Thursday, August 2, 2007

Short But Sweet

by Ballbasher69

I remember this story of my first year in High-School:

There were these four girls in my class who were bothering me and my group of friends (I guess they had a "crush" on us or something!) and we were always verbally bickering. One day this one girl told me that if I would not stop cursing her, she would kick me in the balls and make me childless. I didn't pay attention to it then, and we didn't stop this feud even though she threatened to kick me.

The next day as I walked to the back of the school, I hear this girl yelling, "Let me hear you apologize or I'll make you childless!!” I didn't see her, just heard her voice. I turned the corner of the building only to see her standing face-to-face with my friend pinned on the wall by this girl, as the other three girls are standing around, and she is squeezing him by the balls and yelling at him.

As I got closer I could see that her hands were wrapped around his bare balls, as he was stripped of his pants and underwear his eyes were rolling back, and he was squirming in short little jumps, as the girls were laughing and cheering for the girl squeezing to squeeze harder until all his sperm comes out!

I was horrified and ran up to free him. I pushed the girls away, and tried to interfere between the girl and my friend, but she wouldn't let go. She had this crazed look in her eye, and told me to back off, and that she would let him go only when he would cum. I could see this guy squirming and on the brink of passing out. I could see the pre-cum on his swollen penis. As he was jumping in short intervals, in convulsions, I could see the semen coming out his penis, as he passed out.

The girl kept on holding on to his balls, and squished them until I could hear a little pop, and as this happened a sudden flow of watery sperm gushed out, and the girl was laughing scarily as her hands got wet with the largest amount of sperm I've ever seen. She finally let him go, and we had to rush him to the emergency room, where he stayed for about a week and a half...

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