Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sorority Hell Week

by Speedy

Kelly and Kim were both sophomores in college who were pledging a sorority together. Both were fairly attractive, Kelly was 5'6" and had a great figure with strong, toned legs and weighed around 115. Kim was a bit shorter; 5'4" but had powerful legs from playing women's lacrosse. Anyway, during one of the dreaded hell week sorority get-togethers, the girls in the sorority had decided on a task for Kelly and Kim. They would have to beat the shit out of a freshman male student. The other rules were that the boy had to be beaten up that evening and must be examined by Ashley, who was one of the board members of the sorority.

Kelly and Kim were a bit baffled by this request but would do anything to get into this sorority. They agreed and became a bit excited about doing the task. Ashley took the girls aside and gave them some pointers. Ashley told the girls that one of the sorority sister's younger brothers lived in the freshman dorm and that he had the room to himself for the weekend. The girl with the younger brother (Irene) was notified of the deal and agreed to it since she didn't like her brother anyway. Irene called her brother and said she would be stopping by with a few friends to visit. Mark, the brother, was surprised by his sister coming over, but nonetheless agreed. The stage was set for Kelly and Kim.

Before the girls went to visit mark, Irene mentioned that her brother liked girls in skirts, as she would always catch him staring at her. She had never gotten even with him before but she figured this would be a good time.

Kelly changed into a short sundress with white stockings and white three-inch thick mules. Kim wore a silk white blouse with a black skirt that revealed her muscular legs, which were covered in black tights, and she wore opened-toed, three-inch heels. However Irene was the stunner. She wore a pink micro-mini skirt with black pantyhose and 4" fuck-me pumps. The girls were ready to destroy Mark.

When Mark opened his dorm room door his mouth hit the floor.

"Hello brother," quipped Irene. "These are my friends Kim and Kelly." Mark weakly shook both girls’ hands as a bulge began to develop in his shorts.

"Make yourself at home,” said Mark. Kelly and Kim sat on Mark's bed crossing their legs to attract his eye.

Irene said, "Mark, today is your lucky day. Both of these girls have to do some 'favors' to get into the sorority and we picked you as the lucky one. Aren't you glad you have such a caring sister?" joked Irene.

"I guess," replied Mark as his eyes danced from his sister to Kelly and Kim's legs, which were shaking back and forth in impatience.

"Well girls, you know what to do!" yelled Irene. Kelly stepped forth first. Mark was starting to tremble with excitement thinking that two stunning girls were about to fondle him.

Kelly poked her finger into Mark's chest and softy whispered to him, "Do you like my legs, Mark?" as her hand wondered down his chest onto his crotch area. Mark replied with a nod of the head.

"Hey Irene, your brother likes my legs, isn't that just sweet," said Kelly. Then, without warning, Kelly slapped Mark square across the face.

"That’s for staring at my legs, prick!" yelled Kelly.

"Go Kelly," yelled Kim.

"Hit him again,” said Irene. Mark couldn't believe his sister was egging them on. Kelly then placed both of her hands on Mark's shoulders and looked him squarely in the eye. She moved her face in as if to kiss him and Mark's eyes began to close in anticipation. All of a sudden, boom! Kelly's right knee exploded into Mark's balls causing him to double over in pain.

"That must've sucked," quipped Irene.

"That was only the second time I kneed a guy in the nuts,” said Kelly.

Kim responded with, "Well I never kicked a guy in the balls before."

Irene yelled with excitement, “Well here's your chance!" Irene grabbed her whining brother's arms and held them behind his back. Kelly knelt down in front of Irene, holding Mark’s legs apart. Kim stood up with a grin from ear to ear. She placed her open toed mule right below his balls. Mark jumped a bit in anticipation.

"Not yet sweetie," whispered Kim. All of the sudden Kim's right foot exploded into Mark's exposed ballsack. Mark, who was wearing only a t-shirt and mesh shorts at the time, cried out in pain. Irene then placed her hand over her brother's mouth and told him not to make a peep or they would rip it off. Tears were starting to roll down Mark's face. Kim replied that she had a newfound desire to dominate weak men.

