Let me do something to make them feel better." I sat down next to him and I placed my feet in his lap and began to massage his boner.

"That' better" He moaned and I picked my foot up and dropped it lightly on his nuts. He let out an "ooofffff" and I just smiled. I can't let him have too much fun. I leaned forward and unzipped his fly and took out his package. I began to massage his swollen cock and cupped his large shaven balls.

"The bigger the better," I thought to myself as I caressed his big, soft nuts. I couldn't wait to crush them. I started to explain what kind of pain he was in for. "I have a little game I like to play. If you can last for five minutes without cumming, you get to fuck me. If you can't, I get to squeeze your nuts for as long as I want."

"Why do you wan to hurt my nuts so bad?"

"It makes things fun. And I like seeing the look on your face when I smash your balls."

"But it hurts. Bad."

"Sorry, it's just too much fun for me."

"OK, I'll give it a shot. I can last for five minutes."

"You better, if you don't want to lose your balls." I jacked him off and massaged his nuts for five minutes like I said. But he couldn't take it and came all over himself.

"Say bye to your nuts" I told him.

"No!" he tried to yell, but I cut him off. I began to squeeze viciously, and he started to make high-pitched noises. I just kept squeezing and squeezing. He tried to pry my hands off so I started to twist.

"Stop or I'll twist all the way around." He stopped. I shifted my grip so my hand was at the top of his scrotum. His balls were peeking out the bottom. They looked like two large cherries all swollen and ready to be picked. I lost control and couldn't help myself. I took my other fist and rammed it into his balls, over and over. Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

"How do your nuts feel?" I asked him. When I looked at his face to see a reaction to my taunting, I noticed he wasn't awake anymore. I let go, got up, and left him there to think about how much his balls hurt when he wakes up. Too bad for him. It really must suck having two nuts between your legs.

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Anonymous said...

what a bitch!...this is good for fantasy but I hope you know this doesn't work in real life.I admit it hurts a lot and the way you describe it scares the shit out of me and makes me cringe like a baby with my hands on my balls; but in practicality you don't stand a chance. I wouldn't even give you the time to go near my balls. And if I "grab, squeeze and twist" your tities, ull cry too. So please stop making us guys feel so week. We are the dominant sex and will always be.