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Three Ninjas Get Kicked

By BBuster111

This Story is entirely fictional. DO NOT READ if you are under 18 or are offended by violent and sexual content. The story can be imagined to be similar to the 3 Ninja movies with the two main characters. Their friend Brad can be imagined to be another popular movie actor of about that same age and looks. Also thanks to a fellow author for the Dojo idea.

Three Ninjas Get Kicked: Chapter 1 Colt

Rocky and Colt were walking down the street with their new buddy Brad. They had left their little brother home because Brad wanted them to meet some girls and he was too young. Rocky was the oldest and had just turned 15, and his brother Colt was 13 but almost 14 now. Both of the fair-haired boys were wearing street clothes: just Jeans, sneakers and Polo shirts. The two good looking brothers were Ninjas. Their grandfather had taught them the art and they thought they were very good. They had been teaching their buddy Brad, who was 14, as well. Brad was tall for his age and had brown hair and brown eyes and a winning charisma. He was a bit of a street tough, and combined with his new martial arts training he was no slouch in a fight. Today, though, he was planning to meet these hot girls that had caught his eye. The girls also said that they knew a thing or two about martial arts, but he didn't buy that. After all, girls couldn't fight!

Here it was: The Dojo. It was a plain sort of building. The boys went in and waited for Brad to make the first move. There was nobody there in the corridor, so Brad opened the door to a large practice room and there were three girls there. The girls were scantily clad and practicing their martial arts, and the three boys just watched for a while. Brad and Rocky were starting to get hard looking at these hot chicks but Colt was a trying to ignore them. Colt wasn't so sure yet that he liked girls, but he soon found himself staring anyway. Finally the girls stopped and one of them moved over to greet the boys "Hi, Brad. Are these your "Ninja" friends?"

"Yeah" Brad smiled. "Tina, this is Rocky and his brother Colt. Those are their Ninja names." Rocky gave Tina a smile and shook her hand. She was hot! She must have been about 14 years old with long blonde hair, tall good looks and decent sized breasts for her age. Her legs were long and muscular and very powerful. In truth she was every bit as tall and as Brad and just as muscular. Colt gave her an embarrassed smile and waved "Hi" sheepishly. Tina introduced her two friends as Cynthia and Stephanie. Cynthia was a little shorter, about Colt's height, and maybe 13 years old with smallish breasts and short black hair. She was sort of cute but needed maybe a few more years to grow into herself. She was tautly muscular like a gymnast. Stephanie was the youngest and only maybe 12 or almost 13 years old. She had sort of reddish brown hair she wore medium length and fair skin. She was very thin and the shortest of the group, but she had a fluid grace about her that spoke of quickness and precision.

After the introductions, Tina casually asked the boys "So, I hear you boys are into martial arts. Would you care to go a few rounds with us girls?"

Brad just laughed but Rocky spoke seriously "Fighting girls would be against the Ninja code."

All three of the girls laughed at his remark until finally Cynthia said "Don't you guys know what Ninjas really were? They were Assassins! They killed people on the orders of the Emperor."

Colt was angry at these girls, making fun of Ninjas "Well, we could certainly handle You without any problems!" he retorted.

"Really, now? How about you back that up, little Colt" Cynthia challenged. Before the fight could start, Brad and Rocky tried to stop it and Tina intervened as well. Finally after much arguing, a challenge was agreed upon and accepted. The three guys would each fight the girls. Rocky was matched against Tina, Colt with Cynthia and finally Brad with young Stephanie. Brad did not at first want to fight Stephanie, but the boys pointed out that he had the least martial training of the three of them and Stephanie insisted that she was up to it. Brad reluctantly agreed.

As Cynthia prepared to meet Colt, she decided to up the ante and said "Care to make this more fun, boys? How about after each fall, the loser has to strip?" The boys looked stunned but quickly agreed when the prospect of naked girls was brought to mind. The particulars were then agreed on. Each fight went from full clothes, to undergarments (bra and panties for the girls) and then to nothing at all. Once naked, the fight was over but a rematch could be made after the other challenges were over. For fairness all were going to begin the fight barefoot.

