Saturday, August 11, 2007

Strong Black Girl

by Wizard

Here’s a true story of a demonstration of a “fight” between one strong black girl – or to be PC about it, one powerful African-American young woman – and some hapless boy. I’ll use “black girl” in this account, since that’s what Monique called herself. (Don’t mess about, these strong black girls, do they?)

OK, here’s how myself, middle-aged white dude, gets into the picture. I am married to an African-American woman Devon (pronounced Devonne), and she has a daughter Tena (Tenay), who would have been about 17 at that time. I’m in the kitchen one day in our California home and Tena, Monique and my wife are talking up a storm, as is their wont. Monique is kind of big, like some black girls get, but very strong looking, while Tena is slim. I’m leaning with my back against the counter, talking on the phone, I think. Anyway, I missed the exact setup to the scenario, but when I hung up, I got interested in the conversation. They were on the subject of fights (which seemed to be Tena’s favorite topic), all talking very excitedly. I become aware that Monique kept glancing in my direction - except that she keeps looking at my crotch, not my face. Now I have to explain here that my testicles are rather large, so they do tend to “push everything to the front”, so such attention is not that unusual. I really get a kick out of it ever since I became aware of it happening. All those years when I had been mesmerized by a woman’s tits, legs or ass, to see a woman staring right at my bulge really gets me going like it’s some kind of payback or something. I have to be careful in front of my wife, though other women don’t care at all if she’s there! I think I picked up a book in order to have an excuse to hang around some more and see where this all-girl conversation would go.

Monique is describing a situation she got into one time when she had some kind of argument with this guy, a real feud type of thing. She runs into him on the street one day with a crowd of all his buddies around him. Monique called him names or something and he threatened to beat her up. Tena gets real interested. Monique is alone, being threatened by this tough-looking guy who is surrounded by his buddies. It does not look good for Monique.

“What did you do?” asks Tena, all big-eyed and curious. Monique gets really happy now and sneaks a look at me to see if I’m paying attention. I pretend not to notice but you bet I’m all eyes and ears now and, as Monique’s quick glance drops to graze, my groin I started to get very excited.

Monique has a huge smile on her face now as she says to Tena all matter-of-factly, “I just kicked him in his,” – slyly – “you know what,” – at Tena’s look – “his balls!”

“Ooh!,” said Tena, imagining the guts it took for Monique to kick a boy in his private parts when he was mad already and with his buddies. She sported an admiring look and also scared that Monique would still end up getting bashed. “What did he do?”

At this, Monique turns around and acts out the part of the busted boy. “This is priceless!” she says. “He just stood there, like this,” and she bends over, bends her legs with her knees together and buries her hands in her crotch. I’m amazed! Is there anything sexier, I thought, than seeing a strong black girl acting like the guy she just kicked in the balls? I had to be real careful now because I was getting hard! Luckily, my wife wasn’t paying attention so I caught the next gem too.

Tena starts to smile now but is still worried about the outcome of the tale. “What did he say?” she asked.

Monique, still in the oh-my-poor-testicles act, groans a long, low “Ooooooooooooooh!” – and then bursts out laughing! “Oh! It was soooo funny!” she exclaims, and Tena laughs too! “I got him real good!”

I feel all sort of hot in my face but I have a real hard-on now at the thought (careful!). At this outburst of laughter, Monique pretends to notice me and my strange expression and says to me, “Oh! Sorry!” like I had just witnessed a real girl-only secret conversation. She must have seen something because she takes a long look at my crotch as she says this, beaming and laughing all the while.

Tena, still thinking ‘fight’ asks her, “Did he beat you up, then?”

Monique says “No,” then adds, “He couldn’t!!” They laugh again! “Anyway,” she adds, “he knew if he tried it I’d kick him again!” They are both loving it! Monique is getting a real ‘kick’ out of telling Tena and I get a strong impression she’s loving it that a guy is watching her. Tena thinks it’s great that she has beaten up this boy with one swift, hard kick up between his legs so he can’t stop it! So funny and so effective! Monique glances at my crotch again(!) and puts her hand up to her mouth and stage whispers to Tena “I kicked him again anyway, just to show him. Even harder!” And they just giggle and giggle at this one. Monique sneaks a look at me to see if I’m catching it all.

Tena’s all excited too and asks “Then what happened? Did his friends get you?”

I’m not stooopid,” laughs Monique. “I ran away as fast as I could! Left him lying in the street though, with his buddies around him.”

Tena insists though, “They didn’t do anything?”

“Hell no!” explains Monique. “You think they wanted me to kick them too? I would have, you know!” Monique’s eyes clamp onto my crotch. “I’ll kick any boy real hard in his nuts if he bothers me!” My pants jump, I know! She looks me in the eyes. “Or any man, too!”

I imagine getting taken down by this strong black girl and figure I’d better get out of there quick before I’m busted by my wife for showing off a ‘stiffie’ in front of these two girls. Damn! If my wife hadn’t been standing nearby I might have been able to ask Monique to demonstrate on me!

“Yes,” she says, “I learned at an early age how to kick and how to run and I’ve done both many times since.”

I ran!

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