Saturday, August 11, 2007


By Wizard

"Mine thinks he's a stud" declared Janice. "Do you think it's because he's black?"

"Maybe…" Nicole replied, "… or perhaps because he loves to stick it to your white ass!"

"Nicole!" cried Janice, but she was smiling.

"All men think they're studs, whether it's true or not" declared Nicole. "Why are you asking anyway?"

"Well, don't laugh, but I found this article on the web that tells you how to check out a stud ram. I just found myself fantasizing about checking out a man the same way. Especially when it comes to checking out the balls! I got so hot thinking about treating our men like animals.”

"What ARE you talking about? Stud ram? Balls? This isn't something to do with football, is it?"

"You're nuts Nicole! Stud ram - a male sheep - one used for mating!"

"Mating? You can check them out for that?" asked Janice.

"That's where the balls come in Nicole. Let's get our men to be stud rams for us and we'll check out their testicles."

Nicole giggled. Janice smiled at Nicole and said, "I want to try an experiment with you, OK. It's real easy! All you have to do is say the word 'testicles' a few times - and keep a straight face."

"Oh Janice you get the funniest ideas! OK. Here we go. Stop smiling at me, OK? Alright - I'm going to say it now… testicles." No sooner had Nicole uttered the word than she snorted back a smirk. Janice made hand signals to encourage her to continue. "Testicles - stop smiling already! Testicles. Testicles. Testi…" She could hold it no longer and laughed out load.

"See?" said Janice. "Testicles are funny!"

"You're right!" laughed Nicole. "Something so precious to men and dangling so invitingly on the outside of their bodies!"

"Hmmm" murmured Janice "…but I do so like to see them swing from side to side. Especially after a nice hot shower - they're just so dangly then!"

"Ohh I know what you mean! I like to watch him when he's drying off. When he bends over you can see his balls flopping about between his legs, all exposed like he's some kind of animal - a bull or something." Both women giggled like little girls as they imaged their men in such interesting positions. Janice thought about her boyfriend, Leroy. He was nicely endowed penis-wise but his balls were pretty small. She thought about Nicole's boyfriend Jack, and thinking that if his balls reminded Nicole of a bull, that was something she had to check out. Bulls were very well endowed, testicle-wise. In fact, stud bulls were selected to have the biggest testicles, a thought which brought smiles to her face once more. I'm going to have to check Jack out she thought.

"Let's see that article," said Nicole. After checking it out Nicole agreed that it would be fun. They would check the men all over, appraising them. They especially got to check out the condition of their genitals. The article was quite explicit and it made Nicole wet.

"We have to do them together," she declared at last. "We have to humiliate them a bit to make them really feel like animals".

Janice was pleased. This was just what she wanted and she was worried that she would have to do some major persuading to get Nicole to go along. And she suggested it herself! "And if they pass the test they can fuck my brains out!" laughed Janice suggestively.

"You can check out my ballsy bull and I'll look over your black sheep of the family!" agreed Nicole.

This is going to be great, thought Janice. Animals had no inhibitions about sex. Heck, they walked around naked all day and when they wanted to do it they just did it right there! Heck, I hope they BOTH want to fuck my brains out.

"But will the boys go along" wondered Nicole.

"Oh don't worry about THAT. When it comes to anything kinky and sexy guys will go along with anything, believe me!"

"Give me that article again," said Janice. "I'm getting goose bumps already!"

The "boys" had agreed readily enough, though interestingly they were more bothered about being naked in front of each other than exposing themselves to both girls.

"Perverts!" cried Nicole. "I honestly think men like to show themselves off to all women. Ever noticed how they sit in public, especially on trains or buses, legs all spread wide so you clearly see their bulges." Janice looked sideways at Nicole but said nothing. Both men did seem quite keen in the end, which was just as well or they would never have gone along with being tied up. To make the men as much like animals as possible their arms and legs were tied up, there mouths were gagged and music played through headphones on their heads. So now the women could do what they wanted with these two stud animals without them having any warning as what was to happen and without them jumping up or answering back. They had also been made to have long hot showers since the two women would be all over them.