The first grudge match was ready to go, Cynthia against Colt. Colt felt a bit restricted in his jeans, but he was not about to take them off. Cynthia wore sweat shorts and a loose T-shirt that gave her all the flexibility she would need. The two squared off.

"Hyaaa!!!" Colt yelled as he made his attack with a kick and a punch combination. Cynthia silently blocked both attacks and then countered with a roundhouse kick as she spun around. Colt was surprised that his attacks had been so easily blocked, so he ducked the kick too slowly and he was sent sprawling as her foot hit the side of his head. Colt was dazed but quickly recovered and sprang back to his feet in a combat crouch. Good thing he did as the next thing he heard was a high pitched "HeeeeYaaa!" as Cynthia hurled herself and a brutal kick straight at his face. Colt swung his head to the side just in time and Cynthia crashed into him. As she tried to regain her position, Colt hit her in the stomach with a hard punch and she grunted and fell down. Colt then waited and let her regain her feet.

As Cynthia got back up she remarked "Stupid Chivalry. You’ll regret it soon enough." Colt was pissed now and attacked hard, but his anger made him lose his cool and thus his concentration. Again Cynthia parried his attack and Colt ended up kicking in the wall. That hurt! Especially since it surprised him. As Colt pulled his foot from the small hole he had put in the wall, Cynthia's back was facing him. Instead of turning, though, Cynthia suddenly threw a hard back kick into Colt's groin before he could extricate his foot. Suddenly Colt felt this girl's foot smash him in his balls! Colt doubled over with an "Ugghhhh" and fell back as the pain washed up from his balls. Colt had been hit in his nuts before during karate practice and had not liked it! He felt sick to his stomach. Cynthia let her opportunity slide as she enjoyed watching Colt struggle in pain. Colt tried to steady himself on the wall but then he realized he should take the fall so he had time to recover. He slumped to the floor with a moan before Cynthia could renew her attack.

"You lose now strip!" she demanded.

"Hey, that was a low blow!" Rocky complained, but Brad and Tina both pointed out that only lethal blows had been outlawed, not dirty shots. Colt rested a few minutes, coughed once or twice and then got up and sullenly stripped to his shorts. He wore a tight pair of jockeys and his balls and penis could clearly be seen neatly tucked in. He was still rubbing his sore balls but figured he was ready for the next round.

"That was a lucky shot," Colt told Cynthia as he began the next round. Cynthia answered him by attacking with a yell. Colt was ready this time. He blocked her attack and kicked, scoring in her belly. As Cynthia fell back from the blow, Colt got her with a punch in the face. Cynthia fell back to the wall and sprang back, kicking low towards Colt's groin again. This time Colt was ready, and as he blocked her kick he kicked back and high. The kick took her in one of her tits and she went down in pain. Colt then came down on her back of her neck with a karate chop and she stayed down .

"Now its your turn to strip," Colt announced gleefully. With that round decisively won by Colt, he had his confidence back and was ready to finish her off in the final round. Cynthia dutifully stripped down to her bra and panties, and sort of played in front of the youth. Colt sort of gulped. He had never seen a half naked girl before and he was struggling to keep his composure (and his dick started to stiffen). Then she slipped off her bra.

Tina started to protest but Cynthia cut her off "I find this thing restricting" she said and winked to her friend secretly. Colt and the boys just stood with their mouths agape. Colt was quickly getting hard and gulped, losing his composure. He could not keep his eyes off of her young pert breasts! Cynthia noticed Colt's reaction, and his erection. Now she had him! She attacked, and this time Colt had trouble fending her off at first and she landed a blow to his mouth. As she moved in for a killing kick to his nads, Colt's automatic reflexes kicked in. He did a fast back flip and her kick swooshed through air.

"Heeya!" Colt yelled as he came back and scored with a hard kick to her ribs. As

Cynthia struggled to fight back, she drew Colt in close as he tried for a hold to make her submit. She carefully let Colt hold her, but blocked his attacks to anything but her tits. Colt grabbed and his hands found her soft breasts!!! Colt was mesmerized by the feel and she allowed him to feel her up as her nipples started to harden from his touch. As Colt was exploring, she was positioning herself for the blow.

