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Sorority Girls

by BBFan

Mike couldn’t believe the college lifestyle. It was far different than anything he was used to. He wasn’t, by any stretch, promiscuous in his high school days nor was he now but, in college, you’re kind of sucked into these crazy, sexy situations.

The sorority house seemed to be deserted. They were alone. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into her room.

Mike was a good-looking nineteen year old with brown hair and eyes. He wore a black T-shirt and blue jeans. He was a freshman and majoring in communications. He spent most of his time on campus, but today, had the urge to venture out. He met HER at a club that night and was surprised to hear that she attended his college and they even had a few classes together. They just never met because they were in different crowds. But after meeting that night and indulging in some casual conversation, she invited him back to the house. Of course, he accepted her invitation.

The girl, Mandy, was the serious brunette type. She was obviously not a ditz like Mike had stereotyped all sorority girls to be. She was thin with a medium chest and had the most captivating, dark eyes.

Mike couldn’t believe what he was seeing as she pulled off her top and then undid her bra. His eyes followed it’s path as it fell to the floor and then he looked up again at her naked breasts with a goofy kind of nervous smile. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and tried to speak but managed no words.

“What? Don’t you like?” she teased him as she backed away to her bed and lay down on it seductively. Mike stood frozen in place. “Take off your pants” she insisted.

He did. As he pulled down his jeans his erection became very visible through his loose cotton underwear. He was a little embarrassed as he stood there with his pants around his ankles and his cock pointed north, stricken by her beauty.

“Don’t be nervous” she teased as she got up, approached him, then quickly pulled down his underwear and grabbed him by his dick and began to stroke his length much to his delight.

She admired his attractive balls. They were large and held firmly in place in his tightened sack.

“Mike. I lied. I know who you are,” she said “We met before briefly through casual friends.”

“We . . . have . . .” Mike could barely manage to speak as she continued to tease his cock. She now playfully slapped it around a bit.

“You’re not a fan of sororities, are you?”

“It’s not that. It’s just . . .”

“Just what?” she began massaging the tip of his now throbbing cock.

Mike hesitated “I just always thought girls in sororities were kind of . . . you know . . . shallow.”

Mandy stopped touching him at this. “I figured that. In fact, did you make a joke last week about all sorority girls being ‘easy bitches’?”

Mike smiled in embarrassment “That was just a joke”

“Oh, ok then, no harm done” she grabbed his cock firmly and began stroking it again. Her touch was driving the young man crazy. He was putty in her hands now. She continued stroking him to the point that she knew he was about to lose it before she stopped, firmly took a hold his cock pulling him toward her and into her quickly rising knee. Her knee smashed into his tightened ball-sack and made definite contact with both his balls. His cries of pleasure quickly turned into a high-voiced yelp of pain.

“Fuck” he cried out before falling to his knees and clutching his nuts. His face was alive in agony and anger. Mandy enjoyed every moment of it.

“What’s wrong, Mike. Balls hurt?”

He didn’t respond so Mandy gave the signal for the other girls to come in. They did and the first thing they saw was Mike’s tight, naked ass from behind. He was bent over and both his hands were protectively over his balls. They all screamed in delight.

“Looks like you really hurt him, Mandy. Now let’s get him back to the campus before it gets too late” suggested one of the girls.

“We could leave him naked in the campus yard so the others will see what happens to guys who mess with our sorority” another girl suggested.

“Are you kidding?” Mandy, who put her bra back on but remained shirtless, was not ready for this to end “We’ve just begun. This cock sucker did us wrong. And if he thinks he’s getting out of here without feeling each of our knees smacking into his jewels, he’s seriously mistaken”.

There were seventeen girls in all and each one seemed excited over this prospect. Michael, who had barely managed to hear this little exchange through the pain in his ‘nads, groaned in objection then turned and tried crawling to the door. His nuts ached as he moves. Mandy put her foot on his backside and pushed him down causing him to collapse to the floor. Despite the soft carpeting, the impact to his already hurt testicles as he fell caused him some pain. Mandy sat on top of him and reached down between his legs grabbing his balls and pulling them out from under him. “Mike, if you cooperate this will go quickly. If not, it will be slower and more painful, and I won’t be able to guarantee you’ll leave this house with all your precious equipment intact” With this, she squeezed and his head shot up as he screamed in agony. He was horrified to see the group of girls standing before him, laughing. When she released, Michael’s rebellious tendencies seemed to have gone away.

So they began.

