Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Camp Bust

By unknown

In view of all the painful playground experiences that have found there way on this board, one of my own came to mind. It's not exactly a playground experience; it actually happened at summer camp.

I was fifteen and at a coed camp in New England where I played lots of football and did lots of water-skiing. It was a great summer and one well remembered by the good times, the girls and the food - the first two that were favorable, the second that was atrocious.

Well, there was one girl named Jessica who I used to tease all the time with my other friends. We were relentless and she loved it. There just wasn't a part of her body or person that we didn't bust up on at some time that summer. And she was a good sport - usually. She liked the attention. And her aggressive but tempered personality was a compliment to her looks - nicely built, slightly busty, medium-length brown hair and strong limbs.

One day, between fixed activities (most of the day was around a schedule which you would pick in advance, but there were two optional activities you could choose each day, I usually went water-skiing), I was looking for my usual crowd. I had come back from rugby and they were off doing something else. I looked everywhere and finally came to the central lodge, which was a nice, cozy, log cabin with a game room, lounge and piano. I didn't find my friends, but I did find Jessica.

She was waiting for her little clique as well and was in a chair in the corner looking out from the open deck, which faced a pretty lawn. From the lawn, you could see everything around the camp (up to the lake). Jessica was her usual self, dressed rather promiscuously, wearing a very tight top with no bra to speak of. I like the look, but made fun of her anyway.

"Don't let it all show, babe," I said. She pretended to be offended, but raised her chin and her chest after the compliment. I insulted her some more before she pretended to get annoyed and left the porch to join her friend who just came in sight. They gathered on the lawn and started talking. I sat down at the piano to wait for my cronies. But I knew the girls were talking about me. Jessica pointed in my general direction and looked away when I looked at her, yet they were all too far to be within earshot.

A few minutes later, Jessica returned alone - her friends waiting for her on the grass some yards away. I got up off the piano bench as she came towards me. She had a strange and scheming look on her face when she approached me. I suspected nothing yet, though.

"Someone told me to do this to you," Jessica said firmly. She smiled nervously and put her arms on my shoulders. I looked at her girlfriends and then noticed that they were all looking at me. They were waiting for something. My suspicions were now alarmed. But it was too late. I didn't have time to react as I watched her foot lift off the ground, bend at the knee and head the short distance in my general direction. What's more, my legs were spread generously to allow for a perfect reception as she went for my balls. I felt the cool sensation of her naked knee rising between my thighs before I felt the intense pain of her knee impact on my testicles.

To make things worse, it was not a direct hit. The blow had landed almost entirely on my right testicle. It felt like it had been crushed against my pelvis. Even the jockstrap I had worn for rugby didn't cushion the pain. Needless to say, I fell the ground and doubled over in the worst agony I have ever felt. I cupped my hands over my balls to try to somehow nurse them back to health. But my pain was far from over.

As the girls laughed in the background, Jessica bent down to me on the floor. She said almost light-heartedly, "So, how do you feel?" Well, I would have felt much better had she not done the next thing. Jessica tore my hands from my injured balls and reached her hand down my shorts. Through the pouch of my athletic- supporter she grabbed both my balls in her hand and squeezed. As her grasp got stronger, my moaning got much worse and she finally stopped the torture when I promised, at her request, never to bother her again.

Well, after about a week of recovery, we were both back to our old tricks. She still spent lots of time with me and my friends - though we were now pretty cautious of her, after I let word out what she did to me - and I kept tormenting her, though more conservatively.

In confidence, Jessica told me that she enjoyed what she did to me. In public, I told her she was a bit sick. I did, however, give her the satisfaction of knowing that she had caused me more pain than I'd ever felt before. Not surprisingly, she was proud. The last thing I did was to by a jockstrap with a cup for rugby and more importantly… for Jessica.

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