This is priceless, thought Janice. Before them were two male animals, on their hands and knees of course, showing nicely the effects of the hot showers as their testicles wobbled nicely between their legs. Janice and Nicole were giggling already. Leroy, tall and a bit skinny with nice round balls and a dangling schlong. Jack, shorter but bigger of build, with testicles so fat and heavy in their scrotum that his penis was not visible.

"You're so right!" laughed Nicole. "Testicles ARE funny! And we can say what we like - they can't hear a thing!"

Janice read from the article. "It is approaching breeding time again." Giggles already! She read through the preamble, describing what might go wrong and then on to how to choose a good stud. "…take a good look at him a month ahead of time and make sure he will be in good breeding condition--not too fat, not too thin…" The women started to examine their studs. They hadn't told the guys, but since they were already doing something quite kinky, they had decided to examine each other's animal! That way, they told themselves, they would be fresh and unbiased in their evaluations. Of course, Janice wanting to feel up Jack's giant balls and Nicole fantasizing about Leroy's black dick probably had something to do with this decision too. The animals suddenly became alert as these "strange" hands examined their bodies. But they could say nothing.

"If he is a lamb or wasn't sheared in the spring, he should be sheared. Do his feet need trimming? Does he have pizzle rot (sores on the end of his prepuce)?" read Janice.

"Pizzle rot!" Nicole exclaimed!

The women proceeded to examine the animals' hair, feet and penises, carefully examining the prepuce for pizzle rot. The animals were not too keen on having their pizzles touched for they jumped - at first. Then the pizzles started expanding. Janice was having fun feeling Jack's member swelling in her hand, but was pissed that Leroy was getting hard. Nicole was gently stroking the long black dick, noticing how it looked pink and sensitive on the tip. She did not like the way that Jack's erection was throbbing in Janice's hand. They looked at each other. "Punishment" declared Nicole, and Janice agreed. At least the animals had demonstrated a studly willingness - and no pizzle rot in evidence!

"The most important part of a ram is his testicles--the sperm factory. Obviously, the bigger the factory, the more production potential it possesses. Measurement of testicular circumference and palpation are an extremely easy way of predicting the rams' production potential and success of the lambing season" quoted Janice. "Check out this part about the balls!"

"Ram testicles at breeding time should be uniform in size and shape and feel turgid as though they are almost ready to burst--as they should be--with sperm. If they feel slack or soft, then sperm production is at a low ebb or even non-existent. If one is much larger than the other or you feel a hard lump or the two are not uniform in consistency, something is wrong and chances are you need another ram."

"We get to squeeze them!" enthused Nicole.

"Oh goody! Maybe we'll squeeze them a bit too hard! Good punishment, don't you think?"

"Hang on!" said Janice. "There's more!"

"A seamstress' tape measure will work nicely to measure the scrotal circumference. The scrotum is grasped above the testicles with one hand and the testicles are forced as far down in the scrotum as possible."

"Ohh" smiled Nicole. "That sounds painful! Are you sure this is legit?"

"Direct quote" said Janice. She smiled. "I can't wait! But let me finish. I've got tape measures right here."

"Jack wins this one," declared Nicole.

"He has got quite a 'scrotal circumference'! Wow! I never thought to measure balls!" said Janice.

"Well, when we're done with the evaluation, why don't you just whack those big fat testes with your fist! Oh my! I'm getting all wet at the thought of you having a go at Jack's nuts! I'll do the same with Leroy and we'll find out whether big nuts hurt more than small ones! Look how easy it will be to punish them." The women looked over at the men; their low hanging balls all exposed behind them.

"We're gonna kick your bal-alls! We're gonna kick your bal-alls!" sang Janice.