"Yaaaaa!!!" she cried out, surprising Colt out of his stupor but too late! Another back kick found its way right into Colt's testicles and kept going, crushing his balls flat into his crotch. Colt let go of Cynthia's tits and grabbed his balls, gasping and choking as the pain hit him like an avalanche. Colt fell back and tried to use his Ninja training to ignore the pain and stay upright, but the pain was just too much and the idea of losing his manhood had him scared.

"Ohhh . my balls (cough) you bitch!" he moaned as he fell back trying to keep himself from falling. Cynthia kicked again. This kick caught the helpless Colt in the nose and he flew back. She had made sure not to kick too hard to kill him, but hard enough that his nose would break. Colt fell back and slumped against the wall, holding his bloody nose in shock. Before he could respond again, Cynthia gave him another vicious kick in his balls. They were well outlined below his still erect dick and made an easy target. As the pain hit Colt again, He just curled up with a whimper and then threw up on the floor. Cynthia watched him a few moments as the boys looked on in shock and the other girls started to giggle.

"Now, lets see what's left!" Cynthia cried as she yanked off the sobbing Colt's shorts. She couldn’t see much, since he was still holding himself, but then Rocky pushed her away as he moved in to help his brother.

"Leave him alone!" he demanded and helped his brother out. Cynthia left and the girls watched as the guys stopped his bleeding and then put Colt on his back and spread his legs to relieve the pressure on his balls. Colt was still crying and cupping his balls but they eventually got him to put his hands up, which was supposed to help. The girls got a good look at Colt then and enjoyed the view. Little Stephanie even giggled and put her hands to her mouth until Brad turned and glared at her. She had never seen a naked boy before! Those little balls in their sack sure looked silly and vulnerable! Then Rocky started to feel his brother's balls and sort of panicked. What if he was sterile?

"Oh god!" he blurted out as he began to panic. Brad was a little concerned but he figured that Colt had let his nads control him too much and this is what he got. He would not let the same happen to him.

Tina came to Rocky's side and offered her assistance. "I can check on him if you want since I know a little bit about it. I can tell if there is permanent damage." Rocky was reluctant but he finally relented and let her examine a still groaning Colt. She felt the young man's swelling balls gently and determined that they were whole. Colt was mortified that a girl was feeling him up, but when she whispered to him, "you’ll survive" he was relieved and began to feel the pain recede a bit. He also started to get turned on and hard again from her touch when she let go and announced "He's OK." Now that Rocky was satisfied that his brother would survive he challenged Tina, intent on getting revenge for his brother and fellow Ninja. Tina responded with a quick "Very well" and the two faced off.

Three Ninjas Get Kicked: Chapter 2 Rocky

Rocky was ready for the fight. He was a little upset about Colt’s humiliation, but he calmed himself down with a meditation technique. Tina was just as ready. She wanted a piece of this "Ninja" and then she had other plans for him. As they faced off, Rocky made the first move and struck at Tina. They both were good, and the fight was a stalemate as the two sparred, blocking each other blow for blow and kick for kick. However Rocky was slowly pushing Tina back, and she finally tripped on the edge of the mat. Rocky took the advantage and kicked, hitting Tina right in the solar plexus and following up with a quick karate chop. Tina was down without her breath, and she gave the round to Rocky. Rocky watched with a sparkle in his eye as his opponent stripped to her panties. Tina kept her bra on, however, but it still made Brad and Rocky horny to see the big girl half naked. She sure is a fox, Rocky thought, too bad I have to beat her.