"I'm glad Kim," said Kelly, "But we have a task to do and it is getting close to the time for Mark's ‘inspection’”. Kelly asked Irene if she would mind joining in the abuse of her brother. Irene offered no hesitation as she released her brother's arms and turned him towards her.

"This is for staring at me all of the time," said Irene as she punched her brother square in the eye. Irene then grabbed his shoulders and lifted two quick and powerful knees into his balls. Mark slumped to the floor. The girls were starting to get caught up in the moment. Kelly and Kim dragged Mark over to the side of his bed. Kelly sat right on Mark's chest, immobilizing his movement. Kim sat on the floor between Mark's legs and spread them out wide. Irene climbed onto the bed, still wearing her 4" heels. She wobbled a bit on the bed but gained her balance.

She looked down upon her helpless brother and said, "Sorry bro, but girls just want to have fun!" With that she leapt from the bed, landing both of her heels onto her brother's groin. Mark's body jerked violently, but the girls held him in place. Irene however twisted her ankle landing awkwardly on his balls. She winced in pain as she took her shoes off.

"Now you've pissed me off, prick!" yelled Irene. Kelly and Kim looked shocked at Irene's outburst and reminded her that they were supposed to do the damage. Irene, whose face was beet red from anger, composed herself and pleaded with the girls to let her do more damage. The girls complied as long as they got to land a few more shots themselves, courtesy of Mark's beaten body. The girls all agreed and Kelly and Kim remained in their positions. Kelly was now sitting on Mark's chest facing his groin while Kim sat up but retained a hold on the whimpering mark's legs. Irene limped over her brother and sat on his stomach in front of Kelly. Irene then took her four-inch shoes in hand and like a hammer, began to nail her brother's crotch with her 4" heels. She took full swings and Mark yelled with each hit. She took about five swings in total, as Kelly and Kim offered their approval. Kelly and Kim each wanted one last shot on Mark before presenting him to be examined.

Kelly remained seated on Mark's chest but this time faced him. Kim meanwhile stood up between Mark's legs. Kelly saw that Mark's face did not have enough visible abuse so she began scratching his face with her nails. Kim placed her heel over Mark's balls and stomped down on them violently.

Irene, meanwhile, went to call Ashley to come over to have her brother inspected...

Kelly's claws had ripped open several cuts on Mark's face. That, along with a black eye was sufficient damage to his face. Irene sat down in a chair as her ankle was starting to bother her. Kim finished the last of five harmful stomps to Mark's balls with the heel of her shoe. Mark's body lay limply on the floor. He was muttering words about giving up. Kelly and Kim knew that this might be enough to impress Ashley, however they were having too much fun. They asked Irene if they could inflict more damage upon Mark. Irene complied and offered to help.

Irene limped over to Mark and sat on the bed over him. She placed her stockinged foot on his face letting him smell the sweat of her feet and feel the power of her foot. Kim began to kick Mark in the ribs with her powerful legs. Kelly had sat in between Mark's legs and placed her 3" heel between Mark's legs. Then Kelly began to thrust her heel into his balls. Irene stood up on her brother's face causing his bloodied face to deform. Kim kept kicking Mark hard in his ribs and Kelly kept thrusting her heel into his balls. Soon there was a knock on the door. It was Ashley.

She came into the room and all three girls stood over Mark who was in the fetal position and rocking in pain, barely conscious to the world. Ashley was wearing a sweatshirt and black leggings, which defined her tone legs. She was 5'8" tall, mostly built on long, lovely legs, which she loved to flaunt. She was wearing sneakers and white socks.