Nicole looked at her funny. "Remember, dear they can't hear a thing over that heavy metal!" My how they laughed!

"Then with the other hand, measure the circumference of scrotum and testicles at their greatest width. Pull the tape snug but not tight when measuring. A helper will make the job easier."

Jack jumped as Janice's cold hands wrapped around his testicles. As she began rolling them in her hands his dick swelled up. Then she began to poke and prod them. She cupped them in both hands - his big heavy nuts were too much for Janice's small hands - and then she started squeezing. At first it was gentle and Jack felt like he was about to come having Janice's hands all over his genitals. Then she squeezed hard and he gasped in pain - but couldn't say anything. His reflexes tried to pull his compressed balls away but Janice pulled him back anyway. Jack started to get mad - and she let go. He let his head drop and panted a little. He had been holding his breath. He felt the air cool around his exposed testicles, feeling the draught with his scrotal hairs. Janice looked to see how Nicole was doing.

Leroy felt very strange, having another women handle his most sensitive parts. Somehow, when he agreed to this, he assumed that Janice would be examining him. He tensed up and his scrotum retracted. The thrill his dick felt vanished now that his balls were on the line. He didn't trust the girls now. But it was too late - trussed as he was he was at the total mercy of the women and he felt very vulnerable as Nicole rolled and squeezed his balls like he was some kind of animal being examined. Oh yeah, that's what it's supposed to be. He felt a new sympathy for farm animals now!

The women compared notes. No lumps or unevenness was detected. Jack's testicles were large and a bit squishy, the right one being a little bigger. Leroy's were smaller, the same size and quite firm.

"Now to measure" smiled Janice brandishing her tape. "Don't forget to FORCE those testicles as far down in the scrotum as they will go!" Janice got a real kick talking about the guys testicles when they could hear - and suspect - nothing! They laughed at this and went to attack, er, I mean to measure their studs.

Janice's cool fingers circled Jacks' scrotum above the testicles. She had to jinx her hand around a bit to settle his big balls in their sac. Jack tried to turn his head around to see what the heck this woman was doing to his testicles. Janice waited with a handful of testicles to see how Nicole was doing. She had easily encircled her animal's genitals and was grinning at Janice. With tape measures held ready, they yanked down hard on the scrotums, forcing the testicles to fill the end of the bags. The reaction from the guys was immediate as they thrashed around, trying to dislodge the grip the women had on their very manhood. The females found this amusing as it caused them to tighten, not loosen their grips! It also made measuring impossible. With a wicked grin, Janice balled up her other hand into a fist and, with a yell, slammed it into Jack's testicles cradled in her other hand. There was a loud "smack" as her fist impacted the target. She felt her fingers bury themselves into the soft tissue, cushioning the impact on her hand. For Jack there was no cushioning, no escape for his immobilized balls. He instantly stopped thrashing as he tried desperately to suck in air around his gag as pain racked him. Nicole was shocked - though not half as shocked as Jack - until Janice had her come over to help, easily slipping the tape around Jack's reddening orbs. She looked at Janice with awe.

Leroy tried desperately to see what was going on. Jack had a very strange expression on his face. Nicole now once again gripped his scrotum above his balls and squeezed them deep down in the sac. He wasn't sure whether to struggle or not. He did not know what had happened to Jack but he in a very vulnerable position and he did not know what Nicole could do. She seemed to be handling him very roughly. He decided to stay still, and felt the tape encircle him. It sent a strange shiver through him to be roughly handled like an animal. Although she hadn't needed to subdue him, Nicole felt a strange power flowing through her as she gripped his testicles. She wanted to see what Janice had felt.