In the next round, Rocky was trying to avoid the distraction that her half naked body was having on him. Shit! Rocky thought, I’m getting a boner! They had already begun to fight again, and again it was a very close fight. Rocky got distracted at one point, and a foot got through, hitting him in the gut. As Rocky strove to recover she hammered him with an uppercut and only his fast reactions prevented him from being nailed bad. As it was, her fist glanced off of his chin and Rocky almost fell. Now Tina aimed right for his balls, but Rocky jumped up into the air and brought his feet down both straight into her chest as her foot hit only air. The whole force of his body knocked Tina down and he landed on top of her, but she quickly rolled and threw Rocky off with the sweep of her long, powerful legs. The two both recovered and crouched, facing each other in a combat stance. Tina feigned that she was hurt, and swayed a bit as if she was having trouble. In truth, her tits were killing her and he might have bruised a rib with that kick, but she walled the pain off and ignored it. Seeing his chance, Rocky moved in for a killing kick with a Ninja yell of "Hyeeeaaaa!" However, Rocky's attack left him exposed and Tina was not in truth disabled. She ducked low and fell to her ass as his foot missed, grabbing Rocky's foot as she dropped. Using her hips to pinion her foot from the floor, she slammed her heel hard into Rocky’s crotch and scored! His tight jeans absorbed some of the blow, but the rest slammed into his balls hard and the force of his momentum added to the impact as Rocky felt the pain hit him. Like lightning, before Rocky could protect himself, she slammed her heel into his balls a second time. With a scream of disbelief and pain, Rocky dislodged his foot and clamped his hands on his throbbing balls and stumbled away. Tina watched as somehow Rocky held on, bobbing up and down until he finally fell to his knees. He was making tiny, high pitched mewling sounds. When he hit the ground, the nausea was terrible and Rocky could not believe the pain. He had never been hit in the balls except very slightly by accident, and now he knew how Colt felt! All his strength and will were being sucked out of him by the pain in his balls. He almost felt like throwing up and he retched a few times, but as he lay there he thought to himself "I’m a Ninja" and he fought back the pain and held it off. About five minutes

later, he felt he could walk again and he turned to see Tina looking at him dispassionately.

"Well?" she questioned.

"Ohhh yeah " Rocky replied and took his shirt and pants off. At 15, Rocky was starting to put on a bit more muscle and he looked pretty good to Tina and the girls. He also looked a bit bigger than his brother, even though he had lost his erection. His dick stood straight up in his jockey shorts and he was still cupping his sore balls underneath, but he had managed the pain and now he was ready again and mad.

Tina was confident. Just hit a boy where he was weak and he was yours. The Mistress was right. Males were inherently weak even Ninjas. This time she wasted no time; she went right for Rocky's balls with her first few attacks. First a kick, then a fist, then a knee, but Rocky blocked them all somehow and soon Tina got frantic. It looked just then like Rocky was faltering and she hit him with a punch in the face. It scored and Rocky fell back, but this time he was the one faking it. With a yell of "Aiiiieee" she kicked again, trying to crush his balls with a killer kick, but Rocky was ready and dodged like a snake, back-kicking her and hitting her in her cunt. This didn't hurt her as much as it would him, but it sure did hurt anyway!

Then as Tina was doubled up, "Yaaaa!" Rocky cried as he slammed her face with a double punch combination, sending her fling back with blood streaming from her nose. As Tina fought to recover, a few more body kicks continued to score against her and she soon hit the floor. She was still not ready to give to this boy, but when she tried to spring back up another "Hyaaa!" rang out and Rocky kicked her in her already sore gut, knocking her over. As he moved in to give her more, Tina gave. She waited a couple of minutes to recover from the pain and stop her nose bleeding. It was busted bad but not broken. Then she got up and proudly stripped naked. Rocky was full of adrenaline but seeing her nude still got him hard again. Brad was by now so hot from all this action he thought he would cream in his pants, but he was up next so he had to get ready. Even poor Colt, despite the pain he still had in his balls, got turned on again.

Tina looked at the wide eyed boys and remarked, "Boys. Rocky, this is not over yet. When Stephanie finishes off your buddy Brad there, I challenge you to a rematch!"

Rocky was surprised at her spunk but smiled. "Any time, and what shall be my reward when I win??" he asked with a leer.

"Whoever wins, will have to be the slave of the other" she replied steadily.

