Thursday, August 9, 2007


By Kandor-A

A brash and ballsy young Italian runs into his bashing and ballbusting female relatives at a family gathering.

Nunzio pulled up to the funeral home, checking out his slicked-back black hair in the mirror as he did. Bitchin', he thought to himself as he got out and slammed the door, vaulting over the short hedge in front of the Balzini Funeral Parlor and walking inside, whistling.

Inside, all eyes turned toward him, the young buck of the Parilli family, all balls, no brains. They turned back the other way, trying not to notice Nunzio glad-handing his way through the crowd, doing the "Hey, how's it goin', huh?" routine with everyone.

Everybody had Nunzio's number, except Nunzio. He couldn't understand why people shunned him, didn't know he was an arrogant, sexist asshole, even by Italian family standards. He pushed people the wrong way, he was arrogant, aggressive, a real pain in the ass.

The women especially hated him, the way he tried to make them all, especially cousins. Nunzio was a celebrated cousin-fucker in the Parilli tribe. And that's what was most despised about the brash, ballsy 22-year-old.

Like this day. At the funeral of his Aunt Theresa, the elderly lady who'd cared for him during the troubling times of his parents' messy and loud divorce, as the woman was laid out cold in the casket, Nunzio was down the cellar, trying to put the stones to Maria, his air-headed third cousin on his father's side.

"C'mon, Maria, you know we were meant to do this, doncha?" Nunzio breathed into his 16-year-old cousin's heavily perfumed ear as he ground his tight-panted crotch into her in a darkened hallway. "You want it, you know you do."

"Not here, Nuney, not here," she grumbled, pushing herself away. "Fucking dumb-ass fucking dago, our dead fucking aunt is on the slab not 10 feet fucking above us and you're down here trying to plank me. No fucking class, you shitbag stunard."

"Nice language," Nunzio said indignantly. "OK, back at the house then, right?"

"Right," Maria smiled and sashayed out the door.

Nunzio hit on all the other available young female cousins just to be sure he wouldn't get banged before trying to slip the salami to young Maria later. They all rebuffed him. He didn't care, he had a promise and to Nunzio a promise was as good as pulling his wilting cock out of a spunk-infested pussy and lighting a Camel. He was golden.

Or so he thought. Maria huddled with her mother, her aunts and other female cousins upstairs as Nunzio came up. A smart man would've noticed the gathering and seen smoke signals from the angry looks on their faces. Nunzio just waved and made mental notes of who in the pack he'd like to fuck. After Maria, of course.

Back at the girl's house, the usual assortment of funeral meats were laid out, the capicola, the prosciutto, the salami. There was pasta up the ass and then some, and nothing had a cholesterol count of less than a million. All the fat relatives gathered round the feasting table first, stuffing pork-pie hands in the lettuce-ringed meat platter and coming away with fistfuls of death-on-a-roll. The "skinny minnies," as the fat relatives called the thin ones, stayed in the parlor, smoking and bullshitting. That's where Nunzio was until Maria showed up. He gave her the eye and they broke off separately to meet in her bedroom.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that's it, that's it, stroke it, stroke it," Nunzio hissed, eyes closed, as he embraced his sexy cousin, humping into the hand she offered, closing her fingers around his hard cock and jerking him in his pants.

"Mmmm, you like that, Nuney, huh? You like my hand on your cock, playing wit' it?" Maria breathed into his ear as Nunzio bent his moaning face into her shoulder.

"Fuckin' A, Maria, yeah, baby, you know I do, I do, I dooooooo..." he growled, fucking her palm through his pants.

"You like maybe this?" she moaned, reaching down a little further and giving his nuts a little squeeze. Nunzio froze. He had his nuts squeezed before, a little, and he liked it. Maria knew her stuff.

"Fuck, honey, you do that so fucking nice," he growled, reaching down to unsnap his pants, dancing backwards to fall on her lacy bed, peeling his tight trousers down his skinny legs. His long, thin cock popped up.

"Shit, Nuney, no underwear?" Maria giggled, sitting next to him on the bed.

"Nah, slows things down, if you knows what I mean," he winked at her, leaning up on his elbows to watch her slender hand close around his prick.

"So, Nuney, you like it when I do this?" Maria teased, pumping his pork with one hand, cupping his nuts in the other and squeezing them.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, that's it, baby, that's it..." Nunzio growled, tilting his head back until it left a grease spot on Maria's white bedcover.

"How's about this, Nuney, you like it when I do this?" Maria asked again, palming his balls a little harder, putting the pressure on slowly.

"Uh, yeah, baby...geez, that's a little much, huh, not so hard, OK?" he said nervously, pulling his head back up, his chin in his chest as he watched with widening eyes as Maria's hand closed around his swollen orbs.

"Oh yeah?" Maria laughed. "How about this, then?" Her hand closed a little more and totally captured his throbbing nutmeat. This was hurting, in a slow, steady way. Nunzio was beyond nervous now; he was pissed. Maria's other hand fell away, her other one remaining glued to his shrinking nuts.