Suddenly Leroy's world exploded. He almost lost consciousness as unbelievable pain exploded up his spine. He tried to collapse on the floor but his nuts were being pulled up. He could hardly breathe as the two girls roared with laughter! Oh yes, testicles were very funny indeed! The girls wanted more, but were afraid the punches would damage their boyfriends. So they slapped instead! Jack's big balls wobbled around like Jell-O every time Janice's hand smacked into them. Le's were looser and went flying around all over the place. Every time they got a good slap in the guy's heads would snap up in pain.

Eventually the females tired of this activity. Watching the testicles bounce around was so amusing they were tired of laughing. There was more!

"A veterinarian, in addition to a complete physical exam and the above procedures, will also examine the spermatozoa, which he collects with the use of an electroejaculator. The very light electrical stimulus given by this device causes the ram to ejaculate. The sample is collected and examined under a microscope."

Nicole looked shocked. "Don't' worry, we won't use electricity" said Janice, "but we have to make them come, OK?" Nicole felt very kinky as she reached between Le's legs and started stroking his penis. Despite the pain in his balls, Le's dick soon responded to the handling by Nicole and he started panting. Nicole was getting wet as her hand rubbed up and down his large erection. Meanwhile Janice had started jacking Jack. He was moaning with pleasure as she stroked him, his big fat balls bouncing and wobbling against her arm. Janice got a very wicked thought. "Let's smack them in the balls again just when they come!" Nicole laughed at this thought, nodded in agreement and got her fist ready as her beast was puffing and snorting under her stimulation. Jack was also starting to moan and Janice started to play with his balls causing Jack's head to rise up with pleasure.

Le's dick was throbbing and Nicole knew he was near. She increased her rhythm until she saw his scrotum contract and drew his testicles up towards his body. "Whack!" went her fist straight into those balls. Le roared and bucked but she kept her hold on his throbbing dick, pumping furiously, and smacked her fist into his balls again as hard as she could! Le's whole body shook then went stiff, as his dick pumped out several shots of cum and then he just deflated like a punctured blow-up, sinking to the floor as far as his restraints allowed. Pleasure and pain rolled over him in waves as Nicole sat back in satisfaction.

"Now THAT's a semen sample!" she declared happily.

Meanwhile Janice was working on her animal, pulling the foreskin back to expose the glans and then covering it again. She was fascinated by this. Then she started on Jack's testicles, grabbing them with her free hand, twisting them or squeezing them and then letting them go to flop down again. Nicole couldn't help herself and slapped Jack's exposed ass cheeks. Suddenly Jack's ass started bobbing up and down as he tried to rub himself against Janice's hand.

Both women laughed to see his balls bobbing up and down also. "Get ready!" said Nicole, so Janice balled up her fist and let it fly into Jack's balls. She was too early! Jack started trashing around, in pain but unable to stop the pleasure wanting so badly to come. His dick felt like a big fat cucumber in Janice's hands as she readied her fist to strike him again. His dick was pulsing as she wrapped her whole hand around it pumping away.

"When's he gonna blow?" she queried Nicole, amazed that after all this stimulation he still hadn't come. "Did you two do it this morning?" she asked.

"Shut up and hit his balls, Janice!" cried Nicole, so Janice whacked him again. Jack arched his back and gasped in pain but didn't come. Janice, in frustration punched at his balls again and Nicole grabbed them to hold them still. Still rubbing, Janice cried out and smashed her fist down while Nicole pulled up. Her fist buried itself into his testicles and Jack yelled out even though gagged, pumped his load into Janice's hand and flopped down, panting beaten and spent.

"Here, want a taste?" asked Janice as they examined Jacks ejaculate.

"No," said Nicole, "after that I want a FUCK, but I think we've just fucked our men up."

"Well, I enjoyed our little ball-games! No wonder men like them. But I guess we won't find out just yet if our men are really studs. They look more like castrated animals to me!"

The girls looked over at their men, lying bound and defeated on the floor and had to laugh.

"I wonder if they'll let us play again?" said Nicole.

"It was great fun and I feel so powerful being able to attack their balls like that," said Janice, "but next time I want to come too!"

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