"Deal" Rocky quickly agreed. He could not wait to get his dick in that girl. Not a good Ninja thought, but he was horny and she had it coming!

"Its our turn, now!" Stephanie came up to challenge Brad.

"OK, little girl, have patience" Brad replied with a churlish grin.

Stephanie faced the boy and stated "That remark is going to cost you, Brad." Brad just laughed and got ready for the match.

Three Ninjas Get Kicked: Chapter 3 Brad

Brad took his shirt off, he wanted to be ready and free and he liked to fight shirtless. He knew that he would have to hit this girl hard and fast to win this fight. These girls were tougher than they looked and he had no intention of losing. Stephanie faced the older boy coolly and with a confidence that belied her years. They faced off and Brad made the first move. He attacked the girl hard but avoided overextending himself. Stephanie coolly avoided Brad's attacks with incredible quickness, but at the same time she was unable to counter attack. Brad saw that Stephanie was too quick to take down easily, so he tried to back her into a corner where she had less room to move.

Stephanie saw that she was in trouble, and she risked a hard attack, aiming a kick at Brad's groin and a punch at his throat. Brad neatly avoided both and hit the girl in the stomach hard. Despite the force of the blow, Stephanie managed to recover and she flipped out of the way of Brad's next attack like a gymnast. Brad anticipated her move, though (it was sheer luck really) and was there as she recovered. He slammed a fist into the girl's face and she went down hard, bleeding from the nose. Brad hesitated to continue, fearful of a trap, but Stephanie stayed down and she gave him the round.

Brad felt warm and flushed by his victory over the girl, and she stripped her young body down to her panties and bra. Despite her young age she was not too bad, he thought. Still, he was able to keep himself concentrating on the matter at hand. Stephanie realized that the older boy had the advantage unless she could use her speed. This meant she would have to be more aggressive this time. When they faced off, Brad was still trying to be careful so Stephanie attacked first. She came at him too hot to handle, and she caught him in the side of the head with a fast kick. Brad fell back and tried to counter attack, but she twisted out of his way and hit the boy in his kidney. The punch was surprisingly hard and Brad turned away in shock. Then Stephanie hooked her foot and tripped Brad. As he fell to the floor he tried to get back up, but her she kicked again and her foot caught him in his mouth. Brad went down again, but turned to his stomach to avoid a groin kick. She tried anyway and connected with his ass and barely missed his balls.

"Give!" Stephanie commanded as she had Brad on the floor. Brad refused to lose to this girl like this, though, and he pretended to be about to give. Instead he used the time to crouch and get ready to attack, but Stephanie was ready. Brad launched himself upwards but Stephanie yelled out "Hyaaa!" and caught him square in the chest with her kick. It didn’t do much damage, but the force of the blow threw Brad backwards and into the wall. Stephanie quickly followed and slammed her knee into Brad's groin. It connected with his balls and slammed them into the wall. As the pain hit, Brad brought his hands down and threw Stephanie away with a mighty effort. Then the pain really hit, and Brad's mouth worked as he groaned and slowly fell to his knees. Stephanie got back up and prepared to attack again, but Brad gritted his teeth and said "I give" before she could kick him again.

Stephanie left him to recover and watched as Brad lay there for a few minutes and coughed a few times. Then Brad got up and took off his pants, pretending that everything was OK. He had been hit in the balls a few times in various fights, and this was no worse. He could take it. Then he would exact his revenge on this Bitch. Brad wore jockey shorts like the other boys, and his package was good sized for a fourteen year old. His dick was pushed off to the side and his balls hung loosely (and sore) below in his shorts.

Now Brad was angry. The two opponents tore into each other hard right from the start, both of them landing some telling blows. However Brad was larger, heavier and stronger so his blows had more effect despite Stephanie's quickness. He then landed a blow to her breast and she flew back in pain. Brad moved in for the kill and kicked, but Stephanie dodged and kicked him in the balls again. Brad was quick enough to pull back and avoid the full force of the kick, but it still scored and sent a new wave of pain and nausea that weakened him. As Brad fell back holding his scrotum, Stephanie kicked at his head. Brad moved quickly despite the pain and she missed his head. As Stephanie was thrown off balance, Brad punched her hard in the gut and scored. Then he just grabbed her by the head and started to choke her in a brutal hold, using his superior strength and weight to try to drive her unconscious. As Stephanie flailed to escape Brad's iron grip, she tried to grab for his balls but he was protecting himself too well. Instead, she yanked on his shorts and pulled them down. Even though Brad tried to ignore it as his genitals popped out, it did distract him that his shorts were down to his knees.