"Hey, what the fuck, Maria, huh?" he barked, pulling at her sinewy forearm, having second thoughts about slapping her offending hand knowing it was transfer the shock of the slap into his balls. "Fucking cunt, c'mon, lighten the fuck up, huh, enough's a fucking ‘nough!!"

"S'matter, Nuney, you stiff cocked motherfucker!" she growled, squeezing his balls hard now, using his nuts to jack him. "Hurt?" She had him firmly around the balls now and was jerking him off - by the nuts. She worked her hand up and down as she squeezed his tender sacs and at the same time it hurt like hell, it felt good, as the pressure and the motion worked at his cock, milking him by the balls.

"Fuck, Maria, stop, please.... shit, don't stop...fuckin' hurts, stop, stop..." he stammered, unsure if he wanted the pain or the pleasure or exactly where the line between the two was at this point.

"Uh-uh, can't have you feelin' THAT good, Nuney," Maria growled, suddenly squeezing his nuts hard and twisting them around in her tight hand. Nunzio's dark eyes bugged open wide. He tried to scream, but nothing would come out. The pain was sudden and intense, so great it took his breath and voice away.

"C'mon in, ladies!" Maria yelled at her closed door. In walked a smirking entourage of angry women who had at one time been the objects of Nunzio's attempted lust: Batavia, Maria's mom, a dark-haired foxy Italian woman of 45 years old; Crystal, Maria's 20-year-old sister; Valencia, Maria's 56-year-old aunt, who was still drop-dead sexy for her age, with an Anne Bancroft air about her; and Serafina, Maria's high school chum, a wild-haired girl with a huge, thick ass. They all stood around the bed, arms folded, as they watched Maria twist Nunzio's balls.

"Please, make her stop, make her stop!!" Nunzio pleaded, his eyes shooting from female to female.

"Take the left one, honey, I'll take the right," Batavia said, sitting on the other side of Nunzio. "You pull one way, I go the other. Got it?"

"Sure ting, Mama," Maria squealed.

"What the FUCK!!!!" Nunzio screamed.

Maria grabbed her nut, her mom the other and both ladies pulled in opposite directions, Nunzio's rapidly wilting cock flopping in the middle. The other ladies cheered as mother and daughter worked over the man's aching balls, stretching them to the bursting point in their strong hands.

"You fucked with the wrong women, young man," Valencia hissed, walking up between Nunzio's quivering legs. "Let ‘em go, Maria,'s my turn now." The sexy 56-year-old balled up her fist in black, elbow-length glove and smacked it into the other as she bent closer to Nunzio, who was pushing himself back on the bed, banging into the wall, unable to go further. He clamped his legs together and cupped his hands over his nuts, frantically trying to protect himself.

"Please, Auntie V, please, please, don't hurt me, please Auntie V, no, no," he babbled.

"Don't you Auntie V me, you piece of shit, you try fucking all the women in this family, you deserve what you get!" she hollered at him, raising her hand and backhanding him across the face. "Serafina, see what you can do about taking Nuney's breath away while I whack his balls into next week!!"

Serafina giggled, and hiked up her short skirt on huge thighs to expose a gigantic ass which was barely covered by black panty, most of which was riding up between her giggling butt cheeks. Nunzio's cock stiffened at the sight of it, causing the other women to laugh.

"Christ, that's all you are, Nuney, is a stiff dick and no fucking brains," Auntie Valencia sighed as Serafina climbed on the bed. The big girl giggled as she grabbed the cowering man by the hair and laid him flat on his back, rudely and roughly climbing on his face to devour it in the sweaty hams of her thick ass. Nunzio's legs thrashed wildly and his hands pawed at the great squatting thighs of the corpulent teenager, finally bucking to a stop as he neared unconsciousness in the bountiful butt meat of his tormentress. Valencia smiled.

"Atta girl, Serafina," she hissed, raising her gloved fist. "He's all mine now!!" Valencia drove her fist deep into Nunzio's nuts, the meat of her upper arm jiggling and then setting in middle-aged muscle above the high rise of the glove that came up over her elbow. Nunzio screamed, or tried to, but the yells were lost in the thick clamp of Serafina's abundant ass. Over and over Valencia rained punches down into Nunzio's destroyed balls, standing between his legs which hung over the edge of the bed, holding them apart with her own legs as she brutally battered his balls. By the time she was done and Serafina climbed off his anguished face, Nunzio was almost out, and babbling like a crazy man.

"Fuck.... can’t breathe.... the smell.... my nuts..." he stammered, sucking in lungsful of air.

"Hey, Crystal, why don't you two girls do the old twist-and-shout!" Batavia laughed, taking her two daughters by the hand and walking to the bed where Nunzio was clutching his balls and crying. "You twist his goodies, and he'll shout like a fucking maniac!!!

"Fuck, Ma, you think his thing'll come off in our hands or what?" Maria giggled.

