Friday, August 10, 2007

This Is Why I Like Men

By nutcracker sweet

Although boots are much more intimidating to the man I prefer to kick balls with my bare feet so that I can feel my guy's testicles squishing on my foot when it connects with his bound balls. When I slam your nuts it is a sexual turn-on for me! My juices really get flowing when I'm controlling you through your little "love fruits"!

You know what? I picture you on your knees, naked with a raging hard-on and your nuts screwed up tight, leaning backwards with your wrists duct-taped to your ankles so that your balls are hanging right out in the open. Me, wearing only a pair of panties (cotton, to better absorb all the wetness that is going to start gushing) and a bandana around my forehead because I intend to work up a sweat.

I squat down, capture your eyes with my own "baby-blues" and slowly start to crawl towards you, like a predatory cat slinking in for the kill. Once face-to-face, I stare into your eyes and whisper for you to remain silent. Then I slowly lower my raven-haired head until I take just the head of your dick into my mouth, while one hand starts to knead your tight scrotum. When I swirl my tongue around the glans of your penis you moan in pleasure, but when I tighten my grip on your nuts you moan in pain and when I roll your nuts against each other you groan loudly in pain! I drop your loose ball-bag, spit out your dribbling dick, stand up, draw my bare foot back and deliver a solid kick to your balls!

You scream! Your eyes rolling around in pain and fear as I strut around you giving you about a minute to recover and then... BOOM! Another explosion of pain as I kick your nuts again! Now you are retching and gasping for breath like a fish out of water. See, with you trussed up like the Christmas turkey I'm free to kick your balls at my leisure and as often as I like and there is nothing that you can do but flop around, crying, screaming and begging for mercy.

Mercy? HAH! You're the one who asked for this; now take it like a man! Because only a man can suffer this particular agony. I have one small hand down the front of my panties, diddling myself while watching you thrash around on the floor. I laugh when you flop onto your belly in the pathetic attempt to cover your nuts with your body. I flip you over onto your back so that I can kick your balls again as punishment for trying to defy me.

I order you to your knees. You must struggle to get upright onto your knees. I peel off my panties and slap you in your face with my soppin' wet underwear.

"Now you are going to mount me and fuck me hard and if you can't make me cum, well..." I tap your swollen balls with my toes. I get on my hands and knees in front of you and giggle as you struggle into position. Knowing that you are suffering great pain, fear and humiliation makes me hot, hot, hot!

Once you find the right hole, I reach back between my legs and grab your balls, yanking on them to control the depth and rhythm of your thrusts until I cum in waves.

I collapse with you still in me. I push you off of me and retrieve a knife from the nightstand, squat down, grab you around the neck of your nuts with one hand as I tell you, "I'm going to go use the bathroom now, when I come out you had best be gone!" With that I punch your balls, cut the duct-tape loose and disappear behind the door to the bathroom.


Enjoy, you "pervs"!

nutcracker sweet

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