"Fuck!" he yelled out and then lost his grip as Stephanie managed to squirm free of his grasp. Brad tried to kick but realized too late that his shorts were still dangling around his legs so he ended up falling instead. As Brad was squirming on the ground he suddenly felt a small, cold hand grab his manhood and crush his testicles. Stephanie had reached between his legs and grabbed him by his balls! Brad panicked and tried to yank her hands off but it was too late. With an unbelievable grip for a small girl, Stephanie screamed in triumph and squeezed his testicles mercilessly. Brad let out a cry of agony, kicking and screaming he tried to escape but couldn't. Suddenly the pain was too much and he lost his strength and retched, feeling like he was ready to vomit.

"I give," Brad whimpered.

"What was that, Brad? I didn't hear you!" Stephanie cried as she twisted his balls again. "Please! I give! " Brad yelled louder and began to sob. Stephanie let go and pulled off his shorts completely, raising them like a trophy. Brad just slumped into a ball and threw up.

"Damn! That girl is tough!" Rocky remarked.

"Oh man, I bet that really hurts " Colt said in sympathy as he watched Brad writhe on the floor.

"Still up for the rematch?" Tina asked Rocky.

Rocky hesitated, seeing what had happened to Brad, but he knew he had already beaten Tina and he could do it again. He replied, "I'm ready, Tina."

Tina smiled and prepared for the fight.

Three Ninjas Get Kicked: Chapter 4 The Rematch

Rocky was facing Tina again, and this time she was completely naked. He just could not help but be distracted by the way her large breasts were swaying, the nipples small but erect. Rocky's gaze fell to her crotch. How he longed to put his dick in that pink virgin (he hoped) pussy with its soft blonde hair. He couldn't help it what with her nudity and the excitement of the fight, he got a big time boner and even the residual pain in his balls added to it. They begged for release. Rocky needed to win again, and she would be his! He moved in on the girl carefully. He could still see Brad moaning on the floor, his toughness gone now and replaced by sobbing. Colt was faring better by now, and watched the fight with interest. In fact, he began to eye his old opponent Cynthia with a gleam in his eye. The other two girls ignored their former victims, watching the final challenge unfold.

As Tina recovered, she relaxed and meditated, thinking of a way to overcome Rocky's strength and skill. She noticed his boner, and she knew then that she had the boy. Males were too hormonal. They could not resist the supplications of the female body. She eyed his ballsack so nicely tucked in his shorts. A couple of good shots there and Rocky would be begging for mercy. He was a handsome lad, though, and as she noticed his dick standing at attention she determined that she would save some of him for her pleasure. First he would hurt. Then he would pleasure her. And finally, he would enjoy all of it! She casually rose, ready to meet the challenge. "I am ready" she announced.

The battle began, and it started hard. Rocky attacked with a yell, and his kicks threw Tina back despite her defenses. Then Tina surprised Rocky with a lightning quick fist that hit him in the cheek. Rocky backed away with a spectacular back flip, and smiled with a very red cheek "I like a tough girl. Let's go!!!" Tina didn't wait to respond but attacked again. Her attack was cool and hard as steel, and a kick broke through Rocky's defenses and struck him in the ribs.