"Like we fucking care," Crystal added.

"Hey, watch your fucking language," Batavia said with a smile. "And really, who does fucking care! Get to it!!" The two girls walked to Nunzio, Maria grabbing his soft cock in her hand and flipping him to his belly, keeping a grip on his prick, pulling it back and under his legs, stretching the meat up between his legs until his nuts nestled into the crack of his ass.

"FUCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!" he screamed, beating the bed with his hands, biting the bed sheet in agony. "LEGGO A MY FUCKING DICK!!!!" Crystal laughed, and sat on his back, facing his ass, using her hands to latch onto his balls and pull them up and away from his body, all the while with Maria stretching his prick to the breaking point. Nunzio screamed and tried raising his hips to offset the incredible pain, but Crystal sat firm, keeping him flat on the bed. For good measure, Maria put one foot on his legs and now used both hands to pull at his dick, leaning back hard and using the thin strand of his punished pecker to keep from falling back.

"Shit, Maria, you're gonna pull his pork right offa his fucking body!" Valencia barked.

"Crystal, honey, his nuts are fucking purple in your hands, you're squeezin' ‘em so hard!" Batavia yelled.

"Let's see if the wormy little prick gets hard even now!" Serafina cried, bending her face to the piece of meat that was Nunzio's beleaguered dong. The women screamed with laughter as Serafina ran her long, pink tongue up and down the strand of stretched cock flesh being mauled in Maria's tight double-handed grip. She lapped up and down his dick, then ran her tongue up and over the shiny skinned surface of his balls that were threatening to burst in Crystal's punishing grip. Nunzio felt no pleasure, however, and cried like a baby, sobbing into the bed that he was pounding with his fists. She finally stopped the oral assault on Nunzio's agonized genitalia.

"Well, let's see how good HE can do ME!" she laughed, laying in front of the crying Nunzio and taking his head between her beefy thighs, stripping off her panties first, her thick, black bush devouring his face. "Lick me!!"

Nunzio inhaled the vapors of the dominant teen's cunt and gagged. In response, Serafina slam-locked her hunky thighs around his ears, crushing his skull in their titanic embrace.

"I said fucking lick me, slave boy," she hissed, pulling his face up a bit to look into her wild, sex-starved face. "Make me come!!" Nunzio closed his teary eyes and lanced his tongue into the furry slit at his mouth, trying his best to lap the crazed teen to a quick orgasm so she'd unlock her thighs from his head and maybe stop the agony in his nuts and cock, which were still being punished by Crystal and Maria. He wasn't into eating pussy; his life was spent trying to get oral sex, not give it, but he gave it his best effort and in minutes, Serafina was jetting a load of thick cunny cream down his throat, gagging him. She finally unscissored her big leggs from his head and stood up

"Next!" she announced, rolling away as Batavia took her place, lashing her sexy, 45-year-old thighs around Nunzio's head.

And on and on it went, first Batavia creaming in the trapped man's face, then Valencia before it was Maria's and Crystal's turns, with their mom and aunt taking their place on the cock-and-ball torture line. The older women licked their lips as they latched their hands onto their nephew's brutalized genitals, Batavia stretching out his cock even more than Maria had pulled it and Valencia manhandling his balls so hard Nunzio nearly passed out from the pain.

"Shall we finish this fucker off?" Batavia growled, looking into Valencia's eyes.

"The usual way?" Valencia hissed back. The women smiled. Batavia let go of his cock, only to bend over and suck it into her mouth, getting it hard, while Valencia rolled his punished nads in her fingers, pulling his nuts apart to give Batavia working room. Once she got him hard, she rudely jerked his cock, bringing him to the point of orgasm despite the agony he was suffering. The young girls watched, transfixed.

"And this, little ladies, is how when you tell a guy to go fuck himself, you really MEAN IT!!" Batavia yelled. Just as he was beginning to come, Batavia roughly bent and twisted Nunzio's pecker, ramming the head of it and a good three inches to boot, straight up his hairy ass, jamming it between his butt cheeks and penetrating his asshole. And as she continued to jack him off so he was cumming in his own butt, Valencia brutally squeezed his balls in each hand.

"" she growled, milking his nuts incredibly hard in her grip until her sinewy forearms quivered in the effort. First one, then the other nut ruptured, the testicles beneath the skin, popping like grapes in her iron hand. Nunzio screamed, the veins in his neck standing out like snakes beneath the skin, his face fire engine red, his eyes bloodshot, his throat scraped raw from ingesting pussy oils and pubic hair and from screaming constantly for the last two hours. And then he quietly, mercifully passed out cold. The women stood back, admiring their work, looking at his cock sticking out of his own ass, watching his balls deflate when Valencia let them go.

"Think he's learned his lesson?" Maria asked, as the women straightened themselves up to go back to the party.

"At least until he heals," Batavia sighed.

The women of the ballbusting clan laughed and left the room, closing the door behind them.

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