“Ok, girls, there’s more than a dozen of us and only one of him. So let’s stand him up” They all huddled around him. They grabbed his legs and arms. He put up a lot of resistance, not wanting to spread his legs but he knew it was all part of the deal. Four of girls held him by the arms. His briefs were removed from around his ankles and two girls knelt down and made sure his legs were properly positioned and could offer his balls no protection. The girls admired their work. It was an erotic sight seeing his muscular arms and legs held to the side as his vulnerable package was exposed, in plane view below his excited dick. His balls were very pink after experiencing Mandy’s knee.

“Ok, now, before we get started. Let’s go over the basics. It’s very simple. This is a man, those are his balls. We hurt them.” She looked into Mike’s eyes that conveyed a sense of anger but helplessness. She smiled at him. “Ok, so how many of you have done this before?” A few of the girls raised their hands but most did not. “Ok, so we’ve got a lot of first-timers here. That’s ok. Just remember to not hold back and savor the moment. You’ll never get another first”

Mandy acted as a teacher directing the girls to the guy’s vulnerability. “We’ll each get a turn and can choose from a variety of methods. There’s, of course, the knee” She grabbed onto Mike’s shoulder and raised her right knee into him. He let out a cry of pain although the impact was far less severe than the last time. He struggled to break free so some other girls quickly ran to make sure that he stayed in position. “The knee method is my personal favorite, but some of you may prefer to kick his balls instead” she took a few steps back before swinging her foot up between his legs. He jumped up from the initial pain causing the girls to laugh again.

“You fucking bitches” he cried out in a funny, soprano voice. He immediately regretted doing so. Mandy stopped the demonstration and took him by the balls again “Are you going to give us any more trouble?” she asked beginning to grip his balls tighter

“No. I’ll be good” he managed in fear of what she might do to him.

She released him and continued the lesson.

Michael knew he had to get out of there. But one wrong move and who knows what the crazy bitch would do to him. He still couldn’t believe this was happening, that he was being stood up against his will while these girls he didn’t even know were watching him getting humiliated in the worst way. And the pain was unbearable. There was no way he was going to allow them each to have a turn with him. At some point, he had to find a way to get out of there. Consumed with these thoughts for a moment, he hadn’t noticed that his dick was pulsing again as Mandy was running her hand along it.

“We’ve got to keep this thing nice and hard and out of the way of our desired targets, don’t we?” She wasn’t addressing him as much as the other girls. “The third method is always enjoyable . . . the fist to balls method” Mandy slammed her fist into Mike’s nads. It was a direct hit. He cried out in pain.. This was too much for him. The pain was too severe.

With everything he had, Mike threw back his arms and kicked out his feet until all the girls lost their grip on him. He even threw one of them back against the bed in all the violent commotion. When he was finally free, as much as he wanted to run, he just fell to the floor overcome by the lingering pain between his legs. He saw Mandy approaching him and, as she reached down to grab him by his privates, he grabbed her legs and pulled on them causing her to lose balance and fall backwards. With her temporary shaken, he got up and ran for the door (actually, it was more of a wild jumping and falling due to the pain in his battered balls). The nameless girls who had been watching all the action, posed no threat as they quickly freed a path for him out of fear. He made his way through the living room while groaning in pain before falling only inches away from the door. He struggled to reach up and turn the door knob. The door swung open and, thinking he was in the clear, he crawled outside hoping someone would see him. Help him. He didn’t even care that he was naked with an erect cock and a noticeably pounded set of balls. The embarrassment factor was nothing up against his desire to get out of there. As he crawled across the patio, he felt a hand grip his balls from behind. He froze and proceeded to back up into the house to assure that he wasn’t literally dragged in which would have been even more painful. A car drove by quickly just after the girls closed the door once he was in their custody again.

It was Mandy. He knew it. She was mad.

Mandy loved the power she had over him. An attractive nude man on all fours while she kept a dominating grasp on his privates, able to cause him pain at any given moment. And there’s nothing he could do about it.

“Please don’t break my balls. I’m sorry I tried to run” He pleaded knowing she could very well tighten her grip and destroy him. Instead she released him, grabbed his legs and lifted him up like a wheel-barrow. She then raised her knees into his waiting ‘nads with everything she had. He collapsed to the floor again with a thud and curled up into a fetal position while moaning as loud as he could before becoming silent.

“Oh my God! Is he dead? one of the girls screamed out.

“I’ve never heard of a guy dying from a knee no matter how exotic” Mandy insisted. “They can die if you squeeze their balls to hard but I was careful not to do that” Mandy was a little freaked out thinking their ‘fun’ had gone too far but was relieved when she found he still had a pulse. It was much more rapid than usual but that was to be expected. “He’s just unconscious. Let’s give him some time and when he comes back to us, we’ll pick up where we left off”

“You don’t think he’s had enough?” one of the girls asked.