"It seems you girls did a good job,” said Ashley. Kim, Irene and Kelly each visible exhausted by their abuse replied with nods of the head. "Let's see the real damage,” said Ashley. With that she reached down in between Mark's legs and grabbed his balls, twisting them violently. Mark's wailing screams were put to an end by two vicious kicks to the side of the head by Kim and Kelly. Mark was now laid out cold. Ashley took off Mark's clothes and took pictures of his beaten body as proof of the girls' initiation task. Ashley then told Kim and Kelly to pose over Mark with each girl’s foot on top of his balls. After picture taking was over, the girls were ready to leave. However Irene couldn't resist one last shot to her exposed brother's balls.

She put back on her heels and limped over to her brother. She placed the heel of her 4" heels on his ball sack and began twisting it violently into the ground. She then stepped back and released the most vicious kick the balls either girl had ever seen. Mark's body shook violently as he awoke and then passed out again from the pain. Although she didn't bust his ball, she definitely caused him some permanent damage. The girls applauded and as they left Mark laid out on the floor.

Ashley said, "Well girls, wait till you get to join us in our Sorority Ball, or should I say ball bust?" The girls giggled and walked off towards the respective rooms.

"I can't wait to bust some prick’s balls,” said Kelly.

"It should be fun," replied Kim.

"You girls are certainly in the right sorority,” said Ashley.

As the girls departed, Irene said "My house, next week... we'll beat my brother good."

"It's a date," replied Ashley, as the girls walked in separate directions to go home.

Irene called her brother Mike later that evening to see how he was doing. She apologized for the girls’ behavior. Mike was still in pain and shocked on why it had happened. Irene mentioned that it could have been much worse; he could be ball-less. Mark acknowledged that and accepted her apology.

Kim and Kelly had called each other also. Each was full of energy and excited about their initiation into the sorority. Plus the girls had both found a newfound passion of beating the shit out of harmless boys. Both girls talked for a while and decided to go out to the bar for a drink. Both girls had on their same drop-dead outfits and did themselves up with makeup. They both looked stunning.

Kim and Kelly met up at Rigby's, a bar two blocks away from the campus. After gaining two seats at the bar, they were instantly hit on by a drunken older man. He was in his 30's and was stumbling about the bar. He reeked of sweat and alcohol and was hanging all over Kim and Kelly. The girls at first ignored him but then Kelly began to play along. Kelly found out from the drunken man that his name was Keith and that he had an apartment five minutes away from the bar. After Kim and Kelly winked at each other, they both had the same thing in mind; they were going to teach this bum a lesson.

Kim grabbed Keith over to her and ran her hands over his crotch. She whispered to him if they cold both go back to his place for a wild time. Keith, of course complied, since he was extremely drunk and horny at this point.

They arrived at Keith's apartment, which was run down and messy with clothes and papers. The girls paid no attention, as they got right to work. Kim, being the stronger of the two, grabbed the 6-foot, 185 pound man by his shirt and pulled him towards her. Kelly had searched around the apartment for rope or anything to tie him up. Kim rubbed Keith's balls until he started to get hard. Then she ripped a knee right into Keith's balls. Keith doubled over and asked what that was for. Kim responded with a knee to Keith's head, sending the drunk onto the floor. Blood started to trickle from the dazed Keith's nose.

Kelly had found a couple of Keith's belts. Kelly stood over Keith's head, with her 3" heel resting on his head. Kim grabbed Keith's hands and tied them together with a belt. Keith was too drunk to offer any resistance. With his hands tied behind his back the girls now could finish their attack. Kim stripped off Keith's pants and his boxers. Kelly had her heel at his throat to make sure he wouldn't offer resistance.

"Make a move and I impale your face," warned Kelly. Keith meekly resisted. Kelly then brought Keith up on his knees by pulling his hair. Kim dragged over a coffee table next to Keith. Kim stood up on the table and began showing off her great body to Keith. Kelly reached between Keith's legs and began massaging his balls. After grinding her skirt into Keith's face, his dick began to become erect. Soon his penis was laid out over the table. Kelly held Keith's body in place while Kim stepped down on Keith's exposed penis. She rubbed her shoe gently over his penis, causing Keith to moan in ecstasy. Then Kim pulled his head towards her crotch again, while keeping her foot planted atop his penis. Then in a violent move, Kim lifted her powerful right leg up into the air and stomped down viciously onto his dick.