As Rocky tumbled away and recovered, Tina smirked. "Still cocky?" Rocky was not amused this time; that last shot had hurt! They met again, but this time Rocky concentrated on the fight, ignoring the distraction that Tina's naked body was having on him. Rocky blocked a kick from Tina, and countered with a hard kick into her chest and one of her breasts. Tina grunted and fell back to the wall, grabbing at her burning tit. Rocky followed this with a punch that glanced off Tina's nose, making it bleed again. As Rocky closed in, Tina's knee came up and Rocky had to ward off the attack on his groin. The two grappled, and Rocky pounded back with his fist and struck her the same breast again. By now it was beet red and burning, but Tina held on and punched low. She got lucky and the blow glanced off of Rocky s vulnerable testicles. It was not a hard shot, but the pain was sudden and surprising, especially since Rocky's balls were already tender. Rocky grunted and folded up, backing off with an expression of pain.

As Rocky moved away with his back towards her, Tina cried out "Strip, my little boy slave!" and yanked on his underpants. Rocky felt her pull his shorts down and heard her taunt, but remembering Brad he quickly jumped out of his entangled shorts, freeing himself. With a tumble and a recovery back to a combat crouch, Rocky came back ready to fight again.

"I don't think so!" he defied her. As her quarry escaped, Tina had to pause and chuckle when she saw his semi-erect penis swinging wildly. He looked really silly, with his half aroused boyish penis and his large, loose and now reddened balls hanging below. It was not as large yet as a man s, but looked big enough on his boyish frame. Rocky looked down as he saw her laughing and turned red, losing the rest of his erection in embarrassment. Then they both turned serious and the battle resumed.

With his balls exposed, Tina kept aiming for them and distracting Rocky. He concentrated too much on protecting himself, and some of her blows found their mark. Rocky was hit several times in a row in the head and face, not too badly but he was feeling battered. Just then he saw her tits swaying again in front of his eyes, and they held his gaze like a hypnotic snake charm. It only lasted a fraction of a second but that was all she needed. Tina slammed her heel up and between Rocky's legs, crushing his soft balls and smashing them hard into his crotch. With a grunt and an agonized cough, Rocky doubled up and swayed, still trying to stay up. Another carefully aimed kick to the side of his head and Rocky went down, his ears ringing and his balls still in agony. Oh God, no! The girl has me at her mercy now, Rocky thought. Indeed she did. Tina landed on top of the reeling boy and pinned his arms, sitting on top of him with one knee on his chest and another digging into his already sore groin. She applied pressure with her knee but did not yet crush his manhood again.

"Please… I give (cough). I am now your slave" Rocky formally gave with surprising dignity considering his situation. As Rocky went down, the other two boys panicked.

Colt rose up and cried "Rocky!" moving to help his brother at the same time that Brad grabbed his shirt and ran for the door. Brad figured it was enough to cover himself and get away. It was not to be, however. Cynthia moved in on Colt and Stephanie on Brad.

Rocky was beaten, and he had given his word. Now Tina was ready to have her fun, but she had to see if her friends would do as well first. She let Rocky go and he just lay their meekly as she watched. In fact, he started to get a boner again despite the pain in his balls. Somehow, being at the mercy of this tough and hot girl was really turning him on.

Colt took one look at Cynthia facing him and backed off, but Cynthia didn’t. She approached the boy and came up to him, starting to rub his body and kissing him gently. Colt was shocked but his body responded, including his dick. Cynthia then grabbed him by the balls and gently squeezed, taking total command of the boy. Colt winced but let himself be dominated, eager to please the girl and hoping for more.

Brad refused to submit, however, and he looked up at the door blocked by the little girl Stephanie. "Get the fuck out of my way!" Brad spat as he tried to bully her.

"That's not how you speak to a lady, Brad. Now I have to teach you some manners!" With that she faked a kick low and then kicked high instead with her left foot, catching Brad in the face and knocking him down. Brad fell to his stomach and tried to get back up, but now Stephanie brought her small foot whipping down and in between his legs from the rear. Her foot struck Brad's loose balls and he cried out in pain, clutching his balls again and collapsing.

Tina grabbed Brad by the hair and lifted his face toward hers "Now say please " she commanded.

"You bitch! Ohhh my balls!" Brad complained, still defiant.

"OK, have it your way then " Stephanie said as she let the older boy go. Brad again tried to rise but it was a pitiful attempt. Tina battered his body with a series of jabbing kicks that hit his kidneys, his stomach, his face and then finally his swollen balls once more. With the final brutal kick to his balls, Brad folded up and threw up again, then fell unconscious.