“Probably. But I’d hate to deny any of my girls the pleasure of busting his balls. How many times in a girl’s life will she have a chance to bust the bare balls of a guy as cute as Mike here? So we continue”

All the girls agreed in unison although some of them were a little reluctant. They actually felt sorry for the guy. But kicking this naked stud in the balls excited them all. So they agreed that the punishment shall continue. Some of the girls were already discussing their choice of methods. The ‘knee’ was popular.

“His balls look really hurt, so it might be a while” Mandy seemed disappointed.

“I have an idea” Jesse, one of the girls, cut in. “Let’s watch a movie while we wait. I have “Miss Congeniality” on DVD. Sandra Bullock punches Benjamin Bratt in the balls in it.”

“Sounds like fun to me” Mandy agreed “But first, let’s drag Mike back into the bedroom where we know he’ll be safe. And get something so we can time him up. If we don’t have any rope, some bras might do the trick.” Mandy elected a few of the girls to take care of this while the others crowded around the couch as Jesse put in the DVD. The girls, bored with the first few minutes, insisted they skip ahead to the ball-busting scene. They watched it several times before going through their DVD collection seeing what other famous actors they could see get their balls busted by attractive female co-stars. After watching Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves take it between the legs a dozen or so times, they decided they just had to record their ball-busting of Mike for future enjoyment. Mandy imagined that the tape could live on for decades among the sorority’s future members. And, if needed, it would make for some nice blackmail if Mike ever decided to go to the authorities or anything quite so stupid.

Mike woke up a few hours later. He quickly realized he was not in the comfort of his dorm room. He wasn’t even lying down. He was standing with arms and legs tied to his sides with what appeared to be undergarments. They were around his wrists and ankles and secured him to the bed which was standing upright against the wall. He felt a hand on his dick, stroking it making it hard and ‘out of the way of the desired targets’. Remembering these words shot him back into reality quickly as was reminded of what he’d gotten himself into.

Mandy was standing there in front of him with the other girls crowded behind her. Mike tried to free himself from the restraints but, of course, this caused Mandy to firmly grab a hold of his helpless balls causing him to quickly stop before she started squeezing again. He realized he could still feel the pain from the last time.

“We tied you up the best we could. We think it will hold but we can’t risk your escape. So the next time you try something like that, your balls will regret it” She looked into his eyes menacingly “Now, are you ready to begin?.”

“No” Mike insisted.

She playfully smacked his dick causing it to swing back and fourth for a moment. “Well, that’s too bad. Now, girls, line up and get ready to bust some balls”

Mike was terrified as Mandy stepped aside and a line of girls formed in front of him. Each of them with malicious intent and none too sympathetic for his privates.

“Please don’t do this” Mike begged. “Do you realized you much this will hurt me?”

“Of course we don’t” Mandy insisted. “But I’m guessing it hurts a lot, doesn’t it?” She turned away from him. “Get the camera ready”

“Wha . . .?” Mike cried out.

A girl entered the room with a camcorder in her hands. She handed it to Mandy who quickly aimed it toward Mike. First at his face, then down to his still pink colored, swollen balls.

Mike was mortified. “What are you doing? You can’t tape this!”

“Relax it’s just for the archives . . . and, of course, blackmail”.


“You see, if you ever tell anyone what happened here, we’ll make this tape known to every guy and girl on campus and, after that, we’ll bring you back and film it’s sequel. Got it?”

“Yes” Mike answered, still unable to believe he was having this discussion with her as he was tied naked standing before her with that damn camera focused on his ‘nads.

Mandy noticed his dick was losing it’s enthusiasm so she quickly worked it over until it was rock-hard again, careful to get every moment of the experience on tape. “Ok girls, you may begin!”

“No!!!” Mike shouted as the first girl approached him and lifted her knee into his ‘nads. He cried out in pain. But before he could finish his reaction, another knee rammed into his ‘nads. Both direct hits thank to his tightened sack beneath his fully erect dick. The next girl surprised him with a steady kick. Afterwards, he felt like he had been rearranged in the worst way. So far, that one hurt the most.

“If you think that one was impressive . . .” Mandy spoke from behind the camcorder “. . . wait until Tonya gets her turn. She’s a kick-boxer” She was careful to keep the camera positioned so to capture every moment. Specifically the impact and Mike’s reaction.

