Monday, August 13, 2007

Sister Busts Balls

by Caligula

Jenny woke that morning to a horrible surprise...she was bleeding. It was her first period and she was terrified. Her mother had explained the whole "period" experience to her but it didn't seem to help much right now. She went to Mom immediately, crying about her predicament. Mother tried to console her as much as she could.

"But it HURTS, Mom!!! Why don't boys have to hurt like this? Why not George? (George was her 15-year-old older stepbrother. George's father had died long ago.) It's not fair! George doesn't have to hurt down here!" Jenny said, pointing down between her legs.

Jenny's mom smiled to herself at this thought. She was remembering the time she accidentally kneed her son in the nads while he had been tickling her. He cried for a LONG time after that. If only Jenny knew... That gave her an idea. George had been acting like an asshole recently and was turning into a real chauvinistic pig. It would definitely teach him a lesson and make Jenny feel better at the same time. Besides, she herself would get a laugh out of it. It was about time men started to suffer on a regular monthly basis just like women. There was no reason why George should be spared some monthly anguish of his own.

"Jenny, George can hurt down there. He can hurt much worse than you and I."

"You mean like in the movies when a guy gets it where it counts?"

"Exactly dear. It can be very funny when a boy gets it where it counts."

"I always like that part of a funny movie." Jenny was feeling a little better now.

"So do I, dear. Have you ever hurt a boy down there, Jenny?"

Jenny seemed shocked by this. "No, Mom! I would never hit anyone. Have you?"

"Of course, sweetheart. It's part of being a girl...part of being a woman."

"I wish someone would get George where it counts, he's always hurting me. He punches me and slaps me and pulls my hair!"

"Would YOU like to get George where it counts?"

It took Jenny only a moment to come to her decision. "YES!!! He should hurt like I hurt! It's not fair Mom!!!"

"I know dear. And you and I are going to change this right now." Jenny's mom went to retrieve her son George. George looked very frightened when he came into the room. Obviously his mother had said something VERY powerful to him.

"Take ALL of your clothes off NOW George!"

"In front of HER?" He said pointing to his snickering sister.

"Yes George, and don't make your punishment worse." As he removed his clothes his mother talked to him. "You see George, women have a pain they get once a month called her period. (George had joked with his schoolmates about a woman's period saying he was glad he didn't have to endure that kind of torture) It's a pain between the legs, George. Do you remember the time you tickled me and I kicked you here?" She made a point to touch his now naked testicles.

"Yeah, Mom. It was an accident you said (and it had been an accident)." George was embarrassed that she had brought this up.

"I only said that at the time, George. Actually, I thought it was funny to see you rolling around on the ground crying about how I hurt you. It reminded me how my period hurts. Don't you think a man should hurt as much as a woman, if not more during her period time?" She made it clear it was a statement, not a question, and George was afraid to answer her incorrectly.

"I guess so, Mom." George was really scared now. He could sense he was in some serious trouble.

"Well, George, Jenny has her period for the first time, and you are going to show her that you can hurt more than she can. Come here George and stand in front of me and your sister." George shuffled nervously forward while his mother reached out to gently cup his testicles in her hand. George started to get hard at his mother's touch. Jenny laughed at this.

"Jenny, dear, these are Georgie's balls, and this is his dick. Right now his dick is pointing up because he likes the way I am holding his balls. It feels good. Would you like to make George's dick point up and make him feel good, Jenny?"

"Now Mom! I want to make it soft like before!" Jenny was laughing now, completely forgetting her own discomfort. George however, had tears streaming down his cheeks from the humiliation and the fear at what was about to happen. Jenny took her mother's place cupping her brother's testicles.

"Do you like it when your little sister holds your balls, Georgie?" Jenny teased. "You won't like it much longer."

"Now Jenny, gently roll his two balls around in your hand and decide which one you would like to hurt."

Jenny did so and got a tight grip on his left nut, making her brother wince in pain. "This one Mommie!"

"That's a good one dear. I'll hold his hands behind his back, and then you start to squeeze his little ball." George started to protest vehemently at this so his mother grabbed his other nut roughly. "George, didn't I warn you! If you don't behave, I'll cut your balls off like I did to the dog!" George stopped struggling immediately.

Jenny's mother held his hands and Jenny started to squeeze. She didn't apply much pressure at first, but got braver and started to really lay it on. She started laughing as her brother's penis got flaccid and he started howling in agony.

"Does it hurt Georgie? Should I squeeze harder? Should I squish your ball? Come on Georgie let me squish your ball. You'd still have one left. Listen to the funny noises he makes, Mom."

Jenny's mom was also chuckling at her son's distress. "It is funny, dear. But don't squish his ball, honey, then he'd pass out and we couldn't have any more fun." The only thing keeping George from falling to the ground was his mother's strong grip holding him upright, and he was in no condition to struggle with his sister's devastating crushing hold on his nut. He could hardly hear the two women laughing through the thunderous pounding in his head.

"Could I try something else Mom? Can I kick him like they do in the movies?"

"That would be very funny, Jenny. Yes but let me make his dick point up again so it's not in the way when you kick him." With that she started to stroke her son's penis, which began to respond by getting mildly hard. George was nearly delirious from the pain. His mother forced him onto his knees and spread his legs apart. His balls dangled freely beneath him, vulnerable targets. His sister brushed the top of her bare foot against his testicles and smiled sweetly at him.

"This is going to be fun Georgie!!!"

"Get him good, Jenny!"

"I will Mom!" Jenny took a couple of steps back.

"Beg me Georgie, not to bust your balls. Ask me nicely not to kick you where it counts." George could only whimper softly. His mother was enjoying the dominant role her daughter was adopting.

"Can you imagine how much it will hurt you, Georgie, when my pretty soft girlie foot slams into your soft balls as hard as it can? In the movies the guys always talk with a high-pitched voice after the girl crushes his balls. Will you talk like that f or me Georgie after I crush YOUR balls?" With that she took a few steps forward and then with all her might, kicked her brother hard in the nuts with the top of her foot. George let out a high-pitched keening whine and his mother finally let him slip to the floor. George curled up into the fetal position and grabbed his scrotum, crying. Jenny hugged her mom; both were laughing.

"That was great, Mom! Can we do it again next month?"

"Sure, sweetness! But our periods aren't over so Georgie still has more suffering ahead of him. Let's go get my high-heeled shoes. Wait till you see Georgie's face when Mom kicks him in the balls wearing THOSE!" Jenny and her mother walked off to the shoe closet to fetch her mother's pointiest high-heels, leaving George to cry alone... but not for long.


Anonymous said...

Loved this story one of my favs.

Anonymous said...

This is by far the best story i have read. excellent job, sir!

Anonymous said...

Funny how so much pain can still be so fun. I have always had dreams of being strapped to a table and girls hurting my balls and dick. The nicest thing iss to have them make you lie still and maturbate you over and over untill the pain becomes unbearable but they just keep jacking untill you piss blood. O used to pull my little dick out for the girls in school and jac off for them, they yought it was so funny that my didk was so small but my nuts were large and made so much cum for them.