Keith howled in pain as his body jerked in pain. Kelly did her best to hold him against the table as Kim landed another stomp from her 3" thick heel onto his penis. Kim then placed the heel of her shoe on the head of his penis and began grinding it into the table. The pain was so immense that Keith tried to move his body away. However Kim's powerful leg was crushing his dick so badly that his efforts to pull away only made the pain worse. Kim then landed two more stomps onto his dick causing some blood to trickle from the skin of his beaten dick.

Keith's body was now jerking in convulsions. Kim stepped back and unleashed two more knees to his face causing Keith to pass out from the pain. Kelly let his body drop limply to the floor. Kelly decided that she would finish him off for good. Kim wrapped Keith's belt around his back and over his flaccid beaten penis, securing it temporarily to his stomach. Kelly took position between Keith's legs. She unleashed two vicious kicks with the toe of her shoe into his exposed balls. His body bucked slightly in pain. Kelly then raised her right leg in the air and unleashed a vicious stomp onto his balls. Again his body bucked as Kim held the belt securely, causing his balls to be exposed. Kelly then proceeded to ask Kim how many stomps and kicks it would take to break his balls. Kim replied that she would buy Kelly a case of beer if she could bust one of his balls with a combination of 10 kicks and/or stomps. If she couldn't, Kelly owed Kim a case of beer. The girls agreed.

Kelly stepped back and unleashed three of the most vicious kicks to his balls she could muster. Still no break.

"Seven more!" replied Kim. Kelly then stomped down on his balls three more times. Keith's body bucked and he moaned but still no break.

"Four more shots!" yelled Kim. Kelly was extremely frustrated at this point. She took her time stepped back and kicked him twice in the right nut as hard as she could. Still no more break but Keith was making some funky squeals. Kelly had two more shots left for the beer. She didn't care as much for the beer as for the embarrassment of not being able to break his balls. Kim, she knew, had the more powerful legs, but this was ridiculous.

She thought for a second and yelled, “I have an idea!” She pulled a chair from out of the kitchen. She stood on the chair that was placed between Keith's legs but in front of his crotch. Kelly then jumped from the chair onto his ballsack. Her heels smashed onto his balls but she slipped off him after landing on him. His body bucked but still no break.

"Last chance," urged Kim. "I would hate to finish a job for you Kell!" shouted Kim.

Kelly was determined to break his balls into pieces. She got up on the chair again. She jumped up high and her heels landed right onto his nuts. This time she stuck the landing and her heels remained implanted on his balls. His right nut was trapped perfectly under her shoe. After one second of resistance his ball had burst, leaving a soft mess that was his right nut.

"Congratulations," clapped Kim. "Now if you don't mind, let me do the honors the left nut," asked Kim.

Kelly, who was exhausted from her attack, uttered, "Of course, beat that asshole good." Keith, who had woken up briefly while his nut was being popped, offered a few wails of pain then passed out again. Kelly took Kim's spot holding the belt harnessing his beaten penis.

Kim stepped between Keith's legs and unloaded two vicious kicks to his left nut. She then lifted up a leg and let out a yell as she landed her thick 3" mule heel onto his remaining nut. She took one more stomp and then another as Keith's ball finally popped under the pressure from her strong legs. Kim stomped and twisted the remains of his nut until she was satisfied. Both girls had finally busted their first set of balls.

They proceeded to clean off the blood on their shoes using Keith's shirt. Before they left each girl unleashed a kick to Keith's head and walked towards home.

"I guess this was a good warm up for the ball," uttered Kim.

"Wait till the girls hear about this one," replied Kelly as the girls walked triumphantly home.

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