The next girl came at him with a fist to his balls which were firmly pounded into the mattress behind him. The next girl emulated this move, only she punched harder and at a more upward angle. The next approached him and faked a knee before surprising him with his third encounter with effective ‘fist’ method again. Her fist smacked against his thy and right nut causing an intense, uneven pain.

“Jesse, you missed. Try again” Mandy urged.

“She didn’t miss” Mike insisted but before he could even begin to convince them of this, Jesse’s fist smashed into both his balls dead-on. And she was wearing a ring too which connected with his left nut causing a more stinging kind of pain in that one.

Through it all, he tried to keep track. He knew he was up to either the fifth or sixth girl now which meant there were still another dozen to go. He didn’t think he could survive. As this thought crossed his mind, another knee impacted him. Now he was sure he had to at least try and get free. Maybe if he could break the straps he could fight his way through the hordes of girls and to safety. Even the thought of Mandy squeezing his balls until they popped wasn’t enough to dissuade him.

The pain of another girl’s fist pounding into his ‘nads began his struggle to get free. With all his strength, he pulled at the bras trying to break them. He heard one rip and thought that, just maybe, he’d break free and, hopefully, find the strength to run for door before collapsing to his knees again.

“Tonya, it’s your turn. Show him your skills” Mandy ordered.

Mike’s struggle quickly ended as the foot of the blonde kick-boxer smashed into his balls. The impact was so severe that he felt like his nut had hit the ceiling. The pain quickly broke his will to break free and as soon as his feet hit the ground again, all he could do was feel the pain she had inflicted on his already pained balls.

Mandy motioned for the other girls to stop as she approached the poor guy for a close-up view of his red face and even redder balls. “Notice he’s still got a hard-on. He’s either, to some level, enjoying this or just in too much pain to go soft on us.”

Mike was terrified that the latest kick ruined him and Mandy seemed concerned as well. Mike cried out as she reached for his sack expecting that she’d punish him for trying to break free. But instead, she just lightly felt each of his testicles. This still hurt like hell, though, but it was obvious that was not her intent.

She was satisfied with the results of her inspection. “For a moment, I was worried we’d busted you for good, but you’ll be happy to know that you’re still intact” she assured him. Mike was relieved, but this only lasted for a moment. “Ok, we’ll continue from where we left off” said Mandy to the remaining girls.

The remaining girls all got their turn. Four of them went with the knee method, two of them used their fists, and two more played soccer with Mike’s jewels.

The pain was unbelievable at this point. Mike struggled to catch his breath, but couldn’t. He hurt all over but the majority of it was radiating from his nuts and stomach. He was relieved to see that the last girl had finished and prayed that Mandy would keep her promise and let him go.

“You survived. How do you feel?”. Mandy asked in a bitchy voice.

Mike didn’t respond.

Mandy handed the camera to another girl then approached Mike. Mike was panicked as he saw her reaching below his waste thinking he still had that squeeze coming. But instead she grabbed his hard cock again and stroked it slowly. He was still in pain but the feel of her soft hand on his pulsing cock made him shiver in pleasure. Still, he was embarrassed to see the girls laughing as Mandy took control of him sexually as the girl with the camera was getting it all on tape She continued stroking him and with her other hand, began to gently smack around his beaten, dominated balls. This combination of pleasure and pain seemed to last for minutes until he finally screamed out in pleasure and shot his load. The girl with the camera panned up to his face. He had this funny look on his face, somewhere between defeated and pleased. A moment later, he passed out again.

When Mike awoke several hours later, he was face down in grass and, to his dismay, naked and in view of his campus. When he stood up he thought he was alone, but then turned around to see a group of students staring at him. He looked down to see his nuts were swollen and very red. And painted on his chest were the words BALLBUSTED. Several of the girls in the crowd, including a few he knew from classes, giggled at the sight. A few guys were also amused but mostly turned away in disbelief. He noticed that Mandy was there too. In her hand, she held a small tape, like the kind from a camcorder. She smiled at him. An embarrassed Mike shielded his balls from the view of the onlookers with his hands and limped back to his dorm room trying to hide his face from anyone he walked by. And he hoped his roommate wasn’t in. He was.

“Dude, what the hell happened to you?” his roommate asked, turning away from the sight of his naked friend.

“Nothing happened” Mike insisted as he retreated into the shower. The warm water felt good on his sore muscles and sorer balls and he was relieved to have the paint washed away. Part of him wanted to go back to the sorority house and knock each of the girls on their asses just as soon as the pain in his ‘nads went away, but he decided that would not be a wise decision. There were just too many of them and each of them would surely go for his balls again. He also knew he couldn’t tell anyone what happened. There’d be all kinds of questions but he’d have to avoid the answers or just lie. He’d been humiliated enough already and if the sorority girls’ video went public, he’d never live it down. Not to mention the girls’ promise of a sequel if he ever told.

