Wednesday, August 8, 2007


By grimsac

Hey people, this is my first story, so cut me some slack, eh?


Her name was Tracy and she was a real piece of work. She was the hottest thing going in high school, a petite 5'4" at 110 pounds. Her honey-colored hair was straight, shoulder-length and combed over one side into a flip. She didn't need to wear any make-up with her smooth bronze complexion and long lashes. Her eyes were dark hazel and cat-like. She dressed simply, either tight jeans and a cropped top or the occasional skirt and boots, but never a bra.

Ironically, her beauty caused her more trouble than good. Because of their envy, the popular 'preppy' girls would constantly try to find faults in her that they could taunt her with. They would rag on her for stupid things like her outfit, or tell people that she was on welfare. She discovered that she could shut them up by kicking their ass.

The boyfriends of the prep girls couldn't resist Tracy, but to keep their popularity, they would disguise their flirting by "picking on her". Like pushing their buddy into her as they passed in the hall between classes, or pointing out to everybody the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. She soon discovered how to shut the boys up too...

Her first victory over the preps happened during lunch-break one afternoon. She was in line waiting on her tray. Behind her, a particularly snooty cheerleader named Megan showed up with her boyfriend, Brian. They stood behind her and she could hear them talking.

"...see what I mean, she dresses like a dude." Tracy was wearing old ragged tight-assed jeans with holes in the knees and an Iron Maiden t-shirt that she got at the concert last weekend.

She could hear Megan continue. "I think she' know, like, a lez-” Tracy turned around and made eye contact with Megan. Megan gave a conceited smirk. Without blinking, Tracy jabbed her nose, knocking her on her ass, sliding backwards across the floor. Tracy followed her, grabbed her hair and kept dragging her all the way through the door. There she dropped her head and reached into her pocket for her lighter. Megan lay on her back as Tracy glared down at her grinning and breathing heavily.

She flicked the lighter and said, "At least I don't dress like a hooker. All that hairspray oughtta go up like a Christmas tree!"

By this time, Brian stopped standing there, slack-jawed, saying "Duh", and took action. He ran forward to tackle Tracy but she saw him in her peripheral vision. She turned to face him and braced herself on the doorframe with each hand. She snapped her foot forward just in time to collide with his charging crotch.

"OOF!" He stopped dead in his tracks and reached out to catch himself from falling on his face. He stood there for a millisecond, hunched over, with his hands on either side of the door to prop himself up. Tracy lunged forward, grabbed both of his shoulders and started pounding her knee into his balls.

"Doh! Doh! Doh! Doh! Doh!" With each blow he was sent back into the room step by step until she stopped. He dropped back on his ass; his arms splayed outward and back to keep his head from hitting the floor. He could still see her coming at him, even though his eyes were watering. He tried as hard as he could, but he couldn't close his legs in time.

She ran forward and punted his nuts as if she were kicking a winning field goal. Brian blacked out.

After a while in the nurse's office, they decided he needed to go to the hospital. Tracy was suspended.

By the time she got back to school, she had a new nickname: "Thumper"

Brian was still out, doing therapy and trying to figure out how to walk again.

After that, whenever someone called her Thumper she would do a little wrist-flick thing into their nuts, or a fake knee and hold it there and grind them around. Whenever she did this, she couldn't resist a big grin, even when she was trying to be threatening. Sometimes she'd even get giddy. When Tracy got together with her girlfriends, they would make a sort of 'game' out of busting boy's balls (but that's another story).

Tracy mostly hung out with the oddball crowd, the hippies, nerds and metal-heads. That's where I come in, I'm all of the above, we were friends. When I heard that she was suspended I figured that that would be a good excuse to skip school and go over to her place and smoke some weed, so I did.

When I got there, I was immediately dumbfounded by what I was looking at. She was dressed to be comfy; cropped T-shirt, sleeveless and little ankle socks. Her shorts were apparently cut out from an old pair of jeans that had become too tight to hold her butt cheeks. While I was there she told me the story of how she got suspended. I heard all the rumors, so I knew where the story was going.

She described to me how she thrashed Megan. When she got to the part about Brian she got all excited and stood up to demonstrate. She stood in the doorway and lashed out with her foot into the air. She tried not to laugh as she described the goofy sound he made when she kicked him. She said that she just raised her knee and flung her foot forward, the toe of her sneaker buried itself into his groin. Then she asked me to stand in front of her so that she could show me what she did next.

"No way!" I said, covering my nads with both hands. I covered myself not so much for protection, but to hide the boner that I was developing. I was wearing only jeans without underwear, so my length was beginning to swell down the inside of my leg.

She giggled and said, "Don't worry, I wont do it for real." She tilted her head down and looked up at me with an evil grin. She extended her index finger and curled it back towards her. "Come here, I'll play nice... promise..."

How could I resist? I nonchalantly readjusted my boner so it wouldn't stick out too far and walked up to her.

She was standing in the doorway. She told me to lean forward and put one hand on each side of the door in the same manner as Brian did on that day. We were standing face to face.

"Like this?” I asked. She grinned some more, placed a hand on each of my shoulders and bit her bottom lip. She lunged her knee up, just millimeters away from squashing my privates. She did it again and again. Before I could let go of the door to put a hand block on my stuff, she got in five or six would-be devastating shots. She used full power with each knee-strike but pulled back at the last second before contact. However, with the last shot she slightly miscalculated. A flash of light and a deep 'thump'. I knew what happened but I couldn't feel it yet.

"I'm sorry!” she said and covered her mouth so that she wouldn't laugh. I looked down, then back up at her and then the pain hit... I wanted to fall over and writhe around moaning, but my pride kept me on my feet, hunched over forward and staggering.

She laughed. "Awwwww! What's the matter? That was just a *bump*. Is baby gonna be ok?"

Then I tried to manage an evil grin of my own and lunged at her, tackling her onto the couch. She scrambled to get away but I caught her by the ankles. I pulled her back up onto the couch. We now lay along side each other head to foot. I wrapped my hand around her knee and pinched in on each side. She screamed and kicked the couch trying to break free.

"What do you think about that?" I taunted. She twisted around and brought her fist down twice into my aching nuts like a hammer. WHAM! WHAM! I let go of her knee. She then sat up, straddled my thighs and grabbed both of my wrists. She looked down at my crotch. My balls were visible through my jeans as two little bumps. She reached down and pinched my left nut between her fist and thumb I let out a whimper as it slipped out of her grasp.

"Slippery little sucker isn't it?” she said, she tried again and again but it kept slipping away every time she squeezed. She tried the right one and found that it wasn't going anywhere. She clamped down hard.

"IIIEEEE!" I screamed.

Tracy leaned forward, gritted her teeth and snarled, "This one ain't getting away!" She pulled and twisted and shook until I was in a panic. "I eat little balls like these for breakfast!" Now I was the one screaming and kicking the couch trying to break free. I finally pulled her hand off. As I did my cock straightened out as it was growing pretty fast now. She saw it through my pants just before I covered it with my hands. I twisted and writhed in pain.

"Wait a minute. What was that?" she asked, beaming devilishly.

I coughed and tried to speak, "What was what?" but I could only manage a whisper. She roughly pried my knees apart. My hands still covered my injured bits but my shaft unmistakingly ran down the length of my thigh.

"That!” she said and lightly outlined my throbbing dickhead with her finger.

to be continued... maybe

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