Sunday, August 12, 2007

She Encounters Burglars

by J. mailo

She thought of nothing as she opened her door. It had been a long day at work and she just felt like unwinding. She really did not feel like going to class tonight. Just then a thick arm grabbed her and pulled her inside.

Burglars! Oh shit! She fought to keep her composure. These three were all young, built and mean-looking. Somewhere along the way they had discarded their shirts and wore only dirty, faded blue jeans. From the food and empty beer cans that were strewn around the apartment it looked like they had been partying for a while. Even if they were drunk she would have a hard time fighting them all at once. But, she had to figure her odds were not good otherwise. She was not going to give in without a fight.

She took some comfort in that they were not brandishing weapons at this point. They pushed her further into the room. The one who had grabbed her, Rico, thrust her into the corner easy chair. "We're gonna have so much fun, muchacha", he said as he leaned toward her. The other two were still across the room. They would have to move around the coffee table before they could get to her. For once she was glad that the room was kind of cramped. It would take them a little time to rush her. She figured now was her chance.

She used that instant to ram her arm up between his legs and crushed his testicles. Rico let out a choked cry and his eyes saucered out. Then his pupils seemed to retreat under his eyelids and his face went pale. He did not get a chance to say or do much else. She followed through by bringing the same arm back and grabbing him by his anguished groin and then pulling him nuts-first into the arm of the chair. Rico bounced off of the arm with a cushioned thud; his expression confirming every movement was an agony. His eyes were wide and unseeing, and his only words were "oooohhhh" or "fuck". Rico doubled over and grabbed himself. He seemed to teeter, as if trying to prevent his legs from giving out and dropping him down onto the arm again. She abruptly stood and used her left arm to push off against his butt as she propelled herself to her next would-be assailant. The force rammed him head long into the wall. He dropped in a heap next the chair, still clutching his groin.

She moved up to attacker two, Leo, with a swift kick to his inner knee, and two palms up against his ears. These guys had not expected her to fight back. She was not about to let up now. Number three, Domino, was moving in too fast to do any more real damage. She landed a palm strike to Leo's chin to raise him up and then pushed him back into Domino's charging body. Before either could recover, she shot a kick that caught both men solidly between the legs. They both assumed the classic position of a guy who had just been nailed in the nuts; doubled-over, hands covering groin, face and neck raised enough to show that it hurt like hell. She liked how the doubling-up has a nice effect in that it brought his head down as if to meet one’s knee coming up. So it happened to Leo. She brought her knee up straight up into his nose, breaking it. She shoved him aside into the patio door as she step towards Domino.

Domino had more than a glancing blow and it look like he felt it. However he had recovered enough to advance and punch at her. She evaded his punch with and underhand block and tiger clawed his eyes. Then as he jerked his head back she punched his exposed Adam’s apple. His hands went straight to his throat. Even if she had him blinded and choking she was not going to stop now. Not losing any momentum, she grabbed him by the hips and pulled him into her rising knee as she rammed it up into his groin repeatedly. She made sure to put her whole hip into it and follow through. The blows raised him easily a foot off the ground and each one brought a more shrill cry of pain from her would-be assailant. No matter. She held on tight, not allowing him to retreat or fall from her grasp. After the fifth knee lift to the ‘nads she let him go. He landed on his side with a thud. He curled into a fetal position and began to retch and convulse. He could feel nothing but the gnawing pain in his belly and his balls felt like they had been pulped. Wave after wave of agony swept over his body.

Leo grabbed her in a bear hug from behind. Damn, she had gotten so wrapped up in the last attacker she forgot to make sure none had recovered. She kicked back with her heel to his already injured knee. Dropping slightly, she was able to elbow him in the ribs and bring a hammer fist back into his groin. Determined to end this, she grabbed Leo's balls and squeezed, and stepped forward purposefully; drug the dazed man behind her. Pulling him past her, she slammed him square into the jutting corner of the wall next to the door. The apex smacked sharply with his pelvis. He stood stock straight as if electricity had just run through his body. Then he staggered, bending slightly; his hands reflexively crossed to cover his groin. She stepped back behind him and planted a solid kick between the uprights. Her instep slammed into his groin, breaking two of his fingers and reduced him to a lump on the floor. He rolled onto his back with his knees drawn back to his chest. He rocked back and forth, but it didn’t help ease the pain any.

She turned to make sure that none of the other attackers had recovered. She was not going to be taken by surprise again. Leo was not going anywhere soon. Domino was still trying to breathe properly. Rico had moved to his knees and still had one hand holding his nuts.

He was still facing the wall, and had long given up caring about her. He was too busy nursing his balls and thinking about whether he would be able to fuck again. She moved up behind Rico and grabbed him by his legs and pulled him back from the chair. He was on his stomach, positioned as if he were a wheelbarrow. She had him where she wanted him. Before he had a chance to turn over or kick out, she brought her leg back like she was punting a football, and smacked him dead-on in the balls.

Rico let out a high and pained yowl and tried to reach back and protect his pummeled jewels. He weakly pleaded for her to stop. Neither was of much avail. She brought her foot back and brought it down hard again into his groin. His legs jerk and shook uncontrollably, and then went still as he lost consciousness.

Satisfied, she surveyed the room again. She was confident none of her attackers had any fight left. She calmly phoned the cops and waited. “Well, maybe I will go to karate class tonight after all”, she thought. She had a couple of new moves she wanted to share with her classmates.

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