He was just thankful it was over and would soon be forgotten, he hoped.

“You know, we don’t just let anyone in” Sarah interrogated the latest pledge “You have to prove yourself worthy”

The young freshman nervously inquired “What would I have to do?”

Sarah walked over to the wall, took down a painting to reveal a safe. She opened it and took out a video and put it into the VCR. The latest pledge, Daria, watched in disbelief as she saw a man’s face. He had a look on his face that expressed the worst kind of pain. Then the view panned down to see a set of balls that looked like they had endured a major beating. After that, things got intense as a group of girls began kicking, punching, and kneeing the poor guy’s balls. He let out a shrill cry of pain after each impact.

Neither Sarah, Daria, nor any of the other girls who came to support the latest pledge said a word as the barrage of ball-busting continued. The ball-busting stopped for a moment after a notably painful kick from a blonde girl and a young brunette women entered the scene, and lightly grasped the guy’s testicles.

“That is Mandy. She’s a lawyer in Brooklyn now, but seven years ago she was president of this very sorority and she began a tradition that we’re now known for. And the guy, we forget his name but we owe a lot to him. His busted balls inspired us all to bust even more balls. I somehow doubt he’s proud of that fact, though, wherever he is”

By now, the ballbusting on the tape had ended and Mandy was stroking the guy. After she had gotten him off, the tape cut to the front of the college and, from a distant view, some guy was limping back to the campus with his hands between his legs and something painted on his chest. They stopped the tape and one of girls quickly returned it the safe.

“This video was the first. And it’s just one of several dozen; hell, even hundreds if you count our similar ventures on other campuses. Anyway, our victims are mostly students, frat guys, ex-boyfriends, and even a few teachers.”

“Oh my God!” Daria was appalled by their behavior “You’re not even a real sorority, are you?

“No” Sarah admitted “We lost official recognition years ago. We mostly just bust balls now.”

Daria got up and headed for the door but Sarah stopped her.

“All you have to do is find us our next guy, seduce him, bring him to his knees, and we’ll take it from there. Do that and you’re in. HE’LL be the one to suffer, not you. So as far as initiations go, it’s not asking for a lot.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be right” Daria insisted.

“Now, come on” Sarah smiled at her “Don’t tell me there’s not some guy in your life who has it coming. There must be!”

“Well, there is this guy in my psyche class who’s a real jerk. He’s always hitting on me despite how many times I reject him.”

“Wouldn’t you like him to star in our next video? Don’t you want him to feel your knee against his vulnerable balls? All our knees? And see that look on his face that makes what we do so worth it?”

Daria hesitated “You promise we won’t hurt him too bad”

“We can’t promise anything”

Pete was ecstatic when Daria had invited him back to her sorority house. She lied and said she was already a member. She even insisted that the other girls would ‘join in the fun’ which wasn’t exactly a lie. Daria began to kiss Pete while running her hand through his short blonde hair and then down his muscular chest. She then unbuttoned his pants and allowed them to fall to his ankles. Reaching into his boxers she began to massage his dick making her way down to his testicles. Once she got a nice grip on them, she squeezed. Pete moaned and backed down. Daria apologized for getting ‘carried away’. The squeeze was just to get a good feel for his balls, so she’d be sure to take him down with one shot. She had studied almost the entire archive of videos and decided the knee was the most effective for the ‘take down’ blow. When Pete regained his composure, he pulled down his boxers revealing his hard cock and vulnerables and when he let his guard down in a moment of passion, she lifted her knee into him as hard as she could. He leapt up in the air upon impact and immediately went down screaming obscenities at her.

The other girls came in to see that Daria had earned her membership. After a quick congratulations, they focused on the attractive, young college student who was rolling around on the floor naked with his arms between his legs. He tried to fight back, but Sarah and the other girls were able to wrestle the rest of his clothes off and hand-cuffed him to the bedpost which they stood up against the wall.

Sarah had the camcorder. She narrated, “This is Pete; he was a pest to our latest pledge. That is Pete’s prick and it seems to like us . . .” she focused on his erected cock “. . . and those are Pete’s pink nuts” She pointed the camera at an even lower angle “. . . and this is our ball-busting tape #53.”

The girls- and there were now thirty members in all as the faux sorority was now more popular than ever and accepting non-college types- all lined up and each got their turn kicking, kneeing, punching, and using various methods of pain on poor Pete’s exposed, vulnerable balls.

The End

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