"Oh well, I wasn't ready for a boy yet anyway" Stephanie said petulantly over Brad's supine body. Then she just up and left, not bothering to even watch as her friends were dominating the other two boys.

Rocky was in heaven. Tina was on top of him, her breasts swinging, and she was riding his now swelling cock. She fucked him hard, bouncing up and down on his shaft as he lay there. She commanded him to tell her when he would cum, and soon he did. Then she withdrew, grabbing his balls and twisting them hard while holding his throbbing cock in her other hand firmly. The pain dampened his ardor, and soon Tina started to renew her screwing, this time twisting his small tits as she fucked. She repeated the procedure twice more and Rocky begged her to release him.

"Ohhhh. Please. Let me cum ." Rocky writhed at the frustration, pain and


"Not yet!" Tina teased and rode him again. Now she began to orgasm hard, and this time she came off and Rocky started to cum. With that, Tina slammed her knee once, then again in his balls. Rocky screamed with a mixture of ecstasy and pain, as his load shot out of him hard and painfully. Tina fell off of him and laid there exhausted. Rocky curled up in renewed pain, but the pain had a silver glow of ecstasy to it as his

huge wad of cum finally dribbled to a stop. He was in love. Tina was too, and she had made sure that her last two ball shots were "gentle" enough not to do any real damage.

Colt, in the mean time, was pleasuring Cynthia. She had him by the balls, and now she forced him to pleasure her by licking her tits. If he was too gentle or too hard he got a tug on the balls to induce him. Colt would give a little yelp and redouble his efforts to please her. Despite the pain, Colt got a wicked hard on. Now Cynthia had Colt pull her panties off and start to lick her cunt. It took some doing to get the virgin boy to properly suck it, but the pain shooting through his balls from failure quickly taught him how! As Cynthia began to orgasm, Colt begged her to release his throbbing cock. At first Cynthia got angry and tightened her grip on Colt's balls.

Colt winced in anticipation of more agony but then Cynthia let go. She had an idea. Brad was still unconscious on the floor, and she decided that he would be Colt's fuck toy. She commanded Colt to help her, and he obeyed with a quizzical look. They tied the unconscious boy to a bench, hands tied down and legs tied up in the air. Then she got some Vaseline and lubed his ass up.

Cynthia asked Colt "You still want a release, hot stuff?" and he somewhat dubiously said that he still did. Cynthia bent over and sucked on Colt’s small but once again rock hard cock, even gently cupping his sore balls. As Colt started to moan in pleasure, she pulled off and commanded, "Fuck Brad in the ass, he is a pussy and now he is your pussy!"

Colt stared in disbelief, "I can't. I’m not queer," he stuttered. Then he cried out and folded as Cynthia squeezed his balls hard again.

"Fuck him, slave!" she commanded again. With that, Colt stuck his throbbing cock in Brad’s ass and began to fuck him. Cynthia let go of his balls and just watched. Colt started to fuck Brad harder and harder. At first he was sickened but then he started to enjoy it. He just thought about Cynthia, and then she really helped when she stood there watching and masturbating. Brad finally began to wake up in a foggy pain and he saw his friend Colt on top of him. Then the pain in his rear hit and he realized that he was being screwed!

"Ahhhhh!" he screamed. "Stop fucking me you fag!" Brad was mortified. Colt ignored him and kept fucking. He was in a frenzy now. Cynthia reached over and slammed her fist onto Brad's balls again, crushing and then twisting them and ultimately shutting him up fast. The pain was so intense that Brad could say nothing. He fell back with a silent howl and suddenly Colt exploded. First he came in Brad's ass, then all over his belly and balls as Cynthia let him go.

Rocky and Colt were both in love, and they now had girlfriends. They were frequent visitors to "The Dojo" in the months that followed. The girls taught them new levels of pleasure and pain as they began to master a new discipline. Brad was sent to the hospital and never saw either the boys or the girls ever again.

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